21st Birthday Present

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Now was the time. For two months I had been setting things up. Following mum into our home gym supposedly to tone up my leg muscles for school football I was in fact more or less flashing my cock at her to see what reaction I would get. I had determined that I was going to fuck my mum on my birthday. In fact she was going to give herself to me, maybe a little reluctantly but she was going to get fucked for her son’s birthday.

It all came about from a comment made by my best mate Ned. We were just talking about women and sex and he suddenly just said, “Your mums a milf mate. I would fuck her for sure.” I was shocked, but just smiled and dropped it. My mind on the other hand just kept going over what he said.

Mum and I had a great relationship. It had got a bit distant when my father died two years ago but we still did stuff together and had a laugh. After Ned’s comment I looked at her in a different light. I actually noticed mum the woman. She had a really great figure for her age, helped by the fact that she used the gym every morning before going to work and within reason she ate healthy as well. Once I looked at her in this way I felt my cock twitching to get at her but knew she would never make a move, and if I did she would just push me away and possibly destroy the relationship we had. So I had to make her want me, sexually.

So two months ago I started working out in the gym. Mums routine was to jog on the running mat for a while then go onto the rowing machine which was on the floor right in front of the running machine. So if I was running and mum was rowing every time she looked up she would see me. More often than not I would be watching her and hoping her nipples would pop up which they sometimes did and this of course would give me a hard on which I did nothing to hide, and as I was wearing baggy shorts it would show a lot.

Once she finished rowing she would go into the kitchen and drink some fresh orange from the fridge and I would follow, with my raging hard on. To begin with she just ignored it but slowly, thinking I wasn’t looking, she would look at it more and more even when she was rowing. On the couple of occasions I caught her she would go red and lower her eyes or rush out of the room.

I knew my plan was working because I heard an increase in the times she would masturbate and it was after the first month I started to hear the buzz of a vibrator. Also more and more after her exercises she would smell of musk, smell of sexual arousal. Next I broke the lock on the bathroom door. It was one of those built in twist things so a quick slap with a hammer and it was done.

Usually after our exercises mum would shower and I would go in after her. So of course a couple of days after the lock broke I waited for the shower to stop running and barged in with a towel wrapped around my naked body. Oh dear what a surprise. Mum was standing there naked.

She was as shocked as I pretended to be, so shocked she froze for a second giving an absolutely awesome look at her magnificent tits and her shaven pussy. Of course I feigned shock as well and put my hands up.

“Oh fuck. Sorry mum I thought you were done.” At this point I breathed in, the towel dropped and my erection was on full view. Mum’s eyes were on the cock like a fish to bait. She was totally dumbstruck, I turned and left the bathroom with a huge smile on my face. I heard her leave the bathroom and I went and had a quick shower. I wanted to catch her before she left for work. So I quickly dressed and ran downstairs.

“I am really sorry mum I thought you were finished.” I said as I entered the kitchen.

She was flushed, “Oh don’t worry accidents happen.” She said turning her back to me, “We better get that lock fixed though.”

“If you want to.” I said with emphasis on the ‘if’.

Mum turned and looked at me. I was smiling. “Yes we don’t want any more accidents do we?”

“Don’t we?” I asked. She knew what I was doing.

“Right I have to go or I will be late.” She said grabbing her keys, “See you tonight.” And off she went through the door. This was unusual. She always threw me a kiss when she left. Always.

That was three weeks ago and the lock was still broken. I didn’t barge in again but I did on several occasions knock on the bathroom door to see if she was still in there, knowing of course that she was.

“Yes I wont be a minute.” She would say.

“Ok mum no problem.” My polite reply.

Of course her use of the vibrator increased to the extent that she was using it during the day.

“Going to have a lay down as I have a headache.” Being her excuse. I would creep upstairs and listen at her door and hear the familiar zzzzzzzzzz of the motor and her stifled moans as she orgasmed.

Now it was time. Mum always asked me what I wanted for my birthday on this day so I waited patiently at the breakfast bar while she dished up the evening meal. She put a plate of spaggy bol in front of me and then sat opposite me with hers.

“So then young man,” she said raising her head from her plate, güvenilir bahis “Birthday tomorrow so what do you want for a present?”

“Anything I want?” I asked as usual.

“As long as it’s not too expensive you can have anything you want.” She said confidently.

“Oh it’s not expensive mum.” I said looking her in the eye, “I want you.”

Luckily her mouth was empty or I am sure she would have choked on her food. She sat upright. “Wha…what do you mean? You want me.”

I smiled, “It’s quite simple mum.” I said matter of factly, ” I want you. I want to make love to you, have sex with you, fuck you.” As I said it I could see my words have the desired effect. Her nipples went rock hard and tried to blast through her bra.

“Don’t be silly.” She said, flustered, “I’m your mother how could you even think of me like that.”

“Mom do you know what a MILF is?”

“A what? No.”

“Well you are a milf. A mother I would love to fuck. All my mates think so anyway and so do I. And you can say whatever you like but your nipples are saying more than anything that you want me as well and I bet right now your pussy is throbbing.”

She went bright red and I heard her legs shuffle closed. “Well it’s not going to happen so you better think of something else. I have a headache I’m going to lay down for a while.” She couldn’t look at me as she almost ran upstairs. All I had to do now was wait and hope.

It was late when I finally went to bed. Tomorrow was Saturday. Which meant we would be home all day together and I had no intention of letting up on the pressure to make mum give me what I wanted. I set an early alarm in case she tried to go out for the day.

Mum got up at her usual time and went into the gym. I waited for her to finish her run and once I heard the rower going I went into the gym, naked.

“Oh fuck Jamie what are you doing? Put some clothes on.” she said coming to a stop and trying desperately to look away. Her nipples of course were suddenly on show again, giving her away.

“Why mum? It’s nothing you haven’t seen before.” As I said it I moved to the door. I knew she would try and leave.

She stood up and looking at the wall tried to walk past me without touching me. I burst out laughing, “Mum do you have any idea how ridiculous you look trying to get past me looking at a brick wall.”

“Please Jamie don’t do this.” She pleaded, “It’s wrong.”

“Wrong for you to want to have sex with me?” I asked.

“Yes. You know it is.”

“Well I know now that you want me as much as I want you.”

“I never said that.” She moaned. “Please let me through.”

I stepped forward and even though she tried to avoid me I cupped her face in my hands and looked her in the eye. “Mum I love you and I won’t hurt you. But I do want you and I know you want me.” I said. Then I kissed her on the forehead and let her pass.

She went to her room and closed the door. It must have been about ten minutes before I heard her turn the shower on. A couple of minutes later I walked into the bathroom and slowly pulled the curtain aside. Mum looked at me. Eyes flickering. I could see in her face the fight she was having. Then she held out her arms. I stepped into the shower and moved in close. Looking her in the eyes as I slowly lowered my lips to hers and gently kissed her, soft and loving, and as my hands reached around her back I felt her whole body relax and give in to her needs, and mine. This was indeed going to be the birthday of all birthdays.

Even though I finally had what I most desired I couldn’t believe it was happening. My hands ran softly over mums tits and round her back to her firm buttocks. She moaned softly and I was shaking almost as much as she was. She pushed me back and looked me in the eyes, water cascading over her body and flowing off her erect nipples. She looked down at my throbbing erection and then, slowly ran her hands down my body till they reached it. I almost come instantly at her light touch but held off and made myself relax. She slowly crouched down keeping her eyes on mine and then slowly took me into her mouth.

“Oh fuck. Mum.” I moaned.

“Relax.” She said, “It’s your birthday.” Then took my cock into her mouth again, taking it as deep as she could. I leaned back on the wall and just let myself drift into heaven as she took me deeper and deeper till I could feel my erection pierce her throat. This was beyond my wildest fantasies. I had hoped for a blow job but this was another level.

“Your making me come.” I moaned.

“Let it go.” She smiled, “I want to taste my sons come.”

“Oh fuck.” I moaned, as my semen shot up my cock and powered into her throat. The first jet went straight into her stomach then she pulled back slightly as the next two spurts went into her mouth then she pulled me out of her mouth and allowed the rest of my seed land on her tits. The water slowly washing it away, dripping from her nipples into the bath. My legs were shaking and I could hardly stand. It was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had.

Mum türkçe bahis stood up and poked her tongue out, showing my juices on her tongue then I watched a she swallowed it in one gulp. She smiled and took me in her arms.

I threw my arms around her, “I love you mum.” I said tearfully.

“I love you too son.” She replied, “Now maybe we should finish our shower and have some breakfast. We have a whole day to enjoy.”

I smiled at her, “Turn around and let me wash you.” I said.

We spent the next ten minutes soaping each other, using this as an excuse to explore each others bodies. By the time I finished drying mum I was hard again and running my erection between her bum cheeks.

“That’s enough young man you can do that after we have eaten.” She laughed. “Go and put some clothes on and come down for breakfast.

I went to my room and put on a pair of shorts and t shirt. As I dressed I looked at myself in the mirror. I felt totally different and was surprised that I actually looked exactly the same.

I went downstairs and into the kitchen. Mum didn’t hear me so I stood in the doorway and watched as she cooked our breakfast. She had dressed for the day as all the she had on was a button up summer dress. With only a couple of buttons done up it hid nothing of her magnificent body with her tits and pussy showing as she moved around the kitchen.

“Morning mother mine.” I said cheerfully.

She gave me beaming smile, “Good morning my son.” She said, “sit down and eat your breakfast. Then we need to talk.” She tried to sound stern but it didn’t really work. I sat down and she gave me my full English, as was our usual Saturday breakfast, and she sat opposite me.

I held off as long as I could but I had a nagging feeling that mum was going to say ‘no more’ so I had to break the silence. “So what do we need to talk about mum?”

She looked at me in silence but I could see she was thinking about what to say. “well, how do I put this?” She said finally, “If we continue with, well, what happened. Then we will be breaking the law and I could go to prison.” She blurted that last part out.

“Well no one is going to find out are they?” I said softly.

“But it’s wrong. In the yes of the law anyway.”

“But not in the eyes of god.” I laughed, “Law was made by man. But God has never objected to incest. In fact if it wasn’t for incest man wouldn’t exist.”

“But it’s the law that will send me to prison.”

“Mum,” I said quietly, “What happened in the shower was more than I ever truly expected to happen. Don’t get me wrong I have wanted this for a long time but like all fantasies they rarely ever become more than that. But we cant take it away. We can’t ignore it and I want it to continue. I want you to show me how to pleasure you. How to make love to you. How to give you what you want as well as what I want. And you have to know I will never mention it to anyone ever. Not even Ned. And you know very well that Ned and I have no secrets. Till now. And while I really want this to continue. If you say no then I will honour your decision.”

She sat silently for a moment and then said, “I don’t know if I can stop it now. I know I don’t want to. I have always been highly sexed and your father and I had a wonderful sex life. I have missed that. But we truly have to be careful.”

“And we will I promise.”

“Did Ned really call me a, what was it, a milf?”

I had to laugh at that which took away the tension that had built up. “Yes he did. I am pretty sure he thinks of you when he has his nightly wank.”

“Really?” she smiled, “So I still have some looks then, even at my age.”

“Mum you are stunning.” I said softly, “Your body is to die for and I love the way you dress, it shows you off to perfection. I am amazed you don’t have a boyfriend to be honest the guys must fighting over you.”

“Well your father was my perfect man.” She said softly, “No other man could ever stir those feelings in me. Till now.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Really.” She replied, “But you should be warned because you have woken the monster inside me and it can be very greedy.” She was laughing now, with rosy red cheeks.

I went round to her side of the bar and took her in my arms. I looked her in the eyes and lowered my head, softly kissing her on the lips. The kiss turned to passion and then her hands were on my erection.

“I want you now son.” She said pushing my shorts down, “Fuck mummy now, here.”

Mum slid forward on the bar stool and guided my hard cock into her sopping pussy. It felt like she was wrapping a velvet glove around me which gripped tighter and tighter the further I went in.

“Fuck mummy hard son. Mummy wants to be yours. Take me. Take me now.” She breathed into my ear.

I pounded into her and she pounded back. This wasn’t making love this was unadulterated fucking. Mum was letting go of two years without sex, and it was me, her son, who was finally giving her what she needed.

“Oh god yes do it. Do it to mummy make mummy come. Oh god oh güvenilir bahis siteleri god. Holy shit, I’m coooooooming! Fuck me, oh shit. Ooooohhh fuuuuuuck.”

As mum screamed her orgasm I couldn’t hold my own back any longer. Leaning my head back I wailed like a howling dog and shot my load in to the sweet cunt that birthed me. “Aaarrgghhh fuck me mum fuck fuck ohhhhh yeeeeeeesss.” I pounded into her harder and harder till I couldn’t move anymore. My knees gave way and I sank to the floor. After a second I opened my eyes to see my juices running out my mums hot pussy. I had an overpowering urge to lick that cunt and taste our mingled fluids.

Bing bong.

“Oh fuck.” I said, “That must be Ned.”

Mum laughed, “Well make sure you pull your shorts up before you open the door.” She said as she slipped off the stool.

“Oh err yes.” I stammered, “Yes ok.” I grabbed a tea towel and quickly wiped my cock then threw it to mum who had a huge grin on her face.

“Go on then let him in.” She said.

I walked slowly to the door and let Ned in. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.” He sang as he thrust a small package into my hand.

“Thanks Ned. What is it?” I asked.

“Open it and see.” He said walking into the kitchen. “Morning Ms Jacobs.”

“Morning Ned.” Mum said still sitting on the bar stool. “How are you today. Drinks in the fridge or would you like a coffee?”

Ned looked at me strangely. Mum never asked if he wanted a drink as he always took what he wanted and she knew he never drank coffee. “Oh she has not long been up.” I said.

I had half expected mum to go and get properly dressed but instead all she had done was do up a couple of extra buttons. Her pussy was covered but where she had done the buttons up under her tits her bust was now a mound of very prominent cleavage.

“You ok Ms J?” Ned asked using his normal name for her, “You look a bit flushed.”

“Oh yes I’m fine Ned.” She smiled, “It takes a lot of work to look like this first thing in the morning.”

“Well your looking good Ms J as always.” Ned said flushing slightly.

“Well you two no doubt have things planned. Be back by 2pm as I need to sort out his present Ned.”

“Ok I will make sure he is back in time.” Ned replied.

Ned and I didn’t have anything specific planned just our usual Saturday strolling round town. I couldn’t concentrate on anything anyway as I was still trying to get used to what had happened with mum. Even though I had planned and prayed for it I don’t think I truly believed it would ever happen. Ned and I had often joked about his wanking over mum and all I wanted to do was tell him about my present but I couldn’t do it and that sort of put a gap between us. For now at least.

True to his word I got back home by 2pm and found mum finishing the washing. “You better get some rest.” She said, “It is still your birthday and tonight I am taking you out for dinner. Then when we get home I will give you the rest of your present and your going to need all your energy. The table is booked for 8pm.”

“Ok mum.” I said with a smile, “I am a bit bushed.” My mind was racing with ideas of what the evening would bring and it was with that jumble of thoughts that my head hit the pillow and I instantly fell asleep.

We arrived at the restaurant at 7.30 and went to the bar for a drink. I don’t know if it was because things had changed between me and mum so much or what but she looked even more stunning that usual and I couldn’t help but feel proud as I noticed the men looking at her. It was obvious throughout the meal that actually we both wanted to be at home. We finished eating and didn’t bother with coffee just getting a taxi home.

Once the taxi drove off mum took my hand and dragged me to the porch of our house. She slammed me against the wall and stared into my eyes as she undone my zipper and pulled out my hardening cock. She fell to her knees and right there in the porch where anybody could see she swallowed my cock whole. In fact nobody would see unless they were looking for something. But the fact that anyone could walk by and I would see them made my cock as stiff as a broomstick, and mum just took my entire cock deep into her throat without eve gagging. She put her hands on my buttocks and started pulling me forward harder and harder, Then she took my hand and placed it behind her head and lifted her eyes up to mine.

This was my wildest of wildest fantasies coming true. My mum wanted me to fuck her face and fuck it hard. So I did. It had finally dawned on me that my mum liked rough sex so I gave her rough sex. I lost all control.

“You love your little boys cock in your face don’t you mummy.” I said, hopefully not too loud. “You want to be your little boys fuck slut don’t you mum?”

She nodded her head as best she could as I raped her face. I could feel my orgasm rising so I pulled out of her face and turned her around leaning her against the opposite window. I yanked her skirt up to find a gorgeous picture of a pleasure hole. Mum had not put any panties on. As much as I would have loved to ram my cock up her shit hole I didn’t know if she was up for that so instead I rammed it as hard as I could up her sopping wet cunt. She cried out loud before putting her hand over her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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