A Bad Day At The Jail

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This story actually has two different versions: a gay version between two men and a lesbian version between two women. Since there are categories for each, I thought I would write a version for each. This is the gay version.

Mark Jenkins lay back on his bunk staring up at the bunk above him. He was working on the second half of a 25-year sentence for killing his wife and her lover. His previous roommate had been released a week ago on parole.

Mark had been up for parole 6 times in the past 12 years and each time, his bitch wife’s mother stopped it. He knew that there was no way as long as she was around he was going to get a break.

He rolled his 6’4″, 250lb body over on the bunk until he was resting on his side. He brushed his black hair back out of his green eyes wishing his last cellmate were still there.

When Mark was been sent to prison 12 years ago, the thought of having any kind of sex with another man sickened him. But when you had a tight ass like Paul had winking at you everyday for almost 5 years, you tended to change your view on things.

Paul had no problem with being Mark’s bitch. Especially, when Mark suddenly grabbed him around the waist one day after he had come back from the showers. At first the younger man had been startled. Paul was bi and had been attracted to Mark since the first day the older man had become his cellmate, but he never figured on having the other man want him. Of course, he had never acted on his fantasies of being with another man. Until that day that is.

Mark had ripped the towel from Paul’s body and shoved his face into the other man’s ass, soaking up the smell that was all Paul.

Paul had been surprised at first but when Mark licked at his hole with his tongue, the younger man had pressed back against him moaning.

When Mark suddenly shoved his 10 inch cock up Paul’s virgin hole, his roommate wasn’t to keen on that, but got into it quite well. Both men had shot off at the same time and Paul had been his bitch for the past 7 years.

Now Mark was alone, his cock was itching for an ass to slide into but all he had was his hand.

He rolled over again on the uncomfortable bunk, closing his eyes and willing himself to sleep.

Marty Andrews slowly put on the prison issued jumpsuit that the officer had given him then let the guard lead him to the cell he would spend the next 3 years of his life in.

He had told the judge, the cops and even his lawyer that he hadn’t raped his 19-year-old daughter. That she had come to him and that she had loved having his cock slamming in and out of her pussy. Even his daughter had said that, but for some reason the cops didn’t think incest was a good thing. He could still remember his wife’s smirking face as he was led from the courtroom after sentencing.

Marty was small compared to Mark. He only stood 5’8″ and weighed maybe 150lbs. His dishwater blonde hair fell down bahis firmaları over his amber eyes.

When the guard shoved him into the cell he would now call home, he shivered. When he saw the big man laying on the bottom bunk looking at him, the shiver increased into full-blown fear. “Um, Hi” He said softly as the big man moved gracefully to a sitting position.

“What you in for?” The big man asked with a soft voice that bellied his size.

“Um…fucking my daughter,” Marty replied.

The big man laughed. “Was she of age?”

Marty looked at him affronted. “Of course she was. They just didn’t like the idea that it was my daughter.”

The big man moved so suddenly that Marty gasped, moving quickly to the other side of the small cell. “Um…What are you doing?” he asked suddenly terrified when he saw the big man strip out of the bottom of his jumpsuit.

The big man smiled, showing a row of rotting teeth. “Let me put it this way.” He moved towards Marty until the smaller man was trapped between his huge arms, with the wall behind him. “I haven’t had any sex since my last cell mate left. Now you got two choices. You can drop to your knees and suck me off or I’m gonna shove this 10 inches so far up your ass that you will be feeling it in your stomach.”

Marty looked at him fearfully. “I’m not gay.”

Mark just laughed as he shoved Marty to his knees. “Who gives a shit? Suck my cock.”

Marty felt Mark’s big, beefy fingers digging into his shoulder. He whimpered a bit in pain then looked at the huge piece of meat the man had hanging between his legs.

The head was covered in the man’s precum. Marty tried to pull away, but Mark just grabbed the back of his head, shoving his face and mouth down over his hard cock. Marty gagged as he felt the big man’s meat slide into his mouth. He struggled to pull his head back but Mark just held onto him as he furiously fucked Marty’s face, shoving his cock almost into the smaller man’s throat.

“Oh yea. You’ve got a hot mouth shithead.” Mark groaned slamming his cock hard and fast into Marty’s struggling face. “Can’t wait to see how tight that little bum-hole of yours is.”

Marty whimpered in fear, pushing against Mark’s legs as the big man ruthlessly fucked his face. He breathed heavily through his nose. When he felt Mark’s cock expand in his mouth, he struggled to pull away but in return got a mouthful of the other man’s cum.

Marty was forced to swallow Mark’s cum when Mark shoved his face so hard against him that his cock slid down into Marty’s throat, almost choking him.

Mark emptied his balls then released Marty. Marty leaned back against the wall breathing heavily and coughing as he tried to catch his breath.

He gave a whimper when Mark suddenly picked him up and carried him over his shoulder to the bunk beds. “What are you doing?” Marty asked as he tried to scramble off the bed, when Mark dropped him kaçak iddaa down onto his stomach.

Mark put a big, beefy hand against Marty’s back, holding him against the bed as he pulled the bottom of Marty’s jumpsuit and the other mans underwear down until they were wrapped around Marty’s knees.

“Please.” Marty cried when he felt Mark’s body press him into the mattress. “You just said you wanted me to suck you.”

Mark nipped at Marty’s neck playfully, as he spread the other man’s ass-cheeks and rested his hard, dripping cock against Marty’s virgin hole. “But you didn’t suck me sissy boy. I fucked your face. There’s a big difference.” He pressed a bit forward with his hips, making Marty whimper in pain as he felt his asshole being opened. “I’m still hard and my cock hasn’t been in a nice tight ass in quite a while. Since yours is the only one here, I’m gonna take it.” He pressed forward again, driving more of his cock into Marty’s dry hole.

“Please.” Marty cried grabbing at the bars in the headboard as he tried to get out from under the big man. “It hurts. I don’t want you to fuck my ass. Please.”

Mark ignored Marty’s pleas. He was enjoying the way Marty’s ass was clinging to his cock. “Oh yea, such a nice, tight hole.” He gripped Marty’s struggling hips and slammed his way hard deep into the other man’s ass.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH…” Marty screamed as Mark buried himself inside him. “Oh god. It hurts. Take it out.” He grasped at the bars of the bed but Mark was holding him down with his body. Finally he lowered his head to the mattress, crying like a baby as he felt his ass burn with pain.

Mark looked at him in disgust. Paul hadn’t liked it at first either but he hadn’t blubbered. “God, what a wimp,” Mark growled pulling his cock violently from Marty’s battered hole. Marty screamed again, the exit more painful then the entrance had been.

Then suddenly his scream turned into a whimper when he felt a wet tongue brushing at his hole. “What…what are you doing?” He asked looking over his shoulder to see Mark with his face buried between his butt-cheeks.

Mark didn’t respond; he just shoved his tongue deep inside Marty’s chute, licking all around the battered flesh.

Marty moaned as he felt his ass reamed by Mark’s tongue. “Oh yes. That feels so good.” He loosened his hands on the bars, even as he pulled his legs up beneath him and shoved his ass back towards Mark’s face.

Mark growled against Marty’s hole. He wrapped his big hands around Marty’s waist, holding him tightly against his mouth as he sucked at the other man’s hole.

Marty was whimpering, only this time in pleasure instead of pain. Mark lubed up as far into Marty’s hole as he could, then he reached under Marty’s body until he could reach under his pillow. He grabbed the lube he kept there for jacking off and pulling his face from between Marty’s cheeks, squirted a big glob into kaçak bahis the other man’s asshole.

Marty moaned as he felt the lube coat his insides. “Oh wow.”

Mark slid a finger gently into Marty’s battered ass. Marty whimpered in pain for a minute but as Mark slowly worked his finger in and out of his hole, rubbing against his butt nut every time he pushed in, it wasn’t long before Marty was pushing back against him as he moaned loudly.

“Oh yea…Finger my ass.” He cried burying his face in the pillow.

Mark pulled his finger out, then added more lube before sliding 2 fingers into Marty’s body. Marty whimpered a bit as he felt his ass stretched to accommodate Mark’s fingers but once again he started getting into it.

By the time Mark had 3 fingers buried up Marty’s asshole, Marty was squirming around on the bed, while whining noises escaped his lips. “Oh god…feels so good. Fuck me please.” He begged shoving his ass back towards Mark.

Mark smiled, now this was more like it. He pulled his fingers from Marty with a plop, added more lube, and then greased up his cock before moving back to his knees as he positioned himself back at Marty’s entrance. He rested his hand lightly on Marty’s back as he flicked his hips forward burying half his cock up his ass.

“Oooohhhh…” Marty groaned as he felt Mark fill him. There was a bit of pain this time, but mainly he just felt full. “So good.” He buried his face in the pillow as he pushed backwards.

Mark watched as Marty slowly fucked himself on his cock. “Nice.” The big man groaned, lifting Marty’s hips until he was more up on his knees. He let the other man fuck himself for a minute while he reached below Marty’s body, grabbing his hard cock and gently stroking it.

“Oh fuck.” Marty groaned as he felt Mark’s hand enclose him. “Yes…stroke me baby while you fuck my tight ass.”

Marty’s words turned Mark on so much that he gripped one of Marty’s hips, pulling him roughly against him as he started slamming his cock in and out of the other man with hard, controlled strokes. “Take it you little prick.” Mark groaned as he reamed Marty’s ass. “Take my cock deep in your manpussy.”

“Oh fuck me.” Marty cried slamming his body back against Mark’s stomach, feeling his chest hair pricking at his skin.

Mark rammed his cock repeatedly into Marty’s ass, as he furiously jacked Marty’s hard cock. “Oh fuck I’m cummminnngggg.” Marty screamed as he started shooting against the bed.

Mark howled as he felt Marty’s ass tighten around his cock. “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk” He screamed as he shot deep into Marty’s bowels. “Take it you fucker.”

Marty groaned as he felt Mark splatter inside him. “Oh fuck. Yesssssssssssss.” He collapsed against the bed, feeling Mark’s still spurting cock pull from his bowels.

Mark finished cumming all over Marty’s back, then slumped back against the end of the bed, trying to catch his breath.

The two men were still trying to catch their breaths when the guard walked up to the bars, giving them a grin. “I guess it isn’t such a bad day after all.”

Marty and Mark just grinned at him.

The End

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