A Birthday Present

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It had been a long night. I should probably gone home after spending the evening celebrating my birthday with my best friends, John and Travis, but one thing lead to another, and well, now here I am watching down the sketchiest street in town.

Actually, I’ve just left a rather non-descript building on that sketchy street. In that building I saw, and participated in acts that I had only dreamt of, or possibly had seen on the Internet.

Back to the celebration. John and Travis and I go back to high school, when we were on the school baseball team. They both live back where we grew up, but I moved away to go to college and never returned to my home town. We haven’t seen each other in years, and they decided to fly in for my birthday.

The three of us went out for a great Italian dinner and then moved the celebration to a nearby bar for drinks. My friends are married and I’m newly divorced. Over drinks they start asking me a lot of questions about what’s it like dating. Really what they are doing is pumping me for are stories of conquests, the more or younger, the better, or of interesting acts that long-married men can only dream of.

Not wanting to disappoint them, and perhaps as a way of invalidating my fears that years of a sex-less marriage were somehow my fault, I obliged. I told stories of being with two or more women (the exact number was lost in the drug-induced haze of that night), of insatiable, multi-orgasmic women, of taking advantage of my youthful appearance to bed more than a few coeds, and of a date that ended up in a dungeon (about which I refused to provide more detail).

They reveled in my stories. I also told them that while these were extremely exciting and memorable experiences, they were really few and far between. While I’m not bad looking and have a lot of other good attributes, I don’t find it easy to get into these situations. I just don’t seem to be that good at meeting women, and especially getting relaxed and at ease enough to charm them. It can be many months between theses encounters. Some guys seem to be able to walk into a room – any room – it could probably even be at a funeral – and they instantly attract the most beautiful and sexy women. Those guys are probably getting laid as often as they like.

Why it is, I ask my friends, why this doesn’t seem to be the case between guys. I mean, from what I’ve heard, just about any guy that wants a blowjob or to fuck or be fucked by another guy whenever, and wherever, he likes.

I realize it is my straight male perspective, where it is a sellers’ market where women control (in large part) the power dynamics. I mean, basically, it seems to me, nearly any woman can get laid on any given night if she really wanted to. She may have to wait unit the closing time at a bar, but the chances are much better for an average woman than for an average man.

For guys messing around with other guys though, they are both in it for the act, mostly, and have the testosterone to act. With logic, it is amazing that lesbians ever pair up. That’s not fair. Maybe women as well as men can act on their instincts more easily with the same sex than with the opposite sex.

Anyway, I think to myself, this is going to be another one of those nights where I go home alone. I’ve been busy talking to my friends, but I realize that I haven’t chatted with a woman the entire evening. Then I realize that there aren’t any women in this bar.

Hey guys, I say. You know what? I think we’ve wandered into a gay bar. They both look around – one way then the other – and I can see the looks on their faces change as they come to the realization too.

There wasn’t anything overly overt about the place. There were just a lot of guys, most a bit younger and better put together then me and my friends. Pretty conservatively dressed, not much in the way of public displays of affection. There was just a certain vibe. I glanced over at the two guys at the next table. The sexual energy between them was palpable. This was repeated at table after table.

Nervous laughter goes around our table. There’s illegal bahis a first time for everything, I say.

Truer words were never spoken.

We laugh a bit more and then decide that it’s time for the evening to wind down. You know, I say, I have to hit the head first. My friends decide that they need to get going, and so we part ways in the bar.

I find my way to the men’s room. There is one of those long communal urinals along one wall and row of stalls along another wall. I start to feel a bit self-conscious about being in a men’s room in a gay bar. (Really, like they would want anything to do with me anyway!) and decide to find an empty stall.

I walk in, close and lock the door, and then turn around to pee. I relax my muscles and feel that wonderful relief that comes from the release of peeing.

I hear some movement and noises coming from the adjacent stall. When I’m done peeing and put myself back together, I bend down to try and get a look at what’s going on there. As I bend lower, I can see that there are two people in there. One is standing, has his back to the door, and the other is kneeling, facing him. The guy (I assume!) on his knees is rocking back and forth, a few inches in each direction, and the other, standing guy is moving less but is moaning softly in tune with the rocking.

The rocking starts to pick up speed, while the moaning just gets a bit louder. Suddenly the rocking stops and the standing guy tenses and grunts loudly. I hear swallowing, and then slurping sounds. The sound of a zipper, and then standing guy turns around and exits the stall. Then the kneeling guy gets up and leaves.

Whew – that was very intense. I’ve never been near another guy cumming, and I wasn’t sure what would be like. I could feel the energy. I take stock of myself and realize that my pants are wet. I’ve lost my load, without realizing it.

I think that last loud moan that I heard was mine, and not from the other stall.

I was taken aback by the intensity of what I had overheard and visualized what had happened. I never thought that I would find anything that another guy was experiencing that intense. But clearly I am receptive to what was going on.

And now I’m standing here in cum soaked pants. Luckily I have my raincoat with me, giving me something to hide the effect of my excitement over what I had witnessed.

I head out of the men’s room, across the bar, and onto the street. I live about a mile away and had walked here. Of course that was during daylight and now it is late and very dark. I wander in the right general direction, but what just happened is interesting and bothering me just a bit, and I am lost in my thoughts. Ten or maybe twenty minutes pass, as I walk through neighborhoods that I am not familiar with and, in fact, normally avoid.

Hence me walking down sketchy street. When I snap out of and look around, I realize that I don’t know exactly where I am. There are 2 or 3 other people walking down the street, in the same direction as me. I’m not too concerned for my safety and only mildly about being lost. When I get to the next intersection I’ll know where I am, and the one after that, which direction I’m going. Then I can get myself home. Or, if I see a taxi first, I can get home even sooner.

Interesting. The two guys about 20 feet ahead of me are the couple at the table next to ours at the bar. I guess that my wandering wasn’t random. I must have inadvertently followed these guys. I hope that they don’t think that I’m stalking them!

The guys in front of me approach the non-descript building, and turn sharply into a dimly lit doorway. No knocking or anything, just pushing the door. Then in.

This must be a bar, perhaps? A different couple of guys leave the building and start walking towards me. They seem a bit tipsy. Very friendly. One of the guys moves the other against the wall of the building and starts kissing him passionately.

This too, is getting a rise out of me.

You know, I was thinking earlier how much easier is for guys to have sex with guys, and how I’m pretty illegal bahis siteleri horny. Maybe I need to have an open mind and see what might happen with a guy. After all, it is my birthday, and I deserve some relief.

Huh. Why not. Just go in and keep an open mind to it all. Follow my instincts.

I continue walking, past the nearly humping couple, and turn into the building. The door closes behind me and a dimly lit hallway appears. I can hear some electronic music in the distance, growing louder as I walk down the hallway. As I continue to walk, I hear the low voice of men talking, and some low moaning sounds. The intensity of the sound increases and I leave the end of the hallway and stand at the edge of a large room. At least it felt large – I couldn’t see to the other side.

There is bouncer at the door, checking IDs. They must be serving booze somewhere here.

On one side of me are cubbies with various articles of clothing. Several guys are standing along the perimeter, peering to its interior. While they are fully dressed, the guys further into the room are naked. Not far from me are a couple of guys laying on pillows, one face to the ground and the other mounting him from behind. A bit further I see a guy kneeling next to 2 standing guys. The kneeling guy has one cock in his mouth and is stroking the other guy. There is a hole in the wall with a cock sticking out and someone in the room sucking away. There are other naked guys that were walking around, some touching themselves, some not. There is a lot of action all around. You get the idea.

I decided that if I was going to be here at all, I should participate. Besides, the clothed guys watching were kind of creepy. It was also a bit exciting to think that they might be watching me doing something, or having something being done to me.

I step over to the cubbies and take off my shirt, my shoes and socks, and look around a bit. Then I cinched my shorts down, over my cock, and step out of them. Oh my god. Here I am, naked in a room with a lot of other guys. There is also a musty smell permeating the room. I’m finding it all titillating, and can feel myself start to swell up a bit.

I walk around, watching the two guys fucking for a minute. Then I walk past a naked guy that is grabbing his cock, aware that his is following me with his eyes as I walk by. I find that strangely flattering.

I’m trying to figure what I’m going to do here – what I’m willing to do and what I’m willing to have done. Even if I can figure that out, I’m not sure what the code is here – that is, there must be some understood way of communicating what you are up for and when to stop, and what is required to continue with certain actions.

I walk up to the three guys – the simultaneous blowjob and hand job. I’m watching intensely for a few minutes. I sense someone approaching me from the side, but am not paying much attention. He is also watching the show from about the same distance as I am. He inches closer and closer to me.

Shoulder-to-shoulder, he slowly reaches around the front of me and firmly grabs my semi-hard cock. Mmmm… that feels good! He starts stoking my cock. My cock grows harder and longer. God this does feel good. I relax to enjoy the sensation and start to go a little weak in the knees as he strokes me more firmly.

I had been having fantasies lately of jacking someone else off. It started from watching porn. I started watching straight porn, and over time found myself focusing on the cocks, especially when the guys came. Then I watched some porn that had some bi guys, and was very interested in what they were doing to each other. Then I watched gay porn. It seemed to me that they were totally fixated on the act, as opposed to straight porn, which often feels less genuine. The women of porn were probably faking orgasms. None of these guys were faking it. They were totally into what they were doing to each other.

I found this pull towards gay porn a little puzzling. I mean, am I gay or bi? What do those labels mean, anyway? I find the male body fascinating, but canlı bahis siteleri when I’m walking down the street I often find myself wanting to fuck the women that I see, but I have never saw a guy and thought that there was any sexual attraction from either person. I think that I’m just open to whatever might happen, as a physical experience.

Anyway, I have been fantasizing about what it would fell like to grab someone else’s cock, to feel is swell and get stiffer under my grip, and finally to feel the spasm as he cums. It seems like I’m getting my chance.

I reach over and grab his cock. He is not as tall as I am, and I have to bend over a little to reach it. He is looking down, focusing on my cock, so I can’t see his face, only the top of his head, his cock, and his firm, if not quite athletic build. Not to different from my own. This is getting me very hard.

I try to relax into the moment, to be here for him and to feel what he is doing to me. It is exciting to be so close to someone else that is excited, and to feel that they want you. I rarely feel like that with women. It is exciting to explore his body and noting the similarities and differences to mine. My grip feels his hardness, and as I stoke I feel that he is not quite as long as I am, and much straighter. He is like a pointer -sticking out horizontal, and capped with a knobby head. This is quite unlike mine, which is longer, nearly 7″, and curves sharply towards the vertical. Not quite as hard or upwards curving as when I was younger, but when I am excited, most of the vitality returns. I am very excited, and my cock is very hard, long, and is pointing at the ceiling.

It is also a bit confusing. Although I know my way around my body and am very responsive to what women seem to like, I am a something of a loss to know what to do in this situation. I try stroking him, and even though he is getting harder, it doesn’t seem like I’m really in tune with his body or what he wants. It doesn’t feel quite right. Not that there is anything “wrong” about the situation, just that I’m not sure exactly what do. Like being virgin, in a way. Oh well, I think, something to learn about some other time.

Before very long, he moves in front so his body faces me and before I have time to process what is going on, he drops to his knees and takes me in his mouth. At this point I am pretty damn hard. Still, he moves in and takes every inch into his mouth, and then moves back and forth. I can’t tell exactly what is going on in there, but it feels amazing. He certainly knows how to use his mouth for maximum effect.

After rocking back and forth, moving his lips from my body to nearly the head of my cock and back, he pulls away, puts one hand on my stomach, grasps me firmly and strokes me rapidly. I thought that I was at my hardest, but the faster he goes, the harder I get. I am getting weaker at the knees, as he replaces his hands with his mouth, taking in the entire length in. I have never before had my entire cock at this taken into a mouth. It was exquisitely exciting. He started moving faster and faster, along the entire length.

I put my hands on his head, not so much to guide him as to feel his power and control over me as he brought me closer and closer to climax. I moved my head to the side a bit so I could watch my cock disappear and reappear from his mouth. We were both so there for each other, just like in a lot of the gay porn I had watched.

Watching us made me harder yet! I have never felt so alive. I could feel myself building to climax as I watched his mouth on me, the moving in and out, marveling at his ability to take in a 7″ inch, skyward pointing, thick cock while on his knees.

A few seconds later, I exploded into his mouth. He moved further down the shaft, taking in every drop of me. Then he held it in his mouth as I could hear him slurping anything that he might have missed at first.

My knees were shaking, making it hard for me to stand. He stood up and seeing my reaction, held me for a second while I calmed down.

I explained that this was my first time, and that I didn’t feel like I could reciprocate. I was pretty shaken up. I think that I also said something about my birthday.

He said that it was alright. That he didn’t want anything in return.

Flashing me a smile, he says, Happy Birthday.

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