A Brighter Day

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It was a wet and humid day. They walked in each other’s arms. Yet the big brown-eyed girl with long black hair grew wet at an instant and began throbbing for love. They kept walking through the misty field to find a vacant spot for he too was breathing heavily wanting all of her.

As they approached this vacant wet field he began kissing her neck and cheeks ravenously wanting to eat her completely. They fell onto the wet floor together. He pinned her to the ground took her clothes as she stuck her tongue deep into his mouth. Feeling his warm tongue and lips. As she continued with deep passion and intensity her vagina grew wet. She gripped his pants and pulled them down as fast as she could his penis stuck out in front of her face between both of her eyes and eyebrows. She wrapped her hands around the giant penis and began the hand job. Yet she didn’t know that as soon as she touched it her hands would be covered in precum and she wouldn’t want to let it go.

Suddenly her head began to bob and she felt something rising up inside her. He stuck his index and middle güvenilir bahis finger into her vagina and she gave loud gasp.

“Mmm” was her response and she sunk her head even deeper into his penis almost touching his soft velvet testicles.

She sucked and sucked and sucked to the point that her lips began to feel sore but the savory sticky taste didn’t let her escape from sucking his penis. Yet, as she sucked and licked the cock dry forcing her own spit on to it she curled her body in many directions, for her body was enjoying the fingers deep in her pussy. She shivered and was forced to let go of the penis she so ravenously enjoyed.

She grew wetter and he bent his legs deeper into ground and licked all her wetness from her vagina. As he raised his head to look into her eyes a streak of her wetness dribbled on his chin. She leaned over as she lay on her back and kissed him and wiped off what oozed from his chin right off. He continued to bury his tongue deep into pussy and as he enjoyed eating her he let out a breath of obsession and delight. She gasped türkçe bahis for breath, as the tongue got deeper into her pink vagina oozing her wetness down her thighs. Dripping, dripping, dripping the more he sucked her clit and it became delicately tender. She began throbbing more than ever as he asked,

“Are you ready?”

She looked deep into his eyes and smiled and whispered,

“I want you, I want you know.”

Her lips pouted as these words escaped her lips and she spread her legs wide, wider than she ever had. He leaned closer to her, kissed breasts and nibbled on her nipples and gave a gentle tug and said, “I want you too.”

He stood erect and she leaned closer. She put her legs above his shoulders and her vagina was only one inch away from his cock. Again, she looked up and bit her lower lips and her pussy lips tightened she leaned closer as her legs comfortably laid up to his shoulders and he gently grasped on her thighs and pushed his penis deep into her wet throbbing and hungry pussy.

A sigh of relief escaped their mouths. Their eyes güvenilir bahis siteleri shut and they leaned closer together. He started to insert his penis back and forth as fast as she could handle. She tightened her vagina even more and began to pounce up and down to feel a deeper sensation. He held tightly on to her thighs then stroked his hard throbbing dick on her pussy to tease her and make her want more. As he pushed his penis back in her pink and extra wet pussy she said gasping for breath, “I’m close.”

He smiled and began pushing his penis deeper, deeper, deeper into her vagina as it touched the walls of her pussy as the flesh of both were bare and nothing prevented them from touching each other’s parts. He pushed in faster, harder and deeper as he could when suddenly he stopped and felt her cum all over his dick. He pulled out and as her lips barely touched his penis he came in her mouth and she played with his sticky cum wrapping it around her fingers until she finally licked her fingers clean while looking straight into his eyes and rubbed his cock with her other hand.

He leaned closer as her legs remained open and hugged her and they cradled in each other’s arms. Both breathing heavily they kissed and then napped together in the vacant field until the sun finally decided to shine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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