A Clean Mouth

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Summary: May doesn’t feel the need to really treat her maid with respect. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

Author’s Note — I just want to say, thank everyone for the kind emails! If you have any suggestions, critiques, concerns, or comments, I’d absolutely love feedback; I’m very happy to be giving back to this nice site. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for giving me a try!


“God, this place is a mess….Jie?! Jie, get in here!”

I tapped my foot impatiently as I looked around my study; I could see fingerprints on the glass tabletops, there was dust on the mantle, and my brass, full length mirror looked absolutely filthy. I took a moment to straighten my skirt as I looked up and down at my reflection, making sure I looked presentable. I had been working at this firm for a year; as far as I was concerned, being a lawyer was the best job ever. I had the two most important things; respect and money. If my meeting today went well, I’d be looking at a huge raise, so I had to look nice….I sighed, sticking my small chest out a little, trying to display what I thought was a proper amount of cleavage.

Just a few seconds later I heard quick, light footsteps, and I turned around to greet my maid.

“What’s the matter, miss May?” Jie asked in her soft voice.

Jie had come to America from Asia a few years ago, and I had hired her early last year. She had done an…adequate job, I guessed. I thought it was a little embarrassing, to be honest; I was 24, three years younger than her, and I was her boss. Still, it was something of a rush to have someone around to clean and take care of things, especially someone as submissive as Jie.

Still, having an actual maid…it was quite the status symbol, and I liked bragging and showing her off. It wasn’t like my small home really needed one, even if I was always busy with work; it was just that I liked having her work for me. And she was especially popular at parties I threw, where the various men at my firm enjoyed her presence. She was really pretty, although it was hard to take her seriously; she had these ridiculous C cups, and they looked massive on her petite frame. I had always prided myself on my small chest; I didn’t need a couple of watermelons down my shirt to get ahead in life.

“Umm…miss May?” I was jerked out of my daydreams to look at Jie staring at me pensively.

I gestured around me, sighing. “Are you serious? How could you be this far behind? This place looks horrible!”

“I’m sorry, miss; I’ll make sure I take care of it,” she replied, looking down at the ground. “It’s just, I’m a little excited about my sister’s wedding tomorrow; I’m very anxious to go…”

I looked at her in shock. “Excuse me? Jie, I’m having a business party tomorrow, I need you here helping out!” Which wasn’t entirely true; she wouldn’t be doing anything but serving drinks or tidying things up, but I knew a few of my bosses would be disappointed if they couldn’t oggle her…I needed her here if I wanted my party to go perfect.

Jie looked up at me, eyes wide. “Miss May, I told you months ago…I needed tomorrow night off, I can’t miss her wedding, please miss…”

I snapped my fingers and glared at her, and felt a surge of satisfaction as she fell silent. “Now you listen to me. If you’re not here tomorrow, I won’t just fire you; I’ll blacklist you to anyone else who tries to hire you. I’ll make you wish you had never left Japan!”

“C-china…” Jie corrected me softly, still looking at the floor.”

“Whatever. You’re MY maid; you work for me, and when I say to be somewhere, you better be there. Do I make myself clear?”

Jie looked up, and for a moment I thought she would say something; her normally cute face was set in an angry glare…but then she glanced back at the ground, sighing. “Yes, miss May, perfectly clear…I’ll be here tomorrow…” Then, with a quick little bow, she exited the room, looking as if she was going to cry.

“Just make sure this place looks nice!” I called after her, glaring at the messy study as I left for my meeting.

* * *

It was growing dark by the time I got home, and I had to stop myself from cheering as I walked in the door. My meeting had gone so well! I mean, I thought it was annoying when Mr. Thompson was staring at my chest, but it was also kind of thrilling too, and it made me feel nice that my goal to look nice had worked so well. I was a shoe-in for a raise, and if my party went well, who knows what else I would get?

“Jie? Jie, did you tidy everything up?” I called out. Nobody replied, and I scowled a little; if Jie had ditched working as some sort of passive aggressive rebellion, I would make sure she regretted it. But as I walked past the study, I saw it was clean…so at least she had done some work.

I walked upstairs, thinking she must be in the guest room; that’s where she usually stayed if she had to spend the night. But when I opened the door, all I saw was a freshly made bed. I was about to turn canlı bahis şirketleri and leave when something glinted in the light. I looked closer, curious.

It was a little silver necklace, shiny and elegant. A locket hung from the thin chain, and I picked it up to get a better look. I blushed hard, then laughed a second later; what I thought was a large silver set of breasts was actually a little upside down heart.

“Jie?” I called again, still looking down at the necklace. I was wondering where it had come from; Jie certainly couldn’t afford something like this…was it stolen? I thought about it; it certainly could be. Maybe it was even a piece of jewelry I had bought years ago and had forgotten about; she had likely dug around in my cabinets, looking for things to steal. I frowned; maybe I’d have to fire Jie anyways, though it would have to wait until after the party. But in the meantime, I didn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t wear this necklace…I mean, it was in my house, and it was probably mine…besides, it seemed really pretty, and I had such a strong urge just to wear it, to see how I looked in it…even as the thoughts were still moving through my head, my hands were already acting. I heard the click around my neck and looked down in shock; the little necklace was already on, the locket resting against my breasts. I smiled to myself, admiring the way it stood out against my skin; it would be perfect for the party tomorrow!

“Find something you like, miss May?” asked a soft voice behind me.

I spun around, jumping a little in surprise. Jie was standing there, and though I expected her to look angry, she actually looked…pleased with herself? My twinge of fear vanished as quickly as it had appeared, replaced with anger.

“And where were you, you slacker? Off sulking or something? You should be thanking me for even giving you a job, when-“

“When what?” Jie interrupted me, and I was stunned into silence. “You treat me horribly, even when I try to do a good job. You only care about showing me off as if I’m some exotic pet. You don’t respect me.”

“And why should I?” I shot back, feeling my face heat up with anger. “All you’re good for is cleaning and looking presentable. And if you don’t want to lose this job, then you better-“

“That’s ok, miss. I quit.” Jie gave me an…almost playful little smile, bowing at me. I stared at her in shock.

“You…you quit…?”

Jie nodded, her smile growing. “Yes, but don’t worry. I’m sure the position will be filled before you know it.”

I blinked at her, feeling confused and annoyed. The heat from my face seemed to be spreading to my whole body, but I didn’t pay it any mind; I was way too frustrated with Jie. “Well, I hope you know that there’s no way in hell I’ll be giving you a positive recommendation after this; you can forget about being hired as a maid!”

Jie shrugged casually; an alien expression, I had never seen her do that before. “Well, that’s alright; I’m done with the maid thing, I think. But you might be interested in giving it a try, miss.

I rubbed my forehead, feeling a little lightheaded as I listened to Jie. Something was wrong; the heat I had felt before was still spreading, my entire body tingling.

“W-what…did….did you drug me…?” I stammered out, sitting down on the bed for support.

“Well, you took my necklace, didn’t you miss?” Jie replied, leaning against the door frame. “Don’t you know never to take things that don’t belong to you? It looks great on you, by the way; a natural fit.”

I looked down at the necklace, as I massaged my temples, and was shocked to see that it actually seemed to be shining brighter against my skin. Then I blinked, letting out a little yelp of horror, even as I shivered from my body’s smoldering heat.

The necklace wasn’t just brighter. My skin was darker.

I couldn’t tear my eyes from the sight; it was a slow process, but it was still happening right before my eyes. My pale flesh darkened evenly, from what I saw; the tops of my breasts growing into a shade that made me think of light, smooth caramel. Before I knew it, the tingling lessened, and my skin seemed to have finished it’s transformation. It didn’t look like I had gotten a tan, though; something seemed…off…about the colorization. I brought my hands up to touch myself, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and I let out a helpless little whimper as I saw that my hands had changed as well My pink nails stood out starkly from my light, my light brown fingers trembling with fear. I rubbed my face, staring miserably at what had happened to my chest. Then I looked up at Jie, grinning ear to ear, and in a flash of insight I realized what had happened.

I wasn’t tan. I was…I was…

I was Asian! My skin was a little darker than Jie’s, but there was no mistaking it!

Jie laughed, holding her hands to her mouth. “Wow, I can’t believe that worked! And your blonde hair looks wonderful with that skin tone. That’s a really good canlı kaçak iddaa look for you, miss May; very…exotic…” Jie broke off into another fit of giggles, stirring me to action. I got off the bed, growling as I pointed up at Jie menacingly.

“Listen, you psycho bitch, if you…if…ah…”

I stammered a bit as my tired mind tried to understand what was happening. I was 5 foot 4…Jie was barely 5 feet tall…why was I pointing up at her…?

Jie’s laughter redoubled as I gasped down at my baggy clothes, then back up at her. God, she was nearly a head taller than me! I was nearly level with her chest, her huge breasts looking downright massive from my perspective.

“S-stop laughing, you fucking skank!” I hopped up and down, shivering in frustration, anger, and fear. Which I immediately realized was a mistake, as my now-baggy clothes slid down my body, leaving me standing in my loose bra and panties.

Jie looked me up and down, her expression thoughtful. “Mhm, I know what will help…” She muttered to herself.

“Help? What are you sayi-ooooh….nnn..” I panted from the sudden intense heat that coursed through my body; it was like a more intense, focused version of the sensation I had felt before…and it was focused entirely on my breasts. I gasped as I felt my nipples harden against the bra’s fabric, feeling almost painfully sensitive. Without thinking, I tore my bra off, standing topless before the giggling Chinese girl.

“Jie, y-you can’t…you…ahh…you…you s-stupid bitch…” I panted out, feeling my breasts jiggle as I squirmed on my feet.

Wait…jiggle…? I didn’t have enough to jiggle…

I looked down, squealing in terror as I saw my already swelled breasts grow even larger. My chest ballooned obscenely, my sand-colored breasts ripening like two huge watermelons. Finally, after a few more agonizing seconds, they seemed to stop, and I stared at them with wide, horrified eyes as I struggled not to move…I didn’t want the huge things to wobble about and send me tumbling to the floor. My tits…they could only be called tits…they jutted out from my chest, jiggling as my every breath and movement. I tried to lean over delicately, to see if I could even see my feet past them, but they slapped lightly against each other and I was forced to lean against the bedpost with a yelp, panting in fright.

“Mmmm…yes, I think a 34E was perfect for you, miss May,” Jie noted casually from the door. “I mean, it looks a little silly on you, seeing as how you can’t be taller than 4 foot 10…but it sure looks wonderful from this end.”

That was it, I couldn’t take this…this Asian bimbo’s bullshit anymore! I leaped from the bed, my wobbling tits actually aiding me in diving towards Jie, who looked up at me in surprise. I tackled her to the ground, squirming on top of her.

“You fucking fix me this second, you worthless Chinese slut!” I wrestled on top of her, rubbing my hips against hers, trying to hold her down, my hands stroking her breasts as I pressed myself tight against her…I shook my head a little…wait…this wasn’t right…but then she leaned up and licked my lips, and ooooh God, it was like a burst of pleasure, a tiny orgasm in my mouth that made my hips quiver with need…then I felt myself roughly shoved on the floor, and Jie was suddenly kneeling next to me, smirking down at my trembling form.

“That wasn’t very nice, miss, and it was also pretty useless; I think I need to make your occupation a bit more clear…”

I felt myself tugged to my feet, and being lead downstairs…I was having a hard time thinking and keeping it all straight, my mind still fuzzy from the bizarre mini-orgasm I had felt on my lips…by the time I could think somewhat clearly again, we were in the study, and Jie had pulled me in front of the mirror. I had an idea of what I had changed into, but seeing my reflection still made me whimper in humiliation.

I looked like a tiny Asian slut…there was no mistaking my soft caramel skin tone for anything but an Asian girl. My long blonde hair remained, but it seemed almost lighter…it looked like the color one would get from a salon dye job, but it was clearly natural, all the same. My eyes had remained brown, but they looked a bit darker than before, and the shape was different too…and my lips had plumped up, ever so slightly. My whole face had shifted gently and delicately, and even though I still looked like myself, it was still a drastic change. I looked positively tiny, my massive tits making my height look even more ridiculous. My nipples hadn’t grown at all, and the tiny pink things topped the wobbling, swaying globes of titflesh. The things dominated my body…there was no way to look at me and not stare at my gargantuan melons…

I heard a snap and a laugh behind me, and I began to turn, but before I could blink I saw what had happened to me. Or at least, what I was now wearing.

“Now there’s a good outfit for you, miss May,” Jie said as she walked up next canlı kaçak bahis to me, clearly admiring my reflection. “Or maybe I should call you miss Mayd….” She broke into another giggly fit as I stared in shock at myself.

A maid outfit…a maid outfit designed by the biggest pervert in the universe, maybe. The black and white lace outfit was embarrassingly short, the frilly, poofy skirt barely serving to maintain my decency. Not like it was being maintained anyways, though, since the horrible thing was topless; my massive jugs hung out proudly, jiggling against the soft fabric on my chest. My legs now sported thigh-high white stockings, and even though my tits made it impossible for me to look down and check I could see that I had gotten a pair of ridiculously slutty-looking heels. A feather duster hung from a little strap on my waist, the puffy thing rubbing gently against my stocking-clad thigh. And the final bit of humiliation was evident as I looked at the black and white lace headband I now wore…poking up from the top were two black silken kitty ears.

“Wow….you turned out great, wouldn’t you agree, miss Mayd?” Jie reached under my skirt and gave my chest a squeeze, causing me to jump in fright; my tits bounced so hard that the sensation nearly threw me to the ground. I spun around, glaring furiously at Jie.

“Wu zheme jiozhì!”

I stared dumbly at the grinning girl, not understanding what had happened. Jie looked like she was holding in laughter as she asked, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. What did you say?”

“Wu zheme tu me de jiozhi qingfu!” I yelled back at her, feeling frightened and confused….what the hell was I saying? It sounded like…like…

…like Chinese…

Jie laughed at my frustration, wiping her eyes. “Ooooooooooooh, poor miss Mayd…I mean, if you want to fit the part, you should certainly sound the part…but I wander if you’re even able to understand what you’re saying…”

She was right; I had no idea if the words coming out of my mouth were even what I wanted to say. “Wu de rifang zheme da, zheme run!” I cried out at her, pouting miserably. “Wu xing zai timen gingji ruci zogo!!”

Apparently, whatever I had said made Jie fall to the ground with laughter, holding her side from apparent pain in her stomach. “Oh! Oh, wow, hahaha, I’m sure you do, sweetie…but let’s really put that new body of yours to work, shall we?” Rather than moving off the ground, she wiggled out of her jeans, tossing them off into the corner. Her plain white panties were next, and she spread her legs, baring her sex to me. Horribly, the first thoughts that went through my mind weren’t disgust, but rather surprise that she was shaved, and a curious pang of arousal…my hips jerked a little, and Jie plainly saw it.

“Awww…is my little maid horny…? Can you say that, miss? ‘Horny’?”

I grimaced, wiggling around….God, what was wrong with me…

“I asked you a question, maid. Can you say ‘horny’?” Jie’s voice was a bit firmer this time, and I felt myself stiffen to attention as something clicked in my head, my body apparently responding automatically to her words. Helplessly, I felt my mouth open.

“Wu zheme jiozhi … ahh…W…Wu …” I gulped, panting…”M…me so h-horny…”

Jie grinned up at me, clearly enjoying herself. “I’m sorry…what was that…?”

“M-me so horny!” I cried out, thrusting my hips frantically. “Me so horny, me so horny!!!”

I was too busy burning with embarrassment to really focus on Jie’s laughter…and not just embarrassment; I was burning with lust, my whole body feeling hot, eager, ready…it was like before, when I had tackled Jie…I didn’t understand why, though…

Finally, Jie calmed down. “Well, at least you can speak a little english; that will be entertaining…but I’m more interested in other aspects of your mouth, my sweet maid…” She shifted, spreading her legs a bit more, leaning back on her elbows as she grinned up at me. “Let’s take you for a spin, shall we…? Suck.”

I felt something click in my head, just as it had before, and before I knew it I was on all fours, my tits jiggling and bouncing between my arms. “Sucky sucky?” I asked, blushing bright red.

Jie’s laughter framed her words. “Oh…oh yes, sucky sucky…make sure it’s good sucky, little maid…wouldn’t want you fired…”

Before she was even finished talking, I had crawled between her legs, plunging my head against her pussy. I was dimly aware of her gasping, of her trembling thighs pressing against me, but it was all secondary to me; her pussy, my mistress’ pussy….that’s all I could focus on, all that mattered. Sucky…she had said…I had to sucky…good sucky…I needed to make sure that mistress felt good…and it felt good to do it, her sweet, heavenly sex twitching against my eager, hardworking tongue. I lapped at her, suckling and worshiping Jie’s pussy as she squirmed on the floor.

“Oh…oh wow…y-you’re…ahh…y-you’re amazing at that…who would have t-thought…” I heard my mistress gasp, and her pleased moans and praise only maid me hotter, more eager…my own pussy burned with need, but it felt even better to serve, to work hard for mistress, to lick her amazingly sweet slit…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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