A Contractor’s Unpaid Invoice

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Warning: this story contains nonconsensual themes.


My name is James Francis and the following story is true and one that I have found to be continually on my mind sense that fateful early summer day.

I am 42 years old, married to my beautiful wife Jane who is a flight attendant, two college age children, own a very nice house, two fancy cars and have a great job. I am 5’8″ tall, full head of hair, a slim build and am totally straight. I am a salesman for a medium sized national company, but my travel is fairly limited so I can work from home on occasion.

This particular Thursday, I had made all of my sales calls from home by 11:00 AM and had finished an inspection of the renovations that were recently completed on our home. I had some difficult discussions; well you can call them arguments, with the general contractor. In the end, I refused to pay his full price as some of the work was shoddy and some of the work had to be re-done several times. Ultimately, we did not part on good terms and I could never recommend his work to any of my friends. That was unfortunate because Peter, the general contractor, was a close friend of ours as we had had him in our home for barbeques on several occasions.

That day, I had been surfing the internet from my home office computer and was looking at several of my favorite porn sites that I visit when Jane is out of town as she was this particular day on a trip that had taken her to the Far East for two weeks. Our two sons were on summer vacation and were staying with Jane’s parents in Texas. So, I had the run of the house and thought that I deserved some alone time. As I was reading a story from a non-consent/reluctance website, I became quite aroused and quickly slid out of my gym shorts and jock strap. I began to stroke my cock as I read the story about a wife who falls prey to contractors and how they made her their sex slave while her husband was out of town. I stripped off my tee shirt and slowly pumped my cock bringing myself to the brink of an orgasm. I decided that it was too early in the day to have an orgasm when I had the rest of the day and evening to myself.

It was sunny outside so I decided to take in some rays in my new black thong bathing suit so that I could maximize exposure to the sun. I then spread sun tan oil over the parts of my body that I could reach and slipped on my Raybans. It was not a particularly hot day, but a day in which I could get a good start on my summer tan. I opened a bottle of corona, sliced a lime and went to our secluded patio just outside our family room. I had a good book and started reading while lying on my stomach. I just could not get into the book as I kept remembering the way the construction crew ravaged the slutty housewife, making her beg for cock and satisfying their every need. I was pretty turned on, my cock was hard again and I felt like taking advantage of the privacy.

I went back into the house, found my secret stash of sex toys and because I was so horny, selected an eight inch black butt plug that I had purchased at one of those adult novelty stores one weekend when Jane was away. I slid my thong down to my knees, lubed the black plug, bent over the sink and then slowly twisted the plug into place. I pulled up my thong to hold the plug firmly in my ass, went to the kitchen, opened my second corona and headed back out to the patio. As I finished my corona, I felt sleep creeping in so I quietly dozed off with my last conscious thought of the wife with a cock in her ass, pussy and mouth.

Suddenly, I was awakened by pressure on my asshole as I was slowly brought to my senses from the sexual and beer induced nap. The pressure on my ass intensified and as I turned to see what was causing the pressure I discovered that it was the contractor, Peter along with four of his employees and he was forcing the plug deeper into my ass with the ball of his foot. I struggled against the pressure from Peter’s foot as my arms and legs were grabbed roughly by the men and they were forced into a spread eagle position face down on my sun mat. As Peter was continued to force the plug in and out of my ass with his foot, he told the men to pick up the cum slut and lay her across the teak wood end table. As I was held in place by the rough hands of the workers, I felt rope being wrapped around my waist securing me to the table. When I was completely secured to the table, I felt rope being tied to my elbows and my arms were drawn backwards and the rope was then tied to my knees.

In that position I was strapped down on the table with my ass completely exposed, my black butt plug in and thong still in place, legs and arms tied together with my waist secured to güvenilir bahis the table. Peter then informed me that he intended to extract payment from me for the remaining amount still owed under the contract. I yelled and cursed at him saying that there was no way I was going to submit to his brutal tactics and that he should just leave before any further laws were broken by him and his thugs. He said, “James, I will give you one more chance to make the payment or I will make your life miserable.” I once again yelled at Peter and even spit at him to show my steadfast refusal to comply with his demands.

With that, he ordered Miguel to take the butt plug out of my ass and put it in the cum slut’s mouth. I felt my thong being grasped by Miguel’s strong hands and it was ripped off of me in one quick motion. Miguel took the flat end of the butt plug and pulled it from my ass with an audible plop. Miguel moved around in front of me, put the plug to my lips and demanded that I open my mouth. I shook my head from side to side and refused to open my mouth, which would have allowed him to force plug, covered in my anal juices, down my throat. Right then I felt the sting of a belt swung by Jose across my bare and exposed ass. My ass was on fire, but it continued to absorb the brutal punishment doled out by Jose and his beaded, four inch wide belt. On what I thought was the fifteenth lash, I opened my mouth to scream, which is when Miguel forced the eight inch black butt plug over my lips and into my throat. Thankfully, Peter instructed Jose to stop the assault on my ass for now.

I could barely breathe as the plug almost completely blocked my air passage way with its circumference and length. While Peter was standing over me, he said that it was a mistake to not agree to pay him and today was a down payment on what was due to him and his company. Peter then looked at Michael and asked him, mouth or ass? Michael said, “Come again?” Peter told them all that James here is going to be our little cum slut from now on and Michael, as you are the newest member of my team, you get first choice as to getting a blow job from this cheap slut or fucking the slut’s ass. So, which will it be? Michael appeared to be taken aback by the idea of having sex with a man, so he chose a blow job.

Before they started in on me, Peter told Juan to go out to his truck and get the camera and video recorder as he wanted to record everything we are going to make this slut do to please us today. When Juan returned, Peter handed him a corona that he had taken from my refrigerator just as he had done for Miguel, Jose, Michael and himself. I noticed that there was a sixth corona sitting on the patio in front of me and I soon found out what the purpose of that beer was.

With his camera in hand, Peter instructed me to push the butt plug half way out of my mouth. I refused to do anything that he demanded and I was quickly reminded of my predicament when I felt the sting of Jose’s belt once again across my aching ass. I quickly complied with Peter’s demand, pushed the plug about half-way out of my mouth and held it there as Peter took several pictures of the plug extending from my mouth. Peter then told Michael to take the plug from the slut’s mouth and set it on the ground in front of her.

There was that word again, her. I wondered what he meant by that as he knew I was not gay or feminine at all. Peter took the remaining corona bottle and held it to my mouth instructed me to take a big swig, but I was not to swallow, but to rinse the inside of my mouth so that Michael’s cock would not be soiled by the juices from a cum slut’s ass. When I completed this task, Peter instructed me to let the beer flow back into the bottle. Peter then took the bottle and without lubrication or preparation, forced the long neck into my ass that had been stretched by the eight inch black butt plug. I could feel the pressure of the corona top as it massaged my prostate and the cold contents of the bottle emptying into my bowels. At this point, I felt a strange sensation start to creep into my body as the bottle stimulated my prostate and the constant humiliation had started to cause my cock to harden.

The whole group began to laugh and call me a slut as the beer leaked down the neck of the bottle into my bowels. With the bottle still securely plugging my ass, Peter instructed Michael to drop his pants and give this slut what he wants and needs. James may not know it now, but after we are done with the cum slut today, she will be our cock slave to be used when ever and however we chose to use her. As Michael unzipped his pants, the men gathered around to watch him assault my mouth. Michael stepped out of his pants türkçe bahis and boxers; I was face to cock for the first time in my life. As Michael leaned toward me, the tip of his cock rested against my lips, but I refused to allow him to put his semi-erect cock in my mouth. Right then, I felt Jose’s belt wield its terrible pain as he lashed my ass again. I yelped at the pain which gave Michael immediate access to my mouth and he successfully sunk his cock all the way in as I felt his pubic hairs against my nose.

Peter leaned in and told me that I had better not bite Michael’s cock while I was sucking him. I tried my best to force the cock out of my mouth with my tongue, but Michael kept the pressure up and I could feel his cock beginning to harden completely as he fucked it in out of my throat. After about 5 minutes, I felt Michael’s cock harden even more; he forced his cock all the way to the back of my throat and erupted sending hot jism into my stomach for the first time in my life. As Michael slowly pulled his cock from my mouth, he patted me on the head and told me I was a pretty good first time cock sucker. Peter told Michael to put his cock back up to my mouth and he ordered me to lick the last remnants of his come from the tip of his cock. As I did this, I heard the familiar click of the digital camera as I swirled my tongue around Michael’s now semi-erect cock. For some strange reason, having the cock in my mouth and being further degraded by the moment being captured in digital form, I felt my cock getting harder by the moment. I tried to think of baseball or anything to suppress the feeling, but to no avail.

When Peter was satisfied that I had completed my task to take all of Michael’s cum, he told Miguel to take the bottle from my ass because as it was Juan’s turn to choose between my mouth and ass. Juan chose my ass as he did not want to be sloppy seconds in the cum slut’s mouth. Looking down at my exposed ass, Juan blurted out that the cum slut is turned on and reached down and squeezed the head of my hardening cock. Peter then said, “See I told you guys that she was a cum slut and that we would have no problems in having the slut satisfy our needs and demands.” I then felt Juan behind me and as I heard his zipper being lowered, I closed my eyes for the expected pain from the first cock to penetrate my ass. In one swift motion, Juan buried his already hard cock completely to the hilt into my ass. His cock was not as long as my butt plug, but it was at least the same girth as I felt my ass being stretched with every thrust Juan made.

As I was concentrating on not allowing Juan to split me in half, I felt a cock being pushed against my lips and without even thinking, I accepted Jose’s fully hardened cock. Jose and Juan settled into a rhythmic fucking motion so that whenever Juan’s cock buried in my ass, Jose’s cock buried down my throat almost causing me gag. After what seemed like an hour, I felt Jose’s hands on my head and Juan’s hands on my ass when each of their cocks erupted sending hot cum deep inside my bowels and as well as joining Michael’s cum in my stomach. Before Juan and Jose removed their cocks, I heard the clicking of Peter’s camera once again as he took close ups of the cock in my mouth and the cock in my ass. To get a better shot of the cock in my ass, Peter told Jose to turn the slut’s head towards the camera and make him look back towards Juan. In this position, Peter was able to get a picture of the cock in my mouth as well as the cock inserted into my ass.

After Peter was satisfied that he had adequately documented my first anal fuck, he told Jose to untie my arms and knees. He warned me to not attempt to escape or I would feel the wrath of Jose’s belt once more. As my arms swung free I was able to shake them to get blood flowing back into my hands and the feeling was returning. Peter then instructed Jose to man the video recorder and to make sure that he gets plenty of shots of the slut’s face and mouth as he begs me to fuck his ass. With that, Peter stepped out of his clothes and I immediately see his fully erect cock which looks to be at least nine inches in length. But, what was more concerning was that the girth was about the size of the barrel portion of the corona bottle.

To my utter shock and dismay, I saw a corona bottle being handed to Peter and it was then slammed into my ass. I felt the cold liquid drain from the bottle filling up my anal passage and emptying deep into my bowels. Peter forced the bottle deeper into my ass and he asked me if I was ready for him to fuck me. I shook my head no and struggled to close my ass cheeks around the bottle. Peter said that I have a cure for that and ordered Miguel to lie güvenilir bahis siteleri under the table and to take the slut’s cock into his mouth. By this time, with the stimulation of the bottle against my prostrate, the beer that I had consumed and now the feeling of a warm mouth around my hardening cock I struggled to keep from moaning out loud. Peter began to twist and turn the bottle in my ass as he slowly fucked it in and out of my ass. Peter kept telling me to just enjoy it because he knew that deep down I was a cock slut and that I should just accept the fact that I needed cock and I wanted to be their cum slut. Miguel’s actions on my cock were driving me crazy and I begged him to stop, but Peter told Miguel to squeeze the slut’s balls as he was sucking me even as Peter continued to force the bottle almost all the way into my ass. All that stimulation was having a terrible effect on my determination to not give in to these men, but without even understanding how or why, I let out an audible moan, which Peter heard.

Peter then said now you are feeling it and you know what I need from my slut. Tell me what you want slut, tell me what you want me to do to you, tell me you are a slut, that you want cock and we will give it to you. He forced me to take my hands and reach behind to spread my ass checks for him. When I don’t comply immediately, I feel a harsh slap across my ass cheeks. Spread your ass checks you cum slut and do it now. I complied with his instructions and was just about to cum when he told Miguel to stop sucking the slut’s puny cock. I could not believe that I was on the edge of an orgasm, but now there was no relief for me. I begged Peter to let me cum, but Peter told me that cum sluts have to satisfy their masters before they are allowed to cum. Once again he ordered me to tell him that I was a cum slut and needed cock. Finally, I succumbed to all of the physical and mental stimulation, the constant humiliation, the pain in my ass and I begged for Peter to fuck me. Peter said that was not the correct way to beg for anything and I felt the sting of several hard slaps to my already aching ass. I quickly said, “Master please put your hot cock into my ass pussy and fuck me like the slut I am. Please, Master I need your cum deep inside me.”

Peter then pulled the bottle out of my ass, replaced it with his nine inch rock hard cock and began to brutally fuck my ass. As he was fucking me, I begged him to fuck me deeper and to please let me feel his hot jism in my ass. At that point, Miguel forced my lips apart and started fucking my mouth with a cock about the size of Juan’s. It was not long before Miguel was readying to cum. Peter told him to shoot his cum all over the cock slut’s face and make sure that Juan gets some good shots of the cum on her face. Miguel’s cock erupts shooting his hot jism all over my nose, lips, chin and on my eyelids. I can hear the digital camera clicking away as Peter instructed me to lick the cum off of my face. Of course, Juan captured my every tongue lick with that damned camera. About that time, I felt Peter intensify his assault on my ass as he grabbed my hips and forced his cock deeper than any previous thrust. I then felt his cock erupt deep in my ass and his hairy balls lying next to mine. With all of those stimulations, my cock erupted and my jism splattered down onto the concrete patio.

From this point on, I kind of blacked out, but I feel confident in the realization that I probably was forced to suck all five cocks as well as take all five cocks in my ass at least two times. It was almost 7:00 PM when I came around and Peter was the only one of my tormentors that remained. I was no longer tied to the table, but I was still draped over it and Peter was sitting in a chair right in front of me. He then said to me, “James you are now my cum slut and you will do as I demand for as long as it takes for you to pay your debt in full. You are going to regret treating me the way you have and for not making full payment to me when I presented you with the correct invoice.” With that, he leaned over and forced a video tape into my mouth, walked behind me, jammed my butt plug back into my ass and patted me on my ass. Before he left, he turned and told me to expect him to call me from time to time. If I do not comply with his demands, then all the people from my address book in both my home computer and blackberry will receive very interesting pictures and videos of a cum slut in service to her master.

I was finally able to drag myself off of the patio and gingerly step into the shower. As the water hit my blistered ass I yelped in pain as I remembered the lashing that I took from Jose’s beaded belt. I was able to find some antiseptic cream that Jane had used on the boy’s cuts and scrapes. Initially, the cream burned like hell, but in a few minutes I felt it cool my sore ass. I climbed in to bed and drifted off to sleep wondering why my cock was still throbbing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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