A Friend Indeed is a Team Player Ch. 02

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The day after we returned from our business trip, Chuck was tied up on the phone and with other employees So I didn’t see him. Late afternoon, his assistant told me not to leave until Chuck called me into his office. He wanted to talk to me.

Later, after everyone else had left, Chuck finally called me into his office. “Davis, close the door and sit down.”

I sat in one of the chairs in front of his desk, and put my notepad on his desk, ready to take notes.

“Davis. What are we gonna do here?” he asked leaning back in his leather chair.

“About…what, Chuck?” I asked, concerned.

“Well, Davis. You did good work on the Kerns account. John Terrence and Mary Pickworth both liked our solutions. You did a pretty good job of explaining why they would work and why they were better than using a straight Whitmore flange on the back end like their competitors do. I think we can get their business.”

I smiled.

“So, I just wanted to tell you I was satisfied with the way you handled yourself. Good work!”

And with this Chuck stood and offered me his hand. I shook it and beamed — I was so proud. I was not used to getting compliments for my work. I felt really good inside, especially when I thought about the hard work and time I put into everything.

“Thanks, Chuck. I…I really appreciate that. I was just doing my j-“

“Don’t worry about it and don’t’ get it in your head that you’re irreplaceable or anything…”

I shook my head, agreeing. I liked the praise but I knew I was just one member of this team.

“Of course Chuck. I ahhh, I know. I… I just did my job, that’s all. I’m glad you’re satisfied.” I said, not wanting to appear too full of myself.

“Yeah, Davis…umm…” Chuck paused for an uncomfortable moment. I was going to speak but didn’t know what to say. Chuck seemed to be looking into my eyes — almost as if he were reading my mind. Finally, he continued.

“The…ahh… the other thing. You really were very good there with ahhh… you know, when you tamed the Beast.”

I looked at the floor involuntarily but couldn’t hide my pride. Chuck was very stingy with his compliments and he just offered my two tonight! I was so glad he enjoyed it. I didn’t realize it but I must’ve gotten so used to helping Erickshum, that I learned to be pretty good at sucking a cock. Imagine if I was gay! I’d really be good!

Chuck’s dic — his cock — was huge. And he came so much. Who wouldn’t want to touch it? Which normal straight guy wouldn’t want it in his mouth? Who could resist getting so much sperm shot into their mouth? It was normal curiosity. I looked up into his eyes.

He continued. “I ahhh…I may need to ask you a favor, Davis. Obviously, I can’t force you to suck the Beast — not as your boss… But, if I don’t cum at least once a day, it becomes severely uncomfortable – and it starts leaking cum. If I could ask you, outside of your work responsibilities, ya see, …to…”

I interrupted him. He was so uncomfortable with this request. I knew what he wanted and I would be happy to help him. I was actually kinda moved that he would consider me enough of a friend to ask me to help him with his problem. At the same time, I felt bad for him that he needed such help. Poor Chuck would get blue balls otherwise. perabet “Of course I’ll help you Chuck. I’m a team player…”

“No Davis — This is not for work. This is personal.”

“Oh, of course. That’s what I meant.” I agreed “I’ll help you out because that’s what friends do! We help each other.”

“Yeah…” Chuck said slowly. “But I’m your boss and so I can’t be your friend too. I just need you-“

“Chuck — I get it. I’ll be your friend but you don’t have to be mine. I understand your position. You can’t be my boss and my ‘friend’.”

Chuck tilted his head slightly, stared at me a moment, shook his head, and finally agreed. “Right. Right Davis. You got it. You’ll be my friend and you’lll…tame the beast for me every evening?”

I smiled widely — I couldn’t help it. I’d get to be his friend. I’d help him with his problem. AND I’d get to worship his huge cock and eat his sperm. Who could say no to that! I felt like I’d just gotten a promotion — which, I guess I had. I was promoted to Chuck’s friend! And Beast tamer! I stood and reached my hand out.

Chuck’s eyes widened and, after a moment, he reached out and shook my hand.

“Done!” he said.

“Done!” I agreed.

Chuck stood and started taking his clothes off. I watched him reveal his muscular back and arms when he took his shirt off. Then, as he pulled his pants off and revealed the bulge in his boxers, I inhaled. I stared at the outline of his cock. It was so fat. It was so long. I just wanted —

“DAVIS, man! Stop staring and take your damn clothes off. Do you want them to get covered with cum? Don’t make me regret this decision.”

I stood quickly, startled out of my daydream. I certainly did not want him to change his mind. I was proud to be his new friend and to help him out. I stripped quickly, tossing my clothes in a pile on the worn tiles.

Chuck walked to the front of his desk, his cock flopping softly from thigh to thigh. He tossed a towel down at his feet. “You can put that under your knees.” he said considerately and he rested his as against the desk.

I dropped to my knees and stared at this beautiful floppy penis. It was about two inches wide and at least six long. I reached my hand under it and held it up towards my face. I squeezed it, amazed by the warmth it generated. With my other hand, I reached out to cup his balls. I tightened my fingers and pulled the skin taught until I could feel each kiwi sized testicle.

I looked up to see Chuck smirking at me. “The fucking beast, man…you can’t resist it? Can you?”

I shook my head and looked back to it, feeling it pulse and grow. I wanted to make him cum. I wanted to swallow it all! I wanted to eat all of his absurd load of cum!

I bent my head and started to lick his balls. Chuck spread his legs wider.

I licked the ball sack thoroughly, tasting his musk. I sucked on one ball and managed to fit it into my mouth. Chuck inhaled. I sucked and pulled it gently from his body. I lightly tightened my jaw on it a few times and let it slide out of my mouth. Chuck gasped.

I did the same with his other ball. This time chuck moaned.

“Oh…Careful…” he warned. I kept licking and sucking his balls, switching eventually from one to the other.

Meanwhile perabet giriş his cock had hardened and was rubbing against my face.

It felt so good, I smiled to myself.

I slid back up and grabbed his thick, hard, shaft with both hands and stroked this perfect proof of manhood. Then I ran my tongue under it from the balls to the head, finally sliding that fat, crowned head into my mouth, tasting the small stream of precum.

Chuck inhaled suddenly “Oh god”.

I made slow figure eight motions with my head, keeping his cock head locked inside my mouth. I slid both hands up and down the amazingly soft skin on the incredibly hard shaft.

I began to taste more of his runny precum.

I started bobbing and allowing my saliva to mix with it to lubricate the shaft. I matched my bobs with the motions of my hands.

I was determined to fit it all in my mouth and throat. With each bob, I pushed further down.

I felt Chuck’s hands on my head pushing.

“Yeah Davis. Suck that fucking beast. Swallow it all.”

I wanted so much to please him. Each time his fat cock head hit the back of my throat, I ignored the gagging reflex. Let me fit this in my throat. I must fit this gorgeous cock in my throat!

Down and blocked.

Down and blocked.

Down and blocked.

And just like that, he broke through. I felt his cock slide down my throat. My nose mashed against his pubic hair. Tears came to my eyes — whether from joy or from some reflex, I don’t know. What I do know is that I just fit this amazing cock in my throat.

“Jeeesus!” Chuck gasped.

“Jeesus keyrist! Did you fucking just swallow my whole cock?”

“Gluhkh” I gagged around his shaft as he held my head tight.

“Fucking Davis! Oh my god!”

I tried to hold my gag reflex.

Chuck finally let go of my head and I let his cock slide all the way out of my mouth. I gasped and panted.

His cock was covered with a mixture of spit and precum and this slime trailed from his cock to my lips before breaking off and dangling from his cock head.

Chuck pulled me to him and again I swallowed the whole beast. It completely filled my mouth and throat. Again I withheld that reflex.

Chuck pulled me off and then pulled my head deep onto his cock again.

And again.

And again.

Then he pulled the beast out and began to beat my face with the shaft.

“You like this fucking cock, doncha Davis?”

Whap! Across my cheek. Spit and precum splattering off my cheek.

I tried to catch it in my mouth.

“Oh yeah! You like this fucking Beast, doncha Davis? Say it!”

Whap! Across my other cheek.

“Chuck I love your cock!”


“I love the beast and I want your cum!”

Chuck beat my face with his fat cock. I could feel the slime dripping and splattering, covering my face and shoulders.

Then he pulled my head back and forced the Beast down my throat.

The Beast slide down my throat repeatedly as Chuck fucked my face.

“MmGak! Bluhgak! MmGakMmgak Mgakmmgakmmgak!” was the only sound coming from me as Chuck choked me with his wonderful cock

I reached around to hold his muscular ass just as Chuck stood to get more control.

“MmGak! Bluhgak! perabet güvenilir mi MmGakMmgakmgakmmgakmmgak!” Drool and liquid spilled from my mouth and sticky strings swung from my chin and were wildly tossed to the floor and on both of our legs.

“MmGak! Bluhgak! MmGakMmgak Mgakmmgakmmgak!” Chuck forced his Beast down my thoat repeatedly.

I felt the hot shaft piston in and out.

I felt the rim of his cock head pop through my throat again and again.

I found it easier to withhold the gag reflex.

Thrust and thrust and thrust.

I had an amazing cock in my mouth — in my throat. I was getting mouthfucked!

Throatfucked! I was going to get his cum strait down my throat, I thought. I’ll swallow it all!

“Gonna cum! Davis! Gonna fucking cum” Chuck said through gritted teeth.

He thrust again and again until, suddenly, as he pulled my head back, he came.

Cum sprayed forcefully out of my mouth, around his cock onto his crotch. Then Chuck pulled my head tight to him again; nose to his pubic bone.

“Fahhhhhhhhhhk” Chuck yelled.

I could feel his cock pulsing, pumping his load directly down my throat.

Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump.

Load after load. Squirt after squirt. I was so happy.

Then he pulled out briefly and let a pulsing load splatted strongly against my face.

I scrambled to stroke the Beast with my hands and Chuck rubbed it against my cheeks. A small fountain of cum erupted again and landed on the side of my head and on my shoulders.

Chuck forced the Beast into my mouth and I gulped the remaining pulses, finally actually getting to taste the cum. So wonderful.

“Fuck. Fuck. Oh my fucking god! Fucking Davis! Jeesus fucking Keyrist!” Chuck whispered between breaths as he leaned back into his desk again.

I kept his softening cock in my mouth and milked it for the last rivulets of cum.

I leaned my head back and pulled his cock, stretching it with suction. Chuck sighed.

I felt a glob of cum drip from my ear to my shoulder.

After another five minutes of worshipful sucking, I let his penis flop out of my mouth. I looked up at Chuck.

He looked down at me and laughed. “Actually, all and all? Davis you’re not even that bad.” Chuck said referring to the cum covering my face shoulders chest and legs.

I wiped my face and slurped the cum off my hands as I stood. My cock was rock-hard and pointing at Chuck. I reached down and masturbated furiously, staring at his cock and balls. In about a minute I came, spurting onto his crotch and the floor.

Chuck looked at the Beast and then at me. I understood and dropped to my knees again to lick my own cum off his perfect cock.

I took about twenty minutes to clean myself and the floor. Thank God he didn’t have carpet!

Chuck had put his clothes on and was reclining with his feet on his desk.

“Davis, man. Gotta tell ya… That was the first time anyone has deep-throated me and let me cum down their throat.” He stretched his mouth into an appreciative frown. “The best blowjob I’ve ever had. Seriously.”

I hunched my shoulders. I didn’t know what to say.

I was fascinated with his cock. And his cum! He shot most of it down my throat and I was still a cum-covered mess. I was just happy to be part of this partnership.

“It was my pleasure Chuck. Seriously.” I said as I started putting my clothes on.

Chuck laughed and shook his head. “Hah! I see that, man. Fuckin Davis…Hah! Amazing.”

I had never been happier.

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