A Fun Night

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I showed up at the hotel that we had planned to meet at and headed up to the room number you had left on my answering machine. I knocked on the door and you answered it fairly quickly. Our eyes locked, and our lips met. I took you in my arms as our kiss deepened. My tongue explored your mouth as you anxiously returned the emotion. I drew you in closer to me so that you would feel how hard you had made me with desire.

My hands ran up and down your body as we kissed, until they came to rest on your breasts. I started massaging them through your shirt. I could feel your nipples get hard with my touch. They were aching to be free of your shirt as much as I was aching to free them. I pushed your shirt up off of your breasts and started to kiss each one gently. Teasing them with the tip of my tongue and slipping your nipples in and out of my mouth while I gently nibbled on them. You pulled my head closer as I started to suck your breasts into my mouth and tease the nipples with my tongue.

My hands ran down your body to your jeans, undid them and pulled them off of you. Your shaven pussy was totally exposed now and I could see it was already very wet and ready for some sucking. I moved myself down onto the floor and sat down between your legs positioning myself so my face was right under your glistening pussy. I tilted my head back and began to move my tongue over and around your lips. My tongue slithered from your pussy back between your legs and into your ass making you moan in pleasure.

You bent down and undid my pants and told me to pull them off. You were pleasantly surprised that I had neatly trimmed the hair around my cock for you. You lowered yourself down into the 69 position and took my cock into your mouth and started to suck it hard. Meanwhile, I moved my tongue out of your ass and back to your pussy. I shoved my face as far into your pussy as I could, allowing my tongue to plunge deep inside you. I took advantage of this position and used my tongue to explore every area of your pussy that I could. I sucked on your cunt lips and took your clit in my teeth, nibbling it so gently. You were bobbing your head up and down faster and faster on my rock hard cock. I could feel myself moving closer to orgasm as I feverishly started moving my head back and forth between your legs, thrusting my tongue in and out of your tight pussy. You started stroking my cock with one hand as you continued to fuck my cock with your mouth. I couldn’t hold back any longer as I shot my hot cum into your mouth. I started sucking your pussy hard until it exploded in my face. Your pussy juices flowed out into my mouth as I sucked, licked and drank every drop down. I held onto you until your orgasm had passed, then turned myself around so that I could kiss you.

I took your head in my hands and kissed you madly and deeply. I wanted to feel that pierced tongue of yours in my mouth. I was so turned on by the feel of it in my mouth that I began to get hard again. Suddenly, you put your canlı bahis finger up to our mouths and separated our lips. You stepped back away from me and walked over to the dresser and pulled out a bag and told me to take it in the bathroom and put it on. I was intrigued and took the bag into the bathroom to find out what you had given me. Inside the bag was a pair of silver almost see-through boxers and a blindfold. I put on the boxers and tied the blindfold around my head so it covered my eyes completely.

You knocked on the bathroom door and asked if I had put everything on. I told you that I did, so you opened the door, took my hand, and guided me across the room to the bed. You told me you wanted me to lie down on the bed, so I let you guide me down onto the bed. After I had laid down, you took my hands and handcuffed them individually to the bed. I waited in extreme anticipation to see what you had planned for me.

I felt you start to kiss me down my neck until you reached to the bottom almost to my shoulders. Suddenly you started sucking on my neck, using your teeth to lightly bite at my skin. Extreme pleasure overtook me as leaned my head to one side to give you more access to me. You continued to suck and bite at me as you slowly moved hand down to my thighs. You started to rub my legs and thighs, working your hands all over my lower body. My cock was rock hard, waiting for you to pay attention to it, but you moved your hands everywhere but there.

You quit sucking on me and started back in kissing down my chest, down to my thighs, then your kisses trailed off and you got up off the bed. I felt my boxers being pulled down and off my legs. Suddenly I felt you rubbing some sort of liquid all over and around my raging hard-on. I couldn’t make out what it was you were using at first, then you told me to open my mouth and you let me taste your fingers. It was chocolate syrup! I almost came right there thinking about how you were going to suck my dick with the chocolate on it, and I couldn’t wait to have my turn with the syrup.

You started to lick and suck at my balls, making sure to every lick all of the syrup off. Then you slowly worked your way up to the tip of my penis, licking all the way. Then you plunged my whole dick into your mouth at once, sucking at it hard, trying to get every drop of chocolate off of me. I wanted so much to be able to touch you, but the handcuffs kept me in place. The most I could do was start to thrust my hips up to meet your mouth. You grabbed my ass and held me up to your mouth as you hungrily sucked the chocolate off me. You took one hand and started to beat me off hard and fast. My body tensed up as my orgasm overtook me. Gripping my cock and you aimed it towards your mouth as cum shot out of me onto your face. You wiped the cum off your face onto your hands, moved up to my open mouth, and put your cum covered fingers in my mouth as you kissed me. Both our tongues were trying to lick as much cum off your fingers as we could. bahis siteleri

When your fingers were clean, you removed the blindfold so I could see you. You were wearing a long, tightly shut silk robe. You leaned up and undid the handcuffs from my wrists. I took advantage of that moment to spring up off the bed, roll you over onto your back and handcuff you to the bed. Your face shone with a sly smile as I untied your robe and pulled it open. Underneath your robe, you were wearing black vinyl bra and black vinyl crotchless panties. You looked so damn hot in that outfit that I got hard again just looking at you in it. You lying there handcuffed to the bed wearing a bra that barely contained your large breasts and panties that showed off your beautiful pussy, especially the way you had your legs spread apart. You had one leg out straight and the other was bent so your knee was up in the air giving me full view of your exposed pussy. I wanted so bad just to fuck you right then and there, but I wanted to hold off on that for a bit. Instead, my mouth sought out your neck and I started to kiss your neck gently at first, but quickly turned into a harder more passionate kind of kissing.

My mouth moved down to the bottom of your neck and continued to kiss you. I moved my hand slowly down to your waiting pussy and ran my fingers gently over your already moist lips. Suddenly, in one motion I started to suck on your neck hard as I plunged my fingers into your pussy. You arched your body up and moaned loudly as you moved your head to give me all the access I wanted. I sucked hard on you, using my teeth ever so gently so as not to hurt you, but to give you extreme pleasure. You moaned louder and louder as my hand pumped in and out of your tight hot pussy. You bucked your body against my hand to make every thrust go deeper and harder into you. Faster and faster we went as I kept sucking and biting on your neck and shoulders. I felt your pussy contract as it exploded with cum. I kept my hand in you until your pussy subsided. Then I brought my hand up to our mouths and put my fingers up to our mouths so we could both drink your sweet juices.

We hungrily cleaned off my hands as I reached over to the table and grabbed the syrup, it was my turn to eat desert. I undid the clasp on the front of your bra and pushed out of the way as I let a small amount of syrup fall on each breast and nipple. My mouth fell onto your breasts as licked and sucked at you making sure to get all the chocolate off. I ran my tongue over and around each breast one at a time, stopping to suck and nibble on your hard nipples. As I did this, my hands moved down to remove your panties. Once they were off, I moved my full attention down there, pouring a large amount of chocolate on and around your pussy. I moved my mouth down there, kissing my way down your body until I reached my destination.

My tongue ran wild on your body, licking off the syrup as you sighed and moaned with pleasure. Finally, I let my tongue bahis şirketleri start to lick at your pussy. The smell of pussy juice and chocolate together was intoxicating. I started to suck at your lips hard as my tongue searched for deeper pleasures and plunged into your slit. You panted out for me to reach under the bed and use what was under there on you.

I wanted to pleasure you as much as I could, so I reached down quickly and found a vibrator and a tube of jelly. I opened the tube and lubed up the vibrator without having to stop my eating you out. After the vibrator was well lubed, I used one hand to lift your ass up off the bed. I turned the vibrator on and moved it back to your asshole and slowly slid it in you. You screamed with pleasure as the soft humming sounds from the toy became muffled with each thrust into your ass.

I fucked your ass faster and faster as my tongue and mouth worked furiously on your pussy. My teeth found your clit as I started to nibble and suck on it. I brought my free hand up to your breasts and began to massage them, rubbing them firmly, squeezing at your nipples, I was going to make you cum and cum hard. I kept sucking you harder and harder as I pumped your ass with your vibrator. You grabbed onto the bars on the headboard as your body arched up in orgasm. You flooded my mouth with even more cum than before, but I didn’t mind at all, I drank up all your cum without a second thought. I moved up and gave you a soft kiss on the lips as I reached up to undo your handcuffs. I undid one hand and you immediately wrapped your hand around my neck and pulled my face down to yours. You had the wildest sexual look in your eyes.

“Fuck me now!” You growled at me, “Fuck me with your cock!”

You took the still very wet vibrator out of my hand and shoved it back in your ass and started stroking it in and out of you as I watched. I undid your other hand for you, then wasted no time in positioning myself to enter you. My cock was rock hard and ready as I thrust into you. You moaned with pleasure as kept masturbating. You must have decided to stop using the vibrator and give me easier access to fuck you because you pulled the vibrator out and repositioned yourself flat on your back with your knees up in the air and spread apart so that your pussy was very accessible.

I moved myself into a better position and started to fuck you hard. As I was fucking you, I felt something vibrating on my ass. You were reaching down and rubbing the vibrator against my ass. On my next thrust, you lined up the vibrator with my asshole and slid it in. I had to stop for a second as the pleasure flowed through my body. Finally I was able to regain control and began fucking you again. I pumped faster and harder in and out of your pussy, as you fucked my ass with the vibrator. I came hard as my cock shot my cum into your pussy.

My orgasm was so intense, that I lost my balance and had to catch my self from falling forward onto you. You saw me start to fall forward and wrapped your arms around me and pulled me down tight against you as you reached your orgasm. Our bodies were both drenched with cum and sweat but we didn’t care. We held each other tight and eventually fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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