A Great Monday Morning Planned

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A couple of weeks prior to CraigsList shutting down their personals section I had seen an ad from a man nearby looking for a cocksucker to kneel in front of him and take care of his every need. The ad was well written as he said he was a “married, white, professional” and what he described was exactly what I enjoy… licking, sucking and worshiping a cock and beautiful set of balls.

Although I couldn’t help him out in the foreseeable future, I still at least wanted to let him know his ad sounded great, so I emailed him. We ended up chatting via email back and forth and a couple weeks later the opportunity presented itself where my wife was going to be out of town for the day on the following Monday. Today. Finally here.

We’d arranged for him to come to my house at 11:30am, an hour after she was set to leave. All weekend long I couldn’t wait for Monday to arrive. How often is someone excited and wanting Monday to get there? Rarely. All weekend long all I could think about was burying my face in his hairy balls. I had him confirm he didn’t shave… sorry guys, I like a natural bush and hairy balls. Shaved doesn’t do a thing for me. So, several days of thinking about, dreaming about, drooling about having hairy balls on my face, in my mouth, a cock deep down my throat with my face pressed up against a full bush… I was hard all weekend long and watching my favorite cock sucking porn videos (all straight porn, just not into the gay porn)… watching a lot of vintage porn that folks have been uploading online lately from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s… full bush cocks and pussies. Very hot, very sexy.

I have it all planned out in my head… my new friend will get to my house as scheduled, I’ll be in the garage piddling around when he pulls up. I step out, he gets out of his car, we shake hands and introduce ourselves. He’s about 55 years old, decent looking, wearing khaki’s and a pullover polo shirt, nothing great, but hey, neither am I. Just good ol’ Joe average married guy. I walk him into the house and we make light conversation as I lead him to my home office. I have a futon in there and invite him to have a seat. I sit in my office chair. I’m wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt as we live at the beach but it’s a bit cool today, so no shorts.

We continue making light conversation about how long we’ve lived in the area, where we moved from, etc. Then during a brief lull in the conversation I just look at him and say “You OK with things?”

He says he is, so I stand up, he stands up and he says “On your knees.”

I obey and my cock immediately gets hard.

I’ll just add here, that it’s only been in the past 5 years (I’m 54) that I started having this uncontrollable urge to want to suck cock. I rarely get the opportunity, but I have had the enjoyment of it and I know how much I love it. I don’t want to be fucked, I don’t want to fuck a guy, I don’t even want to be sucked in return. Sometimes it happens, and that’s fine, but I never ask for anything in return. I just want to feel a soft mushroom cock head on my tongue, then a rock hard cock deep down my throat, balls on my face, in my mouth and then finally a giant load of cum in my mouth illegal bahis that I can taste and swallow. I wish I could do it more often… oh, how I wish I could… but instead, it’s a very rare event unfortunately and today is the day and I’m beyond excited as you can tell with my cock standing straight up.

So, I do as ordered and I get on my knees, looking up at him with anticipation. He smiles, and says “You’re going to make a good personal cocksucker, I can tell.”

To which I simply reply “Yes sir, anything you want.”

I don’t move, not knowing if he wants me to undo his pants or if he wants to. He sees the indecision in my eyes and finally says, “Unbuckle the belt.” I reach up and do as requested… then I unbutton his khaki’s… unzip his zipper… then I look up at him again…

“Keep going.” He says… and I do… slowly pulling down his pants… he came to me commando, no underwear on… as I slowly lower his pants his cock springs upwards when released… Holy fuck, there it is… what I’ve been wanting and thinking about for days… It’s right here. I focus on my task of removing his pants. He has slipped out of his shoes and I lower his pants down and he steps out of them one foot, then the other. I place his pants to the side, straighten back up, still on my knees, staring at his beautiful cock. Just as he is in general, so is his cock, average, but thick, and a nice full bush with hairy balls, as promised. I’m almost panting at this point, it’s been so long since I’ve had this joy, I’m loving it, aching for it…

“What are you waiting for cocksucker?” I hear that and that’s all I need to hear.

I slowly take his cock in my hand, feel the warmth of it, the hardness of it, and I point it at my mouth and guide the head right in… taking my time, wanting to enjoy every nuance, every sensation, every split second. I close my lips around the soft head of his beautiful cock and I just hold it there, closing my eyes and exploring it with my tongue… Always amazed how soft the mushroom head always feels… I use the tip of my tongue to tease his piss hole and I lightly suck on the head of his cock before I slowly move my head forward taking an inch at a time, deeper into my mouth, feeling my mouth fill up. I breathe in deeply thru my nose and I catch just a hint of his manly scent… enough to drive me crazy. I let one of my hands explore his balls as I glide back and forth on his cock taking it a little deeper each time, feeling it getting wetter in my mouth. Finally it hits the back of my throat… damn that feels good.

I glance up at him and see the smile on his face. “You’re doing great cocksucker, keep going, but I think I want to sit and enjoy this.” He backs up a step, his cock leaving my mouth… I already miss it… he sits on the futon, I walk over on my knees to where he’s sitting with his legs spread wide, I mean really wide… his balls hanging down beautifully to his ass and laying on the futon, his cock straight up. He starts stroking his cock lightly, watching me. Watching me watch him, my eyes glued to his cock and his hand stroking. He’s enjoying tormenting me. That’s OK, I’ll enjoy teasing and illegal bahis siteleri tormenting him in return… my way…

He finally motions me closer and points his cock towards me and doesn’t say a word, he doesn’t have to, I’m a cocksucker, I know what to do. I take his cock directly in my mouth, not using my hands, I want him to feel my wet, hot mouth and nothing else. I suck on just the head for a moment before taking it into mouth deeper, then deeper. My tongue is wrapping around his rock hard cock. It tastes so good… I want more, so I go deeper. I love that I can deepthroat without gagging and I take all of him. I hear him gasp as I press my face against his stomach and his full bush… I love that feeling of his bush against my face, it’s where I’m meant to be. I hold myself there until I can’t hold my breath any longer and I slowly raise my head back up, inch by inch… I’m in heaven.

I bob up and down on his cock a couple more times, then I release his cock, look him in the eyes as I lower myself down and bury my face completely in his balls… this is what I’ve been wanting. I nuzzle my nose underneath his heavy, hairy balls and I breathe in deeply… fuck that smells good… musky, manly… so fucking sexy. I lick, I suck, I lap at his testicle, getting all the way underneath them, all over them, all around them. Rubbing my entire face with his balls. I can’t get enough of them. I lick as low as I can with him sitting on the futon. He gets the hint and he slides himself forward a little… then a little more… then a little more… perfect… now I can lick as low as I want. I look up at him with his balls literally sitting on my face and I see the smile on his face as I dart my tongue forward. He can’t see my tongue, but he sure as hell can feel it… the tip of my tongue tickles his tight puckered asshole. Another of my joys and pleasures. I eat my wife’s ass every time we fuck and I just love to tongue a nice asshole.

“Well, well, well… you’re more than just a cocksucker, huh? You’re an ass eater too? You never mentioned this in our emails.”

“I had to be able to surprise you in some way, didn’t I?” I ask as I smile real big before burying my face back in his balls and ass.

“Fuck yes, that’s it, push your tongue in there dammit, that feels so fucking good. Deeper dammit!” He grabs my head and pulls it harder into his ass and I oblige by pushing my tongue as hard as I can against his tight hold. I tongue fuck him as hard as I can and continue breathing in his scent… I can’t get enough. His balls are getting warmer, hotter, sweaty… I rub my face all over and around wanting to coat my face with his ball sweat.

He lowers his legs and stands up and says it’s time to face fuck me and I whimper my acknowledgement. Still on my knees, now upright so I’m level with his cock, he grabs my head with both of his hands and slams forward driving his cock into my mouth pussy. This is what I’ve been wanting… to be face fucked, throat fucked, used. Take my mouth, use it. He starts pumping forward and back as he holds my head steady.

“This is how I fuck my wife’s cunt. Now you’re my cunt.” I moan on his cock canlı bahis siteleri as he slams in and out. This goes on for a full 5 minutes, then he releases my head and he relaxes to catch his breath. When he does, I lower my face and take his balls in my mouth, lapping at them like a dog. Sweat almost dripping from them, I don’t want to miss a drop. He spreads his feet wider allowing me better access.

“Fuck, you’re a dirty little cocksucker, aren’t you?”

I don’t say a word, I just continue licking and tasting and breathing in deeply.

When I’ve gotten all I can, I say to him, “Follow me.”

I get up and walk into the spare bedroom down the hall. I take off my sweatpants, I get on the bed, on my back and hang my head over the foot of the mattress.

“Fuck my throat… as hard as you can.”

He smiles, steps up and says “Damn right I will.”

He spreads his feet so that his cock is level with my open mouth. I’m stroking my cock as he guides his meat into my mouth.

I hear him say “You have a nice cock there yourself.”

I don’t bother trying to say anything with a mouthful of cock and I simply continue stroking myself as he starts throat fucking me. The angle is perfect, his cock glides in and out, all the way down my throat. I get to look up at his ass, his balls as he move forward and back with each stroke. He heavy balls swaying over my nose each time, the hair tickling me. He starts really getting into it and fucking me harder as my hand strokes faster, then I feel his hand on my cock as he leans forward.

“I don’t suck cock, but I don’t mind playing with one.” He says.

This is great… he’s stroking my cock now as he face fucks me. I can’t get enough. So many sensations, so many pleasure. My throat is wide open and being tortured and it feels so fucking good. His cock stroking back and forth, his hand stroking up and down on my cock. As I feel my balls start to tighten, I notice his strokes into my throat are getting shorter… it’s time… I know this feeling… he’s about to bust… I lay there letting it all happen, feeling it, absorbing it, enjoying every moment… I swear I can see his balls start to tighten up and then he pushes his cock down my throat as far as it can go, his bush pressed against my face, his balls dangling down on my face… and there it is, the explosion, I feel it in my throat. I pull back just a little because I want to fucking taste it… fill my mouth dammit, give it to me, feed me! And right then I start to cum with him, my hips bucking as he continue stroking me and holding his cock in my mouth… Fuck yes… fuck YES! Gush after gush of cum filling my mouth. It tastes amazing… I hold it on my tongue so I can savor it. He finally finishes and slowly pulls his softening cock from my mouth and I hold his cum right there until finally I gulp it down in one swallow. I’m used, exhausted. He straightens himself up and says, here you missed some and he shows me his hand covered in my cum and I hungrily lick it clean…

This is what today was supposed to be, a great Monday… but instead… the sorry bastard bailed on me this morning and said he couldn’t make it. Typical Craigslist connection bullshit. Well, I hope he reads this and realizes what he missed out on… I know what I missed out on as I sit here jacking off 4 times trying to relieve the horniness I’ve built up for several days in anticipation…

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