A Helping Hand Ch. 2

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Incredible may be the only way to describe the vision before me. I can’t believe my eyes, my sweet Liz lying under me dripping with my cum. Her soft skin, erect nipples and a naughty grin that’s says I want more. It’s a good thing because I am still hard as a rock. I start to stroke my cock, and Liz squeezes her breasts together so I can pump my dick between her cum covered tits. She rolls me over on my back and continues to work my hardness between her firm breasts.

I ask her what has gotten into her and her response is “I am so horny that I want all the cock and cum you can give me.” Her eyes are full with desire “I might even let you have my ass if you are a good boy.” Just the thought of working my cock into her perfectly rounded little bottom made my cock turn purple and start to throb. Now on every down stroke she sucks the end of my purple head, drinking the clear pre-cum that’s is starting to ooze out. Without any warning she releases me from her wild tit fuck and swallows my whole cock right down to the base. I can feel it push into her throat. I feel myself start to throb like I’m going to unload again. But Libis grabs the base and with an almost evil look tells me I better not cum, yet. ” I want to feel you deep inside my pussy and if you can control yourself you can fuck my tight little ass.” Then she pounds me right back in to her throat.

How am I supposed to resist Cummins with all this going on. With one hand she reaches down between her legs and güvenilir bahis starts to work her clit and with the other she grabs my balls and starts to pull. Feeling me pulse in her mouth she stops to ask “so you like a little pain with your pleasure.” Without hesitation she starts to gnaw on my dick, biting and pulling on my balls at the same time. ” Oh, Liz I will be your slave” this seems to excite her even more. Pounding me into her throat and pulling harder than!! ever on my balls. ” I’m going to cum!” I blurt out. She wraps her other pussy juice covered hand around the base of my cock and squeezes to keep me from Cummins. After stopping me from squirting she brings her hand, covered in her scent, to her own lips and begins to lick it clean. “NO! I have to taste you.” Comes out of my mouth without even thinking about it. ” You want to taste me?” No hesitation here “I will do anything to taste your sweet nectar. Please let me eat you!”

She brings her hand up to my mouth but doesn’t let me taste it only smell. “You love the smell of pussy don’t you? It drives you crazy doesn’t it?” I’m starting to push my hips up and down thrusting uncontrollably into the cool, air. Please, please let me taste you.” She grabs that dildo and works it into her box and pulls it out all wet with juice and presses it to my lips. Not even giving it a thought I lick the wetness off of the cock shaped dildo. Liz!! really is enjoying having control; she has turned into a sex fend. One more türkçe bahis time she puts the dildo into her pussy and squirm around a bit to get as much juice on it as possible and brings it back to my mouth. This time though, she starts to fuck my mouth with the dildo, working it deeper and deeper into my throat. I guess I wasn’t paying much attention, with her cramming that cock in and out of me, because without any notice she takes my cock and sits on it.

Taking the whole thing right down to the base in one smooth motion. How can I describe the feeling, her pussy so tight and wet? It was hot; I have never felt it so hot. I could feel her hot juices start to cover my balls as she bounced up and down on my cock. Fucking herself and using me as her own personal cock slave. She had always been so sweet and sexy when we made love, now she was just fucking her and my brains out. With ever stroke I could see how her lips had swolle!! n just like a cock does. One last stroke down and Liz just rest on top of me with a huge grin on her face. She reaches back and rolls my balls I her hand. To my surprise she brings it back to her mouth and licks our juices off her hand with great care not to miss a drop. This makes me swell inside her. ” You better not cum or I will have to punish you!” I respond like any good slave. “No, mistress I won’t, anything you say I will do.” With my cock pushed all the way up inside her she starts to rock back and forth on me. Grinding her clit into güvenilir bahis siteleri my pelvic bone and rubbing the head of my now way overly sensitive cock inside her. I can feel the head bumping against her insides; her orgasm starts to build. I see the concentration on her face as gets closer and closer. Faster and faster she moves her hips back and forth. Libis grabs her breasts, roughly massaging them and then just as she is about to cum she pinches both her nipples!! and pulls unbelievable hard.

Bursting into an uncontrollable orgasm her pussy convulsing around my cock. You guessed it! I can’t take it anymore and pour cum into her pulsating box. After the rush subsides she gives me a very dirty look and says, “I guess you didn’t want my ass, did you?” I had been begging Liz to let me have her ass for months and now I had blown the perfect opportunity. “I told you not to cum and you could have my sweet, tight little ass. But no you could not control yourself. So now you have to wait until some other time. And for your punishment you have to clean my sloppy wet pussy with your mouth.” Did I hear her right; she is going to make me eat my own cum? Damn right she was, she turned around and pushed the wettest cum covered pussy right up to my face and started rubbing it all over. “Fuck me with your tongue you bastard. Eat all your cum out of me.” With both hands Liz reached back around her tight ch!! eeks and grabbed her outer lips and spreads them and squeezes out cum into my mouth. Being the good slave that I am and deserving my punishment, I licked, sucked and swallowed every drop of my cum. In the most demanding voice of all day she told me, ” Go shower and get cleaned up you are taking me shopping!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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