A Hot Summer With… Ch. 08

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A Hot Summer With My Mom and Aunt Ch. 08

My mother had gotten up off the table, her mouth was covered with my cum and her cunt was all sticky with residue from the banana split. She says to me, “Still have a little desert stuck to my thighs, want to lick me clean?” I motioned for her to approach me and she moved directly in front of me with her knees slightly bowed to show the chocolate and whip cream that was still on her thighs and around her cunt. I leaned way down so I could reach her pussy with my mouth. She moved forward and guided my mouth to where I could lick up the leftover desert. I licked and licked her thighs until they were clean and then concentrated on her pussy. It wasn’t long before my mom was moaning as my tongue was working over her cunt.

She said, “Oh Jesus! You get me hot so quick. I love being a slut for you. Are you going to eat me into another orgasm? Hopefully, and then fuck me again. Or do you want to fuck me and then finish eating me?”

“Decisions, decisions. What is a guy to do, eat then fuck or fuck then eat? What would you like, mom?”

“If it’s up to me, I would like for you to eat my pussy till I climaxed, then have you fuck me till I cum again, and last but not least I would want you to eat me again.”

“You pig, you fucking whore slut. You cock sucking cunt, you want your cake and for me to eat it?”

“Well, if I truly had a choice, I want you to eat me and then fuck my pussy, then I want to suck you into another hard on and have you fuck my ass. Then I want you to get your big-cocked buddies over here so I can do the same to them; eat, fuck, suck all night long!”

“Wow mom, are you really that horny?”

“Glenn sweetheart, I am absolutely as horny as any woman can get. I want to be gangbanged to the point of being softly raped. I want to feel like men can’t wait to get their cocks in me. I want guys fighting to get their turn to fuck me. And I want to be fucked over and over again, one cock after another, dozens of hard cocks wanting to get inside me. I want to be used and abused. I want a Houston kind of gangbang with hundreds and hundreds of men. I’m not sure what has come over me, but I’ve become addicted to sex, hardcore fucking sex.”

“Mom you need to take a very cold shower and cool your jets. You are getting out of hand.”

“I know baby, but you get me so turned on I don’t want the sex to ever stop. I want it to continue till I drop, and then the guys can still bang me, I don’t care.”

“Go take a shower mom and we’ll talk about this later.”

“Aren’t you going to finish eating my pussy? I know you like it and I taste good you know!”

I just smiled at my mom as she stood boldly in front of me, freely offering her cunt to me. Now, what red blooded boy would ever turn down the opportunity to eat a hot woman’s cunt that was bare and directly in front of him? Maybe some, but not me. I pulled my mom toward me and began to dine on her twat. She was so willing and held my face tight against her pussy while she wiggled her pelvis, making the action even more intense. Within minutes she was wailing with pleasure. I think the neighbors could hear her scream and moan when she climaxed.

I was of course rewarded with her love juices that flowed from the depths of her vagina and into my waiting, sucking mouth. I do so enjoy eating my mom’s pussy. I licked her pussy over and over again while she just stood there with her legs slightly bowed encouraging me, “Yes baby, ohhhh yes! That feels so good! Oh yes! Lick your mommy’s pussy, clean up all the juices she just released for you.” My mom had at this point reached down between her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart so that I, her son, could get his tongue in her cunt.

“Oh baby, make your mommy cum with your tongue! Lick her pussy, play with her clit, suck her cunt! Oh baby you make me so hot! I want you so bad, I want you to fuck me again, please fuck your mother again. I have never ever before wanted sex so much. You are the best lover I have ever had and I want you inside me almost all the time. Please baby, please, please fuck me again.”

It was hard to believe how I’m sitting here with my mother telling me how she wants me to give her oral sex and then begins to beg me to fuck her. I was on fire and stood up with my erect cock sticking straight out. I took her by the hand leading her into the den and over to the couch, made her lay down and immediately mounted her without any foreplay. I just crawled between her outspread legs and slammed my cock into her cunt. Our lips locked in a passionate kiss as my cock penetrated the depths of her vagina. She wrapped her legs around me pulling me deeper and deeper into her wet and warm cunt. “Oh baby fuck me, yes fuck me, fuck me good, I want to feel you ejaculate your seeds deep inside me baby, real deep. I want to feel that if I were fertile you would be impregnating me. Oh god I love you and love having you as my lover. Oh baby, fuck me good.”

I just kept plunging illegal bahis my cock into my mother’s pussy until I exploded, and did I ever explode. When she sensed me cumming, she pulled me into her with all her strength by wrapping her legs around my thighs while also grinding her pussy into me. I felt like I was n a death grip, it was unbelievable. After pumping my last drop of cum in her pussy, I just collapsed on top of her while I recuperated.

I had not sensed it but she said that she had a climax at about the same time I did. Of all the times we have fucked, this was one of the best. I’m becoming totally hooked on fucking my mom. She is awesome to screw, exciting to fondle and wonderful to look at, which she is more than willing to let me do.

We both just laid there for a few more minutes until our strength began to return. “Oh mom, you are such a slut. You have me so turned on today, I’m getting a case of the blue balls or whatever it is called, my balls hurt. I hope June does not get here too soon, my balls cannot take much more.”

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry that I made you hurt. I just so needed to be fucked again. But you have to admit, it’s a nice way of hurting.”

“Yes, that’s for sure. Not many guys get aching balls by fucking their mom. But if all mom’s were like you, all the teenage boys in the world would be walking around holding their balls and all the young chicks would be pissed that they were not getting any action.”

“You are so sweet baby. Any mom who had a son like you would love to be the recipient of your love and your 8 inch cock.” My mom smiled as she responded.

Just then the phone rang, I got up to answer it hoping is was June saying she was coming but would not get here for a few hours. Instead it was the mother of a kid I hung around with early in high school. They had moved to another part of the city and he switched high schools. She wanted to talk to my mother so I motioned to my mom who was still stretched out on the couch, and I mean stretched out. She was on her back with one foot on the floor and the other resting on the back of the couch, her pussy was staring right at me. I used my middle finger to motion for her to answer the phone. She got up and walked toward me swaying her tits as she walked. I love seeing my mom in the nude, she is so seductive and sexy. I handed her the phone and kissed her. She responded in kind and we sucked each other’s face for a few seconds. I released her lips as I fondled her tits with one hand and dropped the other to give her pussy a quick fingering. She reached down with her hand pushing my fingers deeper into her snatch saying, “You devil, you. You bad boy.”

She then took the receiver saying, “Hello.”

“Oh hi, Marie! How are you? It has been such a long time since we talked.” A few seconds of pause and then, “Well, I always told you that if you needed help to just give me a call.”

“Sure we have room, Glenn is home for the summer and I’m sure he and Junior can get reacquainted.”

“No. No problem at all. When do you have to leave?”

“In the morning. OK why not send Junior over this afternoon and we’ll talk about the arrangements.”

“OK, we’ll see you at about 3 o’clock. Sure Marie, it will be fine.”

My mom got off the phone with a disgusted look on her face. I said, “What was that all about?”

“Well, you remember Junior?”

“Yeah, I remember Junior. He is a neat kid. We had lots of fun but I haven’t seen him for a couple years. He went over to Central High School, I believe.”

“Well I ran into Marie, his mother, a few months ago; just after her hubby died. I told her that if she ever needed anything, to just give me a call. And she just did. Marie has to go out of town on an emergency for over a week she guesses and would like for Junior to stay here. She said he is old enough to stay alone but feels guilty leaving him alone. I couldn’t say no, I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was really stressed out. But with Junior being here, it sure will put a damper on our sex life.”

I responded, “Maybe you can seduce him and have two young bucks to fuck.”

“Oh that would be too much to ask. I have not seen Junior for a long time. He was always kind of scrawny for his height. Well baby, it is only for a week. And besides, I will be going back to work next week.”

“You will? Oh mom, I was hoping you had the summer off.”

“Yeah, right! And who would be buying the food you eat? Of course what you have been eating mostly around here is free.” Mom giggled after she said that and rubbed her pussy and let out a little moan.

I was tired and told my mom that I was going to take a little nap but to call me when Junior came over. My mom responded, “Do you want me to call you when June comes over?”

“No, just send her up and tell her to be ready for a good fucking.”

“Glenn you are getting terrible, but I like it. If I get horny can I come up too and get a good fucking?”

“Mom, you have illegal bahis siteleri a standing invitation to come into my room and get fucked any time, day or night. And if I’m busy fucking someone else, just join in, OK?”

“You sweetheart. Go take a nap and see you later.”

I don’t know how long I was asleep but was disturbed with something touching my face. My first reaction was to brush it off which I tried a couple times without discovering what was on my face. When I felt something again, I quickly reached for it and felt skin. I opened my eyes to see my mother bent over me rubbing her bare tit on my cheek and chin. I smiled, opening my mouth where upon she placed her tit in my mouth.

She said, “Glenn baby, Junior called. He and his mom will be here in about 10 minutes.”

I nodded OK as I sucked on my mom’s tit using my tongue to play with her now erect nipple. My mom continued, “I wish we had more time to play but I think you need to get up now.” I nodded in agreement while I moved my hand from under the covers reaching for my mother’s leg. When I found it I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh till I reached her pussy. I heard her sigh as I fiddled with her pussy looking for her slit and when I found it, shoved a finger in her.

She said, “You naughty boy, what am I going to do with you. Are you taking advantage of your horny mother and fondling her whenever you can?”

Still with my mom’s tit in my mouth and finger in her cunt, I nodded yes. She said, “Good boy, I love it. Now find my clit and get me hot, baby. I love cumming for you. I love it that you want me to cum. I love it that you want to fondle me, kiss me and most of all fuck me. Oh baby, that’s it! Yes, yes, play with my clit! Oh baby, baby, you are so good. Hurry, I want a quick cum before they come. Oh yes, yes, I’m close, do me some more. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes, you did it! Ohhhhhhhh fantastic! Are you hard, is there time for a blowjob? I would love to taste your cum again.”

I pulled my mouth free from my mom’s tit saying, “Yes I’m hard but I need to save my cum for later mom. You have already taken three loads from me today; I love you but I need to wait. I would like to feel your hot lips on my dick though, so how about getting up on the bed and let me eat your pussy while you just suck me a little.” She did not hesitate.

The next thing I knew, I was staring up at my mom’s pussy as I felt her warm lips encase my hard cock. I pulled her down onto my face and ate her sweet pussy. She tastes so good. I did not spend much time but enough to get most of her love juices. I pulled away and rolled out from under my mom to get ready for Junior and his mom. When I got off the bed I looked back at my mom as she remained on the bed. She looked so sexy; totally nude, nice big tits, shiny cunt where I had been feasting between those hot sexy legs.

She gave me a very coy look as she spread her legs wide and stuck a finger in her cunt saying, “I want your cock in here big boy. So hurry back and give your mother another good fucking,”

I smiled saying, “Mom, you’re the best. Love ya and will fuck ya soon.” I went into the bathroom to freshen up and when I returned my mom was gone and I headed downstairs. No sooner had I reached the kitchen when the door bell rang.

I opened the door and there was my old buddy, Junior and his mom, Marie. I definitely recognized Junior but he had certainly filled out. He stood 6″ 2″ and looked like all muscle. “Hi Junior, man you have changed. What have you been doing, lifting weights?”

“Hi Glenn. Yeah, I’ve been spending time at the gym. Do you remember my mom?”

“Sure, Hi Marie. How are you and come on in?”

“Fine, Glenn.” I led Junior and Marie into the living room and asked if they wanted anything to drink. As I went into the kitchen to get some refreshments, my mom came downstairs.

She gave Marie a hug and then turned to Junior saying, “Well young man, you sure have filled out. I remember you used to be rather scrawny. But look at you now, the stature of a man, no longer a boy.” I noticed my mom eyeing his crotch and I imagined she was thinking, “I wonder if his cock has also filled out?”

We sat around chatting for only a few minutes as Marie had things to do. Junior had ridden over in his mom’s car and was going to go with her, but I suggested that he stick around for a while to get reacquainted and I would take him home later. He agreed and Marie then told my mom thanks again and that she owed her one and off she went.

I asked Junior what he has been doing with himself the past couple years. He responded, “Well I have been following in my dad’s foot prints and pursuing photography along with pumping iron. What about you?”

“Oh I’m going to college, majoring in communications. What kind of photography are you getting involved in?”

“Nothing special, just learning the trade. I have been taking photos of my girlfriend lately and find it interesting to photograph people.”

Suddenly canlı bahis siteleri there was a knock on the door, I was hoping it was my aunt and sure enough it was. My mom greeter her and told her about our new house quest. June came bursting into the room and when she saw Junior, her eyes lit up. She walked directly over to him giving him a big hug pressing her big tits into his chest saying,

“Hi, I’m June, Jackie’s twin sister. She says you will be their house quest for awhile. I think that’s great.” June was wearing a short skirt and low cut blouse showing lots of cleavage that Junior did not miss. Junior’s eye’s almost popped out of his head when he looked down at her. And from his vantage point, he could see lots of cleavage.

June moved over to a stuffed chair and when she sat down, she freely displayed lots of leg. Shit, my aunt is so sexy and was obviously in a horny mood. Junior and I sat opposite her on the couch chit-chatting, with my mom joining us on the couch. At one point my aunt shifted her hips giving us all a beaver shot and she was not wearing any panties. I had an immediate boner and wished I could take her upstairs or anywhere and bang her. She was so hot looking. Junior had not taken his eyes off her, and I noticed a definite bulge in his jeans. My mom continued the conversation about photography saying, “June, Junior here is into photography and you know how we have been wanting recent pictures of us. Maybe we can talk him into taking some photos.”

Junior immediately jumped into the chat saying, “I would love to photograph you two ladies! You make great subjects for a young, aspiring photographer. When I come over tomorrow, I’ll bring my equipment and set up a little studio here.”

My mother interrupted saying, “Would it be too much trouble if one of us ran you home to get your equipment and you take some pictures today?”

“Oh no, that would be just fine.”

My aunt jumped in saying, “I’ll take you home. My car is blocking Glenn’s anyway.” She got up, grabbed Junior by the arm pressing her body into his as she headed for the door.

She stopped, saying, “First I need to go potty.”

I had gotten up and was standing next to the door when Junior whispered to me, “I think your aunt is coming on to me. What do I do?”

“Go for it man. If a woman looking like that flirted with me, I’d go for it.”

“But she is your aunt.”

“So? She is first and foremost a woman, and a hot one. Don’t let who she is get in your way.” Just then June came down the hall swaying her hips in her short skirt. Her walk alone can get me hard but with those sexy legs, she is one hot fuckable woman. She again grabbed Junior pressing her tits into his side as they walked out the door. I reached over and had a quick grab of her ass myself.

They were not gone very long and when they returned, Junior had a look on his face like the cat that ate the canary. I asked, “How did it go?”

“Oh shit, man! That aunt of yours is so hot and horny, I can hardly believe it. How do you not bang her?”

I just looked back at him saying, “What makes you think I don’t bang her?”

“You mean you fuck your aunt?”

“Well, we are still close friends, right?”

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“I don’t want to shock you, but I have been banging my aunt and her sister for some time now.”

Junior looked a little puzzled then the light came on and he said, “You fuck your mother?”

“Yes dude, I fuck her regularly as I do my aunt. Are you shocked?”

“Yes, but I can’t blame you. They are two hot women.”

“Well, tell me what happened when my aunt took you home to get your photo equipment?”

“Well, as soon as we got in the car she told me how much she liked being photographed and knew that I would produce some great pictures of her and her sister. She then asked me if I would photograph her in the nude. I was kind of surprised since I had just met her and stuttered that I would; my heart was beating like crazy. I was getting a hard on with the conversation and also from seeing her sexy legs. When we got into the car she pulled her skirt way up only inches from her crotch. She evidently noticed my hard on as she reached over and rubbed my crotch, asking if it was her causing the bulge in my pants. I nodded yes just as she squeezed my cock through my pants. She then said that I could rub her pussy if I wanted to. I was in total shock but it did not prevent me from reaching over and placing my hand in her pussy. I felt her soft mound and rubbed my hand up and down as she moaned and saying that I had a soft touch. Then she let go of my cock and placed her hand on top of mine, pushing my index finger inside her wet pussy. She said that she loves having her pussy played with and liked my touch. Then she said – get this now – that she would like for me to FUCK HER after I took her pictures. I didn’t know what to say and just nodded yes. I have never been approached like this before and feel so dumb about it.”

“Hey man, you did right. So let’s get your equipment set up and get to taking some hot photos of two really hot and horny women.” I helped Junior set up. He positioned some lights and his tripod next to the couch.

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