A Kiss That Kills

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Chapter 1

“Do not be afraid; our fate. Cannot be taken from us; it is a gift.”

? Dante Alighieri, Inferno

Inferno is an upscale place; it is the best place you can go if a little sex with no attachments is what you are looking for. Only the best work here. Even the bouncers are delicious. Concrete steps lead up to the heavy oak double doors that gleam in the moonlight. A single light illuminates the silver plaque above the door and highlights ‘Inferno,’ written in red cursive letters. I scan the crowd for my prey and my eyes fall upon the delicious, Rachel McCormick, a dancer here at the club.

Rachel is of Spanish and Irish descent with thick, chocolate brown hair cut into a shoulder length bob and her soft eyes glow green. She is known as a “Duende” or a “pixie fae” in her native tongue. At 5’4, she’s short compared to my height of 5’8, thus making her come to my chin in height. Her breasts are small and firm, a pleasing B cup. She has a thin waist and a small flair at the hips that complete the cute little package. My own mind races with lurid images as she grabs the center pole tightly and swings her small thighs around it slowly, gripping it tightly. As she descends the pole, she spins, arms extended out and hair swinging wildly. My nipples grow tight and strain against my tight tank top.

As she finishes her routine, I motion with my hand for her to come with me. She knows why I have called upon her. She is excited and nervous but is always more than willing. We go to the back of the club, to one of the rooms I keep in the back for such an occasion. Before the door is even shut, she has already slipped out of the scarlet red halter dress she is wearing. I could smell her lust for me before; now, as she draws near me, it’s even more profound. She, unsurprisingly, is naked underneath, and her rosy little nipples on her breasts are tight with güvenilir bahis desire.

“Eager are we?” I tease, pulling my own top over my head to finally free my own pert nipples and taking a deep breath to smell the heavy-scent air.

She watches me as I slowly take my jeans off letting her take in a full view of my body. I have fed from her before, but it has been sometime and I know she misses the view. I shake my own long, raven black hair loose of its ponytail and it falls to my belly button. She gives me a lusty look and I allow her to explore my body with her hands, letting her run them over my slender curves until she stops to admire my ample C cup chest.

I bend down and close my lips around her right nipple and suck. Rachel brings her hand up to the back of my head and in a low, gravelly voice that is almost an octave lower than her normal speech, hisses, “Bite. Please.” I grasp her tiny nipple with my teeth, biting gently at first, rolling her nipple between my teeth and flicking my tongue across it as well. Whoever said women can multi-task is correct, that’s for sure. One of her hands decides to dig its fingers into my butt, kneading the muscles as I move my other hand to twist the left nipple so it doesn’t feel neglected. Her other hand oh so slowly moves up my back with feather-like gentleness into my hair, where she begins to pull and twist my locks at her leisure.

As I switch to the other nipple, I feel her skin come alive with goose bumps and she growls in disappointment before I can latch on to nip the other nipple. I run my hands down her glorious backside and dig my fingers into her sculpted butt. She starts to grind against me and thrashes her head back and forth. I bring my hand up and part her outer folds, feeling that she is wet already. I run my middle finger over her clit softly, then in circles rubbing and pinching.

“Mmm, türkçe bahis please don’t stop.” Rachel slurs between moans.

She kisses me gently at first as she runs her hands up and down my sides feeling my soft skin as I rub her aching clit. Then she takes her tongue and starts running it over my lips awaiting entrance into my mouth and by doing so getting a moan of anticipation from my throat; just the thought of knowing what she could do with that very skillful tongue of hers! She parts my lips, stroking my tongue with her own. As our tongues dance around each other, I pinch her clit and one of her nipples at the same time earning a muffled moan from her mouth. As she relaxes into my body, I decide to pull away, denying her expectations.

“Watch me, Rachel.”

I began kissing my way down her body and stopping to suck on her now throbbing nipples. I start to flick my tongue back and forth, sucking and nipping at her aroused flesh. Rachel’s head reels back in ecstasy as I suck powerfully.

“Aleria…” she sighed. “Aleria, please…”

I feel her sex jerk and grind against me as my finger rubs and teases her clit. I remove my finger and slide down, pushing my face between her legs and tenderly kiss her pussy lips, slowly swirling my tongue over them, the tip just barely probing her hole. Rachel moans under the new wave of pleasure and unconsciously pushes her hips up, trying to get more of the thrilling sensations flowing through her. Rachel bites her lip as I slide one finger, and then a second, inside her. I quickly find the hidden spot inside and carefully massage her inner walls just around it, looking to draw out the experience. Soon, she is lost in ecstasy, incoherently mumbling and moaning. She is just lucid enough to keep her hips moving with my rhythm.

“Cum for me,” I growl deeply, leaving her aching clit for just a moment to speak. güvenilir bahis siteleri Finally, I relent and bring my tongue to her clit, flicking the sensitive little nub lovingly, and rubbing her g-spot inside. Rachel gasps as the orgasm hits, her body spasming in the explosion of pleasure.

“You taste so good,” I moan as I lap at her juices.

I kiss my way tenderly up to her jaw line and entwine my fingers behind Rachel’s neck, pulling her up to kiss her deeply. Eventually, Rachel’s hips began to move, starting a leisurely gyration. I feel her and wrap my legs around her waist, holding her close. Rachel picks up the pace, grinding her pussy against mine, stirring waves of sensation through us both. As our clits rub together, I kiss her more fiercely and groan out of desire. We begin panting and start to hump harder and faster, hips moving in time, electric sparks jumping between our clits. My nipples harden into tight points; my breathing becomes hectic as my orgasm is fast approaching. I feel the air charge up with my magic as my orgasm finally hits full force. At long last, we both reached a toe-curling climax, moaning our pleasure into each other’s mouths as we cling tightly to each other.

I enjoy pixies; their features are very pleasing to the eye and their tongues seemingly more nimble than humans. I feel my power, tasting of sex and pleasure, swirl in my belly as I feed from her chi, and know my eyes glow molten gold compared to their normal color of navy blue. The flow of Rachel’s chi was now just a thin wispy trickle as my feeding was almost complete. Carefully, I lull Rachel into a deep sleep, for drinking too much of her chi would leave her at death’s door, and I desire to feed from her again.

My name is Aleria Grey and I live for sex. No really, I need sex to live. Sometimes its lust, sometimes survival, but as a succubus sometimes it just is. That is what a succubus is; everyone thinks it’s all about sex, but we create attraction, passion, love and through that, children and life. We are the catalyst to creation, but sometimes it’s a curse to have a kiss that literally kills.

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