A Lifetime , Beyond

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We are fraternal twins, even though we officially share different birthdays: My brother was born a few minutes before midnight, while I was born a few minutes after midnight. After having inhabited the same tiny space for nine months together, it is perhaps no wonder that we are both so close, and always have been. It is often said that twins tend to share some special bond, able to “know” about the other at seemingly all times even when separated by great distances, and that has certainly been the case between us.

Even once our parents had brought us home from the hospital, they would tell family and friends, my brother and I were never content to be apart. We had separate bedrooms, but whenever we were not in direct sight of each other, we would both cry and fuss. After nearly two weeks of virtually no sleep, our parents relented and finally placed us in the same room, but even then, we were not content until we occupied the same crib, against their better judgment… but that was the key to both our happiness and their sanity.

As we grew older, there was very little that one of us ever did without somehow involving the other. Perhaps not surprisingly, we shared a number of similar interests. We typically had the same friends. We even tended to wear similar clothes, and almost always wore all-black outfits. Certainly, we fought on occasion, just like any other pair of siblings, but there was no doubt to anyone that my brother and I were inseparable, and also fiercely loyal to each other in all situations.

Only Siamese twins could be closer.


About a month after our eighteenth birthdays, it was the final morning of a wonderful summertime camping trip together in the forest, just the two of us: just me and my big brother, just me and my twin. We were over an hour from home and a good two miles from the nearest known road, camping in our favorite spot several hundred yards off a little-used hiking trail.

Since well before daybreak, through a variety of positions, my brother had been continually sheathed within my body. The continual bubbling sounds of the nearby stream and the dim sunlight penetrating the thin blue canvas were seemingly the only things that existed perabet outside the confines of the tent.

All that mattered now was that I hold off his inevitable explosion for as long as possible. Somehow, my mind reasoned that the longer we could stay so intimately connected, the longer we could delay our return to civilization and its many taboos.

At the twin sensations of his finger gently strumming my extended clitoris and his solid manhood throbbing deep inside my all-too-willing body, I quivered around him yet again as another deep, passionate moan escaped my lips. I wanted only to remain like this forever, to always hold my big brother’s magnificent anatomy deep, deep within me, to be eternally filled and rendered complete, whole. As he lay on his back upon the stacked sleeping bags, I straddled him, my knees pressed tightly to the sides of his torso as I leaned back, my hands grabbing his slightly-parted legs just below the knees, my back arched and thus thrusting my heaving chest into the air. Even to my own ears, my breathing was loud, coming in gasps as my clitoris was played like a well-tuned guitar string. I fought desperately to remain still upon this thick, hot invader, but my body nonetheless moved slowly up and down the well-slickened shaft.

“I want my baby sister to cum for me.”

My big brother’s voice sounded distant and faint, as if nearly lost in the static of my desire as my ears strained to find a clearer frequency. I wanted what he wanted, yet I knew that if I allowed myself to succumb to the torrential waves of pleasure just barely being kept at bay by the dam of my quickly-crumbling willpower, my domino would fall and topple his.

My eyes clenched tightly shut, I tried desperately to distract my mind and my body with other thoughts. I thought of the long philosophical discussion we had had on Friday night while we sat cuddling in the stream. I remembered laying in the grass yesterday morning as he massaged me. I recalled our afternoon hike to the top of the mountain and the breathtaking view of the vast plain stretching to the eastern horizon. Yet my mind kept quickly returning to those taboos of our wonderful weekend alone: the images perabet giriş of our joining, the sound of his lustful growls in my ear, the feel of his sweaty skin beneath my fingernails.

That last forbidden thought plunged my consciousness back into the present, focusing all sensations on my taut clitoris. With the next pass of my big brother’s fingertip, my world simultaneously disintegrated and detonated. Without being truly aware of anything but the tidal wave of primal pleasure surging through every millimeter of my body, I could feel strong arms crushing me and hear a long, strangled cry in my ear.

When I at last dared to open my lust-clouded eyes, my body was trembling, my chest was heaving, and my arms were wrapped around my big brother’s broad shoulders with the desperation of a half-drowned swimmer clinging to a floating log.

And still, my big brother throbbed deep within me as he knocked at the door of my soul. His own breathing was loud and labored in my ear, his own body trembling as he sat before me. Somehow, through some miraculous means, he had been able to hold back his own body’s quest for the ultimate pleasure while riding the residual waves of my own intense climax.

Gently, I nudged my big brother to again lay on his back, then I pressed my chest to his. Still, my body sheathed his penetrating anatomy.

The kiss was slow, gentle, soft, respectful, loving, prohibited. This kiss was exactly what we both needed, allowing us to set our passions to Simmer even as we continued to savor the illicit intimacy.

Eventually, I sat up again. With loving care, I massaged his chest with my hands as the muscles deep within me massaged his invading anatomy. I smiled to myself as I watched the expression of calm and peacefulness upon my big brother’s face. I worked diligently but slowly, wanting to draw out this most intimate encounter for as long as possible, not at all looking forward to our return to the oppressions of society.

In time, my big brother’s hands rose to my chest. As he caressed and squeezed my feminine swells, I closed my eyes, focusing my attention upon his ministrations, soft gasps and whimpers escaping my lips. My body began perabet güvenilir mi to rock of its own accord, causing the hot invader within me to continually shift position – slightly, but just enough to add an additional thrill to this forbidden coupling. The loving energy we had created filled the tent, and the scent of our passion permeated everything within the canvas confines, yet it still was not enough.

I needed to feel my big brother blast my soul with his love for me.

He must have felt the same, for he pulled me back down upon his chest, then awkwardly rolled us so that I was on my back as he lay upon me. As he propped himself up on his elbows, I hooked my ankles together above his waist, my thighs spread as wide as possible. I placed my hands palms-up on either side of my head, as if in a gesture of surrender, and his hands quickly found mine. We kissed again, and when he finally began to move within me, I whimpered happily into my big brother’s mouth.

And then, the tempo quickened exponentially. I must have brought him to the brink of blissful insanity and left him frustrated just one too many times, for he was quickly slamming into me, applying so much force that I was slowly sliding the length of the sleeping bag toward the rear of the tent. My big brother grunted loudly as he violated my burning body, and I growled with equal primal need as my hips met each forceful thrust.

I felt him swell within me and begged loudly for him to fill me. And with a final, painful thrust into me, my big brother blasted my soul with his love for me, triggering yet another wave of ultimate feminine pleasure to surge throughout my being. We seemed to float timelessly in a haze of sexual energy upon a cloud of intense love, our voices singing a primal duet.

As we later descended the little-used hiking trail back to the truck, my big brother held my hand. “You still seem to be glowing, baby sister,” he whispered fondly.

How could I not be glowing? I had just spent a beautiful weekend alone with my big brother, and I could still feel his love seeping from my body and moistening my panties. The only disappointment I felt was that we had to keep our love hidden from the rest of the world, for no one would understand or forgive our illicit emotions, our forbidden love.

But, at least for a few days, we had been able to evade an oppressive taboo of civilization. We had created memories which would last a lifetime and beyond.

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