A Light in the Storm

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Jon thought his day couldn’t get any worse. Call after call, customers were angry, to the point of yelling and swearing. 5:30 pm could not come soon enough. Around 2pm, an email went out from the bosses that a winter storm was upon them, and it looked like it would be a bad one. They offered hotel rooms for employees who worked the next day, and Jon jumped at the chance.

At 5:30, after finishing the last call of the day, Jon hung up his headset, and prepared to leave. Collecting himself, he ventured out into the storm, heading towards the hotel. The wind was howling, snow blowing in his face. The walk itself was fairly short, but it was rough conditions. Upon entering the hotel, he was greeted in the lobby by a few familiar faces, coworkers who had also gathered in reprieve from the storm. One such person, Danielle, stood among them. Jon had always found her attractive. She was 5’8″, athletically built, and a rack that simply could not be ignored. She had a smile on her face, and Jon could not help but smile back.

Check in was smooth, and Jon retreated to his room to relax, and take a shower, The troubles of the day seemed to rush away with the water, and all he could think about was Danielle’s perfect frame. He imagined her with him, in the shower, completely naked, and sensually soaping up her ample body. He got rock hard just thinking about it, the water cascading of her sizeable breasts. He grabbed himself, and stroked his dick a few times, imagining it was her hands grasping him, feeling him.

Before long, he felt a stirring in his loins, and he came like a firehouse, dousing the floor of the shower in his seed. “Fuck”, he said. It was one of the most intense orgasms in his recent history, the image of Danielle’s body still in his mind.

He finished his shower, and put on the robe provided by the hotel. Checking his phone, he sees a text from a coworker that says a party is happening in one of the rooms, and that Danielle was there, and looking fine. With as much speed as he could muster, Jon got dressed, and headed to the party.

Jon knocked on the door, and was greeted by his canlı bahis coworker, Adam.

“Dude, glad you could make it. Want a shot?”

“Of course I do”. Jon replied. So Jon started his night, with a shot in hand and a group of friends around him. Danielle was off to the side, casually chatting with another of his coworkers, Alicia. “Hey girls.” Jon said.

Alicia was the first to respond.

“Hey Jon, glad you made it. This is Danielle, have you two met?”

They had, although Jon wasn’t sure she remembered. Turns out, she did.

“Yeah, that’s Jon.” She said. “He sits near me at work, We’ve talked a few times when I had questions. How are you Jon?”

At this point, Jon was trying really hard to not stare at her breasts, which were on full display thanks to her diving top.

“I’m good, glad to be able to relax after a long day. How are you?”

With a smirk, she said “I’m good. Been a rough day for me too. It’s nice to be away from that and be myself. Tell me, Jon. Do you smoke?”

“Smoke what, cigs?” he said.

“No silly, weed. I could use some right now. I was about to go have some. Would you want to join me?”

“Uh, yeah I smoke sometimes. Where would you want to go? My room is empty, would probably be more chill.” Jon could see her hesitate for a second, but then a smile ran across her face again, like in the lobby.

“Lead the way, sir.”

Jon could feel the heat within him grow, as he lead Danielle to his room. He fumbled with his room key, and managed to collect himself enough to insert it correctly. Entering the room, he turned on the lights, and ushered Danielle in.

“Alright,” Danielle said. “How do we do this? Out the window or in the bathroom with the blower?” Remembering his earlier fantasy in the shower, Jon said

“The bathroom. Mitigates the smell of it.”

Danielle took the first hit, and passed the bowl to Jon. Jon then took a hit, bigger than he was expecting, and coughed a little. Danielle, the seasoned pro at smoking, laughed out loud.

“Too much for you, stud?”

Jon took that as a challenge. bahis siteleri “Nah, just getting warmed up.” He made the decision to stare at her, in her eyes. The amber/brown of her irises were intense, almost like a beacon in the dark. Danielle returned his gaze, seemingly looking into this soul. She reached out, and touched Jon’s arm, feeling the muscle therein.

She began to inch herself closer to him, inch by inch, until she was pressed up against him. She felt his the muscle in his arms, shoulders, and back. She seemed to be a bit drunk with the feel of him, and began to run herself against him. Finally, she me Jon’s eyes again, and seemed to let go. Jon, sensing the moment, put his lips to her neck, and began kissing her, slowly. He kissed her collarbone, shoulders, and down her arms. He then reversed the process, moving back towards her neck. Nearing her neck, he decided to go for broke and try to go for a real kiss, on the mouth.

Their lips connected, and Danielle responded with passion, kissing him back, and for a moment nothing else mattered, only the moment. Hands ventured, exploring their bodies, reveling in the connection.

Jon slowly moved, heading towards the bed, Danielle kept pace, not seeming to want to let him out of her grasp. They collapsed on the bed, both heated and ready for more. Jon’s hands traveled to her breasts, and began to massage and tweak her glorious globes. Danielle moaned into his mouth, really enjoying his touch. She reached down, and felt his growing erection, and massaged the bulge through his jeans.

Pausing a moment, Jon broke the kiss to reach down and grab the hem of Danielle’s shirt, and pulled it upwards, revealing her bra underneath. God, she was gorgeous. He began kissing her breasts through the bra, eliciting deep, almost animalistic groans from Danielle. She grabbed and undid his belt, and in almost the same motion, pulled his pants down.

Through his boxers, she grabbed his dick and moaned in anticipation. Slowly, they undressed each other, until they were both completely naked, Jon’s dick in Danielle’s hand and Danielle’s breasts in bahis şirketleri Jon’s. Slowly, they fell to the bed, wrapped in erotic embrace.

Jon slowly moved down, planting kisses on her collarbone, arms, breasts, and waist. He reached her loins, and paused for moment to appreciate the site. Bright pink, glistening, he could not help but stare. Finally, he move his lips to her clit, moving his tongue up and down her engorged bulb. She moaned loudly, bucked up and down.

“Oh god, thats so good…DON’T STOP!” He did not. He kept licking, tongue fucking her clit, with brief entries into her snatch, and then right back to the clit.

Her moaning suddenly became rasp, short and frequent. Her thighs clenched, and Jon got a sudden influx of liquid as she came, violently. Waves, and waves of pleasure rocked through her, and all Jon could do was ride it out. Finally, her movement slowed, and she slumped to the mattress.

“God, that was amazing. Don’t think you’re done yet, though. I’ve felt your dick, and I need it in me. You have a condom?”

“Yes ma’am.” he said. Reaching into his bag, Jon grabs a rubber, and puts it on. “Here I come”.

Jon sets his head against her entrance, and pauses for moment, taking in the sight of Danielle, her breasts slowly rising and falling in anticipation.

“Don’t fucking tease …PUT IT IN!” she says.

He complies, and pushes himself into her waiting pussy.

“GHGJKHGYGF”. Her pleasure is evident. “Yes, fuck me! Pound my pussy!”

Jon complies, driving into her, over and over again. Danielle writhes beneath him, thoroughly enjoying every thrust, every movement of his dick. She loses herself in the feeling, giving in completely to her lust. Jon starts to feel the tingle in his balls, and knows he can’t hold on much longer. She moans, he moans. They both are so close, on the edge of orgasm. Finally, Danielle tenses, and her orgasm rages, and clenches her pussy down hard on Jon’s dick. Unable to hold out any more, Jon grunts, and releases, cumming hard and fast.

They both collapse, in a heap, gasping for air. Jon is the first to recover some sense of himself, and trudges off to the bathroom to remove the condom. He returns, and collapses into Danielle’s arms. Together, in the aftermath of passion, the two new lovers fall asleep, entwined in relaxing embrace.

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