A Little Excitement

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Our night had been perfect. The dance club we went to was crowded but fun. We danced almost non-stop while we were there. I am dressed in a tight blue scoop necked dress that hugs my every curve with a slit up the front. Underneath I have on a white satin bra that has crisscrosses between the cups, and a white lace thong. My legs are bare and I am wearing a pair of lace up sandals.

As we danced our bodies moved together. I could feel your growing excitement as the night wet on each time you pressed your body against mine on the crowded dance floor. You looked so sexy as you moved with the music. Your body grinding against mine. I was sure my thong was soaked from my desire that was taking over my entire existence. All I could think of was how much I wanted to get you home and all to myself.

I tried to get you to leave but you just grinned and led me to a table at the back of the bar signaling for the waitress. “I’m a little thirsty Babycakes. How about if we have a drink before we leave.” I noticed the devilish grin and wondered what you were up to as I settled into the chair beside you.

As we wait for our drinks we talk about how much fun we’ve had. I feel your hand on my knee and smile at you. God your touch always sends tingles through my body. I lean over to kiss you as your hand slips further up my thigh pushing my dress up slightly. The thrill of your touch coupled with the fact that people were milling around us makes me both excited and a little self-conscious. I lean over to kiss you putting my hand on yours and moving it back down a little further pulling my dress back over my leg.

You lean over to my ear. “Shhhhhhhhhh, trust me my love.” I looked into those sexy blue eyes and just melted. I can never tell you no. I move my hand off of yours and feel it slowly moving back up my thigh pushing my dress up even further than the last time. Your fingertips caressing my soft tender skin. A soft moan escapes my lips as I look nervously around. You take your other hand and turn my face to yours. “Don’t watch them. Watch me my love.” Your güvenilir bahis mischievous grin lit up your whole face. I squirmed a little in my seat beside you as you fingers move still further up my thigh urging my legs slightly apart.

You could feel the heat of my excitement and I was most definitely growing hotter and wetter by the moment. Your lips moved to mine as you finger stroked the fabric of my thong. Your kisses muffled my soft moans. Your lips move to my neck. “Just relax my love. Nobody will see.” You said in a whisper. Your hot breath on my neck and as you whispered to me sending chills up my spine. God I wanted you so bad.

Your finger slips under my thong, running along my sweet slit. God I am so wet. Your finger slides easily along my slit finding my pulsing clit. I bite my lip as I move closer to you, trying hard not to moan with pleasure as your finger circles my clit. The pleasure and excitement you are producing radiates through my entire body. I reach over into your lap searching for your hard cock. You slowly move my hand away, but not before I feel how hard you are. I grin at you as you stroke my clit gently. I close my eyes and moan softly. You have always been such a tease but this was torture!

I feel your thick finger as it pushes into my hot wet pussy. There is no stifling the moan of pleasure that you evoke this time. I lean over to kiss you but you stay just out of my reach, watching me closely for my reaction as you grin at me. Your finger thrusting into me with perfect rhythm to my thundering heart beat. God I want you. I want to kiss your sweet lips, to touch you, to feel your excitement. But that wasn’t part of your game.

I close my eyes again my moans softly escaping my slightly parted lips. Your finger moves expertly over my clit and back inside my dripping wet pussy, coating your fingers with my excitement. I am totally oblivious to everyone else in the room. My eyes open and lock onto yours as your fingertip moves back to my clit. You can feel my body begin to tremble as my clit pulses under your fingers as they türkçe bahis move in gentle small circles over it.

“You’re going to make me cum.” I whisper to you breathlessly. You simply looked at me and smile as you say, “I know that’s the point.” My body quivers with ecstasy as I feel my climax building. You pull me to you with your free arm. I bury my face in your shoulder trying to stifle the cries of release as I cum. My sweet hot cum rushing over your finger’s, coating them.

You kiss my lips before bringing your cum drenched fingers up to your lips sucking them into your mouth. “I think that satisfied my thirst how about you baby?” You say with a soft laugh. All I can do is mumble a soft ummmmhmmmm as I nuzzle your neck. I want you so bad.

You take my hand and lead me out to the car. As we pull out of the parking lot, I looked over at you. “You are such a tease. I can’t believe you did that in there.” You laughed. “Did you not enjoy it?” “Oh my god sweet baby enjoy is an under statement.” I answered “but you know what they say…paybacks a bitch. I grin at you as my hand moves to your thigh and travels up to your cock still partially hard from the excitement in the club.

The touch of my hand makes you instantly rock hard again. I stroke your cock through your jeans and boxers. My fingers move quickly to unfasten your pants. “Baby I’m driving you need to wait until we get back to the house.” “Oh no no no my love. You started this.” I say with a soft chuckle as I gently pull your cock out. My fingers glide up and down your shaft as I unfasten my safety belt and lower my head into your lap. I lick your head before sucking you into my mouth. Pushing my lips tightly down your shaft.

You taste so good. Your hard cock pulses between my lips as my tongue caresses it. I begin to move my lips tightly up and down your cock. Taking you deeper and deeper into my mouth until you were pushing into my throat. My saliva running down your shaft onto your exposed balls. I could feel every ridge and pulsing vein between my tight lips as I suck you in to my hot eager güvenilir bahis siteleri mouth. Your moans fill the car as you drive.

I was getting turned on even more hearing your soft moans. I slam my lips down harder onto your cock. My throat gripping you tight like vice. My fingers gently caressing your balls as your cock delves deeper into my tight throat.

We pull into the driveway and you gently lift my head up grinning at me as I wipe my chin. “I want you NOW.” You say, passion burning hot in your eyes. I get out of the car and meet you in front of it. You guide me to lean over the hood of the car as you pull up my dress… slipping the thong to one side.

You guide your cock to my hot wet pussy filling me with one long deep thrust. My cries of pleasure spill into the night as you begin to make love to me from behind. Your thrusts starting long deep and slow. My pussy gripping at your thick shaft as you drive it deep inside me.

I push back on the hood of the car slamming onto your cock as you fucked me harder. My cries and moans filling the night, my pussy tightening around your cock, our bodies crashing into one another as we got lost in our passion.

Your fingertips press into my skin as you grip my hips pulling me as you thrust deep and hard into my tight wet pussy. Your cock is slamming so hard into me that I can barely manage to keep you from pushing me forward onto the hood. My cries of pleasure mixed with moans of total ecstasy fill the air as you fuck me.

I feel your body tensing and let the urgent wave of pleasure that was mounting in side me finally wash over my body. I let it consume me as I feel your hot thick cum jetting into my tight contracting pussy. Each wave of pleasure causes my pussy to contract even tighter around you. Milking out every drop of sweet salty thick cum.

You turn me to face you and take me in your arms kissing me deeply. Both of us glistening with sweat from our romp on the hood of the car. I snuggle into your arms. “I love you.” I say as I look into your eyes. “I love you too. How do you feel like a little more fun in the shower when we get in the house?” You reply with a grin. I laugh at you shaking my head. “You are soooo bad. I’ll race ya to the shower.” I say as I take off running for the house laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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