A Long Time Coming Ch. 04

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The sound of classical music playing seeped into my sleep. I saw that the living room lights were on, and that Cal was not in bed.

I got out of bed and looked back at the carnage of bedclothes, and remembered the lovemaking that had caused the mess.

My clothes were gone.

The blue silky robe that Cal had given was laid out where I couldn’t miss it. On top of it was a pair of bulky white socks. I put the socks on and then the robe. The blue robe had some lace around the edges. It was short, and barely covered my private parts. The fabric belt of the robe was missing. Cal wouldn’t miss that detail. He didn’t want me to have a belt.

I wrapped the robe around myself and held it closed as I went into the light.

Cal was sitting at the island that joined the kitchen to the main room of the condo. He was sipping scotch.

“Come and have a drink with me Scotty.” Cal said this as he moved to pour. He was wide awake and very friendly.

It was three o’clock AM. Cal and I had slept a long time after our late afternoon lovemaking.

I was scheduled to fly home today. In fact, we would have had to get up at 4 o’clock, so I could get packed and leave for the airport before 6 am.

Cal carried our drinks to the couch. We sat, at his direction, on the couch. I was tucked into a corner seat, Cal sat next to me. He sat pretty close, aggressively close.

We sipped our whiskey, neither of us spoke for an uncomfortable moment.

I was feeling very jumpy and awkward. I extremely embarrassed. Why did I feel this way? This reaction was unreasonable. I could clearly recall the romantic and passionate moments I had shared wtih Cal.

For the past 36 hours I had been having a homosexual love affair. A laundry list of sexual behavior played in my head.

I had of course sucked Cal’s cock, and had my first experience with cocklust.

I had shaved my body smooth to titillate to satisfy my man’s fetish.

Cal’s naked penis had been inside me, and I had taken his sperm in my ass.

I had also sucked his cock after he’d cum in me.

We had kissed passionately, and shared our seed and our intimacy this way as well.

My cock began to swell. I was annoyed by this. I was crabby and did NOT feel like engaging in any sort of sexual activity.

Cal noticed this immediately. It wasn’t difficult to see. The fabric of the robe barely covered me. The robe was short, and currently unbelted. He was staring at my growing erection.

“Ohmigod Scotty, you are as insatiable as I am!” Cal’s voice was patronizing as he said this. He was teasing me, gently and affectionately making fun of me… but making fun nonetheless. “Let me see your cock.” Cal said finally.

My face was hot. Heck, my blush spread to my smooth chest as well. I opened my robe and exposed myself to him.

Cal put his hand on my right leg, then slid under my knee and lifted my leg as he spreadeagled me, leaving my left foot on the floor. He pushed my knee toward my chest, and parked my calf on the top of couch. My hips tilted back. The lace edging of the robe was outlining my smooth torso.

I looked down at my cock. It was growing but looked pink and vulnerable, shaved smooth and lying on the tiny patch of short hair being all that was left of my bush.

Cal kept holding my leg at the knee with his left hand. With his right, he reached between my cheeks and began fondling my hole.

I was mortified, but I made no move to hinder Cal’s touching.

“mmmmmmmmm” Cal said in a soft voice. “Your pussy is still wet from my sperm”.

His words jolted me. I wasn’t less embarrassed, but a hidden part of me enjoyed his caresses.

Cal wasn’t just diddling me, he was fingerfucking me purposefully. Sometimes he used one finger, sometimes two, sometimes he would insert his thumb by itself to vary the sensation.

Damn. I was getting very turned on in spite of myself. My body güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri was ignoring my pissy attitude. I gripped his fingers when Cal slid them in deeply.

“Baby?” Cal said with a question in his voice to get my attention. “I have never known a man who responds to me like you do. Your trust in me is incredibly sexy. I really, really, like you,” he finished, sounding both sincere and affectionate.

I took in the sight of us, me lying back against the arm of couch legs spread, and Cal perched between my thighs his hand moving in and out. I looked up to his face, still speechless.

Cal kept talking, looking me straight in the eyes. “We have a very rare compatibility. This kind of thing doesn’t come along often. I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

Cal moved his hand from my knee, and grasped my still hardening cock. He stroked me with the most gentle of rhythms. His attention to my ass didn’t stop. My senses were overflowing with stimuli.

“Don’t stop trusting me now.” Cal resumed. “You cannot leave today, MUST not leave today. We HAVE to keep exploring this thing.”

I still couldn’t think of what to say. I had a million things to do at home. It had been hard for me to get away even just for the weekend.

Cal stood up and marched out of his pajama bottoms in two quick steps. As he knelt between my legs I fixated on his penis. Cal was perfectly erect. His fat cock pointing straight out, the slight upward curve of him looking picture perfect. Precum dribbled from his slit.

“Scotty, you must decide. If we fuck now, you won’t make your flight. Tell me baby. Tell me what you want”

As he said this, Cal took both hands and spread my cheeks. He moved in closer so that he could stroke the length of his handsome cock across my opening.

Cal’s seductive skill and obvious emotional intelligence were on display, along with his penis.

“You want me inside you Scotty.” He said, quite matter of fact. You want your man in your pussy. We both know you do.”

I knew no such thing. I had been thoroughly sexed over our time together. I wanted to go home, to escape from the den of iniquity I had entered. I wanted to return to my ‘old’ life.

But, I couldn’t do that to Cal. He had been so sexy and sweet to me. He was a masterful lover. He had feelings for me. So… obviously I have feelings for him too. Regardless of our future, I owed him. He has asked pointedly for my trust, so I gave it.

I knew what he wanted me to say, knew what he wanted me to do.

I adopted a sultry sexy tone and said, “Ohhhh lover. I DO want your hot cock in my pussy. I neeeeeed you in me. What have you done to me?”

Cal said, “I’ll take that as a yes.” He burrowed up and into me with ease.

I actually let out a sob, but hoped Cal didn’t notice it as that. I felt relief and completion. My guilt and shame were still there in my head, but were things outnumbered by a myriad of more powerful urges.

Cal didn’t begin thrusting, but just held himself inside me. The feel of his penis inside was oddly satisfying and familiar. Still, I didn’t move. I had my eyes closed. I wondered when this would be done.

Cal pulled out and spun around to sit on the couch, leaning back. He said, “climb into my lap Scotty.”

I hesitated for just a moment. I really wasn’t feeling this, but decided to ‘go along’.

I scrambled up, losing the robe. I straddled his thighs and reached back to spread my cheeks. My motivation was not passion, I wanted to just get on with it. I could feel Cal’s cock lined up with my hole so I wiggled down, engulfing him in my wetness.

Cal said simply, “Ride me.”

I put my hands on his shoulders for balance and started rocking my hips back and forth. I feigned some enthusiasm, but I was just going through the motions.

Cal’s hands roamed over me. He caressed my torso, tweaked my nipples, and alternately güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri stroked my cock. His touch annoyed me, irritated me. I wanted him to come quickly and to be done with this.

To that end, I began to fuck him purposefully. I pounded down on him. I loved the sensation, but also resented the fact that he’d brought me to this place. I fucked him hard with this twinge of anger. Every time I grunted and bottomed out on his cock I was rewarded with a jolt of pleasure.

It was obvious that Cal liked it too. He was speaking in run-on sentences, with one word per fuck stroke. “oh… baby… fuck… me… hard… ride… my… cock… bitch… slut… fuck… pussy”

It was mechanical and clinical. I was bouncing on his dick like a blonde bimbo from a cut rate straight porn clip.

Cal reached up and took my face in his hands and brought me in for a kiss. I kissed him quick and went back to bouncing. That wasn’t gonna do it for Cal. Holding on to my face he pulled me and held my lips to his. I didn’t open my mouth. He forced his tongue between my lips, insisting on a deep spit swapping kiss.

I thought, fuck it. If this was what was going to happen, then I was going to go with it. I was still kinda in a mood, but I kissed him back with vigor. I did my best impression of a passionate, soul melting kiss.

Then, the kiss… the moment… took me over. Pretending to be passionate will lead to passion if you do it well enough! In a flash, I was completely ‘into’ our lovemaking. My attitude turned completely around.

Cal knew this as soon as I did. He chucked into our kiss, but immediately turned to matching my ador. He knew I’d crossed a threshold, he had planned the whole thing.

Cal broke the kiss gently, lingering. Then he said, “We are not going to stop until you come.” He formed a sheath around my penis with his right hand, his thumb and forefinger meeting to make a ring around around my glans. “Jack yourself off in my hand, baby.”

I pushed forward to do exactly as Cal said. Then I pulled back just a little, and pushed forward again. I was searching for the right rhythm. I began to establish a moderated speed, concentrating my attention on the head of my dick.

Of course, as I did this, Cal’s cock moved in and out of me. I balanced the two incredible pleasures. I rocked back and forth, jacking and fucking.

“Yessssssssssss” hissed out of me.

Cal took his left hand and gently pushed me to the side, toward the corner of the couch where we started. He rolled left also, and I flopped back down to where I had been.

Cal leaned forward and took my penis in his mouth and began nursing on me.

I exploded with “no no no no no no. I’m too sensitive! I pushed on his shoulders to make him pull back.

Cal took his hands from my penis, but kept the head of me in his mouth. It was like a fighting move the way he levered my hands from his shoulders. He kept sucking.

“Oh please Cal,” I begged. “I can’t take it.”

Cal instructed me between sucks, ” Take it. (suck ) Push through. (suck ) Persevere.”

I moaned through clenched teeth at the pain. Cal’s tongue felt like sandpaper. He was sucking pretty hard on the head of my cock too!

Fuck. Then it hit me. Another damn lightbulb moment. This was like a nipple pinch! There’s pain initially, but it fades to a different flavor of pleasure. Cal would attack my cock, then retreat for a moment only to attack again.

The cycle was predictable. Pain, pleasure, and then the need for Cal to repeat the process.

There were only three or four of these cycles before I had another climax. I’d never had two in such quick succession before. There was a burst of pleasure, then a profound relaxing. I squirted a couple of drops in Cal’s mouth. I had nothing left.

My cock softened right away. Cal kept sucking, but it was as if my cock had gone numb. The güvenilir bahis şirketleri intense feeling had faded. I no longer cared what he did. I looked down at him with affection. He looked good sucking me. I reached down and smoothed my hand over his hair and the side of his face.

“Oh Daddy.” I said. (We had discussed the use of this word in our time as pen pals) I knew he liked it, but had been to embarrassed to use it.

I repeated, “Oh Daddy. You are a love god.”

Cal stood up. He held his still erect penis between a thumb and forefinger. He pointed it at me smiling.

I knew what to do. I roused myself from rag doll pose and slid off the couch to my knees in front of him. I took his cock into my mouth and my lessons continued.

My sexual desire was muted. I was perfectly satisfied. However, I was filled with affection for Cal. His need suffused me. Now was my chance to experience his desire, free from my own. All thoughts of shame and embarrassment were gone. We had traveled past them.

My lover wanted a blowjob, and I was going to deliver an excellent one. My cocklust from before didn’t return, but the memory of it did. I sucked my lover deeply, softly and with focus. I relaxed my throat and took him deeper, with complete ease.

I kissed teased the head of him. I licked around the head. I looked up at him as I swallowed him to the hilt.

Cal smiled knowingly down at me. I could feel the affection and gratitude coming from him.

I murmured and hummed. I slobbered all over his shaft making slurping sounds. This was all about him. I was out of the equation.

I palpated his scrotum, examining him. I felt an academic detachment while doing this, but his obvious approval made me giggle. I tickled the strip behind his balls, looking up at him to gauge his reaction. He seem to like it, because almost at that moment he warned me, “Here I come baby, here I come, oh suck me, suck me.”

As Cal’s orgasm arrived I pulled the initial spurt in and swallowed quickly. I teased his cock head softly as his penis spasmed and issued several softer shots. I puckered my lips cartoonishly and kissed his cock enjoying the slurpy, squishy sensation of his sperm coating his penis.

I stayed on my knees on the floor, slack jawed, breathing through my mouth, limp as a noodle. Every muscle in my body relaxed and quiet.

Cal stood, pulled on his pajama bottoms and went to the island to fix a couple more drinks.

I remained on the floor, my legs folded under me, but I watched Cal’s every move. I had never been under a man’s spell before. I felt liberated. The weight of the world had lifted. I smiled at Cal when he brought the drinks back. I was filled with admiration, respect and affection for him.

He set the drinks on the coffee table and reached a hand down to me. I took his hand, and he pulled me to my feet. He kept pulling until our bodies were tight in an embrace.

Cal nodded to the mirror above the couch. I looked at our reflection. I looked very light skinned compared to Cal’s mediterranean swarthiness. His dark bodyhair was evident everywhere his pajama’s let it show. Cal ran his hand down my back and cupped my ass. The contrast between us was stark.

We kissed with our eyes open, watching our reflection. Then we took our seats on the couch. I had reached for my robe, but Cal stopped me. “I want to look at you just like this,” he said.

I tucked one leg back and left the other on the floor my legs spread for his viewing. Cal stroked my thigh.

I was released from all concern. I was naked and unashamed in front of this man. I had given him everything he has asked. My soul was as naked as my body.

Cal and I talked for non stop for the next couple hours. It was delightful. We spoke of everything, bouncing from subject to subject. It was just like the phone chats we’d had over the past few months.

Cal’s phone rang and he answered it. “Hello? Ah hello Doris.” Then he laughed and continued. “Yes, he is, and his name is Scotty.” Cal listened a bit and then answered. “That sounds great. We’ll be over at five o’clock. Goodbye.”

Cal smiled at me and said. “We’re going over to Doris’ apartment for drinks. She wants to meet you.”

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