A Morning at the Movies

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We had been out on dates before, drinks, walking at the park, all those normal, getting-to-know-you type dates. You were always the perfect gentleman. You treated me like a queen, even going so far as to present me with a box of chocolate covered strawberries the last time you had picked me up. I had mentioned once they were a decadent treat I craved but rarely was able to enjoy. Each date ended with you holding me close and bestowing upon me a sweet gentle kiss. Each time I walked away tingling, wanting more.

Today, you had asked me to the movies. This one had been out a while, but through our talking you knew how much I wanted to see it. We both had the day off so we decided to meet at the early show. Always the gentleman, you left me a ticket at the call booth and met me in the lobby handing me a bottle of water and nothing else, perfect, just as I would want it.

Upon entering, as the previews were beginning, I saw that the only two other patrons for this show were sitting close up to the front. I preferred way in the back near the center, so that’s where we headed. I tried to get comfy in my chair but couldn’t. You must have noticed how I kept wiggling. You put up the armrest from between us and reached over to pull me close.

I couldn’t stop myself from snuggling into you shoulder. Your arm around me felt so nice. I breathed you in deeply. You even smelled yummy. You tenderly placed a kiss upon my forehead and for a while we diligently watch the movie begin to unfold.

We shifted in our snuggle a few times until now I was practically lying back against your chest, your arm wrapped around my waist. I was so comfortable I could be on a couch at home with you, or a bed. I became increasingly distracted by the stroking of your hand up and down my side, from my waist to just under my breast. Your fingers strayed to gently trace perabet underneath my breast, the touch making my nipples rise, straining painfully against my bra. My head pressed back against your shoulder and you kissed my forehead once again.

My pussy dampened as that infuriatingly slow moving hand moved back down to my waist and then slid back up, this time under my t-shirt. Your other hand came to my back and popped open the hooks on my bra. My breasts were free and now in your hands, one for each. As you twirled, stroked and pinched them I couldn’t stop myself from arching into the sensations you were creating.

As my head leaned to the side, your lips descended. I felt them against the pulse in my neck. You kissed along my jaw from my ear until you reached my lips. Heat exploded in me as your mouth closed over mine, your tongue invading and scorching me. I felt like I was melting inside. Kissing does that to me, sets me on fire, such a simple yet potent act. I began trailing my fingers along your leg from your knee up your inner thigh scratching gently with my nails. I stopped just at the line of your shorts, still to shy to venture higher, where I wanted to go.

Overwhelmed with sensation and desire, I flipped myself over to straddle your lap. I needed to kiss you more deeply, to hell with the fact that we were in a public place. I leaned in to you, your arms wrapped around me holding me tightly. The pleasure from our kiss was driving me crazy. Your hands reached to the hem of my shirt and in one motion lifted both shirt and bra over my head so I was naked from the waist up.

As your lips descended on my taut nipples I vaguely recalled you mentioning you were a breast man. You sucked them expertly, bit and licked at them. I was groaning and could feel how wet I was getting. I rubbed against you feeling that you were perabet giriş hard and straining against your shorts. I needed more.

I broke away and preceded to put up some more armrests, enough so we could lie down. Once I had you on your back, I undid you shorts and pulled them down so I could get at you. I straddled your chest and my mouth came down on your erect cock. My tongue twirled around your head, then my lips closed on you and I took you in all the way to the back of my throat. As I rode your cock with my mouth, I felt your hands upon my thighs, shifting my position.

Turn about is fair play I thought as I realized you were hiking my skirt up to my waist. I wasn’t wearing much more than a scrap of underwear and you made short work of that. I wasn’t quite sure where they had gone and didn’t care as I felt your tongue swipe me. You skillfully teased my clit till it was standing erect then delved deep to drink my juices.

I almost lost track of what my mouth was doing as our 69 became even more intense. My mouth and hand ran up and down your cock and your tongue fucked my pussy and you stoked my clit with your thumb. I was going to cum all over your face. I tried to move away but you held me in place. Your tongue moved to my clit once more and your fingers entered me, two or three I wasn’t sure, pounding at me. I came. My juices poured from my pussy. I muffled my cries upon your cock. You moved your fingers and began lapping me up.

Before my orgasm had a chance to fade, I got up, slipped my skirt off, and turned around lying down full length upon you. Your shorts had somehow disappeared and we were both lying naked in a theater. Your fingers snaked through my hair and pulled me down to you for another scorching kiss. I could taste the musky flavor of me in your mouth and was sure you could taste yourself perabet güvenilir mi on me.

I rubbed my pussy against your naked cock. I was so wet, ready and primed, needy. I wanted to be filled with you. You did not disappoint. Your cock slipped right in to my dark, wet pussy. I sat up on you and gyrated against you, feeling you deep inside. Your hands were upon my breasts, tweaking my nipples. I let you pull me back down to you for another kiss.

Our bodies were flush against each other. You began pulling out of me only to slam back in. I began riding you, my clit rubbing just right. Your hands were on my hips holding me tightly so you could thrust harder into me. My hands were twined in your hair, my lips still upon yours.

The pressure was building. I was going to cum. I broke our kiss, barely able to breathe. We were both close, both gasping. I began squealing trying to keep quiet. Somewhere in the back of my brain, I registered that some type of gun battle or explosion was going on in the movie. That was my last coherent thought. I came hard. My orgasm exploded through my entire body. I was molten lava, burning. I screamed as you groaned and came deep inside me. I kept riding you milking you with my muscles.

Afterwards, I just lay there atop you, limp, all energy faded from me. I think I dozed off just a bit even. You shook my shoulder gently and let me know that the movie would be over shortly. I got up and we both located our clothing, although, I was never able to find my panties, small sacrifice. We sat back down, snuggled up but presentable, as the credits began to roll. I could feel your hands roaming over me, and your lips kissing my forehead gently. I tingled everywhere.

When we got up to leave, your arm around my waist, I knew this was not the end. There would be more for us. Whether it was just fun or we became good friends, with even better benefits, that would be for us to discover. You kissed my forehead once more. I felt it like a brand. That would be one of my favorite memories, snuggling under your arm with your kiss gently upon me.

(Not) The End??

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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