A New Start Ch. 03

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Gina knocks on the door again and waits. Her thoughts run back to Nancy and the fuck session from yesterday. Nancy had always been the timid one but the level of aggression she showed had really turned Gina on. It was all due to Shirley.

Gina smiles. She too thought Shirley was cute as hell when they first met a few weeks ago but really couldn’t tell if Shirley’s orientation was straight, bi, or lesbian. However, she had caught Shirley sneaking glances her way when she would wear very low cut outfits and short shorts.

The door opens slowly.

“Hi,” Nancy says. “Come in, babe.”

Gina walks in and they hug. Nancy gropes Gina’s ass and pulls her closer. They kiss a long kiss, tongues dancing in each others mouth, hands running down each others back.

Gina pulls away and looks at Nancy’s messed up hair. She also sees the big nipples trying to poke out of the night shirt. She finds herself smiling.

“Girl,” she begins. “You look like you have just…”

Nancy pulls her closer and grins. She leans forward and whispers.

“I did.”

Gina feels her pussy dampen.

“No way!”

Nancy giggles and nods her head.

“Yes, babe.”

“Shirley,” Gina asks.

Nancy nods once more and Gina can feel her nipples hardening.

“How was she?”

Nancy takes her by her hand.

“Come see for yourself, babe.”

Shirley had woke up for only a moment when she heard the knock at the door. Nancy was getting up and she watched as her new lover slipped on a long night shirt. She frowned because they hid Nancy’s big breasts. Nancy smiled and lifted her shirt up. She jiggled them a bit and told her that she couldn’t answer the door this way and then proceeded to throw a pillow at her.

Shirley was drunk from the afternoon’s ecstasy and giggled. As Nancy left she glanced at the clock.


She hoped that the visitor wasn’t important because she needed her sleep. Toni is supposed to be there at ten and Shirley really wanted to be rested up for that visit. She closed her eyes and fell back to sleep.

Gina looks at the sleeping figure.

“ She is gorgeous, babe.”

Nancy nods as her friend’s hand wanders down her bahis firmaları back to her ass. Gina begins to massage it and she moans.

“ Let’s surprise her,” whispers Nancy. “Stand outside the door and when she spreads her legs, sneak up do what you are best at!”

Nancy winks and Gina turns to leave. She feels Nancy hands grasp her arm. She turns back and Nancy releases her grip. Nancy then pulls off her night shirt. Gina stares at the gorgeous tits in front of her and glance at Shirley. The blanket covers Shirley from the waist down so Gina gets a great view Shirley’s tits.

Nancy smiles at Gina and helps her out of her t-shirt. Gina’s bra falls to the floor and Nancy begins to unzip Gina’s skirt. The skirt joins the bra. Gina begins to remover her thong but Nancy stops her.

She gives Gina a very slow kiss on the lips. Gina shudders. Nancy then places her lips on Gina’s neck and begins traveling southward.

Gina closes her eyes and moans. Nancy’s kisses are electric and she loses all thoughts as the wet tongue runs down her neck and stops at her cleavage. She feels Nancy take one of her nipples in her mouth and lightly bites down. Gina jumps. She glances down and finds Nancy’s mouth on her breast looking up at her.

Nancy looks at Gina and removes her mouth away from the breast and begins to run her tongue down Gina’s stomach. She feels Gina shudder once more and that causes the fire in her already hot pussy to grow. She stops at the top of the thong and kneels down. She looks at the wet spot coming through the sheer hot pink thong and grins. She takes the sides of the thong in each hand and begins to pull it down. As the thong goes lower, her tongue resumes its travels.

Gina gasps as Nancy runs her tongue through the small patch of brown hair that she keeps trimmed above her lips. She runs her hands through Nancy’s hair as Nancy licks her pussy lips. She wants to scream but she stifles it as she looks at Shirley sleeping only a few feet away.

Nancy runs her lips over Gina’s pussy and pulls the thong to the floor. Gina steps up and almost stumbles. Nancy quietly laughs as she stands back up , knowing her hard nipples announces her horniness. She and Gina kaçak iddaa kisses. They pull away and, as she leaves the room, Gina wiggles her small ass. Nancy turns to Shirley.

Shirley was having a wonderful dream. She and Nancy were lying in a freshly mown field on a huge blanket. The suns rays were shining down on them as they were slowly playing with each other. Nancy then proceeded to get up and get between her legs. Shirley could do nothing but moan as Nancy’s lips ran up and down her wet pussy lips. Nancy started to insert one finger in her hot cunt while biting down on her wet lips. Then she came.

Shirley wakes up to another orgasm rippling through her body. She looks down and sees Nancy between her legs. She reaches down and pulls Nancy up to her so that they kiss. As they embrace she licks her juices off Nancy’s face. She then decides to return the favor.

Gina watches as Shirley pulls Nancy down on the bed. She begins to rub her pussy as she watches Shirley climb atop Nancy . Gina had no idea how erotic Shirley could be as she watches Shirley run her hands over her own body. Shirley takes her tits in her hands and caresses them.

“Do you like them,” Gina hears Shirley asks Nancy. From where she stands, she can see Nancy nod.

“Oh, yes…”she hears Nancy moan.

Gina finds herself fondling her own breasts as Shirley runs her tongue down Nancy’s stomach and dives between Nancy’s legs. Gina finds that Shirley needs to work on her technique a little but she seems to be a very fast learner. She watches as Shirley raises her ass in the air as she begins to devour Nancy’s pussy. Gina’s own finger runs down to her own little asshole. She begins to form an idea when she notices Nancy motioning her to come in.

Shirley finds Nancy’s pussy to be very hot and wet once more as she licks it.

“You are a horny little bitch, aren’t you,” she asks as she pulls away for a second.

Nancy moans and pulls Shirley’s head back down to her hot cunt.

“Suck it my hot bitch,” Shirley hears Nancy scream out. She obeys. She takes the hot lips in her mouth and sucks them. She bites on them and with every action she takes, Nancy moans more.

Nancy watches as Gina kaçak bahis sneaks up on Shirley from behind. Shirley sees nothing as she licks her pussy. The feeling is awesome as Shirley’s small inexperienced fingers begin to enter her. Nancy grabs her own breasts and squeezes them as Shirley plays with her. She glances one more time at Gina and she feels Shirley jump.

Shirley jumps when she feels a tongue on her asshole. She glances back and sees Gina. She is shocked but she doesn’t want this to end. She moans as Gina runs her tongue along her ass. She jumps once more as Gina tongues her asshole once more. She quivers. She never let her boyfriend lick, touch, or fuck her asshole but what Gina is doing strips away those inhibitions. She moans and looks back at Nancy. Nancy whispers.


Shirley plays with Nancy while Gina plays with her. Gina slowly slips a finger in her ass and Shirley moans with delight. She slips a finger into Nancy’s pussy and gets it lubricated. She then sticks it into Nancy’s ass and Nancy cums.

Exhausted, Nancy rolls over and watches as Gina pushes Shirley down on the bed. She smiles as her two fiends fuck each other and she knows that, once she has rested, she will join them.

Any inhibitions Shirley had left are no more as Gina pushes her down and gets her in a sixty-nine position. Gina’s tongue still licks her asshole and she looks up to find Gina’s ass in above her face. She reaches up and pulls Gina down to her tongue. Gina howls and Shirley becomes more forceful.

Shirley is surprised to find all of this raw energy inside her but she does not fight it. She has fucked her new roommate twice today, and is now fucking a girl who she has been wanting. She moves her tongue to Gina’s pussy and inserts a finger into Gina’s ass.

Gina moans as the finger slips into her. She has always loved asses so she mimics Shirley by slipping a finger in Shirley’s tight hole.

Nancy watches as the two women fuck each other. The frenzy builds as Nancy and Gina lick each other until, finally, they both cum at the same time. They both scream and collapse on the bed next to each other.

Nancy crawls over to Shirley and they kiss.

“So, do you like my surprise,” Nancy asks.

Shirley nods.

“Oh, yes. I liked it a lot. Thanks.”

They kiss once more and Shirley glances at the clock.


“Just wait for yours,” Shirley thinks.

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