A Sinner’s Love

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Chapter One


I’m cute. Everyone calls me cute or adorable. With my wide and innocent looking eyes, my height at 5’3(though I’m twenty one), my almost white blonde, shoulder length hair, my creamy and slightly pale skin tone, the fact that I look so small and delicate (fuck, even my features were delicate. In our times I was, in basics, considered a twink), and that I’m overly shy, I guess I am cute. Hell if ya put a dress on me, I could be a girl. The only things that really make me exotic are my eyes and lips. My left eye is chocolate brown and the other is sea foam green and my lips are ruby in color, plump, full, and soft (so ya get the gist). Hell, even the fact of me being retro Goth didn’t make me more than cute. Just once I just wanted to be sensual or hot. Even my best friend, Camille said I was cute and she was with me since birth.

“December! December!” It was Camille. How the hell did she run so fast in those heels? Camille in one word was effervescent. Her hair was a fiery crimson and perabet her eyes were a striking hue of violet; her body was crazily voluptuous though she was kind of elfin. Camille was a model, well not a real one. She was part of the schools modeling extracurricular and was the damn best one at that. Even at her height of 5’5 she carried herself like she was ten feet tall. Today she was wearing a black tee shirt that said “I don’t have an anger management problem, you just have to stop pissin’ me off,” a pair of blood red skinny jeans, and a pair black spiked stilettos. Really how the hell did she walk in those?

“December, damnit, wakeup!” Camille said as she snapped her black French manicured fingers in front of my face.

“Huh? What? Oh sorry.” I said with a slight blush. Son of a bitch! Why was I always blushing and for the smallest things to!

“Anyways… so… We still on for the club?”

“As always dar-” my speech was cut short when he came. HE was Jarred Alvarez. The boy, no man, was the perabet giriş definition of sexy. He was the exact opposite of me. I was short, pale, and fragile; Jarred was tall, coffee –when – you – put – in – a – hell – of – a – lot – of – milk – in – it colored, and muscular but not in a crazy meat-cake muscular way. His midnight black hair that was so dark that it had streaks of blue in it brushed tantalizingly against his almost edible butt. Oh god, his lips (I’m a person who’s major turn on is lips) were just enticing. They looked so lush and full with a slight color of red in them. The things I could do with those…the things they could do to me. Jared was in dance so he usually walked around with a book bag and some sweats with a tank top on and his hair up in a ponytail. What would he look like under all that? I looked at him with lust and want in my eyes. Did he even like guys though? Was he gay? Did he like twinks like me? All these questions cluttered my brain.

“December….” Camille said warningly. perabet güvenilir mi I could always tell when she was about to smack the mess out of me; her left eyebrow always arched up, she would tap her right toe, and her tongue would be scraped against her top left incisor.

“Oh yeah, we’re still on for the club.” I said as my face reddened.

“I know, he’s a fine specimen.” Camille said with a knowing smirk. Camille and my two sisters, Jade and Adrian were the first I told I was gay. “m’kay, see ya later. I gotta get to modeling before Ms. Lornez shanks me.” Camille waved as she sprinted off.

I walked off to my favorite place in the college, other than the art room that is, the mammoth library. I loved that place. It was gothic and had almost every book. I went to the back of the library where my secret spot was at. It was a corner that no one knew was there and had a small loveseat in it. I went and got my favorite book, “The Tell-Tale Heart,” and curled up into the seat. I had read “The Tell-Tale Heart” almost a thousand times now and I still loved it. It never got boring, but I guess Edgar Allen Poe was that awesome. Just as I got into the book, I felt someone come up next to me. When I looked up it was none other than Jarred Alvarez. Holy crap.

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