A Social Consciousness

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A Social Conscious Is Important, So Is A Holiday And A Good Credit Rating.

Harry Biggs walked out of the front door of his down town clothing store and was greeted by the jeers of demonstrators and the flashing of reporters cameras. Harry was a middle aged man, who’s hair had long since gone south. He wore a poor quality, badly maintained work suit and obviously had a perspiration problem.

“No more FURS! No more FURS! No more FURS! No more FURS! No more FURS!” the crowd called.

The mob had made his life a misery and had made doing business impossible for nearly 3 weeks. Now his bosses at headquarters had said enough was enough. They were ready to call it a day and it was Harry’s sad duty to inform the mod of their decision. He held his hands up for silence and appealed to the crowd. Eventually the calling & heckling stopped.

“People! People! I have just received this letter from my head office,” Harry held up a white sheet of A4 paper that had been folded many times. “They have asked me to tell you. YOU’VE WON. Please can two representatives come forward to inspect the store to prove that we have cleared our shelves of furs. The rest of you please GO! HOME!” With that Harry took one sad look round, acknowledged the man and women coming through the crowd, then turned and re-entered the store. No one went home.

There was great cheering and clapping from the crowd as a man & women came through and soon they stood before the entrance. They were quite young, maybe in their late 20’s and were obviously a couple as they walked to the entrance hand in hand.

The man had the look of a young Lenin, with his slightly receding hair line, goatee beard, matching tash and slight, short frame. Though happy to have won he was a little embarrassed by the attention he was getting.

The women was tall and slender. She had brown hair that was platted into a long pony tail and moved with a larger than life enthusiasm that caused her hair to dance around like a puppet on a string. She beamed a big wide, not unattractive smile to the crowd and waved her free hand wildly.

On the other side of the door was the men’s section of the clothing store. Harry Biggs met them mopping his brow with a grey dirty rag and looking round troubled and confused. After a moments hesitation he introduced himself. His manner was such that he was determined to remain civil, even though he detested everything about the people before him.

The young man introduced himself as James Templeton and then with a gesture of his hand introduced his wife Helen. Helen smiled her big broad smile at Harry. Harry looked from James to Helen and was totally unmoved.

“You better come this way,” Harry said.

At the back of the shop was the ladies section. As they got closer it was obvious that a lot of work had done clearing the shelves and a lot more was in progress refilling them. Two young ladies were filling rails with ladies black and blue dress suits. A third lady was carrying more ladies jackets from the door of the warehouse to the unfilled hangers. “As you can see the hangers are empty of fur jackets and the shelves are minus gloves and throws,” said Harry. He gestured with his hand in a sweeping motion and indicated the area before them.

“Oh! That’s super,” said Helen. She beamed. “Isn’t it James.” James however was not happy. He looked around and then strode up to a near by box and peered in. He was unhappy with what he didn’t find.

“OK so where’s the furs Biggs,” James said. He was a lot more confident now that he was no longer in front of a crowd. One to one he felt he was a match for anyone and he knew it was time to make this petty little man suffer.

“What do you mean ‘where’s the furs’. It was you who anadolu yakası escort insisted we take them off our shelves.”

“Not so you can sell them in another store Biggs!”

“OH so you think I’m just going to give them to you! Do you TEMPLETON!”

By this time voices had been raised. Harry was starring at James and James was staring right back. James blinked first. He looked at Helen, who’d by this time stopped smiling. He took a deep breath and continued a little calmer.

“Look Harry, This is what YOU! Are going to do. You and your staff are going to bring out all the furs. Then your going to take them out to the street and your going to watch while my friends burn them, in front of the worlds press. Now if you don’t do this, that crowd out there WILL! Lay siege to this shop for ever. Nothing goes in, NOTHING COMES OUT!” James looked at Harry. Harry was quite expressionless. James had expected some sort of reaction, but Harry just stood and considered what James had just said.

Helen moved uncomfortably from foot to foot and then shuffled a little closer to the smaller James. She was tired of this whole fight. It had seamed like great fun to begin with, a great way to spend there summer holidays from the school they worked in , but now she just wanted it over.

Harry for his part knew the jig was up. The letter he still carried in his hand gave him instructions to end this and end it know. ‘Do what ever is necessary’ were his instructions, but he knew his bosses hadn’t meant to loose all their expensive stock. He also knew the letter meant his arse was covered.

“OK JAMES! but understand this. You have already cost my employers three weeks takings and now you are going to cost them a small fortune in furs. James my employers are Petty! Petty! Men and will not forgive and forget this.” Harry immediately turned to address his staff, leaving James unable to respond. He ordered the three ladies to stop what they were doing and get the furs. As James had instructed they took them to the front entrance. Harry was about to follow them, but then paused and looked directly at Helen. In full view of James, he looked her up and down with his eyes and then moved on”

“Now wait a min..” Helen had grabbed James’s arm and looked him directly in his eyes. Shook her head, then smiled. Not the broad smile she gave out to everyone else, but a quiet small smile, which said ‘I love you and it doesn’t matter’.

The furs got burnt the press had a field day and James and Helen were heroes for a day. They went home.

*** **** ***

The next evening, Saturday as it happens, Helen and James were driving to a city centre bar. It was a hang out for bikers, students and nurses until about 8pm and then started to fill with night club goers looking for a pre bop drink. It was the former group who made up Helen and James’s Fur action group so it was the ideal venue for a victory party.

Helen was in a bit of a mood. The credit card, the telephone and the gas bill had all arrived that day and James had hit the roof. He claimed that their money had all gone and they were going to have to cancel their short trip to the mountains, which had been scheduled for the last week of the summer break.

Helen was not too impressed with this. As far as she was concerned she had spent the whole break so far sitting outside a store in a sleazy part of town, just so he could be a big man for his friends. She told him how she felt and he tried to comfort her and love her, but the argument had left them both cold and they couldn’t shake it off.

Helen also had a problem with the stuff she didn’t tell James. She loved him very much, but it annoyed her that he was a well ataşehir escort paid research scientist when she met him, but he gave it all up and became a poor teacher, because it gave him more time to be political. A social conscious was important, though so was a holiday, and a good credit rating.

They arrived at the bar at about 8pm. Their fight had delayed them, but neither one would have missed this party. It was their moment of triumph. They started to mingle at once and it wasn’t long before James had his usually gang of fawning fans round him, listening to his every word.

Helen drifted off to a quiet part of the bar and tried to pretend she was young free and single. She had dressed with that thought in mind, her argument with James spurring her on. She wore her skin tight black cotton trousers and white low cut top that showed off her ample cleavage. She felt a little cheap or a bit like a buxom bar maid and this excited her a little.

She went to the bar and was about to order a drink when the barman signalled to her. He had a Champaign cocktail bought for her by the man sitting on the bar stool behind her. She picked up the drink with every intention of throwing it over the man, but once she turned and saw him, she just couldn’t. The only thing left to do was stand their smile and take a blooding good swig. The man was remarkably good looking. He was about 40, lean, tall and broad. His face had character with scars and wrinkles, that looked good on him. He had black Italian hair and a dark exotic complexion. His appearance was good, but what caught Helen’s eye, was the immaculate attention to detail of his appearance. His suit & shoes were expensive and of the finest taste his watch gleamed with diamonds.

She had accepted his drink so he felt comfortable enough to wonder over and speak directly too her. He at once stood very close to her. Too close for Helen to be comfortable and she backed up to the bar. He followed and they began to chat as couples do. He talked about his holidays in expensive resorts round the world, the stars he’d met and his job doing something in the city that paid gazillions and allowed him to holiday 6 months a year. She found out his name was Tony and he was lonely. The world was his oyster, but he had no one to share it with.

They talked for a couple of hours all the time Tony bought Helen cocktail after cocktail, until she was quite drunk. He was now standing leaning against her, with his leg between hers and his Knee pressed against her pussy. She was enjoying it a lot and the conversation had fizzled out. He leaned over her and kissed her. Her mouth was already open and his tongue met no resistance as it explored. He withdrew from her mouth and took her by the hand

“Let me show you my Rolls-Royce and we can have a drink inside,” Tony said. With that he led her through the bar to the door and out into the car park.

James mean while was having a great evening. The argument earlier had been forgotten and he was putting the world to rights and reliving the group memories they had acquired over the last three weeks with his friends. He’d been at it for a couple of hours when he saw out of the corner of his eye a women that looked like Helen leave with a tall dark man in a great suit. No that cant be right he thought, but it did look like her. He looked about him for Helen surely she was sitting about listening to him. No he couldn’t see her. He extracted himself from the conversation and began to search the bar. At last he came to the awful conclusion that his Helen had gone outside with another man.

The rawest animal instincts surged up in James. His intelligence and logical arguments were all forgotten. He was a man and bostancı escort he knew that another man has pissing on his turf. He was going to kill him. He stormed out of the bar like a terrier after a rabbit.

As soon as he left the bar he heard his wife’s screams. He thought briefly about going back in and getting help, but then felt ashamed at his lack of manliness. She must be being attacked, but where. He followed the noise to the back of the car park past a half dozen or so cars, until he saw a large black Rolls-Royce that was the source of the noise. James got within a few steps and the noise stopped. The back door of the car opened and the man James had seen with his wife stepped out wearing only white boxer shorts. James could see he was a powerful man larger than he and carrying no extra weight.

Tony walked up to James not caring about his appearance and hit him hard on the nose with out warning. He was a powerful man and James’s nose exploded in blood. James fell to the floor and was at once kicked in the ribs many times. He attempted to get to his feet trying to protect his ribs as he did so. He only got half way before the knock out blow hit him on the side of his head. He went down in a heap. The front door of the car opened and the chauffeur got out. Tony looked at the body and the chauffeur nodded.

“What going on out there Tony,” said Helen. She was drunk and having the time of her life.

At first she’d felt awkward being in the car with Tony, but they had a drink and started to kiss and very soon she was naked and lying stretched out on the fur lined back seat. She knew the fur was wrong, but it felt so sexy and soft. Anyway fuck it James would never Know.

Tony removed his clothes and started to use his tongue on her clit. She clamped her hands to the back of his head and tried to push him gently into her sex. It felt great. The man was an expert and certainly better that James ever was. She was soon nearing her orgasm and getting really vocal too, when a knock came from the front of the car. Tony stopped at once , before she could come.

“Excuse me my dear. My chauffeur would like to speak to me for a moment,” Tony said. Helen thought this odd and bloody frustrating, but told him not to be long.

A few minutes later he was back in side pulling down his shorts to reveal a thick 8 inch monster.

“Now for the main event ,” he said. Helen was more than ready and she felt him ease his thick, hard, throbbing dick into her. She moaned with every inch. Once he was up to the hilt he paused and sucked her firm, large round breasts. He Covered her nipples with his mouth and flicked them with his tongue. She sighed delighted by the attention. Finally he started to grind his dick into her causing his pubic bone to rub against her clit. This was to much for Helen, and she came quickly. She was not used to this quality of man hood and no sooner had she finished, than she felt herself builder for another.

He paused for a second and undid her hair from the pony tail and kissed her gently.

“Who’s the best,” he said, as he began to pump deep into her and out again.

“Oh god! Your the best Tony,” she said,

“Tell ME!” he said, pumping her hard now.

“YOU’RE THE BEST, YOU’RE THE BEST, YOU’RE THE BEST,” she now repeated as she came again and again.

Tony was now close to coming and could not hold back any longer. The screams from Helen were too much for him and he began to pump his fluid into her, but before he finished he pulled out his dick and sprayed the last few drops over Helens face.

She was not distressed by this and even smiled. Then she looked about for something to clean herself up with. It was then that she saw it. The dividing window between the driver and the passengers was now down. Sitting watching his wife being willing fucked senseless was the battered and dazed face of James and next to him was Harry Biggs sporting a chauffeurs cap and a big wide grin.

Harry turned and looked at James.

“Funny your wife seams OK with fur now don’t she?”

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