A Trip to Lustyland

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It’s morning and I’m half way between awake and asleep. The sheets are soft and warm and I’m feeling nice and cosy.

I’m slowly drifting from pleasant dreams back into the real world. The night before is coming back to me in a swirl of pleasant emotions rather than facts and details.

… Julie …

… ooh, she’s so cute …

… we’re kissing …

… her lips are so soft …

… her tongue is in my mouth …

… I’m caressing her nipples through her top …

… we’re naked in my bed …

… cunnilingus …

… orgasm …

Gently luxuriating in such sweet reminiscing in a half dream state … then a pang of remembered lust – I want to come again – drags me closer to awake than asleep.

I open my eyes and it all hits me in a rush.

-Friday after work drinks-on my best behaviour-oh of course Julie is adorably sexy I’ve been lusting after her for months-don’t get too pissed-don’t try and crack onto her-you’ll make a fool of yourself-work mode-be professional-she’s so pretty when she laughs-I’ve had enough to drink I should go home-come on work mode-best behaviour now-but I’m having fun-Julie is talking to me a lot-she’s so easy to talk to-I should go home-nothing is going to come of this-she thinks I’m straight-ooh I can’t help it-I’m touching her hair-complimenting her too much-she’ll think I’m chatting her up-well I am-I shouldn’t be but I am-OMG I even said “Now Julie, have I ever told you what lovely tits you have?”-oh fuck you can’t say that-what was I fucking thinking-oh it’s alright we had sex-it was lovely-but I virtually dragged her back to my house-oh fuck then I just threw myself at her-I think the phrase was “Now, how about a closer look at those lovely titties, eh?”-but she kissed me back-but then again I poured drinks into her all night dragged her back to my place and pounced on her-but she came-yes she came too-oh fuck that was nice-oh fuck her tongue on my clit now that was nice-yes yes yes-still Christ all fucking mighty the poor woman is going to wake up and think she’s been molested by a rampaging maniacal fucking dyke-shit where is she now!?-poor thing probably fled in the early hours-oh there she is fast asleep-she looks so cute there asleep in my bed-ooh I could get used to waking up to that-am I hung over I drank a fucking lot?-oh I think I’m ok-perhaps a tad seedy-nothing illegal bahis a glass of water and a shower won’t fix-I’ll get up and have a drink and a shower-but she’s so fucking sexy-I could pounce on her again-fuck you are not pissed now you mad predatory dyke control yourself leave her alone-oh god my only hope is that she’ll be so fucking embarrassed that she won’t tell people at work-it’ll be a bit awkward but it’ll blow over-oh who am I kidding I’ll be the talk of the office-the work social newsletter will headline “Annie reveals she’s a predatory lesbian and molests office cutie”-that’s silly-I giggle a little at that-oh that’s better look on the bright side-it’s not that bad-people get pissed and fuck-happens everyday-then again I did put my finger up her ass-OMG what was I fucking thinking-she going to wake up and think she’s been molested by rampaging maniacal perverted kinky weirdo fucking dyke-“mental cow shoves finger up office cutie’s ass”-ok that’s silly too-I’d giggle if it didn’t turn me on so much-

Get up. Big drink of water. The shower is hot and my head is clearing. Ok now, I can salvage this. Just be really nice and casual. Cook her breakfast. Be nice. Act cool.

Wide awake. Nice and clean. Clit feels nice. Bit of a rub. Yep that’s it, nothing like a bit of lust to chase away the anxiety. Ooh yeah, all lusty and feeling confident again. Dry off. Dressing gown on.

Ah, idea. Get a spare dressing gown ready. If she’s awake I can casually hand it to her. That way I’m getting the whole naked thing out of the way if she’s feeling freaked out by the predatory lesbian. If she’s asleep I’ll pop it onto the bed and it’ll be all nice and considerate. I’ll cook up some scrambled eggs. All sweet.

Deep breath. Here we go. Ok one last clit rub. Here we go. Open the door. Back to the bedroom. Bit nervous. Settle down. Big smile – big casual smile that is – if she’s awake.

Oh fuck she’s awake alright. Standing right there in front of me. Naked that is. Mmm very naked. She really is astonishingly gorgeous. Am I smiling casually? Oops no – I’d say more like gawking lecherously.

Oh fuckety, fuck, fuck fuck. She’s looking at me disapprovingly. She’s coming towards me. Oh fuck she probably wants the dressing gown. Hold it out. She’s snatched it off me and thrown it on the ground. She’s very close now. She’s got a hold of the waistband of illegal bahis siteleri my dressing gown.

“Get that fucking thing off!” Ooh now that is a sexy smile.

Kissing. Touching. In the stark light of day and the full clarity of sobriety she is even fucking sexier.

What was I fucking thinking of course she enjoyed last night. Now that I think of it when I said, “Now Julie, have I ever told you what lovely tits you have?” She had answered, “No. Indeed that has been a rather glaring omission on your part, Annie.”

You see, it was all a mutually fun little banter.

Yes I did all but drag her home but that wasn’t until after she had said, “Now Annie, have I ever told you what an obscenely sexy ass you have?”

When I said, “Now, how about a closer look at those lovely titties, eh?” She had said, “By all means – but what about a feel of that ass, Annie?”

Now my nipple is in her mouth. My hand is between her legs. Ooh, she’s so wet. Her hands are all over me. Now this is sex the way I like it. Soft and fast. Tender and urgent. Sensual and lusty.

There’s nothing else in the world but Julie and me. Her body and mine. I adore her and I’m so excited.

Whoa! Her tongue on my clit now that’s taken it up a notch. She’s pushing me back, “Just relax and come for me Annie.”

Now if I’d been a little more conscious of my manners I’d have said, “My pleasure, my dear. My pleasure.” But somehow I forgot my manners and just said, “Oh fuck yes!”

Oh that tongue! On my clit. In my vagina. Ooh fuck – in my ass! Mmm, by all means rub my clit while you tongue my ass.

Headline: “Office cutie tongues Annie’s ass.” I’d giggle if I wasn’t … ahhhhh … … coming… … coming… … ahhhhh … … came …

Oh reality check. Fuck. God. Fuck. Well. Fuck. Shit! That really was very nice. Very special indeed.

Your turn lovely. Wait right there.

I’m back with my box of toys now.

“Could I interest your vagina in a dildo, my dear?”

“You most certainly could, my dear. You most certainly could.”

I’m above her. Her legs are open and I’m fucking her with my dildo. A dream come true my little office cutie. A dream come true for me.

“And a vibrator for your clit?”

“By all means vibe away! Tarry no longer, Annie!”

Ooh yes, she’s in the rhythm now. My little Julie all away with canlı bahis siteleri the sex fairies in Lustyland. That’s it sweetie, come for me, come for me. Yes, yes, just like that.

I’m falling for you Julie. That’s a lie. I’ve fallen for you already.

She coming back from Lustyland now. Isn’t she so adorable. I could take a dip in those eyes. Mmm, a skinny dip. Can I say I love you yet or is it too soon. Careful – don’t scare her off! But I can’t help it. Fuck! She’s so beautiful – just kiss her – don’t embarrass yourself. There’ll be time enough for love – don’t scare this one off!

Breakfast. Talking, touching, laughing, kissing. Ah the sweetness of a newfound lover. The morning sun, the bright future, the sweet smells of sex and breakfast, the sharp wind rattling the front gate – and even that fucking yapping mutt next door and those awful, ghastly green fucking tiles on the kitchen floor – all of them beautiful today. All of them beautiful on this day with my new lover, Julie the office cutie.

The morning drags on.

“Quite a box of toys you’ve got there, Annie.”

“Get your pants off again and I’ll show you the rest.”

A dash to the bedroom. Look at this my dear. Fumbling and giggles with the buckles. Fucking her with my strap on.

A nice long fuck it was too. I wanted to say I love you when she came. But it has been so much fun. Laughing and sex. I don’t want to be all serious and spoil it.

My turn.

She’s fucking me from behind. That’s so nice. Just keep fucking me like that. Yes. Just like that. What! Don’t stop now. What is she doing. Cold lube? Oh, that’s what she’s doing. Oh fucking hell yes! YES! YES! YES!

She’s fucking me from behind – in the behind.

Now the sex fairies have really got me now. I’m lost deep in the heart of Lustyland.

Her fingers, my clit. My fingers, my nipples. Her strapon, fucking my asshole. My orgasm, momentous.

Ahh … the dreamy journey back from Lustyland.

I was spent. There was no more pleasure to be had. Perfection, I thought. Nothing in the world could be better than that. But I was wrong – so much more to come.

Her lips, my ear. Her gentle whisper, “I love you, Annie.”

More joy through my ear than my ass and nipples and clit combined.

Nobody is perfect in their beauty. Nobody is perfect in their manner. Nobody is perfect in their heart. Nobody is perfect in their mind. Nobody is perfect in their soul. But right there, right then, my Julie was perfect in every way.

And with those gentle, quiet little words she had whispered up a mighty orgasm for my soul.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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