A Wild Night in the Treatment Room

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I graduated college with a degree in sports medicine. I am a certified sports therapist. During the summer months, I work in a physical therapy clinic helping injured patients with their injury rehabilitation. For the rest of the year, I am hired out to one of the area colleges to help cover their athletic teams. It’s my job to care for injured athletes from the time they are injured until they return to play. Needless to say I get to spend a great deal of time around some very good looking and in shape athletes.

“Hey Cindy, can you come over and stretch me?” yelled Marcus, standing in the doorway in just a towel. He is one of many athletes waiting to for assistance from me each day.

“Marcus, you know you have be in shorts before coming into the treatment room. Get out!” I yelled from across the room. I love working around athletes, but they can be annoying at the same time.

He replied in a playful tone “What? You know you want me!”

I quickly retorted as I moved to take care of the next athlete, “You’re right Marcus, I do want you. I want to you to go and get dressed and then come back and see me.” There was a chorus of laughter coming from other the athletes in the room. Marcus frowned and walked away.

Julia, one of the senior starters on the women’s soccer team, was next on my treatment list. I approached the table where she was lying on her stomach listening to her ipod. She comes in everyday for her leg massages. Her legs are like perfect. They are muscular, but still shapely. I love when she comes in and asks me to work on them.

She saw me as I walked up and removed her earbuds and said, “Hey Cindy! I am in desperate need of your hands today. We have a playoff game soon and my legs are hurting me badly. Can you work your magic on them again?”

“Well I don’t know about magic, but I will do my best to help you. Do I need to focus on a certain area of your legs?” I asked and thought how much I loved touching her legs.

“Um, I’d really like my entire leg done, but pay extra attention to my upper hamstring.” she said with a hint of begging in her voice. “You’re the best Cin.” She put her earbuds back in and closed her eyes.

The treatment room was almost empty, so I was in no rush. Before starting I asked, “Julia, is it okay if I tuck this towel in your shorts? I don’t want to get my lotion on your shorts” She simply gave me a thumbs up and closed her eyes again. I tucked the towel into the bottom of her shorts, exposing part of her rock hard ass. I couldn’t help but stare at it; it was beautiful and sexy.

I started working on her lower legs. For some reason I was I getting turned on by touching Julia. Her legs were silky smooth to the touch. As my hands worked on her muscles, I heard her moan with pleasure and comment, “Cindy, you’ve got the golden touch today, this feels awesome! Can I take you back to my room and get the “Cindy Special” every day?” I chuckled and thought to myself how much I’d like to go back to her dorm and touch more than her legs.

I continued to work my way up her legs to her upper hamstrings. All the while, I kept hoping to get a peek between her legs, To help my cause, I tapped her and said, “Do you mind spreading your legs apart? I need more room to work.” Without a word Julia spread her legs out a little wider. This gave me a nice view of her black thongs, I could almost the outline of her pussy and a few stray pubs jetting out from her thong. My hands gently worked her upper hamstrings and I was now massaging part of her perfect ass. I could feel the heat increasing between my own legs. If she only knew how much I wanted her. I strained to listen, hoping for a moment I heard her moaning; but at that same moment, my ole friend Marcus walked back into the treatment room.

“Cindy, are you about through with Julia? You said you would stretch me.” Marcus said in a grouchy tone. He added, “You know the basketball team is the best team on campus and we need extra care.” I rolled my eyes at him and started wiping any excess lotion off of Julia’s legs.

Julia popped up immediately, “Marcus you’re such a jerk.” she then turned to me “Cindy, thank you again. You were AMAZING.” As she walked out of the treatment room she stopped and gave me a big hug. “Same time tomorrow?” she asked.

“Unless I am arrested for teaching Marcus some manners.” I said with a wink and gave Marcus a sinister smile.

The next day my thoughts wandered back to Julia’s body. She was average height and weight, with average bahis firmaları sized breasts. As I mentioned before, her legs and ass were dynamite. Julia had long dark brown hair that she always kept in a ponytail. This helped to keep her hair from covering her beautiful face; which was accented by her chocolate brown eyes. How she doesn’t have a boyfriend was a mystery to me. My thoughts were interrupted by my ringtone. “This is Cindy.” I replied.

“Cindy, this is Julia. I need a huge favor.”

“Julia. Is everything okay?” I responded in a caring tone.

“Well, my legs are really bothering me today, but I cannot make it in for a treatment until tonight. I have a study group session for my chemistry final until 8:00.”

“Okay.” Even though I already knew what she was going to ask, I played the along anyways. I paused before asking, “What do you need from me?”

“Would there be any way I could convince you to meet at the treatment room for another massage after my study session?” I could tell she was using a pouty voice on me. I am sure if she was standing in front of me, she’d have puppy dog eyes on display. I was working late tonight anyways to catch up on my reports. I could always get some food from the student union and eat until she gets here.

I paused for dramatic effect and said, “You’re lucky I like you Julia. Come on over when you are done with your study session. The building will be closed, so you’ll need to buzz at the back door.” She thanked me and disconnected. After I hung up the phone, I returned to my paperwork and had my dinner. Soon afterwards, I noticed that hot feeling was back again. The thought of running my hands over Julia’s legs was turning me on. I couldn’t resist and reached down and started tracing circles around my nipples. I was getting hotter by the minute. I continued to play with my nipples with one hand, and my other hand was caressing my inside thigh and outlining my pussy with my fingers. I know I needed to stop, but it felt so good. I must have lost track of time. My playtime was disrupted by my phone ringing again. “Hello. This is the treatment room.” I commented in breathless manner.

It was Julia. “Cindy I have been buzzing at the door for almost 10 minutes. Is everything okay in there? You sound out of breath.”

Feeling embarrassed, I spoke meekly, “I, I, was in the storeroom moving supplies around and must not have heard the buzzer.” I hung up the phone and traveled to the back of the treatment room and opened the door for Julia. When I opened the door, and saw her standing looking at me with a smile. Julia looked beautiful. Her hair was in a ponytail, and she was wearing and t-shirt and baggy sweet pants. It’s a tight fit by the back door and you needed to turn sideways to get by another person. As Julia squeezed by me, she tripped and I quickly reached out to stop her from falling. In that moment, I was holding her in my arms with our tits rubbing against each other. I couldn’t say for sure, but I think she gave hers tits an extra shake against mine. “Are you okay?” I asked.

She replied with a smile, “I am now.” Our eyes locked, and the lust was evident in both our eyes. She peeled off of me and headed towards the treatment table. I stood there for second to regain my composure before I walked back to the treatment area. Julia was lying on the treatment waiting for me.

I took a deep breath and asked, “Okay what are we focusing on tonight?” My entire body was shaking with excitement. I needed to keep it together, I’m a professional.

“Well with the big game is tomorrow, and my legs are definitely in need of help. Anything else would be a bonus.” she replied with a wink and a smile.

“I cannot work on your legs with those baggy sweat pants on. Off with them.” I commanded with a slight quiver in my voice.

She replied cryptically, “My legs are too sore, can you help me?” I reluctantly moved towards her and gently grabbed the waistband of her sweat pants. I was expecting to see her soccer shorts. But as I pulled them down, I was shocked to find her in a red thong. She innocently turned to me and said, “I didn’t have time to change before coming over to see you. Sorry.” Time stood still for me. I just stared at her beautiful naked ass that was connected to her perfect legs. My knees went weak. “Cindy, I saw you trying to get peak at my panties yesterday. It turned me so much. But to be honest when you touch me, I melt like putty.” Julia commented with sincerity; next she placed her hands on mine and brought kaçak iddaa them her legs. “I want you Cindy! Touch me all over.”

Without a word Julia laid back down. With my hands shaking, I squirted some lotion into them and applied it on her legs. I ran my hands up and down her legs, slowly and passionately. She spread her legs apart slightly as I ran my hands up her inner thighs. I could hear her moan each time I went closer and closer to her pussy. I could she her love juices running down the outside edge of her thong. I ran my index finger along her thong and scooped up her juices. “Mmmmmmm, Julia your pussy juice tastes like sweet nectar” I whispered as I bent over her and ran my nose and tongue along the fabric of her thong.

Julia’s breath shortened as she replied, “Will you lick my pussy? I want to feel your tongue please me.” In one motion she raised her hips off the table and slid her hands down her sides and removed her thong. Even her pussy was perfect. It was a delicate shade of pink, that remind me of a rose. I couldn’t wait the open the petals on the her flower and watch it blossom as I brought her to orgasm.

I whispered back to her “Are you sure you can handle me? I lick a mean pussy.” With that I ran my tongue from the top of her ass down to her swollen clit. Her clit was very sensitive as her moans were got louder the more I licked it. After a few licks, I could tell she was enjoying her “treatment.” I needed better access to her pussy though; so I reached back towards the other treatment table and grabbed my rolling stool. I instructed Julia to slide down to the end of the table so she was bending over it. I wheeled my stool directly behind her; I was at the perfect height. I rolled forward and buried my tongue into pussy and my nose nestled into her ass crack. Even her asshole smelled heavenly.

“Oh my gosh Cindy, you are incredible. Lick me more. Please!” Julia yelled out as she grabbed on to the side of the table in excitement. “Stick your tongue in my ass!” Her wish was my command. I slowly licked her pussy on my way to her ass. I opened her cheeks and revealed her tight asshole. I licked around it before thrusting my tongue into her asshole. She screamed with pleasure, “Yes, don’t stop; fuck my hole with your tongue.” I could tell by the way she was moaning and squirming, she was close to orgasm. While I continued to tease her ass with my tongue, I started to play with pussy with my fingers. I alternated between finger fucking her and rubbing her clit. The three sensations pushed Julia over the edge.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Please don’t stop.” She screamed as I felt her pussy muscles clamp down on my fingers as her orgasm intensified. First she squirted her love juices all over my hands and then it continued to flow in spurts. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” she bellowed as the waves or her orgasm continued. When she finally stopped, I removed my fingers from her soaking wet pussy and licked them clean. Out of breath Julia whispered “Never in my life have I experienced such pleasure in my life.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed your treatment.” I replied between licks. I wanted all of her juices that still flowed from her pussy. I could tell Julia was happy by the smile on her face as she rested on the table. I stood up from my stool walked around to talk to her. She looked so beautiful lying on the table. I bent over and tried to kiss her on the cheek, but instead, she turned her head in my direction and our lips interlocked in a gentle, but passionate kiss. When we finally broke from our kiss I said, “Julia, it looks like you could use a shower. If you want, you can use the shower next to my office.”

She smiled at me and said, “Care to join me?”

Julia stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me again. I returned her kiss and added my own embrace. Our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths, and our breathing was got by the second. I suddenly felt her hands sliding from my around me and traveled downward where they rested on my ass. “Cindy, you truly are magical.” she whispered as her hands groped my ass. I soon felt her hands reach inside my shorts and she caressed my behind. Her light touches sent lightning bolts to my hungry pussy.

Finally she pulled away from me and said, “The shower can wait; I want you Cindy. I want to pleasure you like you did to me.” She grabbed my hand and lead me to the rehabilitation area. Once there, she commented in a joking manner, “Okay Cindy, you know the rules in the treatment room, NO CLOTHES. Now kaçak bahis off with them.” I removed my shorts and t-shirt, revealing my silk bra and panties. Julia came up to me and said, “I suspected you had a great body, but WOW, you are incredible.”

I blushed and whispered, “Thank you!”

Julia unclasped my bra and threw it onto the floor. She leaned forward and kissed my breasts ever so lightly. She was the ultimate tease. She kissed around my nipples until they were hard as rocks. I started moaning with pleasure and asked, “Will suck my tits?” Julia did not answer, but I next felt her warm lips around my nipples. Another lightning bolt stuck my vagina. Julie took off her shirt as well showcased two perfect breasts. “May I suck your tits?” I said massaging them with my hands.

“I’d love it if you did.” Julia said with a moan as I placed my mouth onto one of them. She moan louder and jumped when I gently bit down on her nipple. “Cindy, you are such a bad girl.” Julia said as she placed her hands on the back of my head as a hint to continue. Of course I had no problem following directions. I felt like I was in a dream. This cannot be really happening to me. I continued to explore Julia’s tits as she reciprocated on mine. She eventually pulled my off her breasts and guided my down onto the stretching mat.

“Cindy you are still not following directions.” She reached and grabbed the waistband of panties and pulled them off. She smiled when she looked at my neatly trimmed love box. Julia ran her fingers through my pubic hair and down the lips of my pussy. I shuddered with excitement. “My, my Cindy, you have such a beautiful pussy to go along with the rest of your hot body.” she spoke in a tender voice.

I was speechless. Julia continued to play with pussy teasing my clit with her fingers. I moaned with pleasure, I knew I was close to orgasm. After a few more minutes of play, Julia spoke up again, “You always to tell us we need to trust you. You will take care of us. Well it’s your turn to trust me, I am going to take care of you tonight.” After she finished speaking, she placed a towel over my eyes so I could not see what she was doing. My body’s senses were alive with thrill of not knowing what was happening. In the next moment I felt her fingers sliding up and down my pussy, teasing my clit. Each pass she made, her fingers went a little deeper into my pussy. I was starting to moan louder and louder. I wanted to peek and watch her as she pleasured my pussy. But I was soon lost in the pleasure to care about watching her. I just didn’t want this to end.

Julia suddenly stopped. I heard her moving around near me. She moved my legs around and I felt one of her legs crossover over one of my legs, and her other leg went under my other leg. What was going on? I thought. “Julia, what are you doing?” I pleaded for an answer. But received no response. “Julia . . . .” I started to say, but my words were interrupted by the feeling of Julia’s pussy rubbing against mine. “Ohhhh my . . .” I could not finish my words. The pleasure was beyond compare. I have heard stories about tribbing before, but I’ve never experienced it before now.

Finally Julia spoke up. “I’ve wanted to pussy fuck you for a long time.” Our wet labias rubbed together ever so slowly as she humped me with tenderness. Each stroke of our clits kissing sent me deeper into bliss. I could tell that Julia enjoyed this as well. “Cindy you feel fucking great. I think I’m going to orgasm again.” I started meeting her thrusts with my own. The tempo picked up faster, our pussies rubbing together was too much for us to handle.

In that moment I started shaking uncontrollably, I screamed, “DON’T STOP! I’M . . .” I felt my juices shooting out onto Julia as she too started to let her juices flow as well. We thrusted at a fever pitch, we were both lost in the moment. I started to orgasm for second time, this one stronger than first. “Yes! Yes! Oh fuck!” I screamed as more of my nectar flowed from my pussy. I’ve never pussy fucked before, but I liked it ALOT. Julia slowed the pace down as we started to recover. When we finally stopped moving, we stayed with our legs scissored and our pussies still meshed together. “Thank you Julia.” was all I could say. What we just shared was beyond words.

“You’re welcome Cindy” she said as we changed positions to 69. We each took our time to savor the love juices as we lapped each others love box clean. “So do you want to join me in the shower or what?” Julia said with a smile.

“I do, but let’s go to my place.” I said as I kissed her. I tasted our love juices on her lips. We quickly dressed, I turned out the lights, and walked hand and hand to my out of the treatment room. I love working with athletes.

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