Aaron’s Summer of ’77 Ch. 13

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Chapter Thirteen — Home for the Holidays

“Hey cookie baby! I’ll be up on December 9th to pick ya’ up and bring you back to Brockville for Christmas break. Your Dad told me to use his car and make sure the trunk was empty for the fifteen pillow cases of laundry your Mom is expectin’ to bring back with ya’! Hah, hah, hah!”

“Why isn’t he coming up, Sasq?”

“He has to practice with the choir for Midnight Christmas Mass at St. Francis Xavier that night and he and your Mom are busy with gettin’ the house ready for Christmas. At least that’s what he said to me, Aaron.”

“Ahhh, OK.”

“Honestly, cookie… I think he is just tired these days and probably just doesn’t wanna’ hafta’ drive all the way up there and back. I talked to him and your Mom about moving up there with ya’ in February, by the way.”

“What did they say, Adam?”

“Well honey… they’re worried about the size of the place ya’ have there and don’t want you gettin’ upset or distracted with me being there all the time and your studies, which I can understand.”


“Well, we talked for a long time.”

“Yes… and…?”

“Well, ummm, uh… I hadta’ promise them I wouldn’t get in your way and I’d get myself settled with a job just as soon as I could. I think they were happy I was goin’ to pay half the rent and food and all. In the end, they said, it was your decision. So, whatdaya’ say, baby… can you put up with me movin’ in with ya’ there?”

“Do you even have to ask me that question?”

“Well, I figured I would, just so I could say I did! Heh, heh.”

I can hear the music playing in the background at Adam’s apartment, Chaka Khan is groovin’ with the lyrics,

“Dance wit me ev’rybody dance wit me

If you feel like dancing all night long
Band goin strike it up and play you a party song
If what you feel is real
Then we gon’ get down and groove
Love the way you party
Love the way you move…”

“I’ll be waiting for you back here after I pick up the last of my projects and get my marks in the afternoon, then Adam!”

“I’ll be there, honey. And oh… has the ice frozen over on the Canal yet for skating?”

“They’re working on it now. They’ve been drilling holes in the ice and flooding the surface every night. I’ve been going down to watch the guys from the National Capital Commission doing it. The change huts for lacing up skates are there and the concessions for hot chocolate and ‘Beavertails’ are almost done. I think everything will be ready for skating right after New Year’s Day.”

“Good to know, baby. We’re gonna’ enjoy that together… along with lots of other things that we can do with our clothes on for a change! Hah. Hah!”

“Love you, Sasq. I’ll see you on Friday!”

“Love you too, cookie babe. Later, babe.”

“Going to have to get my laundry done this week for sure!” I say to myself, as I hang up the phone and stare into the corner of my bathroom where most of my clothes and Adam’s new bedsheets are piled in a huge heap.

Meanwhile the music in my apartment continues to boom with the ‘Jackson Five’ chanting,

“Enjoy yourself
Enjoy yourself
Enjoy yourself with me
Enjoy yourself…”

“I’ll get around to doing the laundry later,” I say to myself.

“Has anyone seen or heard from Alan this week at all? Diane? Elaine? Connie? He wasn’t here for last week’s classes and now I don’t see any of his final assignments in the classroom for submission. Does anyone know what’s going on with him?” I ask, while heading to my drafting desk to pick up my graded assignment from Alan Farside’s Building Construction class to take back to my apartment.

“Oh, Aaron! You haven’t heard, then! I thought you would have been one of the first to know!” says Diane. “Alan was fired from The Bay last week for stealing clothing when he was there after hours! He was caught red-handed on camera and stopped by Security! Apparently, he’s been doing that for some time! I heard that from someone who knows his friend, Jeremey. Then just after he got fired, he was over at Sacs one night and apparently OD’d on Quaaludes with too much alcohol and poppers! He’s lucky to be alive! Last Jeremey heard, he was back in Maitland with his Mom and Dad and won’t be coming back for next semester and maybe not even back to Ottawa!”

“Holy shit! I had no idea, Diane! Is he going to be OK or does anyone know yet?”

“Well, I think Jeremey said his parents were going to admit him into the Elmgrove Unit at the Brockville Psychiatric to help break his Cocaine addition after Hanukkah. Then they were going to look to try and sublet his apartment and have him move back with them for while until he got himself straightened out.”

“A Cocaine addiction! Oh my God! What about his dog, Garbo?” I ask.

“I think Jeremey told my friend they were returning Garbo to her breeder.”

“Oh jeez! What a damned shame!”

“I know, Aaron. illegal bahis I had no idea about the Cocaine, did you?”

“Well, Diane… I always wondered how he managed to keep up with his projects and assignments and it always seemed to me that he never slept. I guess Cocaine and poppers and whatever else he was on must have kept him going. This is really too bad. I feel sorry for his parents and that poor dog of his.”

“Hi Dad.”

“Aaron! Well hello, son! How did you make out with your grades and did you hand in that last assignment for Mr. Farside’s class you were so concerned with on time?”

“Ummm… yes Dad, I did, but, that really isn’t why I’m calling. First off, thanks for letting Adam come up to get me next Friday. I really appreciate that and I hope you’re OK there.”

“Yes, son I’m fine. Monsignor O’Grady made me the lead male vocalist for Midnight Mass this year and I have a coupe of solos I must practice with Sister Mary Joseph that evening. So I asked Adam to come up to pick you up, that’s all.”

“Oh. OK… good. Ummm… but Dad, there’s something else I want to talk to you about. It has to do with one of my classmates up here, Alan Abelson. I think I mentioned to you and Mom that his parent’s live just east of Maitland there.”

“Yes, son I remember you mentioning them to us. What about Alan, Aaron?”

“Well Dad… he’s had to drop out of school because he was fired from his part-time job and almost died from a drug overdose last week! I don’t know him all that well, except for sitting together in some of my classes. And Adam met him and told me to be careful around him.”

“Well… good for Adam. Go on, Aaron…”

“Uh… ummm, well, Dad… I don’t know for sure. But I heard his parents are going to admit him into the rehab clinic at the ‘Elmgrove Unit’ there at the Psych’ right after Christmas.”

“Addiction for what, Aaron? Do you know?”

“I heard it was for Cocaine and something else called ‘Quaaludes’? What ‘is’ that, Dad? I figured if anyone would know about this stuff, you certainly would. I suppose I could ask Adam just as well. But, I really wanted to talk to you about all of this.”

“Quaaludes are methaqualone, son and are a depressant like barbiturates or sleeping pills. They affect the central nervous system and among other things, they can reduce anxiety and create a false sense of happiness or euphoria. It’s a wonder that young man is still alive, mixing them with cocaine! Did you know this boy very well, Aaron?”

“No, Dad. I was over at his apartment once and Adam and I ran into him a couple of times, But if you’re wondering if I’m a friend of his… well no. I’m not. Not at all.”

“OK, son. Good. I’m afraid his parents are going to have a long road ahead of them in trying to help him break his addictions. Both Cocaine and Quaaludes are highly addictive. You say he’s going to be admitted into Elmgrove?”

“That’s what I heard, yes, Dad.”

“I’ll speak with the Doctors there and make sure he gets the best care and resources to help deal with his addictions.”

“Thanks, Dad. I feel really badly for him”

“Of course you do, Aaron.”

“Now, switching topics here… how did you get along with the last bit of work to finish your assignments up there, Aaron?”

“Well, Dad… I managed to get everything done and handed in on time. Alan Farside’s project was the one really holding me back. But it got finished, and whatever mark I get on it I’ll be fine with, just as long as I pass. I got an ‘A’ on that History of Architecture project that Adam helped me with for Lynda Naagy-Birdsong. And I even got a B in drafting from Gordon Goodenrich for the semester! Not bad for a ‘leftie’, eh?”

“Good for you, son.”

“Now, Aaron… on another subject, about Adam… you know he’s told us about Shopper’s Drug Mart taking over from Mrs. Fullerton and him moving up to Ottawa. Aaron, be honest with me. We’re concerned. Are you going to be able to focus on your studies up there and not have them suffer? It’s all well and good that you want to help Adam get a fresh start. Your Mother and I do as well. But, is this something you are absolutely sure you can cope with up there in that tiny little apartment?”

“Well Dad… Adam said it would only be until the end of the lease here. Then he said we could find a bigger place and he isn’t too worried about getting another job. You know, Dad… he’s actually been a really big help to me with some of my projects. I’ve thought about it a lot too. And honestly, Dad… I think it will all be fine. I really do.”

“Well, I told him the decision was yours in the final analysis. So, as long as you are completely sure there.”

“I am, Dad… it’ll all be OK. Now, what do you want for Christmas? Hah. Hah!”

“Peace on Earth and Good Will To Man … and maybe the ability to get through Midnight Mass without any off-key notes in my solos. You ‘will’ be coming to Midnight Mass this year, illegal bahis siteleri Aaron?”

“Can I come and sit up in the choir loft with you, Dad like I used to?”

“I’d like that, son. Very much.”

“Oh, Dad… what colour is Mom’s hair going to be ‘this time’ when I get there? Heh, heh.”

“Just never you mind, young man! And whatever it is, it’s ‘beautiful’! You got that?”

“Yes, Dad!”

“Heya, babe! I made good time comin’ up today. Are ya’ hungry and wouldya’ like to maybe stop for lunch on the way back to Brockville?”

“Let me grab a couple of eight tracks to play in the car on the way back. I’ve got some Christmas presents to go over there and a couple of suitcases.”

“You mean to tell me ya’ don’t have any laundry to take back with ya’ and that I cleaned your Dad’s trunk out for nothing?”

“Uh, well… the pillowcases are in the bathroom, Adam.”

“Jeezus fuck, cookie! At this rate you’re gonna’ need a U-Haul van to getcha’ back and forth!”

Adam hoists the first of seven full pillowcase of laundry over his shoulder and starts to head out to Dad’s car, double-parked outside the front door.

“Just hold on for a minute there, Sasq! I have to check on something first.” I reach down to grab his furry pube basket and start to shake it. “Hmm… OK, good! It’s still there!”

“Well where the fuck did ya’ think it was gonna’ go to, baby? Heh, heh! It’ll be there for ya’ for the next three weeks when you’re on break and ‘in’ ya’ for most of that time too! Hah, hah!”

“Just checking, that’s all.”

“Well ya’ can play with it after we have lunch and are on the road, baby.”

“There’s a place in Kemptville I wanna’ check out. We can eat there and then head back through Merrickville again. Is that OK with you, honey?”

“I remember the last time with Mrs. Fullerton’s car, Sasq. This time… no running out of gas and no backseat sex in Dad’s car, Adam.”

“OK, baby… well, there’s lotsa’ stuff we can do in the front anyway! Hah, hah, hah!”

The fresh fallen snow on the ground is blindingly beautiful as we pull into Kemptville, Adam pulls up in front of the ‘Rideau View Motel’, just north of what constitutes the main street in the village. “Did ya’ know that Rob Pierce’s sister runs this place, cookie?” he asks, as he starts to hop out of the car. “Let’s get warm inside and find a table to sit down and have somethin’ to eat.”

“I want to tell you what happened with Adam Abelson, once we get inside, Adam. You won’t believe what I heard from Diane and Elaine and Connie back at school!”

“Yeah… well we’ve got lotsa’ stuff to talk about, honey. But let’s get outta’ this freezing weather. My nuts are freezin’ right now!”

“Just so ya’ know, baby… I went ahead and talked to my Mom and Bast about storing some of my stuff in her garage for a few months. They’ve got no problem with most of it. I think as long as I can fit a little dresser in your place and carve out some room in that armoire of yours for my clothes, we should be OK for a few months. The rest we can figure out in the next couple of days when you come over and we start to figure out what comes, what goes, what gets stored and what stuff I’m gonna’ want to donate or get rid of. I’m getting kinda’ excited here and once we get through Christmas, things should come together pretty quickly, I’m hoping.”

“That big TV stereo console thing of yours isn’t going to fit up there, you know, Adam.”

“We’ll figure it all out, Aaron. I’m not too worried, baby. Now, what were ya’ telling me about Alan Fuckface when you were getting outta’ the car just now?”

“Well, ummm… uh, I hadn’t seen him in class since we were all over at Sacs. And when I went in this morning to get one of my project assignments and final grades for the semester, Diane Payne was telling me he got fired and banned from coming into ‘The Bay’ because he was caught stealing stuff after-hours from the store. Then she told me he had to be taken by ambulance from Sacs one night to the Emergency at the Ottawa General Hospital for a drug overdose! He’s back with his parents now in Maitland and they’re probably going to have to admit him to the Elmgrove Unit at the Brockville Psych’ to help him beat his addictions to Cocaine and Quaaludes. He won’t be coming back into the Program in January.”

“Wow, cookie! I kinda’ knew he was fucked up. But I sure as hell didn’t think he was doin’ Cocaine! The ‘ludes’ don’t surprise me though. The way he was doin’ ‘Rush’ on the dance floor that night, I was scared he might try to slip ya’ a ‘lude’, baby. I didn’t wanna’ hafta’ deal with him tryin’ to drug ya’ to getcha’ back to his place and rape ya’ Aaron. I just had a feeling he would try to pull some kinda’ shit like that on ya’ that night.”

“I asked Dad about Quaaludes, Adam and he told me they make you really relaxed.”

“Well, Aaron, honey… I’d be sayin’ a whole fuckin’ lot more than relaxed! They canlı bahis siteleri make ya’ horny and take away all your inhibitions. Some people call them ‘disco-biscuits’. People put them into people’s drinks and then wind up gettin’ them into bed for sex. And no… before ya’ say or even think it, baby… that’s never gonna’ happen with you and me. Not that we need any drugs to help us get off, Aaron. That kinda’ shit is fuckin’ dangerous and just plain stupid.”

“Has anyone ever done anything like that to you, Adam?” I ask.

“Yeah, honey, a couple of years ago… that’s how I know about them, babe. And I felt helpless and couldn’t do a fuckin’ thing about it either at the time. Shit like that’s never ever gonna’ happen again to either me or someone I love, baby! There’s right and wrong… and there’s the words yes and no. I know the pharmaceutical side-effects of those things. Especially when ya’ mix ’em with poppers and fuckin’ Cocaine of all things! Jeezus fuck… the stupid cunt coulda’ died doin’ all that crap together like that. I don’t like him. But I sure as hell wouldn’t want to see him dead from bein’ so dumb. I kinda’ feel a little sorry for him, to tell ya’ the truth now. He’s obviously not a real happy guy. But, I’m sure as fuckin’ hell glad to know he’s not gonna’ be in your Program anymore, that’s for damn fuckin’ sure!”

“Well, Dad and I talked a lot about Alan and I told him you said to be careful around him, Adam. Dad said he would keep an eye on Alan if he goes into rehab and make sure the best Doctors and assistance would be given to him and his parents.”

“Yup… that’s exactly what I’d be expectin’ your Dad to say, too. He’s really somethin’, Aaron. I keep tellin’ ya’ how lucky you are to have a Dad like that,” Adam says as his voice trails off and as he looks away, deep in thought.

Now… I heard back from Calla and Rob and they really wanna’ do somethin’ up special for your birthday, honey. You gotta’ get yourself all prettied up that night, ’cause I’m gonna’ get all showered and shaved and make ya’ proud to show me off! Hah, hah!” says Adam with a grin on his face.

“So, I won’t be able to lick the man sweat off your balls that night then, Adam?”

“Well, honey… maybe you can come over beforehand and hop in the shower with me after ya’ bury your face in my hairy crotch and suck me off first. And then I can fuck ya’ silly in the shower and we can head on out after that. Whatdaya’ think of that plan, ya’ kinky little fucker?”

“My cock is liking that idea big-time, Adam! But, I don’t want to have to wait until the 17th to do that though. Can I play with your big, hairy cock when we get out of here?”

“Thought you said no sex in your Dad’s car, Aaron…”

“I was lying when I said that!”

” ‘Ahhh, I see!’ Well, ummm… ‘maybe’ after we have a piece of pie and some coffee, baby. I’m missing my ‘cookie’ big time. But, I want more than just one dessert right at the moment. Heh, heh. Now settle down there while I play footsie with ya’ under the table.”

Fifteen minutes later and Adam tries to hide his big, hard dick straining inside his bulging crotch with a napkin and urgently calls over to Rob Pierce’s sister behind the counter… “Cheque please!”

Once in the car and after I’ve managed to undo Adam’ belt and unzip his jeans to start to go down on him… suddenly I lift my head up to look at his smirking face and say, “Ummm… Adam? Did you happen to spray ‘Eau Sauvage’ between your legs?”

“Hah, hah, hah! I just wanted to make ya’ feel right at home down there, baby!”

“Ohhh… you bastard! You’re not ever going to let me forget that, are you, Adam!”


“Well you just wait! I’ll get you back for that, Sasq!”

“I was hopin’ you were gonna’ say that, baby. Anytime, anywhere… the challenge is on! Hah, hah, hah!”

“Hi Calla! So glad you could meet me for coffee at the lunch counter in Woolworths’ today. It’s

been forever since we last saw each other! Adam told me about your new boyfriend, Charlie.

Soooo, is he cute? I want details!”

“Hah, hah…you’ll get to meet him soon enough, Aaron! He and I met just after you left for

school in September. He’s a really big guy with a beard and pony-tail. And, I don’t want you

giving him funny looks about his biker jacket or boots when you meet him. He comes across as

really tough and mean. But, he’s a real sweetie underneath all the hair and the clothes! And

before you ask, yes he knows you and Adam are gay, and he’s perfectly cool with that too.”

“Adam says you are moving out west to B.C. with him in the spring?”

“Yep, I am. I love him, Aaron. He’s good to me and there isn’t much keeping me here in

Brockville anymore. My Dad will be just fine with Diane there. And, just like you, I want to get

out and see what else there is to life outside of Brockville.”

“So, how is Rob Pierce and that new boyfriend of his, Calla?”

“Oh! His new friend John is a real sweetheart! He’s as skinny as you and has dark brown long

hair, a moustache and is a really funny guy. With Rob’s blond hair, they make a really cute

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