Accidental Fem-Dom Ch. 03

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** This is part 3 of the Accidental Fem-Dom series. This series contains small penis humiliation, sister-in-law sex, big black cock, female domination, incest, and cheating wife themes. If you find these themes offensive please look away.”


That morning I woke up before Kat and looked over at her while she slept. The covers had slid between us leaving her mostly exposed. She was on her back, and the hem of her shirt had gathered under the weight of her right breast showing off her soft midriff down to her hip bone.

She seemed effortlessly sexy as an overwhelming urge to lick her stomach fluttered in my mind.

“I am married to Shelby, I love Shelby, I cannot do this.” Became a repeating mantra in my mind.

I was staring, fixated on the top panty line that seemed barely a millimeter away from revealing her pubic mound. It was obviously her pussy was shaved, maybe waxed or laser as there was not even a hint of hair and believe me, I was looking long and hard.

“Good morning,” She muttered. “Been looking long?” She smiled, catching me lusting over her.

“Sorry,” was all I could say. She rubbed her hands all over her stomach and down to her thighs, then spread her legs and softly caressed her cunt, moaning with a squeal of delight. Then ran her hands up cupping her large breasts and swirling her palms on her tits. She looked over at me with a devil’s grin and rolled over and sat up on the edge of the bed. Then standing up, I was treated to her bare right cheek, her ass having eaten her panties in her sleep. She went to the bathroom and then came back for me.

“You ready?” I went and sat down on the commode, but I was too aroused to pee. Katie was leaning in front of me pushing my hard dick down aiming at the toilet.

It was brighter in the bathroom, and with her breasts in my face, I could see the outline of her areola through the tight white top, even those little bumps scattered around the nipple were easy to spot. My dick twitched in her hand.

“You okay?” She asked. I just closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on peeing.

“Any time now.” She jibed.

“I am trying.”

“Okay.” She said casually and knelt down in front of me with her elbow on my leg she braced her head staring at my penis while still holding it down.

“I don’t think you’re helping,” I said. She looked up at me indifferently, as if she was about to fall asleep, like holding your hand on the water faucet just waiting for it to heat up. Somehow her complete lack of sexual interest in me was titillating.

She told me to just close my eyes and try to think of something else. I did as she said, and after a few seconds she got up and turned on the water in the sink and told me to call her back in when I thought I could go.

Eventually, I was able to relieve myself and called Kat back in to help. And that’s when I realized just how pathetic I was. I am a grown man in need of someone to hold my pecker down in order to go to the bathroom without pissing all over the place. She came to the bathroom and did her duty, pointing my little dick so I could pee.

Afterward, Kat helped me put shorts on and eat breakfast. And for most of the day, she worked, while I dozed on and off on the couch binge watching some Netflix show.

Kat had put on a pair of Shelby’s running shorts and one of my old sweatshirts that kept her covered.

“I am so bored!” I blurted out after several hours of doing nothing.

“What would you like to do?” Kat asked.

“I don’t know. I can’t do anything!”

“I know sweetie. I am so sorry about all this. What can I do for you?” She unplugged the laptop and came and sat right beside me, placing the computer on her lap.

“Here, I’ll be your hands, while you surf for a little bit.”

She pulled up my Facebook and let me browse through it for a while, then to eBay, and Amazon. Then looking at the bookmarks bar, she clicked on Tumblr. My heart jumped when the screen came up.

The first pic that came up was a petite blond girl straining to suck a huge black cock.

“Oh my!” Kat yelped, and looked up at me. As she scrolled through the pictures it was one after another of interracial porn, cuckold porn, hot wife porn, and then she hit a string of small penis humiliation captions.

“Isn’t this Shelby’s computer?” She asked, and I explained that it was, but that we used it together, and that we were both aware of the content we had followed on Tumblr.

“You really like this?” She asked trying not to sound judgmental.

“Sorry,” I sighed, embarrassed that our private sexual life was becoming public knowledge.

“What are you sorry about? If you and my sister are into it, who am I to judge. I think you might be surprised at how common these kinds of fetishes are. You’re both into it right?”

“Yeah… yes.” I answered timidly thinking back over the past several months, it’s true I’ve always been into porn, but ever since Shelby and I started watching it together the kind of porn güvenilir bahis has changed, fixating more on interracial, cuckolding and small penis humiliation.

“So…” She said clearing her throat. “A couple weeks ago Shelby and I had lunch and our conversation got personal.” Kat cocked her eyebrow, “She asked a lot about Mike and our sex life. And she was the one that wanted to pants you guys, maybe she was trying to live some of this out. I mean, she was really persuasive.”

“I didn’t know,” I hadn’t really thought about whose idea it was, or even how it got started. Kat put the computer down on the coffee table in from of me, and hit play on an interracial sex video, then skipped down the hall out of sight.

“It also explains what I found!” She laughed, and I heard her footsteps on the wood floor, then saw her bouncing down the hall. She had found our toy drawer and was wearing our black strap-on cock. I couldn’t tell which bounced more the cock or her tits.

My face was burning with embarrassment, but I was more turned on than ever. Her face beamed with delight as she stood in front of me and stroked her cock, feeling its length and girth in her hands.

“Is this for you?” She bit her bottom lip and jabbed me with the dong.

“No… I wear it for Shelby.” I confessed, “It’s hollow, so I wear it over me sometimes.”

“So, you’ve never taken it?” She teased and wiggled her hips shaking her cock around. “That’s disappointing.”

She plopped down on the couch with her head in my lap, and legs up on the couch, knees up and legs spread. She clicked the next video and started jerking her cock.

Using both hands she stroked her rubber dick and made exaggerated moans like she was a guy getting off.

“God, I love jerking my cock!”

“It feels so big. I would fuck the shit out that girl’s ass.”

“Oh yeah” She spat on her hands and teased her head.

“Don’t you just love a nice slow tease?” She looked up at me with a lusty devilish smile.

“Do you want to jerk-off with me?”

She sat up and straddled my lap, her cock thumping into me when she did and took the sling off my shoulders. Then slid over to the other end of the couch and pulled her sweatshirt off. She had on a tight ribbed tank top and leaned back, her large natural breasts sprawled pushing the fabric to its limits. Her nipples are darker than Shelby’s bubblegum pink tits, almost brown from what I could tell through the shirt.

“Come on, stroke it with me.” She leaned forward and pulled my shorts down enough to expose my pulsating dick.

“Oh, mine is so much bigger.” She teased and used both hands to feel the girth of her big black cock.

I really needed to cum, my dick was on fire and balls ached. I sat down and watched my sister-in-law play with her cock. It took me a little while to figure out the right position but finally managed to get my stubby dick between my thumbs and started stroking.

“Oh yeah. Jerk it for me.” She smiled. Just then I slipped and pinched down on my dick.

“Shit!” I yelped.

“Ouch” Kat teased, “does it hurt?” She took me in her hands examining it.

“Yes.” I winced.

“Hmm, I’ll be right back.” She scurried down the hall and I could hear her rummaging around. “Got it!”

She came springing back, the black cock and her tits bouncing with every slight move, with a tube in her hand.

“This should help.” She smiled and pulled on one of the latex gloves before dabbing the cream on the tender skin. “This should work.” She smiled. I looked down at the tube, ANESTEN was the topical analgesic cream my wife had used to numb her skin before getting her butterfly tattoo she has on her ankle.


“Yes.” I sighed, surprised by how fast it worked.

“I’ll tell what I’ll do. If you want, I can spread this cream all over your little dinky. If you can cum before going numb, it’s just a happy accident. If not, well at least the pain will go away.” She offered with a smile.

“Is that what you want?”

“Yes… please.” She sat up and squeezed a palm full of ANESTEN on her hand.

I sat down, and she kneeled in front of me. I watched as she held my dick up and spread the cream on my balls. Gripping them and spinning her hand around them.

“Does that feel good?” She asked, and as I was answering the numbness set in. I couldn’t feel anything, it was like watching her play with someone else’s balls. It was sexy and erotic but anesthetized.

“Ready?” She asked.


She grabbed my throbbing dick and just held it in her cream covered hand. I thought she was going to rub it in but realized she was just going to hold it. I thrust my hips up and fucked her hand.

“God!” I heaved and quickly jackrabbited her fist trying desperately to cum. My heavy breathing became more of soft laughing cry when I realized I was losing sensation.

“No!” I sobbed, and we both watched my dick go soft in her hand.

“Can you feel anything?” She squeezed tight and türkçe bahis jerked my dick. I just shook my head no. It was like getting Novocain when your face goes all numb, but you can still tell when you’re touching it.

“This is so fun.” She laughed and continued to play with my lifeless dick and anesthetized balls. She stroked and caressed my dick for almost five minutes, just playing with them amazed how lifeless they seemed.

“I’ve honestly never seen such a small dick,” She confessed as she held my flaccid flesh between her thumb and pointer wiggling and squeezing it.

“There is something really sexy about this” She confessed, “I feel so powerful.” She pulled the glove off and slipped the harness down her legs placing it on the coffee table then sat back on the couch and clicked on another video.

She sat next to me and put her feet up on the coffee table. The video showed a white girl sitting next to her white husband on a couch as they talked about his boss coming over. Right on cue, the doorbell sounds and he walks right in, he’s a big black handsome man. The scene is roughly edited and suddenly the boss tells the guy that unless he can prove his worth, he’ll have to be let go.

The girl volunteers that he’s pretty worthless in bed and is ashamed of his poor work performance, but they really need the paycheck. A few seconds later and some bad dialogue, she suggested that maybe she can do something to change his mind and reaches over and grabs his cock through his pants. The next several minutes the black boss has the man’s wife sucking his cock, while she makes her husband pull his little white dick out and play with it.

“I see why you guys would be into this,” Kat huffed and slid her hand down between her legs stroking her pussy. I sat and watched as she teased herself over her shorts as she leaned into me. She slouched down placing her feet on the coffee table. I could see her breasts straining against her top, her nipples now hard and chest rising and falling with every breath.

Unable to take my eyes off of my wife’s little sister, I watched in delight as she licked her fingers and slid her hand beneath her shorts, her scent filling the room as she began caressing her sex. She sighed and nestled into me even more, gasping as she penetrated herself working her fingers in and out of her cunt.

Kat stopped just long enough to peel her restrictive shorts down around her ankles, leaving her in her white panties. She quickly resumed masturbating reaching under her panties and rapidly flicking her clit shaking the couch as she rubbed herself off.

“Oh fuck!” She cried, in a high-pitched squeal. Working her clit faster with her right hand and messaging her tits with her left she was quickly approaching orgasm. I looked down to see my dick was not just flaccid but had almost disappeared with the foreskin closing in around it. I am circumcised, but even still, my small dick often retracts hiding in the loose flesh that makes up my shaft.

“Oh, Shit!” She panted and grabbed my leg, her orgasm hit like a bolt of lightning. She bucked, fucking her hand, quivering into me while moaning and yelping in-between gasps of air through her nose. As she settled down from her blissful moment, she straightened herself and pulled her shorts up.

“Well, that was fun.” She smiled and turned looking down at my turtled dick.

“Jesus! It got even smaller.” She laughed and pinched at the loose flesh sending a blaze of humiliation across my face.

“Wow, I just really don’t turn you on at all now do I?” She teased knowing full well it was the numbing cream keeping me soft. “I guess I’ll just have to try harder.” She said with a playful gleam in her eyes. “Tell me. Be honest. Do you want me to stop teasing you?” She whispered in a sultry groan.

“No.” I panted, loving every painful moment of it.

She set the computer to play continuous videos, grabbed the dildo off the coffee table and went to take a nap leaving me naked and unable to turn the computer off. I laid on the couch and watched two hours of porn until the battery finally died.

Kat eventually came out of the bedroom and made dinner. We didn’t say a word to each other till she sat down next to me to help me eat, and even then, it was just chit chat, nothing special.

She helped me finish eating and then went down the hall. I heard the bathtub turn on and knew what was next. The cream had worn off and my dick sprang to life, and I got up and went to the bathroom.

“Ready?” She chirped. I knelt down bracing myself on the tub as she lathered me up and shaved my ass.

“I like you like this.” She praised as she helped me into the tub. As she bathed me her shirt got wet and more and more see-through.

“Hmm, this shirt isn’t really doing anything is it?” She chattered and gripped her huge breasts in her hands.

“I am sorry they aren’t small and perky like Shelby’s.” She mocked. “It must make you sick looking at my fat boobs like this. Just think, poor Mike has to güvenilir bahis siteleri live with these all the time. He pretends to like them, he’ll even put his thick black cock right between them and fuck my tits. The thought of doing that must make your stomach churn. Can you even imagine it?” She laughed.

“Me on my knees in front of you, I slowly lift my shirt teasing you, making you wait to see my tits. I pull my shirt off and cover my nipples in my arms and press my tanned soft breasts together as you splash a stream of oil on me. You rub my breasts…” She lifted her breast in one hand and rubbed it in a circular pattern with the other acting out her erotic tale. “Then, when they are slick, and my nipples teased to the point of madness, you lean in and slide your tiny, little dicky right between them. My breasts, being disgustingly fat, just swallow your baby dick engulfing it in my slippery embrace.”

A shiver shot through me, and I gasped for air, thinking about fucking her boobs.

“Oh… I am grossing you out, aren’t I? I am so sorry.” She hissed, “I have an idea.” She stepped into the bedroom and I could hear her open a drawer, then quickly came back. In her hand was Shelby’s sleep mask.

“Here, I’ll just put this over your eyes, so you don’t have to see my ugly breasts.” She slipped the mask over my eyes, and I could hear her giggle, followed by the sound of her taking off her shirt. I felt the water rise as she stepped in the tub behind me.

“Now, we can both take a bath.” She sat down behind me, her legs wrapping around my body, and pulled me to her chest. I reclined against her breasts and could feel her bare skin against mine.

She drizzled soap over my shoulders and chest and worked it into a lather with her hands. Slowly feeling every inch of my firm torso. She sat up and pushed me further down her body and reached between us pulling her large breasts up and resting them over my shoulders sandwiching my head between them.

I nuzzled into her left breast and begged her to let me see her and let me cum. She was cold to my pleading and refused my requests. I could feel her washing her feminine curves, the smell of the strawberry body-wash filled the room with the scent of my wife and flooded my brain with endorphins fueling my desire for the fruits of something new, something wrong… my wife’s little sister.

“Kat…” I gasped, “I can’t take it.” I cried out while grinding my hips fucking the water.

“Are you sure?”

She spun around landing on my lap, her breasts against my chest and lifted the sleep mask. My eyes immediately sought out her breasts and were treated to the tops of her lathered-up flesh, before trailing up to her face. She reached between us grabbing my dick. I jumped and thought I was going to cum just by her touching me.

“Your little guy is so hard.” She smiled.

“Do not look.” She commanded slipping the mask back down and stepped out of the tub. The mask sat crooked and I caught a great shot of her ass before she disappeared from my field of vision.

Eventually, Kat helped me up and slowly dried me off. The mask still a bit cockeyed, I was able to catch small glimpses of her wearing Shelby’s silky robe. She slipped the sling back on and escorted me out of the room, slipped the mask off and then closed the door behind me. A few seconds later I could hear her stepping back in the tub.

I found Katie’s silky yellow bra on the edge of the bed and couldn’t help myself. I leaned into her bra and rubbed my penis on the large cup.

“Oh yeah” A tingle shot through me, and I knew this would do. I closed my eyes and dry humped my sister-in-law’s bra and imagined slipping my dick between her tits.

“What the fuck!” Kat squawked indignantly, she was wrapped in Shelby’s robe, with wet feet dripping on the floor.

“Jesus! What do you expect?”

“For you not to defile my under things, for starters.” She feigned outrage.

“Are you kidding me! You’ve done nothing but tease my cock for two days!”



“You don’t have a cock. You have a penis, cock is a word reserved for big guys.” She barked and yanked her bra away and quickly grabbed the ANESTEN off the dresser and slathered my dick with her bare hand.

“No!” I cried out, but she was too quick, and within seconds my rock-hard dick was numb. Strangely I was able to stay erect but couldn’t feel her hand at all.

“Whoa, this stuff is weird.” She exclaimed looking down at her hand on my dick. Her hand was going numb on the palm but could still grip.

“I literally can’t feel you in my hand.” She held her hand up looking at it as she poked it and wiggled her fingers. “I better wash this stuff off before I accidentally touch something else.” She wiped her hand off and washed making sure to get all the cream off. I looked at my dick to find it covered in cream and slowly deflating.

The rest of the night was spent with Katie on the computer as she flipped from doing work to pulling up more porn sites Shelby had bookmarked. Occasionally finding something that excited or surprised her, she would hold the computer up and show me what she had found.

“So, you really like watching white girls get fucked by big black cocks.”

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