Adult Personals – Unexpected Result Ch. 02

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It had been a few weeks now since my first man-fuck with the guy I met on the adult dating site. Memories of it swirled through my brain a lot and I couldn’t help wanting to do it again. But my friend was away interstate and there’s no way I was game enough to try and hook up with someone new. Now, I’d better give my friend a name for the purposes of this story. Let’s just call him John. That’s easy.

Now, as I said the last time, I had always had some bi-curiosity, but also always been more attracted to women – still am. But in the couple of weeks after fucking with John, thoughts of his cock stuffing my arsehole and the taste of his semen in my mouth filled my thoughts. I just couldn’t get the image of his cock out of my head, nor the scent of his body out of my nostrils.

So, I was really pleased when he finally returned to town on a Sunday morning. His online profile, quiet for those weeks, was again updated with pictures of that hot, hot cock. I private-messaged him straight away, asking him when he might be ready for a re-match.

I was a little disappointed that there was no reply, but then my heart skipped a beat less than an hour later when my front doorbell rang. When I had messaged him before, I had changed into briefs from my usual boxers and slid on some track pants for easy access, in anticipation.

Even in my disappointment at not receiving a reply, my cock was half-ready.

But I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when I opened the door. There was John, smiling at me, accompanied by a second guy. Now this was pure porn. The guy was huge. I mean, if I’m to be honest, I’m below-average height. But even by the standards of those around me, this guy was huge. His arms were like tree-trunks, his skin so dark, his hair shaved down to a number one.

Both of them wore singlet-tops. John had track pants on as well. His friend wore khaki shorts and trainers with no socks. John was carrying his little pack of supplies.

“This is Dave,” John said. Dave extended a huge hand to shake mine and said he was pleased to meet me in a broad Australian accent that at first seemed at odds to his African appearance. He seemed friendly enough. I invited them inside.

Once inside, Dave’s demeanour changed immediately, however. He loomed over me and said “mm, nice.” And that was all. He grabbed me and turned me around, pulling me to him. I felt his bulge against my back as he unceremoniously slide a hand down the front of my track pants and inside my briefs and took hold of my half-stiff cock.

“Mmm-hmm,” he said, pushing his cock harder against me, “This will be fun.”

John put a hand on my shoulder, noticing the slightly hesitant look on my face, and said “It’s okay. He’s good!”

“Oh yeah,” said Dave as he massaged my growing cock, “I’m good.”

John suggested that we go and sit down in the lounge room and that I should get some beers, which I dutifully did. As I pulled the beers from the fridge, my mind was racing. Fear and trepidation filled me but were pushed aside by a growing excitement and horniness.

I returned to the lounge room, where the guys were sitting at either end of the sofa. I handed then their beers and went to sit down.

“Uh-uh,” said Dave, “first let’s see what you got.”

He directed me to the middle of the room, where I took off my t-shirt and slid down my pants. Not a great body but not too shabby, I always thought. Dave nodded approval at my swelling cock in my tiny briefs and beckoned güvenilir bahis me over. He leaned forward and cupped the bulge in my briefs, rubbing it firmly, making it grow more.

“Yep, pretty good,” he said, turning to John. Then, leaning back, he said “but have a go at this.” He took a firm hold of the huge bulge that ran down one leg of his shorts.

I knelt down between his huge thighs and rubbed the enormous slug through the canvas of his shorts. It was seriously huge. Then I undid the button of his shorts and slid the zip down. I reached inside and wrapped my hand around the enormous cock inside, then slowly slid it out. No underwear, just pure, unadulterated cock.

It was still not fully hard, but already huge. I estimated it was slightly shorter than John’s but at least 50% bigger in girth. Fuck, it was enormous – and cut, which only emphasised its enormous heft. For a moment I just squatted there, holding it in my hand, looking at it. It made my hand look small. To be honest, I wondered how I was going to get it in my mouth. But, God, I wanted it in my mouth.

“Well?” said Dave.

Slowly I lowered my mouth to the enormous slug. My lips parted around the huge, dark knob and it slid into my mouth. Fuck, his cock tasted good and I wanted it. I pulled the knob from my mouth and licked the underside of Dave’s shaft from base to tip, coating it in saliva. Then I licked my way along the top of it. Fuck, this huge member turned me on. My own cock throbbed in my briefs as I took the huge thing into my mouth again.

As I tried to take more of that gorgeous cock into my mouth, I could feel it growing. A little disconcerting, but I just wanted it in me. I kept sliding further onto it, swirling my tongue underneath it as it penetrated to my throat. Then slowly, my lips tight around it, I slid it out to the rim of the knob before sliding back down on it again. I felt the pulse in his cock, now, I hoped, fully engorged.

As I slide my mouth up and down that tasty meat, I caught sight of John out the corner of my eye, getting up from the couch. Whatever. I had the hottest, fattest cock I’d ever known buried in my throat. And some pretty wicked balls in my hand as well.

I felt John’s hand on my arse, sliding up and down outside the fabric of my briefs with a finger pushing into the cleft between my buttocks. I slid Dave’s cock from my mouth and said, simply, “oh yes” over my shoulder before turning back, burying my face beneath that fat cock and sucking on his tasty balls.

John pushed harder between my butt-cheeks and I could feel just the layer of fabric between his finger and my sphincter. As I continued to suck Dave’s balls, his slug draped across my face, I propped myself up on my knees with my arse in the air. John reached between my legs and took a firm hold on my fattened cock. He seemed happy, playing, so I went back to sucking Dave’s huge cock while John pulled my briefs up between my butt-cheeks and started biting and licking at my arse whilst massaging my cock.

I felt him pull away, not really able to see what he was doing for a while, as I just slammed Dave’s cock into my throat now. Then I felt John pull my briefs down and felt his tongue on my anus. He licked it up good for a few minutes, wetting up my anus, before I then felt his slick, oiled cock-knob at my opening. I gasped around Dave’s cock as I felt that familiar knob push against and then slide into my anus.

As John’s long, tapered cock slid deeper into my arsehole, türkçe bahis Dave’s fat, throbbing shaft slid deeper into my throat. Fuck, this was an amazing feeling. Two fat cocks, skewering me. By the time John’s cock was all the way in me, Dave’s was as deep as it could go in my throat. Then John started that familiar, slow build-up from a languid in-and-out slide to, before too long, fucking my anus like a champion. The rhythm ruined my cock-sucking, so I took to sliding my tongue and face all over Dave’s cock and balls.

Dave pushed my face hard against his cock and just started kind of writhing, rubbing his cock all over it, while John now was pumping my cock with a oil-slick hand while he pounded my anus. I was so fired-up that I didn’t last long. With Dave’s cock once again sliding in and out of my throat and John burying his cock deeper in my anus with each thrust, the first dribbles of pre-cum slipped from my own cock as John pumped it.

Then, with a shudder, my cock burst. The first rope of my semen crashed into the floor audibly as John kept pumping my cock. Then, like a waterfall, stream after stream of sticky, warm fluid spilled from me onto the floor like a waterfall, gathering in a thick puddle on the carpet.

Dave was now leaned-over to one side, watching my cock spasm its load onto the carpet. “Damn” was all he could say. But then he slid his cock from my mouth and knelt down on the floor. To my shock, he lowered his face to it, sucked up the big puddle of semen and then positioned himself under me to suck my spent cock clean. All the while John continued to pound my arse raw.

Once Dave had cleaned up my cock, he stood up and just watched John fuck me. I was moaning hard by now and my cock was starting to tingle again.

But not as much as John’s. As his slick cock slid in and out of my eager anus, I could feel that twitch in it and I knew he was close. Watching him over my shoulder, I saw his head was thrown back and he buried his fingers into the flesh of my butt and his cock into me.

With a deep, growling moan, he blew his load. I felt the warm, sticky cum shoot into my bowels, burst after burst, and the loud squelching sound as his pistoning cock slid around the sticky mess filling me. After a second or two, he slowed down, languidly sliding his cock in and out still. Finally, he slid it from my arsehole and leaned back. I felt the wet head of his cock slide down the back of my thigh as he moved. His breath was heavy, but he did stand up.

I moved to get up too, but Dave said “uh-uh. You stay there.”

With that, John sat down on the couch in front of me and presented his gorgeous cock for my attention. Not hesitating, I took the shiny cock into my mouth, relishing the way I was able to slow down the speed with which it shrunk and the taste of my arse on his pole. Fuck, his cock was beautiful.

Then I became aware of Dave’s hand on my arse, his finger sliding deep between my cheeks to my anus. He slid his finger straight in my loosened arse and followed it with his tongue. He was getting it nice and wet again. I knew what was coming and I was a little apprehensive. But there was nothing I could do, as I felt that fucking enormous cock head sitting at the entrance to my hole. He was pressing hard and I was glad for the minute that John had loosened up my fuckhole before. Then I felt that massive head slide past my sphincter.

I felt some relief as my arsehole wrapped around the base of that massive cock-head. güvenilir bahis siteleri But then I felt the beginnings of the shaft sliding into my anus. I was being stretched like never before and again I was thankful that John’s cock had warmed me up because Dave was not stopping. Inexorably that fat slug slid deeper into me. It didn’t have the taper of John’s cock; it was just fat all the way along.

Deeper it slid, filling my anus like it had never been filled before. It was well-lubricated, so it slid in reasonably easily but, sweet Jesus, my arse was being stretched.

Somewhere between sheer ecstasy and unconsciousness, the huge slug bottomed-out. It was buried to the hilt in my arse and I could feel Dave’s balls against my skin. I breathed a slight sigh of relief and went back to John’s cock, which I had been holding in my hand the whole time. Sliding my mouth over it again, I tasted, once more, the flavour of his meat and my arse on one pole.

Dave started sliding his cock backwards now. His technique was similar to John’s – a slow, languid sawing motion, his cock sliding slowly in and out of me as my sphincter gripped on the gorgeous shaft. Then an almost imperceptible increase in speed, about a second for each in and out.

I sucked, licked and bit at John’s cock and balls lasciviously as Dave rammed his thick, dark cock into me. With time, Dave was now pounding my arse hard and fast. With each slam of his pelvis against my butt a ripple ran through my body and I could feel his pendulous balls swing between my parted thighs, occasionally slapping against mine as I swallowed John’s cock. Dave grunted deeply every single time that he rammed his cock into me.

Then he placed a huge hand on my back and pushed me down. John’s cock slid from my mouth as Dave pulled me backwards slightly and my shoulders flopped to the floor, my arse in the air. Dave repositioned himself slightly, pulled my arse-cheeks apart so far I felt he was going to rip me in half, and started slamming harder, faster and deeper into me as I pushed my arse back towards him. It was a frenzy of speed-fucking.

And then it happened. I could feel every ridge, every vein in his cock as it twitched and jerked inside of me and then exploded. I thought John spurted hard, but Dave was another world. I could feel the cum pulse into me, not just filling me, but seemingly hitting the sides as it burst forth into my willing anus.

Spurt after spurt, he was not stopping. It was an eruption of semen deep inside of me, filling me like a meat balloon. Dave moaned loudly as he spewed maybe seven or eight massive eruptions of cum into me. Eventually it slowed to a mild spew before stopping. And then Dave stopped sliding it into me, just holding my arse open and resting that fat slug inside of me for a few minutes. My body was slick with sweat. Fucking hell.

And then, with almost as much pressure as I felt when it went in, his cock slid from me. There was a momentary pause as my anus closed around the rim of his cock-head, and then a burst as his cum-soaked cock-head slid from me. I could feel my sphincter spasm, gaping open for a second and then contracting.

Dave hooted and then fell to the floor. My arsehole was wrecked and soaked. Then my knees finally gave way and I fell to the floor, spent and full of jism. I remember hearing John say “oh yeah!” but that was it. I dreamed off for a few minutes.

I woke from my reverie presently, got up and pulled on some clothes. “Pub?” I enquired. We all agreed, got dressed and headed down the local for a few pots, like it was just the most natural thing in the world for me to sit on a bar stool drinking a beer with a sore anus and my bowels full of cum.

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