After Hours

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Dropping the phone back into its cradle Morgan leant back in her chair. She took in a deep breath, brushing her fingers back through her long auburn hair before exhaling. It was ridiculous the effect that woman had on her she thought, as she rose from her desk to fetch some water in a poor attempt to rid herself of the knots in her stomach. It was late in the day and most of her co-workers had already left for the night but she’d just been summoned to Alex’s office and Alex was not a woman you said no to. She is just your boss Morgan reminded herself. Granted she’s beautiful, cold, terrifying and eats people for breakfast, lunch and dinner but still it’s just a job and there are others out there. She was a grown woman and a professional and she wouldn’t allow herself to feel like a naughty schoolgirl who’d just been summoned before the headmistress.

Unfortunately the project to which she’d been assigned had not achieved the targets set and she had seen more than one colleague packing up their desk today but that did not mean she was being terminated as well; she’d done everything possible to save that project and if it weren’t for her quick action it would have lost money. She gulped the water, binned her paper cup and headed up the stairs, her heart pounding as she went. She’d worked for some tough bosses before, there was no reason for her to find Alex so unnerving but whenever their eyes met she felt naked and the ability to converse like a normal human being left her. It had been like that from day one. It was Alex’s predecessor who’d interviewed her that first day otherwise she doubted she’d be here now.

“Hi Elissa, Alex asked me to come up.” She smiled warmly at Alex’s Assistant in an attempt to belay the nerves but her eyes failed her as usual and she could feel the pity in Elissa’s smile as she asked her to take a seat.

“Alex is just on a call, can I get you a drink?” You look like you need one. The words were unspoken but they both understood the meaning. She shook her head quickly in response. At least she wasn’t alone in her discomfort when it came to their boss. Most of the men she worked with described her as a ballbreaker, though never to her face. The women strangely said very little, none of the usual office bitchiness. Alex had worked hard to get to the top which they respected but she was terrifying and intimidating as well and when she set her mind to something she pursued it with a predatory zeal.

“Elissa, send in Morgan and then you can leave for the night.” The sharp tone reverberating through the intercom interrupted her thoughts.

She rose purposefully, took in a deep breath and strode into the office determined not to be a coward. “Alex, you’re looking well. I understand you’ve expressed some concern at the outcome of the Park Project and I think that there are several minor changes we could make to tighten the budget across future projects. I’d be–“

“I’d love to hear them but that isn’t the reason I called you here.” Alex was seated at one of the two sofas in the room rather than behind her desk. Her tone was clipped as usual and her athletic body was encased in its usual power suit but the top button on her blouse was undone and her hair was loose. She crossed her long legs and leant forward slightly, her blonde hair falling forward. “Why don’t you take a seat?”

Unnerved by the interruption, the panic she’d being holding back returned at full force and she stuttered güvenilir bahis an acceptance as she quickly sat across from Alex on the other sofa. The seat pulled her in and she twisted to assume a more professional appearance and as she did so she couldn’t help her eyes from running up the length of Alex’s body. A sudden urge to reach out and brush her hair from her face came perilously close to taking over and she shook herself internally. She was so used to seeing Alex with her hair pulled back painfully tight; finding her looking relaxed was unexpected. As she noticed Alex’s smirk at her unease she grimaced slightly and responded “So if you didn’t want to discuss the Park Project, then what exactly can I do for you?”

Alex smiled gloatingly as if she’d won an undisclosed challenge. With feline eyes and a captivating sway in her hips she crossed the small space between them and seated herself beside Morgan on the sofa. “I had wanted to discuss a new project that I’ve selected you to take lead on,” she spoke slowly and deliberately, “but when you look at me like that I can think of something far more enjoyable that you could do for me.” She enunciated the last words and placed a perfectly manicured hand at the top of Morgan’s thigh.

Morgan’s heart pounded violently and she blushed crimson as she tried to find some way to respond. She could feel Alex’s nails grazing her inner thigh, her eyes never leaving Morgan’s face, watching her response closely. Her breath had left her body, her throat felt dry and tight and her nerves jittered. A distracting heat began to radiate out from deep down inside her; the inappropriateness of the situation only inflaming her body further. She bit her lip and looked back at Alex. She couldn’t believe this was happening; she’d been so sure that Alex had called her here to chew her out over the budget on Park and she couldn’t believe that someone like Alex was interested. Slowly she reached out her hand and swept her fingers through Alex’s silky hair, her fingertips tingling as she made contact urging her to draw closer. Suddenly she withdrew her hand, shaking her head. “This is crazy, someone could come in.”

“No-one’s going to disturb us but I’m glad that’s your only concern.” Alex took her hand and led her across the room and around the desk. “You always act so nervous and shy around me but then you look at me with those big dark eyes and I know precisely what you’re feeling.” She pushed her up onto the desk, Morgan’s skirt riding up her thighs. “Then you bite that lip and I just want to taste you.”

Morgan gasped, the tension in the pit of her stomach overpowering, her skin tingling with desire. “I never thought–”

“You’re thinking it now though and you felt it before.” Alex leaned in, her eyes enticing Morgan to come closer, she flicked her tongue across Morgan’s bottom lip before briefly nibbling it and taking full possession of her mouth, increasing the pressure gradually, teasing her with every stroke of her tongue. Sensing Morgan’s returned hunger she slid the jacket from her shoulders, pushing Morgan back as she did so and released her mouth to allow her lips to move downwards trailing Morgan’s neck as she used the jacket to pull the redhead’s arms back towards the desk, forcing her breasts to push forward, the peaks of her nipples clear against the tight satin blouse. “You were always so shy and then you marched into my office bold as brass, telling me I need türkçe bahis to make changes to my business. Now that cannot go unpunished.”

“Punished? This is about punishing me?” Fear gripped her while her body continued to throb traitorously, aching to be devoured. Alex untied Morgan’s blouse sliding one arm round her caressing her curves, her nails dancing across her back and sides while using the other to torment her nipples with skilled strokes. Morgan looked for a distraction to help her think clearly. Alex was so intense; it was as terrifying as it was erotic. “Wait, the blinds are open, they’ll be able to see us from the office across the street.”

“Well if you’re a good girl I might push you up against the glass as you come so they can see just how hot you are for me but for now I think I’ll play some more.”

Morgan’s heart was pumping in her chest harder than she’d ever felt before, her nipples were crying out to be touched again and a building arousal was causing her core to pulsate uncontrollably. Alex unhooked her bra quickly and took one of her nipples into her mouth, her tongue encircling it, her teeth tugging gently, tantalisingly close to pain as her hands cupped and kneaded Morgan’s breasts.

Morgan couldn’t resist her hunger, her hands slid through Alex’s hair and she pulled her face up towards her claiming her mouth, nipping her cherry red lips with her teeth as she did so. Alex’s moan gave her a momentary sense of power as she unbuttoned her shirt, releasing her breasts and taking them in her hands. She really was beautiful Morgan thought.

“Not yet, I have a promise to keep.” Alex commanded pushing Morgan back onto the desk. She’d been fantasising about getting Morgan alone in her office like this for months and she was determined to savour every moment. With devoted precision she peeled off Morgan’s skirt leaving her in just her underwear. Her eyes devoured Morgan’s curves and her hands brushed and stroked her body with fervour.

The breeze from the air conditioning taunted Morgan’s already sensitised body causing her to shiver. Her eyes sought out Alex, ready to follow her every instruction. It was freeing she thought as she lay back, giving herself over completely to the sensations running through her body. Captivated as Alex adeptly spread her legs and kissed her way slowly up, lapping at her thighs before covering her with her mouth and breathing out deeply. The heat from Alex’s mouth through her underwear caused Morgan’s body to arch. She reached out suddenly, aching to return Alex’s embraces.

“Oh no, not yet.” Alex pulled Morgan up from the desk, turned her round and bent her face down over it. “Now spread your legs more so I can see you.” Alex used her knee to nudge Morgan’s thighs apart. Sliding her hands down Morgan’s sides and into her underwear she slowly slid them from her body. Standing behind Morgan she grasped her buttocks firmly, moulding them with her hands as she slid down to her knees. Sliding one hand between Morgan’s thighs she swirled her thumb provocatively against her folds feeling her warm and moist in her hand. Twisting her hand she used her thumb to circle her clit, kissing and nipping the curve of her buttocks as she did so.

Morgan’s body rocked against Alex’s thumb eager to find its release. She thrust back with her hips inviting Alex’s fingers to claim her. Instead Alex slid down to her knees, spreading Morgan further to allow her to güvenilir bahis siteleri replace the probes of her thumb against Morgan’s clitoris with her tongue, swirling around it before clamping her mouth firmly over it, suckling and swallowing before plunging her fingers into her. Morgan cried out in desperation “Now, please now.” Alex stopped suddenly. “No…” Morgan moaned. “Please I need…”

“Tell me.” Demanded Alex, “Tell me what you need.”

“Please let me come” gasped Morgan the need rippling through her.

“Do you remember what we talked about?” asked Alex breathless with barely concealed excitement.


“Come with me.”

Alex pulled Morgan up from the desk and manoeuvred her across to the full height glazing. “Oh god no, you can’t mean it.”

“Oh but I do.” Alex pressed Morgan’s naked form up against the glazed panel where she started to pull away. “Trust me, don’t think, just go with it” murmured Alex her hot breath against Morgan’s neck. The glass she was pressed up against was cold, numbing the tender ache in her nipples but refocusing all her need at her core, she shuddered, her body starting to spasm in anticipation for what she knew Alex would give her if she would only remain in position.

“Open your eyes.”


“We have company; you wouldn’t want to appear rude now would you? And I so want to be back down there between your thighs.”

Morgan gasped with need and shock, opening her eyes but instead of focussing on the office across the street she caught Alex’s reflection in the mirror. Saw the flush in her cheeks, the elation and need. Need for her? Alex wanted her, badly. The realisation rocked her. Suddenly all she wanted was to please this woman and she pressed herself up against the window harder. “In the office across the street is a brunette lying back on her sofa. She’s sliding her hand inside her skirt touching herself as she watches us. So let’s not disappoint her shall we? Get on your knees and fuck me with your hands and your tongue.”

Alex’s eyes blazed in the windows reflection and she spun Morgan round kissing her hard, bruising her lips, pulling her tongue into her mouth and sucking it quickly before spinning her back round against the glass. Dropping to her knees she spread Morgan’s thighs with her hands before sliding her thumb up inside her, rotating it gently. Rising she slid her tongue into her cleft, flicking it with increased urgency against the swell of her clitoris. Hearing Morgan’s moans reaching their peak she quickly rose pressing her body up against Morgan so she could feel her bucking against her. Sliding one hand in front to continue the strokes, she slipped the other between Morgan’s thighs, her fingers probing deeper as she inserted one, then two, then three before spreading them to fill her.

Morgan was gripped, moaning deeper now as she submitted to Alex. She could feel the ache building deep within her, heat rushing through her thighs and her abdomen. Pushing up against the glass harder and throwing back her head she roared her release, her body clenching Alex’s fingers, consuming her and draining her at once. As her legs threatened to buckle she turned using Alex’s body to steady herself and watched as Alex raised her fingers to her mouth and sucked them dry.

“Why don’t we move this to the couch, you should rest a moment,” Alex suggested generously.

“Oh no, I’m just getting started,” replied Morgan suddenly emboldened. “Only this time, you’ll be doing exactly what I say and if I’m not satisfied I’ll bend you over that desk and spank your arse until it’s red raw, and sweetheart, you are definitely going up against that window!”

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