An Unusual Encounter Ch. 02

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It had been 3 months since that strange evening took place, and while I had been glad that I hadn’t met those men again, it had got me thinking. I carried on as usual, however, and didn’t think to change my normal journey back from work. Then one day, as I was walking up the escalator, I caught a glimpse of a familiar face. As I hurried up the stairs and through the ticket barriers, a feeling of panic took over me. I left the station, and made my way home, head down, trying not to look at anyone. Suddenly, I felt a firm grip on my arm and 2 men either side of me. I immediately knew what would happen, but remembering what they said to me last time, I wondered exactly what I was in for.

I as entered the room again, I saw 5 men waiting there, clearly ready for my arrival. They had taken the bed out, and the floor was bare, except for a camera in the corner, ready to record the events that would take place. The 2 men who got me at the station took my clothes off, pushed me onto my knees, and stood over me, pushing their dicks into my face. They order me to start sucking, to cover their dicks in my spit, as illegal bahis the other 5 men stand around, wanking, looking at me on my knees. One of the 2 men grabs my hair and starts fucking my face hard, pushing his whole dick into my mouth, right up to his balls as I choke, bringing up all that spit from the back of my throat. They keep alternating, spitting on my face as they fuck it. One of the men watching comes over and passes the one with his dick in my mouth a leash. As he tightly fastens it around my neck, he tells me to get on all fours, like a little filthy animal. I look up, indicating that I don’t want to, so the other one pushes me down hard, until I’m on all fours.

I find myself being led around the room, 5 men wanking over me as the man behind me pours buckets of oil all over me. Soon, I’m completely oiled up, oil dripping off me. Suddenly I feel something pressing against my arsehole. I’d turn round to see what it was, but I’m being prevented from doing so by the leash. All I know is that slowly it’s stretching my arsehole wider and wider, and just as the pain gets almost unbearable, it illegal bahis siteleri stops, and whatever it is is stuck in my arsehole. I feel a yank on the leash, and the man holding it starts walking me around the room again, while the others move their hands faster and harder up and down their hard dicks.

He stops in front of a mirror, and I can see for the first time, what they’ve all been wanking over, all greased up, on a leash, with a 3 inch wide see-through butt plug sticking out of my arsehole. I’m ordered to watch myself suck the leader’s dick, and as I do, the plug is slowly taken out of my arse. I’m told to get as many of my own fingers into my arse as I can, while I suck dick, and I’m close to getting my whole fist in, my arse is gaping so wide. My fingers slide in so easily cos of all the oil, as I flick my tongue over the top of his dick, tasting a bit of cum, before swallowing the whole dick deep into my mouth.

They move be back into the middle of the room, and take it in turns to fuck my gaping arse, stretching it wide and wider with each thrust, while people cue up to have canlı bahis siteleri their dicks sucked. More and more oil keeps getting poured on, and soon I’m getting fucked so hard my body starts shaking. One of them notices, and just as I’m about to cum all over the place, he wraps his mouth around my dick and sucks all the cum out of me. While I’m still shaking, and still getting brutally fucked, he moves in front of me, and spits all my cum onto my face, covering me in my own cum and his spit.

One by one they keep fucking my arse and mouth until finally, I’m pulled up by the leash around my neck, and am ordered to make each one cum on me. One by one, I suck and wank them all off, until they shoot load after load of hot cum, all over my face, until I’m completely covered in it. All but one cum on my face, except the leader, who hands the leash to someone else, and starts filling my arse up with cum, til its over flowing. Then , one man picks up the camera to get a close up shot of me sitting in a pool of oil, 7 loads of cum on my face and chest, and in my hair, with cum oozing out of my gaping arsehole.

As I’m busy on my hands and knees licking all the cum off the floor, the leader orders me to squeeze, and push all the cum out of my arse into his hand. He then makes me lick his hand clean, so I can taste my own arse along with his sticky cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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