Anne Working Overtime Ch. 08

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08 – Teambuilding

Lazy breakers drove a monotonous rush up the cliffs from Kamachooga Bay. To Anne it was kind of a symbolic sound at a symbolic place. That place… the very outdoor restaurant where she and Jean got down to real business just a few weeks ago.

The evening was warm and quiet, and the setting sun started to paint the light feather clouds in the horizon in a deep read colour. A romantic and beautiful background for a very important talk with two of the most extraordinary ladies in her new life; Jean and Carol.

She knew that this was a special evening for several reasons. First and foremost because the two ladies clearly considered themselves managers, and as such didn’t get too much involved with the students that went through the training program. At least not with the daily progress. Alas, there had to be a good reason for them to sit down with her like this!

And then she knew – from several remarks made by both of them – that they had special plans. Special plans for her. Not like for the other girls. For her only! She didn’t know what it was all about, although she had a few hunches. But right here and right now, the important thing was that she felt special. She was special. A chosen one. And hopefully not only because of her special skills. She in fact felt quite strongly that it also had to do with her own personality, her positive thinking, frank submissiveness, genuine passion, ability to love and worship…. Simply put, her way of doing things and getting along.

They chatted lightly over huge marguerites. Even this beautiful evening theirs were one of just a few occupied tables at the huge terrace overlooking the bay.

As usual the two ladies were perfectly dressed in elegant business suits. Jean wore a vest and a dark grey tie under her jacket. Carol was a little more casual with a dark brown top and a deep red scarf with her jacket. Anne, for the occasion, wore a light almost white summer jacket, yellow tee- shirt, and stonewashed jeans. A sharp contrast to the other two, but quite according to what they had asked – or rather expected.

Carol sat more or less opposite of her with her legs crossed. The edge of her skirt had crept half way up her silky thighs. Anne knew this was business, and tried not to be affected by the breathtaking view. But of course, that was completely impossible. Just the feeling of the lady’s presence was enough to get her going. Well… any one of them, for that matter!

Jean put her drink down and knowingly smiled at Anne.

“I can see you appreciate the choice of location. As always I’m able to read your mind like an open book!”

She laughed as she raised a gloved hand to call on the waiter for refills, then explained her remark to Carol.

The two ladies soon got serious again, and Anne felt their eyes glow at her as her mistress got to the point.

“Now, I thought I should tell you a little more about the future plans for the business we’re running,” Jean started. “And what that will mean for your – and our – situation.

At the moment business is going quite well, and I’ll be fairly busy considering the different alternatives for expansion. Quite careful expansion! You know; what kind, how, where, and so on. So, even though I’d love to, I’ll have less time to personally follow your training and development. Carol will be more available, but I’ll need her assistance too – at least for periods of time.

All this will require some special arrangements for you. We need to continue our attempts of implementing your special skills into the established group of service girls. And we need to continue developing and subsequently establish you as one of the top ranking expert in our staff.”

Anne reassured them that she was more than willing to do what was necessary to see things through the best way. She was just unsure about how. Come to think of it, she had still not met any of the operating service girls in Jean’s staff. Jennifer from the infamous sit- in lecture was also still in training, like herself.

“Yes,” Jean responded to her question, “I know you haven’t really met any of them yet. I simply wanted to introduce you and a few of the other trainees in a proper way. Like a meeting somewhere, where we could get more acquainted in a way that makes it easy for everybody. That’s a new idea of mine. The first girls got to meet each other more or less by chance during training and later on field trips. That’s not the right way to do it, though, and this is one of the things I’d like to improve on a bit. I’m thinking more in the terms of some kind of established teambuilding session. Of course with our own special twist!

So, I – we – wanted to let you know that you can look forward to a great introduction party up at the institute! Deb is already on the preparations. And you’ll be the guest of honour!”

With a horny heat that almost felt like a physical pressure against her body, their eyes continued to glow at her.

“And as casino oyna the guest of honour, which date would be appropriate to you?!?”

Anne was a little bit stunned, indeed. But still her emotions were mixed.

Being the guest of honour was great, obviously. But as Jean’s words started to sink in, she realised that she was actually saying that she wouldn’t have as much time to spend with her as before. Less time….. and less interest?!

She wondered. Could she have gotten too intimate with Carol? Was she getting involved in the positioning games between the two ladies without really being aware of it?

Or did Jean look at her as someone who was already well integrated into her group, and now she could go out there and continue hunting for other heads? Literarily?!?

That was a notion she definitely didn’t like at all. But somehow she felt that it couldn’t really be that bad. Jean and Carol obviously had other things to do, no doubt about it. They were after all managing a blooming business together. So it could be just a practical arrangement of things. Clearly. But still…..

“Oh… I don’t know, really… Well, Friday… Friday would be fine!”

“Great! I’m so glad! We both are available Friday, and so is the group. In fact it was one among a fairly limited number of days possible.”

The setting sun now painted a deep red colour all over the hazy horizon with its scattered feather- like clouds. The three women admired the beautiful view as they chatted lightly over their drinks. Anne had sunk deep down in her reflections on positive thinking, self- confidence, and being special. So deep she almost jumped as she noticed the focus returning back on her.

“One more important thing: we – or should I say I – have temporarily stopped the search for new potential service girls to our staff. We’ve discussed this point very carefully, and found that we really needed to work on your skills with the rest of the group before we continue. We never wanted to be just good. We want to be the best! And you can help make that happen.

If it’s Okay with you, I would be very happy to somehow be able to announce this on the introduction party.”

The two ladies again grinned at her obvious trepidation.

“Not that you’ll be facing a cheering crowd of fans or anything like that! I’ll just try to bring the message home during that evening, one way or the other. You know… Clearly we’ve already seen how the skills of our girls are decisive factors of success. When they really excel, and eventually even exceed expectations, then the marketing job is done simply by the word on the street! Or – more precisely – the rumours between our influential clients.

So, my dear, it seems like you’re in for a lot of overtime!”

Once again Anne’s feelings were a total mess. Her mood shifted from rage over being abandoned due to her ladies busy schedules all the way over to being overjoyed for her position as the most special girl on their staff. And sometimes the sheer joy of knowing that they were really real! Like…. real ladies…. mature, gracious, and horny, wanting real, devoted pleasure from young, lustful girls like her. Wanting it in fact from her. What more could she ever wish for? A few weeks back she’d still refuse to believe that this world existed!!

But everything was changed now… also in other ways. She was deeply in love with Jean, and she felt a very strong attraction and affection for Carol as well. And Pam. And Mary. All of them, actually! Their wonderful hot bodies, their fresh and free natures, their self- confident sexuality, unrestricted passion and shameless quest for pleasure. But Jean was the first; the pioneer… the eye- opener… the pathfinder. The one to take her to the mountain top and let her see the promised land!!!! Oh yes. Martin’s words were definitely appropriate. It was nothing but good…. Nothing but great. Nothing could be wrong about loving women like Jean! Nothing!

And she had said that she had stopped her search for new talents. Clearly not because of her personality, but still, at least, she was the one directly affecting that decision. Could it be possible to use the position this gave her to win the lady’s heart for good? How should she then deal with Carol in the future? If she should try to think a little bit strategically – for once?!?

It was becoming more and more clear to her that she couldn’t stand the thought of being just another of the service girls. She wanted to be special among the special. To Jean. And Carol?!

Was that possible? Could she expect Jean to finally choose her if she obviously harboured similar feelings to Carol? Even if those feelings were more primitive passion and glowing desire than real burning love?

And how about the obvious rivalry between them? They were very good at hiding it to others, but Anne had sensed it almost immediately. And every day it was even more clear to her. Officially good friends and associates, but slot oyna under the surface a weird kind of a power- struggle, or whatever you would call it. Exactly how much, she still didn’t know. Of course she hoped she was wrong, and that it was just some kind of a feeling generated simply by the awesome impression they made.

But there definitely was something… that was for sure.

Once again she thought over what she actually knew about their relationship. She let her mind rumble through the impressions and dialogues she had with Carol the other day when they spent the evening together at the institute. It wasn’t easy since her senses were totally drugged by the powerful femininity of the lady’s body. But with some concentration she could recall at least some of the things they had been chatting about.

Carol lay spent and motionless all over the couch with Anne worshipfully on her haunches at her feet.

What time it was she didn’t know. But it must have been like 2 or 3 in the morning. A wonderful, early morning with a hazy atmosphere of exhausted afterglow, warm compassion, and joyful satisfaction. Even with the intense itching in her own overheated pussy.

She felt Carol start to drift off to sleep as she tenderly stroked her thighs and calves with loving fingertips and soft, sensitive lips. The greedy, predator- like pussy lips up there happily closed and relaxed, satisfied from loving tongue treatment – for now.

Anne didn’t feel tired at all. She was already looking intensely forward for the moment when those lips were ready to part once again around her tongue, to welcome her back in where she belonged, to kiss her own lips in the passionate embrace that created the magic unity that she had so learned to love and strive for.

She almost jumped when she heard Carols voice from above, clear and soft at the same time;

“Anne dear, did Jean find you in school? Down at Greer?”

“Er… yes…., yes, she did…”

“I thought so. What did she actually tell you about me? I mean – before we met. You and me.”

Anne’s heart started pounding again. She immediately recalled the fact that Jean hadn’t mentioned her with a single word until they met in her office the day of the sit- in lecture. What should she say? What was the right thing to say?!?

“Well…..” Anne desperately tried to think of a way out. “She actually didn’t say much…” She kept on kissing a lazily stretched ankle. “I…. I don’t know…..”

“You mean, she didn’t mention me at all?!?”

Carol raised her head to look down at her in disbelief. Anne instinctively tried to hide behind her knee.
What could she tell her?

A long, unbearable moment of silence….

Then Carol let her head fall back again as she sighed.

“Be a darling and get me a blanket, will you?”

Anne jumped to her feet, more than happy to be released from the cold grip of interrogation. In no time she stood over her with a huge, soft one from the machine accessory cupboard.

“Now get down here, and cover us up! And give me a big, big kiss!!

Again Anne’s heart pounded in her chest. Only this time from fear for her life more than anything else.

Sure enough, she was nervous about this team building session with the other service girls, but racing with Jean along Altona Beach on their way up to Mayo certainly wasn’t for people with bad nerves! Anne thought her lady was driving wilder than some of the most childish boys she knew back in school.

What if the cops finally got her? Did she ever think about that?

The dust cloud accompanying Jean’s car as she roared up in front of the institute was already widely known as one of her hallmarks.

Anne was glad to get out alive this time too, and had completely forgotten her other concerns as they entered the familiar building.

“Time for some serious teambuilding” Jean smiled as they strode into her office for a cup of coffee.

They were still early. They could hear the distant music from Pam’s last aerobic hour from one of the studios.

Deb came in with fresh coffee and cookies for them as they sat down to discuss the details of the evening’s party.

Anne had eventually managed to relax a bit. But when she all of a sudden got aware of a minivan moving up in front of the entrance, she felt the familiar tickling in the stomach again. Finally she was going to meet the other service girls. The real field operators!

Through the blinds she could see the young lovelies stepping out one by one, and filing into the building in the direction of the reception room facing the back yard.

Strange how young they looked! Mentally, she had pictured these girls to be more experienced and consequently… bigger…. older…. somehow. Imagine; some of them already had almost a year of field experience on their butt!

Suddenly she felt totally lost again. Lost in space! How could she be special when she hadn’t even seen a single client yet? Hadn’t canlı casino siteleri done anything but training and preparation? And some of them were surely even younger than her…. – and far more beautiful!! Almost like Barbie dolls.

She could hear them chatter and giggle down the hallway…. Just like that! Like they should be having biology class.

She suddenly managed to grasp the significance of Jean’s training…. far beyond the question of technique. Attitude and self- confidence definitely was an ultimate key – like she had always said. And this was the clearest evidence Anne had seen so far. This chatter, this confident and trustful mood, the obvious friendship and mutual respect they felt to each other. “How can you be a good service girl if you’re not able to think positively?” Jean had stated. And it wasn’t just a phrase – definitely not! From her own reluctant steps into this fabulous world, she perfectly well knew what it took to be confident.

Jean had stopped talking, and Anne could feel her looking at her. She turned to meet her smiling eyes.


Anne just nodded.

Damn! Every time she felt she started to get on top of things, she was reduced to a helpless kitten again. And this time it felt real bad! Right here and now. She was supposed to teach them something?!? Eventually….

How on earth was she even going to be able to confront them? To face them? Meet their gaze? All of them together?

She felt the sweat break out all over her body, and her hands started trembling lightly. She jumped as she felt Jean’s warm, calm hands over hers, and again turned to meet her intense, grey- green eyes.

“I know this feels like kind of an awkward moment,” she smiled at her, speaking with a completely relaxed and reassuring voice. “This time you’re not going to meet just experienced and confident ladies, but service girls quite like yourself.

But let me just assure you that it will be OK! You’ll be surprised how relaxed the atmosphere will be. And I should know; I created it! And besides, I wasn’t able to collect more than about eight girls for this evening, so it isn’t like you’re facing half of the local community!”

She chuckled lightly before she continued.

“These girls are as busy as everybody else. They have jobs, studies or friends to handle. And some of them are on service, of course. This evening I ended up having four of the girls out. One of them is even doing a full day sit- in service at a medical research institution in Pescada!”

She took a sip of her coffee. Even through her calm smile Anne could recognize this familiar uneasiness about her that betrayed her rising heat.

That helped her relax a little. Obviously, her lady expected nothing but sweet pleasure from tonight’s event. Then why shouldn’t she expect exactly the same thing?

Carol hadn’t talked much more about her relationship to Jean after their exhausting night together.

The next time they had had a chance to be alone, she had chosen to focus on her personal development. Her approach to the challenges of life in general, and especially her new ways in the area of sex. Anne felt it was because she needed time to think about how to deal with the things she had learned so far from their intimate moments together.

The lady told her how the desire for other women’s touch had been with her for as long as she could remember, and she had had several flings with girls throughout the years, even after she got married.

But she freely admitted that it was Jean’s ideas that set the things right for her; that made her understand what she really craved.

Because lesbian or straight actually wasn’t the important thing. No no! Getting head was what it was all about! – And getting it good!! A patient and skilled tongue working her pussy for hours at end. Whenever she felt the need…. whenever she got horny.

And that turned out to be pretty often!

As their service girls got more and more skilled and devoted, she and Jean had discovered what continuous stimulation and repeated orgasms could do to your body over time. If it was the general hormone level or purely a mental thing, they didn’t know. But the fact was that the more and the more thunderous orgasms they had, the more their body craved. And now they were more or less addicted! She had lost count of how many times she had fallen asleep somewhere som early morning with a young girl between her legs; – totally exhausted after a full evening and night of continuous oral service and an unknown number of intense orgasms.

In the worst periods, they’d had to pick up again the next morning and continue up until noon time before she finally felt satisfied…. at least for the next few hours.

Jean had had exactly the same experience, and they got quite close in their common enjoyment of the skills of their young students. And their own desires.

Carol really had had the impression that their previous rivalry now was a thing of the past. That was until Anne came into the picture. It was clear to her that Jean had plans for the girl. Plans beyond what they had discussed down at Kamachooga. And consequently beyond what she had wanted to tell her as well.

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