Another Taste of Perfection Ch. 02

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O barely makes it through the door before she passes out on my ottoman. I take her shoes off and cover with a blanket that she almost immediately kicks off.

In my room, I sit down on my bed and take out her card again. The temptation to text her right now is overwhelming, but I’m assuming this works the same way as with guys. Gotta play it cool.

I strip down to just my underwear and freefall onto my bed. I let my eyes close and she comes back into view. Her impossibly shiny black hair. Pink lips. Those eyes. I know it’s cliche to go gaga over eyes, but hers… they’re unbelievable. I’m trying to recall how she smelled. Fresh. Pure. Clean. It wasn’t floral. It wasn’t sweet.

Then I remember those long fingers creeping up my thigh. I’m getting chills even now. And just like that, my hand is underneath the band of my panties. I’m desperate to feel the way I did then. The incredible first-time sensation. And, really, it was a first time. That’s what’s so wild about this. I’ve never been sexual with another woman.

I mean, every girl kisses her best friend when she’s too drunk to know better. But this was — I don’t know. It was… more intense than anything I’ve felt with a man before. She knew exactly how to touch me.

I am unwittingly massaging myself. Faster. Harder. I can’t get that feeling back, but I have to cum. I employ both hands, rubbing harder and letting up at just the right moment. That wave of warm pleasure begins to wash over me as a rather powerful orgasm surprises me. My breathing halts to stifle any sounds I might like to make. My mouth is wide open, tiny breaths escaping. Eyes are squeezed shut. Fingers — now slowed down — working my clit.

Those telltale spasms inside run up and down inside of me while I wind down. I use my last ounce of strength to pull a sheet over me and I’m out.


I wake up hot. The sun is baking me and my sheet is somewhere on the floor. I smell bacon and coffee. I can hear O singing some song from the 20s. And doing so expertly. I pull a shirt over my head and join her in the kitchen.

“Morning, sleepyhead,” she continues humming.

I pour a cup of coffee, “Morning.”

“I made some bacon and eggs. There’s a warm plate for you in the oven and there’ll be toast in a bit.”

“How are you so … alert?” I squint at her.

She walks over, pinches my cheeks, and smiles up at me, “I don’t get hungover, remember, grandma?”

“Oh, right.”

“Well,” she pulls my plate out of the over, buries it with food, and slides it onto the island, “I’m gonna take a shower and then head over to the lake. It’s ‘sposed to be 60 today! You should come with,” she says brightly and leaves the room before I have a chance to answer.

I scurry back to my room and retreive Lana’s card and my phone. I sneak back into the kitchen, waiting by the bathroom door until I hear the shower.

What the heck do you say to someone who almost fingered you in the first 10 minutes of meeting you? What sounds totally breezy but says, “Hey, I masturbated to you last night and I’d really love to see you again but I’m also kinda terrified?”

I’m just about to start typing when my agent calls.

“Jules! How are you?”

“Elle, I’m just fine. You know I love pleasantries as anybody else, but I have some exciting news that needs to be addressed and I think we should meet.”

She sounds chipper. This is weird, “Okay, sure. When? Where?”

“Noon. That Potbelly at State and Lake. I’m craving one of those Wreck sandwiches.”

“Noon? As in 15 minutes from now?”

“That would be the one,” I can hear her smiling.

“I’ll be there!” I hang up and run to my room. I pull on a pair of jeans and throw my hair up in a ponytail.

Living in the corncob buildings, I’m not all that far from State and Lake, but this will still require me to hustle. Which I’m not a fan of in any capacity. The loop is swimming with tourists, all of them staring up at the buildings and not watching where they’re going.

Jules is set up in a corner booth going to TOWN on a sandwich. I approach the table, “Would you like me to leave you two alone?”

She motions for me to sit. She holds up a finger, chewing slowly, “Okay, here’s the deal. I have a producer at Lionsgate who wants to meet and talk about your script.”

I jump up from the table, “Oh my god! That’s amazing!”

“Here’s the catch,” she takes a giant bite of sandwich and chews with her eyes closed, savoring, “We…” chew chew chew güvenilir bahis “Have to leave…” chew chew chew “Tonight.”

“No problem!”

“That’s my girl!” she finishes her sandwich and triumphantly launches her balled-up paper bag at the garbage can, “The next flight out there is at 7:40 from O’Hare. Go home, get packed, and I’ll meet you at the airport at 6.”

I run all the way home and barge in the door. A note of the fridge:

I wrapped up your breakfast and put it in the fridge. I’ll be home around 5.

I have no time for breakfast. I grab my pantsuit from the closet and put it — along with my laptop and a copy of my script into my suitcase. I take off my jeans to jump in a shower and Lana’s card falls out of the pocket.

I throb from deep within when I remember her hands. I’m feeling suddenly confident and I finally text her:

Found your card, sneaky girl.

I stare at my phone for a good 10 minutes. Nothing.

In the shower, I imagine her slim figure behind me. Her hands moving from my back, under arms, to my breasts. Everything slippery. Soapy. I pinch my nipples and imagine how she might do it. I like to think she would kiss my neck and whisper in my ear again. Pretty girl.

I hear my phone chime in the other room and finish up as quickly as I can. Sans towel, I run across the apartment.

From: Ophelia Gunderson

U comin’ out?

Funny you should ask…

I text her back and tell her I’m flying to LA tonight. She follows up in typical O fashion with approximately one million questions. I reply:

I’ll explain later.

I’m wolfing down my breakfast when my phone dings at me again.

“O, seriously…” I pick it up. A text from an unsaved number.

I was wondering when I’d hear from you 😉

A butterfly bomb detonates in my tummy and I’m jumping up and down, squealing. I stop, look around. Be cool, Elle. Be. Cool. I text back.

Well, you made quite a first impression.

I’m biting my lips, staring at my phone. I feel like I might vomit. A reply!

I could still smell you on my fingers this morning. mmm…

I can feel my cheeks ignite, but I also feel something else. A dull ache, calling out from within. What is it with this girl? How is she doing this to me? I have to be out the door in an hour. Another text.

Can I see you tonight?

Fuck. No.

I’m actually going to be out of town until Tuesday morning.

She texts back.

Anywhere fun?

Santa Monica, I reply.

Ooh-la-la, she answers. Will you have dinner with me and tell me all about it when you return?

Ahh! If I had more room in my apartment I would do cartwheels! I’m tempted to move the bed and just do one.

Absolutely. Can’t wait.

Text me when you’re back in town, pretty girl, she answers.


The flight was relatively peaceful. Jules and I grab a drink at the hotel bar and go over my treatment. 9am comes way too quickly. I meet Jules in the lobby and we over to Lionsgate. Our meeting lasts all of 10 minutes and we are told that they’ll call us.

“Don’t get discouraged, honey. All things considered, that went well. They love your idea. I’ve got a good feeling about this,” she opens the car door for me and we climb in, “Say, would you mind heading back to Chicago this afternoon? I know that’s a lot of travel in a very short amount of time but I…”

My stomach jumps into my throat, “Let’s go home! That’s an excellent idea.”

We get back to the hotel, grab brunch, and head back to the airport. My nerves get the best of me and I text Lana to let her know I’m coming home. I don’t want her to make plans.

Turns out I’m coming back tonight. Busy?

I hear nothing back. I text O to let her know I’m on my way home early. We board the plane and I’m staring at my phone until they come by and tell me for the third time to shut it down. I turn it off and close my eyes. Jules has already taken her motion sickness pills and she’s down.

When I open my eyes again, we’re on the ground. We share a cab home. O is nowhere to be found when I arrive. A note on the fridge reads:

Working ’til midnight then goin’ out. You should come out! Love you!

I pull my phone out of my pocket. Oh my god! I forgot to turn my phone back on! How does that even happen?! I hold the top button and it wakes up. I’m staring daggers while it comes to. “Why are you going so slow?!”

My email notifications show türkçe bahis up. Facebook notifications. My minigolf game tells me that players are waiting for me to take my turn. Finally — FINALLY — my text alerts come in. Four from O. Two from Lana. I tap Lana’s name.

Why so soon? I have plans tonight. Still wanna meet tomorrow?

My heart sinks but jumps right back up into my throat when I see the next message.

Oh darn. Plans fell through. Still available this evening?

Once again I’m jumping up and down. Fist pumping. Singing. I text her my address and she says there’s a great restaurant right over here that she loves. She’ll come by around 9.

I would run around cleaning, but O is just so damn neat. All I really have to do is make my bed.

My bed. What if we end up there later? The idea gets me excited.

I shower and curl my hair. I put on a red dress that leaves just enough to the imagination. I light candles. Then blow them out. Is that too cliche? I light them again. Blow them out again. Then light them again. Fuck it!

I grab a bottle of wine from the rack and open it to start the breathing process. My phone rings and it’s the doorman.

“Hello?” I try not to sound insane.

“Hi, I have a miss Lana here to see you…”

“Send her up. Thanks!”

My hands are trembling and I stand by the couch so it won’t sound like I was right by the door when she knocks. Ah! Music! I turn on the iPod speakers that O always has plugged in. Some old sounding 20s song comes on. Kinda romantic. I leave it.

A knock at the door and I’m doing everything in my power not to scream.

I open the door and her scent floods the room.

“Hi,” I can’t help but grin.

“Hey, pretty girl,” her voice is softer now that she doesn’t have to shout over house music. Her coat is open. A long, green dress hangs on her every curve. Her hair is kind of wild but hangs past her shoulders, soft and shiny.

“Come on in,” I step back so she can enter.

She takes a few steps in and looks around, “Wow. Nice place,” she nods in approval.

“Thanks. I live here with O.”

She whirls around back to me, “Is she around?”

“No. She’s bartending until midnight,” I play with the hem of my dress. “I opened a bottle of wine. Do you drink wine?”

“I love wine,” her mouth twists into her very unique smile. Seductive. Cute.

I pull out two wine glasses, “You know, I have to tell you that I’ve never done anything like the other night,” I fill both glasses and pass her one.

“Like what?” She pulls her coat off. I can see her figure now. She isn’t wearing a bra, but her breasts are perfectly fine without. They’re small. Lovely on her frame. I want to grab her hips and kiss her. I want to feel those lips I’ve fantasized about against my own.

“Well, I don’t usually go to clubs in the first place. I especially don’t go to clubs — or anywhere for that matter — and get so… intimate with someone I’ve just met.”

She takes a sip, “Neither do I. But I saw you when I walked in and couldn’t take my eyes off of you.”

I’m bright red. I can feel it.

“There’s those rosy pink cheeks I’m so fond of.”

I touch my face, “Huh?”

“I like when you get all flustered,” she sets her glass down and moves around to my side of the island, “I hope I’m not being too forward here, but I haven’t been able to get you out of my head since the other night.”

She’s just shorter than I am. Those eyes looking up at me. Long lashes batting. She smells divine. She takes my glass from my hand and sets it on the counter behind her along with her glass. She turns back to me and brushes my hot cheek with the back of her fingers. They’re cool to the touch. She’s so close to me now.

Her voice comes out lower, velvety, “Would it be alright if I didn’t wait for the formality of a goodnight kiss?”

I’m not even sure if words come out of my mouth or not, but I’m making sure to nod so she knows.

Both of her hands are on my face now and she pulls my lips to hers. At first, everything is delicate. She’s barely meeting my lips. I can feel her breath. Her tongue glides across my lower lip and she pushes forward. I’m trying to take in everything in this moment. Her smell, lips, taste. Her hands are in my hair now. My mouth is open and my tongue is discovering hers.

She breaks the kiss and pulls my hair, giving her open access to my neck. She licks from my collarbone to my ear and bites the lobe. Pulling my lips back to hers, she kisses güvenilir bahis siteleri me again, deeply and with everything she has. I meet her enthusiasm and let my hands wander. Her hair is just as smooth as it looks.

“I want you,” she says into our kiss.

I’m totally taken by the moment. Without a second thought, I pull her dress down, exposing her hard, pink nipples. I take one between my lips. I feel like I’m in some sort of trance. I can hear her moaning and flick my tongue over the other nipple, making sure to take the time to savor it.

She pulls me back to her mouth and kisses from my chin down to my tits, pulling my dress and bra aside. She marvels at me a moment before she sucks me into her mouth hard.

“Mmm… you’re unbelievable. So gorgeous,” she mumbles against my chest.

I can feel the wetness spreading to my thighs below. No one has ever had this effect on me. She pulls my hair back and stops, her lips almost against mine. She moves the hem of my dress up and swiftly finds her way into my panties. Her fingers dive into the pool between my thighs and she gasps, “You’re soooo wet,” she takes her fingers up to her mouth and licks them, eyes closed.

“I’m going to give you exactly what you wanted the other night,” and with that, two long fingers are inside me.

I grunt loudly and she strokes me. This lasts a few moments before she pulls out and pushes me up onto the island. The granite is cold against my ass. She pushes my legs open. She stops for a moment, running her fingertips from my hips to the wet spot on my underwear. I grip the stone beneath me and she makes eye contact as she kneels down and puts her mouth against me.

I let my head fall back and she runs a finger up and down the soaked material, “Look at me, Elle. I want to see you.”

I watch as she rips through the thin layer of cotton separating her lips from mine. She coos at the sight of my bare clit and dripping cunt. After rubbing her thumb up and down my opening for a couple of seconds, she maintains eye contact as she sucks my clit between her lips. She rolls her tongue over my throbbing bump.

My hips are lurching forward, begging her to take me into her mouth deeper. Harder. All of the pent up sexual energy is manifesting in what might be the most insane orgasm I’ve ever experienced. I feel two fingers slip into me and she begins to stroke me again. I’m being louder than I mean to, but I can’t do a damn thing about it.

Her lips circle my hot clit and her fingers put perfect pressure just where I need it.

I can’t hold back anymore. I don’t want to cum, but I can’t hold it. I fall back onto the island and I can hear her humming approval, but everything else is far away.

She continues to lick and nip and suck my lips and clit, “I could eat you all night, pretty girl.”

She grabs my hands and pulls me up to meet her. She kisses me, my wetness covering those perfect lips. I put my forehead against hers, “I wanna taste you.”

She helps me off the island and I take her over to the ottoman. I pull her dress down and it falls to the floor. I take those perky nipples back into my mouth and play with the hard tips. I run my hands down her body, feeling her skin and how soft it is. Smooth. Hairless.

I pull her dress off the rest of the way and make the fantastic discovery that she doesn’t have any panties on. Another amazing discovery: she’s pierced. My thumb rubs against her ring and she groans, falling back. I let my tongue dip into her and cover the rest of her pussy with my whole mouth. I suck and flick my tongue against her clit ring a couple of times.

Her hips are trembling beneath my hands and grab her hard, getting her clit right between my lips and shaking my head hard against her. She tastes like perfection, too. I lap up everything she’s giving me.

Just like that, she’s bucking and crying out. She’s cumming. I get an overwhelming sense of pride and don’t stop until she pulls away.

Her face is flushed and she’s out of breath. She pulls me onto the ottoman with her and we lay there, breathing, for awhile.

She rolls over and makes circles around my nipples with her fingers, “You really are perfection. Would you be offended if you didn’t go out to dinner? I was hoping we might take a shower and then… see what else happens.”

I can’t help but laugh, “I’d be absolutely fine with that. Can I ask you something?”

She raises her eyebrows.

“Is this… like… a date?”

Her lips curl into that smile and she props herself up on her elbow. She puts her hand on my face and kisses my forehead, nose, then lips, “If this is a date, it’s the best date I’ve ever been on.”

I stand up, helping her to her feet, and we go take a shower. For about 2 hours.

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