Bath Time for Two

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When you got home from work I told you that I needed a long hot bath. “The kids have driven me nuts today.” I said in explanation.

Now, two hours later was my first chance at it. I joked with you as I was walking into the bathroom that if you wanted you could come and visit with me.

I decided on my way to the bathroom that I needed a good book to read. I know that the chances of you coming in to the bathroom were pretty slim.

I started the hot water to run. I add more hot than cold so that steam began to fill the room as I climbed in. The water was good and hot, just the way I like for it to be.

I lay back waiting on the water to finish filling the tub and began to enjoy my book.

When I felt that I had enough water I turned it off and then turned on what I call my bubble mat and added some very mild smelling bubble bath to the water.

Then lay back again to enjoy the scent of sugared vanilla bubble bath and the massage that my bubble mat was giving to me and began to read some more of my romantic story.

The book was to a really romantic part, the man and the woman were about to make love for the first time and the author had done a really good job of explaining the kisses on her nipples and his hands roaming down her stomach to the nest of curls covering her moist center.

The story was beginning to turn me on and that combined with the air bubbles that were flowing out of my “bubble mat” seeming to touch me in all the right ways in the right places. I was really wanting to cum.

I held my book with one hand so I could continue to read it as he gently guided himself inside her center, and lowered my other hand to part my lower lips allowing the air bubbles to make my clit dance around under the water between the two fingers being used to allow more contact.

As the couple in the story finished making love, I put the book over to the side. In need of more contact with my own pussy. I reached down with the other hand to rub my clit. Moving my fingers in a circle at the top of my clit as the air continued to move over my clit randomly.

At that time, you walk into the bathroom. When you come in I stop playing figuring that canlı bahis if you don’t help me to cum then I could always go back to it when you leave.

You set down beside the tub and begin to run your hands down over my tummy. Up to touch my breast but avoiding the nipple. Down over my smooth shaven mound fingers sliding over the top of my erect clit peeking out from between my lower lips. Hard enough to make me feel you there yet teasing me by not touching harder. You repeat that for a minute or two. You slowly slide your hand up and down over belly.

Just when I am about to beg you to touch my clit and make me cum you stand up. I assume you are going to leave the bathroom and I groan in frustration, knowing I had told you how the “bubble maker” makes me horny and that you knew you had also helped to make me more turned on.

You walk over to the towel cabinet and get out a towel and dry your hand and arm. Then reach further back into the cabinet and pull out a vibe that I had never seen before.

As you walk back towards me you take off your shirt. Then laying the new toy on the side of the tub you reach up to undo your pants and take them and your briefs down your legs. I watch as your cock springs free of its confinement. Then I look up into your eyes. Surprise clearly written on my face since you had never wanted to join me in a bath before.

I slide up a little, not sure where you are hoping to sit at. I feeling that in our big garden tub there should be plenty room where ever you want to sit but you always seeing to doubt that there would be enough room.

You step in between my legs and I slide myself further up into a sitting position as you sat down between my legs facing me and picked up my legs so they were sitting over yours. One leg on each side of you.

Leaning forward you place your hands up onto my shoulder, urging me down further into the water. When I am lowered down to where you want me your hand slide down onto my chest. Rubbing around on my breast and then using your finger tips to tug and pull on my stiffened nipple teasing them to further erect themselves.

Then slide your hands down onto my tummy and over to where my hips bahis siteleri flare. I squeeze my hips as your thumbs move towards my mound. You slide your hands towards there as well when your thumbs stopped short of touching my clit.

One of your thumbs stops at the top of my slit just slightly wedged between my nether lips as your other thumb finds my clit and begins to draw light little circles around and over my hard nub.

I thrust my hips closer towards you and let out a soft sigh closing my eyes to enjoy the feelings you are awakening inside me. Knowing that this is something you are giving me for my pleasure and that I need not be in a hurry to make contact with your cock which I see swaying just under the water outside of my reach.

When I am beginning to think that you will soon make me cum. You surprise me when you stop drawing circles on my clit. I open my eyes at about the time that your hand is reaching for the vibe. I look up into your eyes and see you smiling at me knowing that I won’t be able to take much more before falling over the edge.

I watch as you turn on the vibe and lower it down to tease my clit. The vibrations of it touching me making my hips jerk towards the feeling. Letting me enjoy the touch of the vibe dancing over my clit for a little while before you slide it down further into my slit and gently ease it inside of my wet and wanting pussy.

You begin to thrust it deep inside me, pushing in and pulling almost all the way out before driving it into me again.

My pussy is enjoying the feelings of your attention. Griping the fake cock when you pull it out as if afraid it won’t come back inside. I want the feelings to continue for as long as possible and yet need for you to touch my clit and send me over the edge.

Then, you begin using the thumb of your other hand on my clit. Back to drawing little circles over my hard nub making me not sure if I want to arch towards the thumb on my clit or move with the toy thrusting deep inside me.

Nature takes over as my orgasm crashes over me. My pussy griping the cock inside me as my hips buck back and forth on your thumb, leaving me breathless and shaking from its power.

After bahis şirketleri calming myself down, I sit up towards you and kiss you as I reach down between our bodies to grip your cock firmly in my hand. Listening as your breath catches in your throat at the contact.

I smile at you again as I begin to use my hands on your cock. I gently slide my hand up and down on your cock. Sliding my other hand down and holding your nuts in my hand.

As I begin to jerk you off a little faster I also begin to massage your nuts in my hand. I gently squeeze on the down stroke of the one jacking you and releasing as my hand slides up your shaft again.

I know that if I continue to do that you will cum and not ready to give you your release yet. I stop stroking your cock. Only massaging with the other hand.

You watch me now as I reach for the vibe you had used on me. Wondering what I am going to use it on. I turn it on.

Then I place the tip of the vibrating cock against your nut sack. I know that the air from the “bubble maker” will keep your nuts in contact with the vibe. I take my other hand from them and hold your cock and the vibe in both my hands.

I begin to jack you off again. This time using two hands, one on top of the other. The one on top squeezing the head of your cock on every stroke. Pulling it into more contact with the vibe.

I see that you are enjoying the feel of the vibe on your shaft. Your eyes watching me through have closed eyes. You watch as my hands make love to you and the toy cock. I hold firmly to both of them.

As I sense your own release nearing this time, I increase the pace of my hands stroking your cock. I urge you to cum for me. I want to know that you enjoy my caress on your cock.

I hear you groan and feel your cock jerking in my hand a second before I see your cum release into the water. Watching as your body jerks in pleasure and seeing the slow satisfied smile drift across your face.

We lean into each other and kiss once again then both look down at the white evidence of your pleasure. Knowing that we had both had a great evening.

We notice that the water had cooled off quite a bit by now we both agree that it is time to get out. We both stand and step out of the tub and dry each other off.

We head into the bedroom and lay down covering ourselves with blankets and holding each other close as we drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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