Be Careful What You Hope For Ch. 05

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It seems that my blowjob performance sparked a hunger in Bob. As I laid on top of him in the 69, just after sucking his huge cock to completion, he started to eat my ass furiously. He was licking on the backs of my balls that were sticking out from between my crotch and his chest. He’d toy with my balls and then take a long swipe of his tongue up the length of my crack, playing with my hole along the way. He let his tongue hover over my taint and apply pressure in a massaging kind of way. His hands were grabbing and squeezing my ass, pushing my cheeks together with his tongue and nose in between them nearly suffocating him self in my flesh.

My cock was straining to harden while pinned between us but it would not be denied. He felt this happening and help me lift up a bit so he had access to my cock. He pulled it back to his mouth and wasted no time playing with it.

“Fuck my lips! Fuck my mouth!” Bob demanded.

I started to rock my hips up and down, forcing my cock in as far as it would go. Bob held me in deep and massaged my cock with his swallowing throat for a while before releasing me so that he could suck on my cock head. Flicking my entire length with his tongue, I was going crazy. I then felt his fingers finding their way to my ass hole. Still sopping wet from his tongue lashing moments before, his fingers sunk right in. I was fucking his mouth and his fingers were fucking my ass. I was squirming all about, illegal bahis rubbing his legs and thighs.

“Give me your cum!” Bob cried with my cock in his mouth.

I couldn’t help but oblige. I sped up my pace and Bob increased the suction. It wasn’t long before I was at the point of no return. Bob knew it and pulled me in as far as I could go and then worked my ass with his fingers.

“Oh, God! Here it comes!” I warned him.

My orgasm crushed me. It was my first cum that night that wasn’t purely prostate massage induced so the contact attention to my cock was so intense. My body seized and I must have cum buckets as Bob struggled to keep up. He was determined to drink every drop of my seed. I shook in ecstasy as my orgasm through my body. I could feel this one in the tips of my toes.

As I regained composure I opened my eyes to see that I had nearly clawed the skin off of Bob’s thighs. I had no idea. There were a couple of scratch marks where I even drew a little blood.

“Oh my God, Bob. I’m so sorry. Look what I did to you.”

“That was so hot! And you were enjoying yourself so much that it didn’t even bother me. You’ll just have to help me take care of my wounds.” Bob said with a grin.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. Maybe we should take a shower and get cleaned up.” I said as I pried myself off of Bob and sat on the bed.

“I have a better idea. Right behind my cabin, illegal bahis siteleri there runs a crystal clear creek. I have a little landing built with lights and comfy chairs right on the water. Lets go dip in the creek and relax for a bit under the moon.” Bob suggested.

“Sounds great to me! Tonight just keeps getting better!”

We got up and Bob grabbed a few towels. I was still amazed at the size of his cock as it hung between his legs like an elephants trunk. I had a huge sense of accomplishment run through me. I had taken that thing on and done well. Bob saw me looking at his penis and spoke up.

“I really hope you get used to this thing hanging around!” he laughed.

“I hope so to. ” I smiled.

We went downstairs and I finally got to see his crib. He had done well in life. His place was very well put together with nice furniture and a nice kitchen.

“What would you like to drink? I have some great wines and beer.” Bob offered.

“On second thought, allow me to make the selection. We have some celebrating to do!” Bob said as he opened up a large wine cooling cabinet.

He grabbed what looked like champagne and a couple glasses and off we went. He had a very cool lit path that split the woods for about an eighth of a mile to the water. It was beautiful. The sound of the creek was like a symphony of nature and the light from the moon was perfect. There was a little house adjacent canlı bahis siteleri to the landing. I asked what was in there.

“Its’ a just a bathhouse with some storage. It was a pain for any lady friends to have to hike back up to the house when they needed to go to the bathroom. We guys have it nice in that regard.”

He went inside and grabbed a couple cushions for the chairs that were on the landing. He threw one at me and I situated it on one of the chairs. I grabbed the other one from him and he started opening the bubbly. He poured two generous glasses and handed one to me.

“Here’s to a fabulous evening so far. I think it’s clear as that creek that we click sexually. I really hope that we can continue to explore our chemistry.” Bob said as he raised his glass.

“Here, here!” I exclaimed as I raised my glass. I also felt that I needed to say something to acknowledge my appreciation for the time that Bob was sharing with me.

“I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve shared with me. I showed up here tonight not knowing what to expect. Actually, I expected to have a very awkward attempt at getting it on with a guy that would end with some form of disappointment. So far the only disappointing thing is the fact that I will have to leave at some point. I figured that bigger was probably better and really hoped that it would live up to that notion but I had no idea that things that happened tonight were possible. You made me cum twice without even touching my cock. I’m in awe and now certain that I’ll forever crave your massive cock.”

Bob grinned and as he lead me toward the water, he said, “Be careful what you hope for.”

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