Chat Party

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My wife Jane and I are both in our late 40s and are now “empty nesters” since our son has left for college. Even with the house to ourselves, our sex life hasn’t been much. It hasn’t been for several years because Jane had become so overweight and unappealing that I’m not too interested in sex with her. I used to try to encourage her to lose weight but nothing ever seemed to motivate her, so I quit. Consequently we’ve drifted apart. Don’t get me wrong, I still love her, but there is a gap between us all the same. I guess that’s why one of my “hobbies” has become chatting on the computer, and that’s where this story starts.

I usually visit the same chat-room. It’s a pleasant place. The same people are usually there every day and I’ll honestly say I’ve made some friends in there. My best friend in the chat room is Lisa. She and I clicked from the first moment we ran into each other on line. At 25, she’s recently divorced with no children. Lisa and I chatted almost every day for several months and grew really close. We shared a lot of laughs, and talked about our mutual interests of music, movies and good restaurants. Mostly we talked about everyday things. We also discussed the frustrations of marriage, and while we’ve talked about sex it was mostly in general terms, comparing our likes and dislikes – which seemed to be in line with each other. Oddly enough, Lisa lives across town from me but we never decided to try and meet until the idea came up for a get-together for the regulars in the room.

It was decided, for convenience to the majority of the room members, to have the party in my city. I was looking forward to that Saturday night, especially once I found out Lisa would be there too, and I could finally meet her in person. Knowing that there would be some drinking at the party I took the precaution of booking a room at a hotel across the street from the club where the party was scheduled so I wouldn’t have to drive home. It was difficult but I persuaded my wife to attend with me so she could see that this was just a bunch of normal people. (She seemed to think we were all a bunch of perverts looking for ways to cheat on their spouses.)

Lisa and I had traded pictures back and forth in e-mail, so I knew she was a very pretty, slender redhead with big blue eyes, but I was totally unprepared for seeing her for the first time when she came in the club. She was stunningly beautiful even ikitelli escort in jeans and a T-shirt. I almost ran across the dance floor to greet her. She lit up when she saw me and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I took her back to the table and introduced her to Jane. Jane was polite enough, but I could tell she wasn’t thrilled to find out this sexy woman was the one who’d been monopolizing my time all these nights. Frankly, I didn’t care as I was having too good a time talking to Lisa. It was as if nobody else in the room existed. We talked and joked and had a great time while Jane sat beside us and drank.

After several hours Jane asked me to help her over to our hotel as she could no longer stand up. I asked Lisa to help me, since Jane is rather large and was truly drunk. We left the party and steered Jane across the street, into the hotel and up to the room where we almost literally poured her into one of the two queen-sized beds in the room. I apologized to Lisa for having put her through this, but she graciously said to think nothing of it.

Lisa said she’d better be going, since it was already one o’clock in the morning, and we prepared to say good night to each other. I had walked her to the door of the hotel room and was going to let her out when she hugged me. The kiss I aimed at her cheek somehow landed on Lisa’s lips. The next thing I know we were kissing passionately, our tongues wrestling each other frantically and our hands groping and grasping each other. As if we read each others minds, Lisa and I moved to the other bed, illuminated only by the dim light from the bathroom. We didn’t even pull down the blankets. We fell to the bed fully clothed and continued to kiss, stripping each other’s clothes away. There wasn’t a lot of foreplay here. We both knew what we wanted.

Once I had Lisa’s jeans and thong panties off her, I shed my own briefs and she guided my raging hard cock into her wetness. I slid in easily. At first we tried to be quiet so as not to wake Jane, but we were so caught up in our lust that we forgot about her and became more abandoned. Lisa and I made love several times, in several positions. The newness may have had something to do with it, but I just couldn’t get enough of Lisa’s grasping pussy, the feel of her slender body in my arms or the warmth of her smooth skin. It seemed Lisa couldn’t get istanbul escort enough of me either. Every time I came inside her, she’d wait just long enough for me to catch my breath and then suck my cock back to life while I feasted on her. It went on like that. We would make love, then 69 and start over. She seemed to be having one continuous orgasm.

I think I was on my fourth erection of the night – a feat I would have thought impossible at my age – when I noticed that the room was becoming lighter. It was morning. I looked over at Jane to make sure she was still asleep. Her tear-filled eyes met mine. I was just about to apologize when I noticed that Jane had stripped naked and both her hands were working furiously on her cunt. All the rage I’d felt over Jane’s obesity and lack of sexual interest boiled over at that moment. Rather than apologize, I decided to rub her face in it. “I’ve been fucking Lisa since one o’clock this morning,” I said with a leer. “Are you having fun playing with yourself while you watch us?”

Jane moaned gave a tearful nod.

By now, Lisa had gotten into the game too. “Jim is a terrific lover,” she giggled. “I bet he’s fucked me more tonight that he’s fucked you in the past six months. What’s more, I don’t think he’ll ever want to fuck a fat broad like you when he can have me anytime he wants”

Jane was sobbing by now, but had now plunged three fingers into herself. I’d never seen Jane play with herself, and now she was being absolutely wanton about it. I decided to throw in the crowning blow. I pulled out of Lisa, straddled her and jacked myself off on her firm little tits, then climbed off the bed over to Jane.

“From now on the only cum you’ll get from me will be second hand. Clean us up” I said sternly.

Jane erupted in a furious orgasm, crying out and thrashing about on the bed and then, without stopping her masturbation, began to lick the accumulated pussy juices and cum off my semi-hard dick. Then she waddled out of bed, knelt on the bed beside Lisa. While Lisa and I kissed, Jane began to lick her way down Lisa’s cum-covered torso and finally to her crotch, loudly slurping up everything she could reach with her tongue. Lisa climaxed at least twice before she pushed Jane’s head away. I then suggested to Lisa that we take a shower. We left Jane on the bed playing with her pussy.

Lisa and I took our kadıköy escort bayan time in the shower, kissing deeply, lathering each other and cleaning off the residue of our night of sex. When we emerged from the bathroom, Jane was still on her knees on the bed, masturbating furiously.

“Stop that and go clean up,” Lisa ordered. “We have to stop by my house for a few things because I’m coming to live with Jim.”

While Jane took her shower, Lisa and I planned the rest of the day. “We’re going to sleep in each other’s arms, and then make love some more,” I told her. “Then we’ll let Jane clean us up again and fix us some dinner.”

That’s just what we did. Lisa and I settled into bed, nude, and slept until the middle of the afternoon, then made love. We made sure Jane came in and watched us. Then we told her to clean us up again. After that we sent her to the kitchen to fix us dinner while we again showered. Over dinner, I laid out Jane’s new life – actually a new life for all three of us.

I told Jane what a disgusting sight it was to look at her fat body and, in order to help her lose weight, I was going to give her some incentive. I told her that she would begin a regular workout routine and she would be weighed every week. For every 5 pounds she lost she would receive a night of sex with me. In the meantime, The only sex Jane would get would be playing with herself and licking up second hand cum unless she managed to lose weight. Lisa was to be my lover, and Jane would be required to watch us have sex and to clean us up with her tongue.

Lisa decided to up the ante. She had me get out the digital camera and shoot pictures of Jane naked. She put Jane through several explicit and degrading poses – things like holding her fat tits up by the nipples, and pinching the rolls of fat on her body to show how huge they were. Then she told Jane that she was going to post them on the internet and they would stay there until Jane was at her “target” Jane had tears in her eyes, but she was also excited by this. When Lisa had Jane spread her thighs for the camera and play with herself, it was easy to see how wet Jane was.

This all happened a few months ago and life couldn’t be better. Lisa spends most of her evenings with me, Jane watches us have sex and then cleans us up with her tongue. Lisa says she’s developed into an expert pussy-licker. In addition, Jane’s regular workouts at the gym have helped her shed almost 30 pounds. Lisa is still the sexiest woman in the house, but I’ll admit it’s getting easier to “reward” Jane for her weight loss every month. Another 60 pounds and she’ll reach her target weight. After that, we may have to find a different goal for her so I can keep Lisa as my

sex partner.

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