Computer Lover

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One night before bed, I decided to take a long soothing shower, I turned it on then undressed and stepped inside. The hot water cascaded off my body, helping me unwind from the hard day at work. Stepping out of the shower, and feeling the softness of the towel, I tried to get the image of a woman’s cleavage at my salon out of my mind. I went to room and sat on the edge of my bed and grabbed some lotion on my legs. As my hands applied the lotion, I couldn’t take the beautiful image out of my head. Although I never the person before and probably never see her again, my thoughts wouldn’t stop about her.

I put my robe on and sat down at my desk and began to surf the Internet, wishing I had some company. At least I had my computer.

Earlier in the year I met Rebecka from Sweden on line, a really great girl. We met in a sharing room, and she gave me a wonderful recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Rebecka seemed to be a down to earth, and we had a lot in common. We are both single and loved green tea, and are both twenty-five years old. The more we ‘talked’ the more we found in common.

That night we must have been on-line for what seemed hours. And when I told her that I owned a tanning salon, she told me that she sunbathed in the nude to avoid tan lines. As we talked Rebecka sent me a picture, it was a picture of her self-naked on the beach. Boy, she was gorgeous! She’s tall with long white blonde hair, green eyes, and pouty lips. She was sitting in a deck chair with her long tanned legs stretched out in front of her. Her breasts were gorgeous, full and tanned, with slightly darker nipples. Rebecka was one of those lucky women, tall, thin and also busty. She was smiling into the camera, and look was a little naughty. I almost couldn’t write her back; I just kept staring at her picture.

When Rebecka typed that she wanted to see a picture of me on the beach, my heart starting pounding. I don’t why just the idea of looking at each others bodies while we “chatted” gave me a tingling feeling between my thighs. Gosh, I wish I had someone to make love to. I was getting horny in the chat room. But the picture of canlı bahis şirketleri Rebecka naked on the beach made me start to think very naughty thoughts about my new friend.

I found a picture that Shaun my ex-boyfriend had taken of me one weekend when we went camping on the beach. We’d just made love, and Shaun had posed me naked on my sleeping bag, with my long hair tousled around my breasts. I have my hands up behind my head, and one leg is crossed over the other, just barely giving a glimpse of my pussy, which was still wet from our lovemaking. My eyes looked sleep, and I have a slight smile on my lips. Looking at the picture, it’s easy to figure out that I’d just had sex.

Before I changed my mind I sent the picture to Rebecka. A moment later she replied back that I was very beautiful woman. She then wrote that my picture made her horny, and her husband wasn’t due home for a few hours. I just stared at the words. I was shocked but also turned on. I wrote that I thought she had a beautiful body, too. As I looked at her picture I could feel myself getting warmer as my blood raced through my body. I was getting hot. I rubbed my breasts through the thin silk of my robe. My nipples were so hard.

The silk robe felt exquisite against my skin. Slick and cool on my soft, warm flesh. I marvelled at how my mammary manipulation felt stimulating and soothing at the same time. The urge for flesh on flesh eventually won out. Sitting up slightly, I crossed my arms and slipped the top up and off. I settled back and my hands returned to cuddling my breasts. Now I could enjoy the sight, as well as the sensations, of my beautiful boobs.

I pinched one between my fingers and felt myself getting even wetter; I was pinching and pulling on the hard little nipples that were standing so defiantly erect. Rhythmic contractions deep within my pussy grew stronger and faster as my nips tantalizing created the desired result.

I squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples as a delightful little orgasm pulsed through my loins. The moist evidence of my arousal was soaking through the crotch of my sexy, blue panties. My hands canlı kaçak iddaa left my breasts and cupped the soft bulge of my pussy. I closed my eyes and moaned softly as my hips rolled my pussy against my hands. It felt so good.

My fingers scratched lightly over the taut strip of panty covering my pussy. The sensations transmitted through to my delicate folds were wonderful. Up and down the length of my pussy, my fingers traced a line. A rich, earthy female scent filled the air. I pushed the chair back and put my legs up on the desk, either side of the computer. I licked two fingers and rubbed them over my clit, through my panties, slowly at first, then faster and faster.

I raised my hip slightly as I hooked my thumbs into the elastic waistband of my panties and slipped them down over my beautiful ass. I then wiggled that beautiful ass back into the chair and pulled my legs up towards me. Down and off my panties went. I moved my legs apart and studied the wondrous little spot that was my pussy.

I had learned so much about pleasing myself and others since my first tentative explorations of my pussy so long ago.

My hand slid inward over my rounded hip and tight tummy, heading relentlessly towards her lush, pouty pussy lips. Down over these protruding folds her fingers danced. My body shivered in response as my pussy trembled under the tender tickling touch.

My fingers paused at the centre of my pussy momentarily, then drove inward, parting the delicate folds and plunging deep into my warm tight pussy. I groaned and held my hand tightly to my crotch as my wiggling fingers created new sorts of pleasures from within my body. My free hand squeezed the firm orb of my breast and pulled and pinched my erect nipple.

Drawing my breast to my mouth I licked my erect nipple before drawing it into my mouth and sucking. Biting down on my nipple slightly, my body squirmed and my hips rolled as new waves of sexual delight grew and surged. Lost in my self-induced garden of sexual delights.

The whole time I had my eyes on Rebecka’s picture. She was hot; her skin was tanned a warm carmel and her hair canlı kaçak bahis looked white against it. Her breasts were gorgeous, and I imagined they were her fingers deep inside me. I drew out a long, thick, flesh coloured vibrator. It was about eight inches long and perhaps an inch and a half in diameter. I cradled it between my hands and lifted it to my lips. My mouth parted and my tongue flicked out and ran up the length of the vibrator from its fat little mushroom head to the far end of its shaft.

After licking my vibrator, who I had named buzz, I lowered it and positioned the tip of the blunt mushroom head against the flowering wet lips of my pussy. Slowly and gently I worked the vibrator’s tip around my hot wet pussy, opening the lips of my sex and lubricating my plastic lover. Once both my pussy and my vibrator were sufficiently prepared, I slipped the tip of the vibrator between her pussy lips and started to slide it slowly into my aching, receptive pussy.

Slowly the head of the vibrator parted my delicate folds, opening and spreading them for the length of shaft yet to come. The head disappeared into my cunt. The full lip folded over on themselves slightly and was tugged inward by the friction being applied against them by the vibrator’s thickness. Inch by inch the plastic vibrator wormed its way into my body. I could feel my beaver quiver around the vibrator, and a series of small orgasms surged through my body.

As I returned my eyes to Rebecka’s picture, I began to pump the vibrator faster and used my other hand to find my wet swollen clit and cuddle it between her fingers.

Orgasm after orgasm washed over me as I fucked myself until one last mind blowing orgasm hit me like an explosion, and I fell back in the chair. The image of Rebecka naked on her knees fucking me, made me come so hard, my body was jerking in the chair as I soaked the vibrator. I t felt so good.

When I was able to look up again, I saw Rebecka had typed that she would keep the picture private and that whenever we chatted she’d open it to look at me. She typed that she wanted to keep in touch, and maybe on day we could meet. I typed that I’d keep her picture private, too, and that she should stay in touch. And with that she logged off, I got out of the chair and stepped out of my robe I went to the bathroom and go into the shower to cool myself off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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