Dan’s Tale Ch. 02

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Summary: Private lessons lead to more.

Keywords: MF, consensual, love, older woman, aunt, mother, incest, mature,

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Although based in the 1950’s on a factual story the following should be regarded as a piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment.

It contains material of an explicit SEXUAL nature. If you are offended by such content or language, please DO NOT read any further.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author.

Copyright (C) 2015 Jack Wellard. All rights reserved.


This story is the second part of Dan’s Tale. You might appreciate it all the more if you read part one first.

Enjoy then please comment and rate.


Part Two

Dan had no idea of the time and couldn’t remember leaving the bathroom and getting into bed. Light was filtering gently through the curtains of a large window. Rolling out of his aunt’s bed he carefully opened one curtain enough to read his wristwatch. He shook his head, then the watch. Both seemed to be working and it was still 4 o’clock in the afternoon!

Smiling as he remembered the wonderful events of the morning Dan wondered if his clothes were still in the bathroom. They weren’t but he sat on the toilet, still not fully awake. When he finished he splashed his face with cold water and felt more alert.

In the kitchen his mother and her sister sat across the kitchen table quietly chatting. They were dressed as they had been this morning, no doubt still without underwear! They smiled at Dan as they got up from the table hugging him.

“Your clothes are over there if you want them Dan,” said his aunt Angela.

“If it’s all the same to you can I stay like this?” he replied.

“Of course,” chimed his mother. “In fact I think I will too!” In a flourish the dress came over her head and joined Dan’s clothes.

“Hey, this is my house and I demand to join this game!” His aunt’s floral frock fluttered across the room to complete the heap.

“Are you hungry? There’s a nice ham salad in the pantry for you Dan, I’ll get it.” Angela hadn’t waited for an answer. She brought the plate and set it in front of Dan while his mother passed him the knife and fork.

“Tuck in Dan,” his mother said. “We ate ours earlier. Did you sleep well?”

Dan nodded as he eagerly consumed the food. He was ravenous!

Gloria continued as she passed him a slice of buttered bread. “You seemed to be out of it after this morning’s replay in the bathroom so between us we washed you then put you into bed.”

“We got ourselves cleaned up and we’ve had a nice long chat,” said Angela as she poured three cups of tea.

Dan paused, ‘Nice long chat.’ had an ominous ring to it. He looked enquiringly at his mother.

Gloria smiled. “We love you darling Dan and we both loved what has happened between us.” Dan still looked apprehensive, sensing the ‘but . .’

Angela reached over and patted Dan’s arm. “It’s OK darling, it’s just that we can’t spoil your chances of finding a ‘proper’ girlfriend. We want to be able to continue making love with you but don’t want to monopolise your time and talents.”

Dan chewed slowly, swallowed and replied cautiously “So what’s the deal then ladies?”

His mother giggled “Well as soon as you’ve had your pud we’re hoping to take you back to bed!” She nudged her sister “Only this time with a lot less sleep, at least until you’ve earned it!”

Dan smiled his thanks as Angela removed his empty plate and replaced it with bowl with apple pie surrounded by luscious steaming yellow custard. As he spooned the custard over the pie Dan asked “But after today? Is there some long term plan you lovelies have cooked up?”

Gloria glanced at Angela and replied “Yes Dan. We both would love to do this every day, every night and forever but we realise that would be very selfish. We want you to have the opportunity to find a regular girlfriend, then until you start having sex with her we will each have just a once a week session with you. How does that sound?”

Dan finished his pie and continued thoughtfully to scrape every tiny morsel of custard from the plate as he contemplated the suggestion. Eventually he stopped and pushed the empty plate away with a satisfied sigh. “Thanks Angela that was absolutely delicious.” He let out a long breath. “OK, let’s try that but I reserve the right to claim extras for birthdays and suchlike!”

Gloria and Angela hugged him. “Darling boy, sensible as well as sexy,” his mother proclaimed as she pulled him to his feet and towards the door.


On the way to work the next day Dan saw the world through different eyes. It was raining but colours seemed brighter, even those post-war dismal clothes seemed smarter. The bus, normally a lumbering, rattling conveyance seemed smoother and cosier; the passengers more relaxed and friendly.

At the office Dan still carried this illegal bahis euphoric feeling. His work, always good, was even better. No-one else noticed except Jean. She had played a large part in Dan’s training as she did for all juniors. Jean also performed the rôle of secretary to the manager when he needed one. Just before lunch when nobody else was near-by Jean delivered some files to Dan’s desk and whispered “Somebody’s had a good week-end then! Maybe you lost a penny and found a shilling!” She winked and smiled as she walked away chuckling.

Dan’s blushes went un-noticed and by midday he had recovered from the embarrassment. Usually he would go for a walk during the lunch break but the rain kept him in today. He sat in the only spare place available to eat – the store room. Apart from the usual boxes of stationary there were two very old pre-war armchairs, a table and kettle with assorted cups and mugs. This was where the staff made their hot drinks.

Dan had just finished his sandwich, closed his ancient lunch box and wiped his fingers when the boss came in. Dan had never seen him in the store room before; Jean always made his coffee and teas. He strode across the room and towered above Dan. Dan nervously stood up, wondering what had caused this unexpected interruption to his lunch break.

“Dan!” said Mister S.

“Sir?” responded Dan brushing crumbs from his lap as he stood respectfully.

“Dan I’ve heard . . oh sit down lad.” Dan obeyed and Mister S dropped into the other ancient easy chair, a cloud of dust surrounded the large man. As he wafted a hand at the dust he mumbled something about replacing this junk then continued “Dan, my boy, I believe you’re a bit of a dancer, is that right?”

“Yes sir. I’ve been doing ballroom dancing for a few years and even take part in a few competitions.”

“And you even win the damn things too, so I’ve heard!” Chuckled the branch manager. “Now my boy, the thing is that my young daughter can’t dance and she’s got to go to a formal do at her school later this month. I wondered if you could be persuaded to give her a quick lesson or two at home, you know . . perhaps just the basics?”

Dan nodded. “You mean like private lessons, sir?”

“That’s the idea. When are you free my boy?”

“Er, well most evenings are already taken up, but not tonight. Would that be any good sir?”

“Tonight you say,” he rubbed his large chin thoughtfully. “Yes, that might work, let me call Mrs S and see what we can do. Good man, I’ll talk to you again later.” He got up causing another flurry of dust and strode out of the room muttering about crappy pre-war furniture.

Moments later Jean scurried in. “Dan! Did I just see the old man coming out of here?”

“Yes Jean, a little bird has mentioned my prowess on the dance floor!”

“Sorry Dan,” she giggled, “I was so proud when you won the regional heats that I let it drop. Has it caused a problem?”

“Course not Jean,” Dan smiled, appreciating his mentor’s concern. “No problem at all; please don’t worry. Mister S wants me to coach his daughter in a few basic dance steps. Do you know her at all?”

Jean eased herself gently into the spare easy chair to avoid disturbing the ancient dust. “She comes in with her mother occasionally, you might have seen them. They’re both tall and slim, damn their eyes!”

Jean was not tall or slim! She wasn’t exactly fat but there was more volume than she wanted and she had trouble keeping it off.

Dan laughed. “Are they OK? Not too stuck up I mean.”

“The daughter seems a bit shy and the mother’s rather bossy but she always says hello to me. Where are you going to do this teaching? If it’s here in the office after-hours I might try to join in!”

Dan shook his head, “Nothing’s fixed yet, Mister S went off to phone home. We may even start tonight.”

Jean looked thoughtful. “Mister S often goes early on a Monday to play golf. He rakes in quite a few clients that way so it’s not really like time off.”

Jean rose, gently shaking off the dust.

“By the way Jean, when Mister S saw the state of these chairs he muttered something about getting rid of them. Perhaps we might get refurbished now he’s seen this place!”

“Thanks Dan, I’ll work on that when the opportunity arises,” Jean nodded as she replied and left the room.

A while later Dan was called into the manager’s office. “Take a seat young fellow,” Mister S said in the friendliest tone Dan had ever heard from him. Dan had never been invited to sit since he joined the branch. “Now, if it’s OK for you we can start this afternoon. I’ll be going off to the golf club shortly but I can drop you at my house and Mrs S will drive you home after she has fed you. She’ll give you half-a-crown a lesson too. How does that sound?”

“Perfect, thank you sir, that’s very generous. So long as I can phone home just to let my mother know not to cook for me?”

“Splendid, splendid, you can phone from my house.” Mister S looked at his watch. “I’ll clear it with Jean to cover illegal bahis siteleri for you and we’ll leave in about half an hour, OK?”

“Yes sir, I’ll tidy my desk and be ready for you.”


Mister S pulled up his pre-war Rover in front of a smart suburban house. He marched briskly up to the front door with Dan scurrying behind. The door opened and a tall, elegant woman briefly embraced her husband then offered a hand to Dan.

“Hello Daniel, please come in.”

Mister S called from his study, “Darling, he prefers ‘Dan’, maybe when he’s famous he can become a Daniel, eh?” He was still chuckling at his own jest as he went back to the car to fetch his briefcase.

“Sorry Dan,” said Mrs S ushering her guest firmly into the front room where a slim girl sat, almost cowering, on the settee. “This is Penelope. Penelope this is Dan. He’s here to help you pick up a few dance steps.”

Dan shook Penelope’s hand. It was damp, reluctant and limp in contrast to her mother’s which had been firm and lingering. “Hello, Penelope. Have you any experience of dancing?” Dan asked.

“Of course she hasn’t!” Mrs S interjected brusquely. “That’s why you’re here.”

Penelope shrugged. Dan smiled and turned to Mrs S. “Is there a gramophone in here please Mrs S?”

“Yes,” she proudly announced pushing out her formidable chest. “We have a modern radiogram.” With a flourish she opened a sideboard-sized piece of furniture. “Records here. Some by Victor Sylvester which you might find useful. Do you know how to work this thing? I usually leave that to my husband.”

Right on cue Mister S appeared in the doorway rattling an ancient bag of golf clubs. “Right-Ho I’m off, see you later darling. Feed Dan and drive him home when you’ve finished, don’t forget to pay him too. Oh by the way Dan you can call your mother from this phone.” He indicated towards the hall table then slammed the front door as he left.

Dan phoned home and warned his mother that he would be late and not to cook for him. He returned to the huge radiogram. “OK,” murmured Dan. “Let’s have a look. Wow, it’s a real beauty Mrs S. Yes, I think this is the way to do it, I’ll try this waltz for starters.”

The machine whirred into action and the 78 rpm record dropped into place with a thump. The arm slowly activated and lowered itself onto the rapidly spinning disk. Music filled the room so Dan reduced the volume and turned to Mrs S. who looked suitably impressed that Dan had mastered the technology so easily.

With the music now playing quietly in the background Dan approached Penelope. “May I have this dance?” He held out his hand bowing slightly.

Penelope blushed, “I don’t know how.” She muttered, ignoring Dan’s hand and remained resolutely seated, her face almost tearful.

“Come here boy, I’ll dance with you. Let’s show her how it’s done.” Mrs S grabbed Dan and turned him to face her. Dan decided to humour her and took the formal dance hold.

Dan remained firmly stationary even though Mrs S was trying to lead off. He turned to the girl, “Come and see the hold please Penelope”. Reluctantly the teenager rose and edged closer.

“The gentleman holds his left arm out with his palm upwards and the lady places her right hand gently into the palm. Can you see? The gentleman’s right arm curls under his partner’s left and takes a firm hold on her back. Do you see that?” Penelope nodded half-heartedly behind her mother.

Dan continued, “The lady places her arm gently on her partner’s upper arm with the thumb along the inside of his arm and her fingers draped over his shoulder. You can see that your Mum has a perfect posture, back straight and head up.” Mrs S glowed with pride and Dan could feel Mrs S almost pawing at the ground to get dancing but he continued.

“Now Penelope, let’s get you into this starting hold.” He released Mrs S who grudgingly moved out of the way. Penelope stood shyly in front of Dan. “Perhaps your Mum could help get you in position?” He looked enquiringly at Mrs S who set about moving her daughter’s unresponsive limbs into position. Dan could see that Penelope really didn’t want to do this. Her mother on the other hand had been desperate to dance!

In hold Dan walked Penelope gently through the simple one, two, three box step of a basic waltz. The music had stopped by now but Dan just counted them through the steps moving just forward and back across the parquet floor. After several attempts Dan sensed that Penelope had found the rhythm. He smiled at her and she came to life as they moved quietly around the living room to Dan’s count.

“Are you ready for the music Penelope?” She nodded, still nervous but now prepared to participate. Dan counted them in and started moving. He found that Penelope had already caught on to following his lead and she moved wherever he steered. She even followed some natural turns and by the end of the dance Penelope’s face was animated. Her eyes were now bright and her posture firm.

Dan stood back and applauded. He looked canlı bahis siteleri at Mrs S who had briefly left the room during her daughter’s first attempt. Dan saw no great joy in her reaction. She seemed almost disappointed that her daughter had performed so well!

Dan sat with Penelope and quietly talked about the dance and was surprised that she now engaged in conversation.

Mrs S announced frostily from the door “Tea will be in half an hour.”

Before she could disappear Dan called “Mrs S, maybe we could demonstrate a foxtrot? Would that interrupt your preparations?”

Mrs S smiled warmly. “Why not Dan, I’d love to dance the foxtrot with you.”

Dan was sure he detected an undertone, especially on the emphasised ‘with you’, but said nothing. He also thought that Mrs S had removed her bra! Her prodigious breasts quivered as she stepped eagerly towards him and her nipples were already visible as they pressed against the flimsy silk material of her blouse.

Dan chose a record and set the machine in motion. As he took his partner in hold he confirmed the absence of the bra as his right hand connected with the warm, almost naked flesh of her back. The foxtrot is not easy, especially in a confined space but they moved effortlessly and in the final bars their hold was much closer. Dan was aware that each time his leg went between hers Mrs S would manage to get their thighs to caress smoothly. As the music closed Dan swung his partner elegantly across his right leg laying her back supported by his right arm. His left arm made a sweeping gesture down her body but some inches away. The posture was held as the music died. Penelope applauded and Mrs S came out of her trance as she straightened her back while Dan eased her upright.

“Wow Mummy, that was great!” Penelope was in awe of her mother’s performance. “I didn’t know you could dance like that!”

“Neither did I” was her mother’s almost inaudible response. Her unfettered nipples were poking aggressively at the light material of her blouse as she hurried towards the kitchen. “Half an hour, then we eat” she called over her shoulder. She actually went to the bathroom, locked the door and sat holding her aching pussy with one hand and squeezing an erect nipple with the other. “God, I enjoyed that so much!” she thought quietly to herself. After a few minutes she rinsed her face with cold water and returned to the kitchen. She tried to concentrate on something other than the feel of the young man’s firm body.

In the front room Penelope was full of questions, eager now to learn more about dancing. She had never seen her mother let go like that, normally she was totally in control of everything. Today she felt that she had witnessed a crack in the ice wall!

Dan suggested that they might use the time before tea to practice the waltz again. Penelope proved a quick learner now that her interest had been roused and time passed quickly until they were called to the kitchen to eat. Her enthusiasm encouraged Dan; she seemed like a different girl. Now she had poise, revealing a lovely figure and athletic legs. On the few occasions when their hold became close Dan enjoyed her youthful proximity.

While Dan used the downstairs cloakroom to wash his hands Penelope went upstairs. Mrs S was waiting in the kitchen, her heaving chest thrust out hard nipples still threatening to pierce the silk! It was all rather provocative. “Now Dan, would you like to sit here?” She pulled out the chair nearest to her. To get to his seat Dan had to pass very close and, despite trying to avoid contact, inevitably brushed her breasts. Mrs S gave an intake of breath. “Naughty boy,” She whispered. “Naughty but nice!”

She leaned over Dan’s shoulder to adjust the cutlery, which was already perfectly placed! Her breasts were right in front of Dan’s face, even though he leaned back in his chair. Dan dared not move! Flashing through his mind was the thought that if he touched Mrs S inappropriately she would tell her husband and his job could be in jeopardy. Dan didn’t know whether she was testing or teasing. Mrs S heard her daughter coming down the stairs and as she turned away she slid her breast deliberately across Dan’s flushed face, the extended nipple brushed his dry lips.

Dan was in a rather confused state but still rose from his seat as Penelope entered. She smiled sweetly, “Oh Dan, what a gentleman! Please sit down and tell me how you started dancing.”

They chattered as they ate. Mrs S chipping in acidly every so often. Penelope ignored her mother’s sharp comments; maybe she was immune after years of hearing them. As they finished eating Dan thanked Mrs S and enquired whether Penelope would like to dance any more before he went home.

Mrs S had been hoping for this opportunity. “Penny darling you have so much homework maybe you need to get on with that and have another, maybe longer, lesson with Dan another time?” Penelope looked crestfallen but knew better than to argue.

She shook hands with Dan, her grip dryer and more enthusiastic than earlier. “Thank you so much Dan. I’m surprised to say that I actually enjoyed my first lesson. I hope you can come back again?” Dan nodded, impressed in her transformation from a shy, withdrawn girl into a much more confident young lady.

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