Donna’s Delight!

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Donna had a lot to be excited about — she was now 18 and would be starting college in a couple of months — adulthood and freedom! But the summer before college starts can be very exciting and boring too. Donna couldn’t stand social media anymore because all her friends were posting these awesome pics from their travels while she was fretting at home. With almost all her friends out of town she spent most of her time in front of the TV or day dreaming about college and also a lot about sex. Donna hadn’t experienced much more than some heavy petting over the clothes as she had not found the chemistry with the guys she knew to want to go further. But with so much time to kill, sex was something she thought about a lot. She also had a new pastime in the evenings. When her Dad did not have his girlfriend over or was at her place, he would be in his den looking at his laptop and masturbating. He wasn’t in a habit of closing the door because Donna never used to be home that time or if she was, she would be in her room busy on the phone.

The first time she saw him do it was while passing his den one day when she caught a glimpse of him through the space between the doors. Intrigued, she stopped to get a better look and realized he was masturbating. This was the first time she saw a man do it in real life and she had never thought of her Dad like that – it was mesmerizing. She couldn’t see what he was watching but imagined it was porn. That soon became a ritual for Donna — spying on her Dad jacking-off. He would do it almost every evening in his den around the same time. It was her version of forbidden fun until one day when it became very serious for her.

As she had done for the past couple of weeks, that day was no different as Donna tip-toed to his den when she knew her Dad would be self-gratifying himself and sure enough — there he was. But this time she could see his laptop screen and it was a slideshow of pictures of her in swimsuits, short dresses, skirts, shorts and tanks and little summer blouses that he had taken. He was looking at them as he pumped his penis and was soon close to cumming. He grunted “baby I love you” as he erupted, spraying his cum around him and then he slumped back into his chair. Donna felt weak and flustered as she quietly hurried back upstairs to her room — there was a whole lot to process.

Part of why Donna felt rattled was because she also realized she was feeling very turned on by what she saw. She always had a little crush on him. It was not just that they were so close and she loved him but he was cute and good looking. Knowing he saw her as a woman that he desired was the ultimate compliment for her. She lay in her bed thinking about him and his penis all night. She would tweak her nipples and then hide her face in her pillow smiling and giggling. Donna stayed home that much more and wore things that showed off more of her body like the pictures of herself that she saw him pleasure himself to.

She started looking for any excuse to have physical contact with him like cuddling up watching TV and letting her hands rest on his chest or thigh. Sometimes she would place her feet in his lap as they lounged on the couch and would ask for a foot-rub while trying to see if she could feel his penis get hard under her feet. Being petite and small framed she would sometimes just drop herself on his lap and watch the game with him while moving around on his lap trying to see anadolu yakası escort if that turned him on. This went on for another couple of weeks and Donna was getting impatient because she wanted more attention from him.

One morning after her morning swim and shower, Donna started dressing thinking of what to wear for her Dad. Orange bra and panties were flowed by a denim mini that she knew he liked and a turquoise top that she felt was flirty. She wore a dainty anklet he got for her and twirled around in front of her mirror thinking about the many ways she planned to tease him that day. Grinning she came down and found her Dad looking really sad as he prepared their breakfast. She asked him what happened and her heart broke as she saw her Dad’s eyes well up as he told her that his girlfriend was cheating on him and they had broken up. The last time Donna saw him like that was when her Mom had passed. She hugged him and led him to the couch where they cuddled and she kept telling him how she didn’t like his girlfriend anyway and that he deserved so much better. She could tell that his heart was hurting as he turned away to hide a tear that had formed. She straddled his lap so she could face him and told him she would kiss his tear away and did just that.

That made him smile and she told him that he was such a good looking guy and that his ex didn’t know how much she was missing and how her own friends would crush on him. He smiled caressing her cheek and told her that she was so much like her mom. Donna’s heart was pounding. She desperately wanted to tell him that she loved him like a woman and wanted him to ravage her right there. She slowly turned her face to kiss his hand that was caressing her cheek and then leaned in to give him a peck on his lips and they both smiled looking deep into each other’s eyes as she gave him another peck and then gathered all the courage she had and just kissed him and whispered, “I love you so much Dad.”

Before he could say anything she kissed him long and hard again. He responded this time opening his mouth and she could feel his tongue tango with hers. He made a halfhearted attempt to push her back and quickly gave up as his hands held her tighter. Their lips separated briefly and he muttered, “You are my daughter, I shouldn’t…” Bur before he could finish his sentence Donna responded, “I am a woman Dad and I know what I want and trust me I want you — I want this.”

That was all he needed to hear. He kissed Donna back and got up from the couch lifting her up with him. His one hand moved under her mini skirt cradling her and the other around her back as she wrapped her arms and legs around him as they kissed and he carried her to his bedroom and laid her down on the bed.

He wouldn’t stop about how pretty she was looking – prettier than mom as he hurriedly undressed and then started yanking her clothes off till she was totally naked. Donna was going red all over and tried to cover her breasts and vagina with her hands. She had never seen a man naked like that in real life and no man had seen her womanly body like that either. Dad grabbed Donna by her feet and pulled her toward the edge of the bed where he was standing and started kissing, nibbling and licking her all over starting from her toes and slowly inching his way up her feet, thighs, tummy, breasts, neck and face.

Donna was trying hard not to gebze escort get overwhelmed with all the sensations she was experiencing and the emotions that were welling up. She was scared but excited too and felt very guilty as she thought this was happening because she had been thinking of him naked for the past few weeks after she saw him masturbate and maybe she had willed it by trying to seduce him.

But he was really good to Donna and kept telling her that he loved her and that this was special and that he wouldn’t hurt her. Donna just totally surrendered to him as her body started responding to his touch. He leaned forward and started licking and sucking on her breasts and nipples and Donna started crying because it just felt so good and beautiful.

He finally went down on her spreading her thighs as his tongue started flicking across her vagina and sucking on her clit, giving her goose bumps and making her moan loudly. She could feel his stubble tickling against her inner thighs as they clamped down on his head between them. The way he nibbled, licked and sucked on her clit drove Donna wild and she totally lost control over her own body and started bucking wildly as she felt her first ever orgasm rack her.

She kept twitching for a while. Her Dad held her as he planted tender kisses while she recovered. She looked at him awestruck with how amazing he was able to make her feel. After a few minutes like that he sat up with his penis in front of Donna’s face and asked her to suck on it. Donna had rubbed the hardons of boys over their jeans and seen porn but never sucked on an actual penis. He urged her on and she finally sheepishly stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of his penis with the tip of her tongue. Encouraged by his moans, Donna became bolder and started planting soft kisses on the head of his penis. She then started to very gently nibble its head. As she nibbled, licked and kissed it, Donna kept rolling up her eyes up to see if Dad felt she was doing it right and followed his moaning instructions. She then started licking its length and started sucking it, drenching it with her saliva. It felt so warm, velvety – then smooth and throbbing in her mouth. Very soon her Dad grunted, heaved and suddenly turned, got up and went to the bathroom.

She was scared that she did something really wrong but he came back real soon telling her she made him almost cum and that he didn’t want to freak her out and ducked into the bathroom to cum and clean up. His penis was wet and limper. Donna smiled and started sucking on it some more and felt it almost immediately come back to life and grow hard in her mouth. Dad then laid her on her back again and spread her legs as he kneeled between them with his now hard penis right there resting on top of her vagina. She knew all about sex but nothing could have prepared her for it. He gently rubbed his penis back and forth on her mound making Donna’s heart pound — this was real! Her eyes moved from his penis to his eyes and back as she bit her lip in nervous anticipation. She awkwardly asked him if this would hurt. Her Dad looked down at her smiling with fire in his eyes and caressed her cheek as he told Donna that it would pain a little and that admission did little to reassure her. He rubbed his penis on her vagina a few more times and then let out a gruntish moan as he started guiding it into her slowly.

As Dad’s penis entered kartal escort and started breaking through her hymen, Donna felt a piercing pain. With every little thrust of his, she instinctively pulled a little away from him and her hands would push against his belly. But he was relentless and pushed through with a long, hard, deliberate and deep thrust till he was inside her completely.

Donna groaned as he tried to enter her and then yelped in pain and bit down on his shoulder as he fell on her completely impaling her and now she was momentarily stunned. All one could hear was his heavy breathing and Donna’s whimpers. He finally broke the silence whispering in her ear how much he loved her as she started getting used to his penis inside her. He stayed like that for a while — kissing her but barely moving and telling her to relax as he played with her nipples and mumbled sweet little things in her ear. He then started gyrating his hips slowly and began to grind into her. The initial pain soon gave way to an intensely pleasurable sensation as she started experiencing a tingling feeling radiating across her pleasure centers. Her legs wrapped around his waist as her hips started moving in rhythm with his grinding which he started punctuating with occasional little thrusts.

Soon her body just started moving on its own. He licked on her nipples as her back arched up with each little thrust and her breasts met his mouth. Her eyes were glazed as Donna started moaning loudly and her hands clutched at the sheets. His thrusts were smooth, slow and sensual as he looked down and marveled at her. She seemed to be in a daze and he asked her how she felt now. Donna blushed as she moaned, “It feels amazing.” Then, without stopping or missing a beat, he unlocked Donna’s ankles from behind his back and spread her legs wide going deeper. She winced a bit but didn’t want him to stop. He then brought her legs together and held her feet in front of him and started kissing and licking them as he kept moving in and out of her. Her anklet slipped down to her calf and its almost rhythmic jingling seemed to add music to their love making. Encouraged by Donna’s loud moans, he flicked his tongue across her toes, sucking on each one of them as he kept pumping in and out of her.

As he activated her erogenous zones Donna was quickly overcome with sensations she had never felt or even thought possible to feel. He then let her feet go and her legs dropped to the side as his large hands encircled her tiny waist lifting her torso completely off the bed as he started moving in and out of her with much more vigor. Her back had curved so much that just her head and arms were now touching the mattress. Soon he could sense Donna’s approaching orgasm as well as his own.

He grunted like a wild animal as he started thrusting in and out of her rapidly and furiously and then alternated with slow but hard and deliberate thrusts. Donna could feel the pain as he rammed into her but the sensation of the orgasm building up inside her overwhelmed that pain. Soon Donna was shaking all over as she drowned in her orgasm. Each wave made her flail uncontrollably as she moaned unintelligibly while he tried hard not to cum before her and kept pumping in and out. But the sight of her becoming delirious with pleasure was too much for him and he could not hold back anymore. He let out a loud roar and impaled her hard one final time and started cumming deep inside her. His body went all stiff at first and then spasmed as he kept grinding into her, feeling Donna’s vagina milk him completely. Drained, he finally fell on top of her, both making animal sounds as they hungrily kissed each other realizing their love for each other was way deeper than their relationship.

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