Ethan Day

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The headlights seem to barely light the road. It’s a dark night and I slow the car to a crawl as the stoplight approaches. I watch the rain come down hard. The red beams bounce off puddles and the hood of my mustang. My cell phone vibrates and I reach for it. She tries to lift her head but I push my hips up, keeping my dick in her mouth.

I roll my eyes at the text and text back that I’ll be over later, then I turn the volume on the radio down and listen to the soft, wet sounds of Melanie sucking my cock. When the light turns green I step on the gas, the engines roars, and the car accelerates onto the highway. As the needle passes 75 mph, I slow it down and switch on the cruise control. Keeping my eyes open is a struggle with Melanie’s warm mouth around my dick. Before long she has me ready to cum and she must sense it because she picks up the pace.

As she sucks faster, she takes less in her mouth and begins quickly sucking the first few inches in and out of her mouth. It’s loud and wet and it makes me start to cum. All I want is more of her warm mouth and I lift my bare ass from the seat to force myself deeper into her open lips. She has a small mouth and can hardly take it all but her warmth taking me deeper pushes me over the edge. My dick pulsates and every ounce of cum in me gushes into her mouth.

“Don’t make a mess in the car. Swallow it,” I say it through clenched teeth. She listens and locks her lips around the tip of dick. As she sucks even more intensely, I pump a few more smaller loads into her mouth. Her mouth is tight and I can feel her swallowing everything I give her. I lean my head back against the headrest and decide this was definitely worth the effort.

__ __

See, I had gone to an early party around 9pm and it was lame. It was a bunch of fellow senior’s, but not the group I usually hang out with. It was at Melanie’s and her parents were home. I haven’t been to a party with parents at it in years. Still, Melanie’s an absolute hottie and so are a few of her friends, so I stuck around. She’d been texting me to hang out for weeks and I figured it would be an easy hook-up.

We talked for a little while and then I managed to sneak her up to her room to “to talk”. She’s a petite blonde who I’ve been wanting to get with for years. After a brief make-out session I slid her top off and then her jeans. She has a great little ass and beautiful perky tits. I licked her shaven pussy until she grabbed my hair and moaned my name as she came.

I was going to fuck her but her parents started knocking on the door. She quickly got dressed as they shouted, then opened the door. With her face flush and me sitting on the bed, they had to know what we’d been up to. Her Dad escorted me to my car. I was pissed since I didn’t get to cum so after I drove off I texted her to go out the back door and through her neighbors yard and I’d pick her up. I don’t eat pussy without a girl returning the favor.

__ __

That persistence had got me to this moment and it was well worth it. The head was better than expected. She’s barely dated throughout high school and my guess was she’d be average or worse. Instead, she gave me one of the best blowjobs I’ve had in a while.

Sitting up, she dragged the back of her hand across her lips and smiled at me. “Good?”

“Great, actually. That was impressive.”

“Really? What part?”

“All of it. You know how to make a guy cum, that’s for sure. Usually it takes me twice as long. It’s hot that you’re not a prude. I like that.”

“What do you mean?”

“The swallowing, not every girl swallows you know.”

“I don’t mind swallowing. I don’t see why girls make such a big deal about it.”

“Haha, me either.” I give her a grin.

“Well I’m glad it didn’t suck. You’re better at eating pussy than I’m used to.”

“I’ve spent years perfecting my trade, so thank you.” I pull off the highway and into a Denny’s. “Hey, do you think you could hop out here and call one of your girlfriends to come pick you up and bring you back? It’s just that my Mom just texted me and said I need to get home ASAP.”

“Ummm…. ah, yeah, I guess. Yeah, that’s fine.”

“Thanks, I’m really sorry but I think maybe something’s wrong.”

“Oh, wow, okay. Yeah, no problem. I hope everything’s okay.”

“Yeah, me too. I’ll see you Monday.”

“Okay, see you Monday.” She leans over and gives me a long kiss before reaching for the handle and stepping out.

I pull out as though in a hurry and get back on the highway, grabbing my phone and texting Kailyn that I’ll be there soon. She’s an ex-girlfriend but we still talk. When we broke up I kept it on good terms since she throws the biggest parties. She would never invite people like Melanie… she’s kind of a rich, elitist bitch.

It took me a year to realize I disliked her as a person and just really, really loved fucking her. She’ll probably model after high school. Her cousin is an actress on broadway and her sister has been in a few big Hollywood films now. The sultangazi escort way Kailyn acts, you’d think she’d already walked the red carpet.

Coming around the corner I can already see the street lined with cars. I stop the car, back up, and drive down the street parallel to her’s. I park at a friend’s house, hop the fence separating his yard from Kaitlyn’s, and enter through her back door.

One of my lacrosse buddies is manning the keg. “Ethan, where you been all night?” He hands me a red cup, grabs the nozzle, and pours me a drink.

“Just had to stop by Melanie’s and say hi. You know how it is.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Always the same with you on the weekends, booty before bros.”

“You going to hold it against me?”

“Of course not. I’d chop off my left foot to bang Melanie. She’s a dime dude. Was it awesome?”

“Ah, I don’t kiss and tell.”

“You mean you’ll tell the whole team in the locker room on Monday?”

I smile. “Exactly. Thanks for the refreshment man, I’m gonna go chase some tail.”

“Ethan, you’re an animal man!!”

I say hi to a few more buddies, dodge one crazy ex-girlfriend, and flirt with a few girls I’d like to eventually hook up with. When Kallyn comes in from the porch, I immediately ignore the girl I was talking to. Kailyn’s dressed like she’s going to be on the cover of Vogue. Just out of the shower, with no make-up, she’s radiantly beautiful. With make-up and a designer outfit on, she makes my dick hurt.

She walks over and says hi and we end up chatting. Oddly enough I end up enjoying our conversation. She’s a bitch but she’s far from dumb. She hadn’t gone nuts when I broke up with her and I felt very adult the way we were catching up on each other’s lives…

“Yeah, I got the modeling gig with that agency I applied to when you and I were still a thing. I’m really excited. My first shoot is next month.”

“Congratulations. That’s insane! I mean, you’re beautiful so it’s not insane, but you haven’t even graduated and are already with an agency, it’s impressive.”

“Thank you! I feel like, electric. I can’t sleep. I’m just so excited. I actually had a question to ask you about it.”

“Me? You know I don’t know anything about modeling. I can’t even take a good selfie.”

“Haha, I know you can’t! You always look so serious! I’m not asking for modeling advice though. I was wondering if you wanted to come with me?”

“Whoa, well that’s cool of you… um, I dunno. Yeah, why not, right? But didn’t I hear you’re seeing someone?Won’t he be pissed?”

“Well, I won’t tell him I’m taking anyone. I just don’t think Brad would… fit in. He says dumb shit all the time and acts all macho.”

“Aw, that’s too bad. Well no one’s perfect.” I realize she’s kind of venting to me about her new boyfriend, which is pretty odd.

“He can be really embarrassing when he’s feeling insecure.” She makes a grimacing face, leans in so close I can feel her warm breath on my ear, and whispers “you didn’t hear it from me, but he might be trying to make up for something down there, if you know what I mean.”

I step back, give her a big smile and laugh. “Jeez Kailyn, throwing your own boyfriend under the bus?”

She steps closer and leans in close again. “Well you and I both know he’s not really my type. But he’s a star athlete, which everyone seems to think is cool. I have a reputation at school to maintain. You know me.”

I can smell the alcohol on her breath and realize she’s had more to drink than I thought. “Yeah, that I do. So what, you want me to dress smart casual, pick you up in the mustang, and hang around the shoot and do some networking for you?”

She puts her hand on my chest. “Would you?”

“Sure. I’ll get some info from my aunts. Two of them used to be models and I think maybe still model now and then.”

“That would be so awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And I’ll make sure my bf doesn’t find out. I know I can trust you. You always kept my secrets, even after we broke up.” She gives me a smile and leans back away from my ear.

As soon as she leans back and I see her full expression, I realize the smile isn’t just a smile. It’s a look I’ve seen on her face a hundred times before. She’s horny and wants to fuck me. My dick makes the split second decision for me. I look around to see if anyone is paying attention to our conversation. No one seems to be. I step closer so our faces are inches apart.

“Kailyn, I’m glad you know your secrets are safe with me.” I keep my eyes locked with hers and put my hand on her thigh.

“Of course I know they’re safe with you. You were awesome. I’m glad we stayed such good friends…”

“Me too. We made a pretty hott couple didn’t we?” I move my hand higher up her thigh.

“We really did!” She pauses and looks away for a moment before looking back up at me. “You know… speaking of hott… I’m going to go freshen up in my room. Do you want to remind me what big feels like?”

“Yeah, taksim escort I could do that.”

“Maybe come up in five minutes?”

I give her a subtle grin and nod.

“K.” She bites her lower lip as she turns and walks away.

__ __

I shut the door quietly and the sound of music, yelling, and laughter stops. The ghetto bass line of some rap song still vibrates the walls but I’m sure no one can hear us. Regardless, I say nothing. It’s been a long time since I’ve stood in front of Kailyn half naked. It has me speechless. She’s wearing extravagant, sheer lingerie that flaunts every asset she has. Expensive, designer underwear was always one of her favorite things to shop for.

She models the tiny outfit for me, turning to show me the angles. The bra is small and a little sheer. Her dark nipples are clearly visible. The panties are tiny and cut to exaggerate the curve of her thighs and ass. The panties are crotchless. It’s one of the hottest outfits I’ve seen her in. The sheer bra and crotchless panties are a sluttier touch that I didn’t expect. I know her well enough that it dawns on me almost immediately. She found an outfit she doesn’t need to take off. I can see her tits with the bra on and fuck her with the panties on. She’s a self-obsessed ego maniac and at this moment I’m thankful for it.

Neither of us says a single thing and after she models her body for me, I walk across the room and kiss her. My hands explore her possibly soon-to-be-famous curves. Grabbing her round cheeks with both hands and lifting her onto her toes always gets her turned on. My fingers had missed her ass. She responds with her tongue penetrating my lips. My cock is already stiff to the tip. It’s been months since I’ve fucked a girl with an ass half as nice as hers.

I can almost feel my balls going into overdrive and the cum filling them. They are already silently begging me to turn her around, spread her cheeks, grab hold, and fuck her ass for all it’s worth. I want her to keep the lead though. She likes being in control. I tease her clit to get her even more turned on and before long she descends to her knees. Her cleavage is gorgeous from this perspective. She pulls out my cock, looks up at me and says one sentence before preceding to suck and fuck me better than anyone has in months:

“I didn’t realize it until you left me, but I guess I’m a big dick kind of girl.”

__ __

I roll over onto my back without opening my eyes. Half awake, the first thing I think of is Kailyn naked, with her legs spread, right before I fucked her. My dick twitches at the thought and I realize how sore it is. It had been a good night. I reach down and itch my balls and realize that I’m hanging like a horse. After a hard fuck my cock stays the size of a semi and will be a bit swelled for a day. My cock hanging extra large just makes me horny on those days and all I want to do is fuck. I find myself wishing I’d spent the night so I could wake up and fuck her again. Then it strikes me. I realize it’s summer and Saturday. It could be a great day.

Opening my eyes and looking to the window I see blue sky. I grin. It will be a great day. On hot summer weekends my aunts come over to hang out with my mom by the pool and get drunk. My uncles are all filthy rich and my aunts are jaw dropping trophy wives. Sluts might be the wrong word but they… like to please their men. I’m not related by blood and they look amazing in thongs so I usually spend my summer weekends at home, at least while the sun is out.

That thought gives me the motivation I need to start my day and I roll out from under the covers. I sit on the side of the bed, with my feet on the cold floor, blinking, and still half asleep. After getting home, I’d played video games until 2am but getting four hour of sleep is pretty good in my book. I just need coffee.

Looking between my legs, my cock is hanging off the side of the bed, engorged and making me feel like a king of kings. I wish it was naturally this thick when flaccid but then again some girls already complain its too big now. Kailyn never complains. She had really let me give it to her last night. I can still feel the hard thrusts in my beaten cock.

I reach for my phone. Thirty missed texts. I had called it a night after fucking Kailyn, but the texts kept coming. Every girl I know who saw me out, or heard I was out, had apparently texted. A handful are from my buddies telling me so and so just showed up and is looking for me. Drama. I smile, knowing I made the right decision to cut out early. I got some booty, played some video games, and then got some sleep. Why don’t I do that more often?

Melanie had texted me six times asking where I went, if I was coming back, and then if I wanted to hang out this weekend. As far as petite blondes go, she’s the hottest in the school so I shoot her a text back.

I have a few SnapChat messages so I pull up the app. A crazy ex-girlfriend I’d literally only said “hi” to last night later sent me a drunken, topkapı escort naked mirror pic, then an ass pic. She’s a bombshell and her tits are big and perfect, but I barely glance at the picture. I could care less about a drunken nude from a girl I’ve screwed dozens and dozens of times.

I ignore the rest of the texts, toss my phone on the bed, put on some boxers, and head to the kitchen for that coffee.

___ ___ ___ ___

I climb the stairs with coffee in hand, round the corner, head into the bathroom, close the door, and strip down to my boxers. The knob sticks as I twist the hot water on and steam fills the room while I take a moment to admire my chiseled, naked figure in the mirror. I sip my coffee.

The blunt truth is that when it comes to appearances, I come from good genes. My father and uncles are all handsome men who were star athletes in their university days. They were Yale men and, as of next year, I will be too. The financial success our entire family has enjoyed might give the impression that in our genes is some predisposition for business. That’d be wrong. My great, great grandfather was a railroad man. Since then every generation has inherited assets and a good education. The family money stays in safe investments like real estate, oil, gold, and bonds. Safe investments have resulted in generation after generation of arrogant, conceded men who know how to have a good time.

Although the financial success isn’t quite in the blood, our genes do seem to carry a tendency for male babies, good looks, and big dicks. With family money, looks, and endowment comes confidence. Vacations in the South of France where the men walk nude, practice their french with other attractive couples and fuck until their dicks hurt. That is the cure for boredom. Travel often and bang daily, as one of my uncles puts it.

As I stand sipping my coffee and watching my reflection disappear behind the steam, I know I have the same narcissism in me. I look at my body and into my own eyes and know it is there. I have unflinching confidence in myself and am never intimated by others. I have an inflated ego. I feel like girls should want to fuck me. Still though, there’s also a desire to be more than that and to do something with our family’s wealth and good fortune but I just don’t know what yet. Hopefully it won’t involve foregoing the sex.

I throw back the last of the coffee in one gulp, put the cup on the sink, and step under the warm water. I don’t mind going to sleep stinking of sex but I like to start my days early and well groomed. The soap quickly replaces the smell of pussy on me. I lather and wash my cock several times and find, not surprisingly, that I’m still horny. Sex only makes me hornier. A long period of abstinence is the only hormone suppressor that has ever worked on me but I know today I have no hope of being anything but consumed by arousal.

The lifestyle my father and uncles all lead demands a particular type of woman. Beautiful and a fun personality are requirements but the indispensable characteristic could be described as sexually outgoing. They come from different races, have different hair colors, different size breasts and asses, but they are all sluts. Even more impressive is their tolerance for their husbands’ sexual promiscuity. At this point I’ve even come to face that my own mother can be described this way as well.

She was largely the one to explain the way things are. My father never took me aside and explained it. Clearly, he expected me to figure it out for myself and I had noticed most of it but when I turned eighteen my mother sat me down and explained the dirty sexual secrets my family holds. I knew of the swinging and had assumed quite a bit more but had missed one very important detail.

They swap wives. As young men they agreed to marry women without a sexually prude bone in their body and with varied physical assets. One would marry a big breasted beauty, another would marry a classy blonde, and so it went. All four brothers agreed and kept their promises. To this day whenever they get bored, they swap wives for a night or two to keep things interesting. Each of them lack any territorial jealousy. They are too egocentric for such a thing. When I first learned of the arrangement, I found it insane. Clearly though, I have their genes. The more I thought about it, the more I understood the appeal of working to create such an arrangement.

Amy, Nicole, Mary, and my mother, Megan. are all head turning tens but for varied reasons. They are all very, very beautiful. Amy and Nicole are actually related by blood and both very exotic. Amy is half Asian and half black and danced in a few rap videos. For every occasion except charity events and galas she dresses like she’s going clubbing. Amy and Nicole have the same black mother but Nicole is mulatto. Her father is white. She has wider hips and a tiny, tiny waist.

Mary is small and athletic and sticks out like a sore thumb among the women. She’s pale, thin, has very perky B cups, and a great little ass. She dresses with class but still shows plenty of skin. Her and my mother get along well. My mother is half latino, half white. She has her mother’s Peruvian curves and her mother’s love for dominant macho men. She, more than the others, loves the men in our family.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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