Fan Clubs Pt. 03

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Vanessa had just gotten home from school — kicked off her shoes and started to take off her clothes — when the text from Matt came through. It was a picture of her high school rival, Emerson, with cum dripping down her chin and mascara running all over her face. The caption read: This can be you!

As pathetic as Emerson looked, she thought there was a certain air of excitement in the pic. Ever since Vanessa had given Matt a hand-job, she kept wondering if there were not better ways to put Matt’s big cock to use. There just had to be other places where his warm cum might feel good. Sadly, Vanessa felt, Emerson had beaten her to it.

Enlarging the picture, Vanessa tried to see what Emerson was feeling by looking into her eyes. Was she humiliated? Was she angry? Was she happy? Somehow all those things came through in her face. Vanessa, impressed that Matt pulled it off, was also a little jealous that it was not her on the receiving end of his orgasm. Also, part of her felt strange that he had moved on from her so quickly, despite telling him she was not looking to date. It was shockingly obvious that her not-so-nerdy-anymore neighbor from down the street had managed to coax the two boob queens into sexual play, and was actually taunting Vanessa to join in on future scenarios. Would she accept the challenge?


Wearing a tight, orange shirt that had the logo of the ice cream parlor she worked at in the summer, Vanessa sat on her deck, chatting with some guy in a foreign country on an app meant for that. The guy spoke English well and was going on about some nonsensical ideas he had about relationships. He asked Vanessa to describe what she was wearing: the orange shirt and yoga shorts. He wanted to know what color her bra and panties were. When she told him that she was not wearing any, he started to beg for a video of her, or at least a pic. She was debating whether to send something, when Matt showed up at the fence. Vanessa nuked the conversation and watched as Matt let himself in.

“Hey, Vanessa. Mind if I come in for a bit?” Matt said, walking in confidently and with a definite swagger.

“No. I don’t mind, since you’re already in,” Vanessa said.

“I knocked at your door, but there was no answer. I figured you might be back here, since your car is in the driveway.”

“So, you can add Emerson as another conquest.”

“I don’t consider a hand-job from you or a blow-job from her to be conquests. Mini victories, perhaps.”

“I was joking.”

“Oh, I see.”

Matt looked at Vanessa as she shifted in her chair; he noticed that her boobs moved quite a bit, giving away the fact that she was not wearing a bra. She could tell he noticed that she was bra-less. Vanessa had made the move for his benefit. Next, she crossed her legs, feeling the material of the shorts on her trimmed vagina. She wondered if he could see she was not wearing panties.

“You really worked her good. The mascara running is such a telltale sign of a girl being used if not abused. How did you manage to get Emerson in such a sorry state?” Vanessa said, crossing her arms over her chest, taking away his view.

“That mascara thing didn’t happen until the end, after I came,” Matt said.

“Was she good?”


“Are you trying to get me to compete with her?”

“Maybe a little. You both have been amazing,” Matt said.

“The competition is over. We graduate this week,” Vanessa said, unconvincingly.

“She mentioned you more than a few times; she wanted to know how you looked up close like we were, and what you did with me.”

“I’m sure you betrayed me.”.

“Not at all. I only said positive things about you,” Matt said, trying to remember if he had said anything against Vanessa.

“What about her? Is it all positive?”

“I think she likes abuse “

“That’s obvious.”

“No. She wanted me to pinch her nipples hard and to spank her ass.”

“What about that ass? How was it?” Vanessa said, igniting something she thought was over.

“It was bigger than I had imagined and softer; not too flabby, but more than I had expected. I think that it’s all recent,” Matt said, enjoying the focus on what he learned from Emerson’s body.

“I agree. It does seem recent. What about the boobs?”

“Those seemed bigger too, but in a good way.”

“Really?” Emerson said, jealously.

“She said they are DD’s now. They looked firm and really full. I expected some sag, but they held up okay.”

“So she is bigger than me?”

“Yes, but yours are way more uplifted and buoyant. If that makes sense?”

“I guess,” Vanessa said, conceding that after all was said and done, Emerson’s were bigger.

She noticed he looked horny; something that definitely intrigued her was awakening under his pants. Vanessa shifted again and felt her boobs bounce for him; she uncrossed her legs, showing off her toned thighs. Vanessa hated that she could not tan and that her legs, in their pale state, did not feature the definition that illegal bahis tanned ones did.

“Are you all set for graduation?” Matt said, focusing on her nipples that were now very erect.

Emerson brushed her red hair off her face and gave him an almost predatory gaze with her blue eyes. Yanked back to reality and the preparations for graduation, she suddenly remembered that her father was flying in from California, and she was meeting him later.

“Thank you,” Vanessa said.

“For what?” Matt said.

“Reminding me I have something to do.”


“Yeah,” Vanessa said, standing up and turning to give him a side angle of her body. She felt so sexy and proud doing so. Everything was in sync, she thought. The line of butt to boobs, or boobs to butt, felt and looked optimally aesthetic. She had enjoyed hearing that Emerson’s ass was flabby, but Vanessa did not like hearing her rival’s boobs had grown.

Matt stood up and got close to her — his confidence was out of his hands now and had control over all the restraint of his former self. Matt placed a hand on the small of her back, initiating a quick act of familiarity. There was a pause between them; something real hung in the air. As if conditioned to respond to the unspoken, they came together in a kiss — their first one. His other hand came up and cupped her left underboob, making her pull back. His hand still held onto her boob, forcing her to move it away from her.

“You assume so much. Emerson and I did all the work. You just sat there and let it happen,” Vanessa said.

“You’re right. I want to do more this time. Let me do more, Vanessa,” he said.

“Maybe there will be a next time, but it’s not today,” Vanessa said, closing his visit up.

“You sound like you are on Emerson’s side, looking out for her.”

“Not really.”

“I think you two have more in common than you think.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Vanessa said.

“What does that mean?” Matt said, dumbfounded.

“Sounds like you’re implying that we have you in common.”

That statement gave Matt more of a reason to press forward with his ploy to get Vanessa naked, but she was not having anymore of him and dismissed him. He had no choice but to walk away, half-turning to hear her go inside the house. He thought of the kiss they had shared, and knew there would definitely be a next time.


Taking her lunch break on a table outside the ice cream shop, Vanessa munched on an apple and ate a veggie wrap. There was a small cup of ice cream that she was also sampling from with a small spoon.

The manager of the sporting goods store a few doors down, Kevin, was walking towards her. He was always friendly with her. Apparently, the only times he ever came into the ice cream parlor was when Vanessa worked. The manager confided in Vanessa that Kevin didn’t even like ice cream, and usually gave his purchases to one of his workers.

“Vanessa, hello. Congratulations on your high school graduation,” Kevin said.

“Hello,” she said.

She figured that because he was in his mid-twenties, he felt comfortable talking to a teenager. Vanessa liked his blonde hair and the way he wore his closely trimmed beard.

“I’ll double your pay if you come and work for me,” he teased.

“Sounds tempting,” she said, staring at his bronze belt buckle.

“It should,” Kevin said, noticing where her eyes rested.

“Ice cream is my future,” she said, lifting her eyes to find his looking at her tits.

As he was talking about an unruly employee, whom he had to let go, she could not get the image of her in her graduation gown — bra and panties underneath — and the champagne poured over her by a couple of her male classmates. The same was done to Emerson, as the two proceeded to shake their tits for everyone at the party. Vanessa actually embraced with Emerson in a breast to breast salute to the end of high school.

Kevin continued to talk about his issues with managing difficult workers. Vanessa tried to appear interested, but she was thinking about the champagne soaking and then recalled the brief conversation with Emerson.

“I saw your post cum-shot picture that Matt sent,” Vanessa said, drying her hair, feeling her boobs stuck to the gown.

“He didn’t?” Emerson said, angrily.

“He did.”

“That asshole!”

“I liked it and was a little jealous,” Vanessa said, teasing the tension, looking at Emerson’s hard nipples.

“I was surprised by how big, how nice his cock is. The little nerd!” Emerson said, running a hand through her blonde, champagne soaked hair.

“Question is, which one of us does he fuck first,” Vanessa said, surprised at how it came out.

“We’ll see. I don’t know if I am ready. Are you?”

“I was craving it the other night. If he is around when I am in heat like that, I say he’s got me.”

“A real bitch in heat,” Emerson said with a half-smile on her face.

“I’m sure he will send a pic of who he fucks first.”

“That should be illegal bahis siteleri interesting.”

Kevin was still talking when Vanessa got up to go back inside; she gave a half-wave and drifted away.

“Don’t forget my offer,” Kevin said.

Vanessa nodded and went back to work.


Work was going well, Vanessa avoided the temptation of the ice cream. That temptation had done her in before, when the previous she gained five pounds. The dorm situation was all set. Her roommate was a petite girl with dark brown hair who had done gymnastics in high school. Kevin had asked her out, and she almost said yes, but at that point, Matt was stopping by her work every couple of days. One day, he wore a pair of shorts that showed off his semi-hard bulge, making her very wet. She also knew he was visiting Emerson at the cellular store she worked at, orbiting between the two of them with his dick looking for a target.

Emerson sent Vanessa a text: This guy knows we like his dick! I can just tell. He’s walking around like he has a hold on me.

Vanessa’s response: He was half-hard in his shorts the other day. I don’t know if I can hold out. Leaving for college soon. Might let him fuck me. Don’t tell him!

Both girls thought it strange that they were getting along and wondered if they could have been friends instead of rivals. They were trusting each other to not tell Matt what was on their mind. Emerson spoke of waking up one night in the middle of a sex dream; she was sweaty and calling out Matt’s name.


The time for flying to California for college was near. Vanessa had not done much after graduation: she went to work, flirted with Kevin, showed off her tits in the tight uniform, and was horny for Matt. She finally invited him over, knowing his summer was also winding down, and they were headed in opposite directions for school. He was going to an east coast college, and she a west coast one. She was going to tell Emerson of her decision but decided not to.

Vanessa put on a clean work shirt, liking the way it made her chest look, especially from the side: full, firm, and proud. She put on a pair of black shorts over a purple thong and wore sporty flip-flops on her feet; her red hair looked glamorous. Vanessa’s bedroom had on soft music and there were scented candles placed at the corners of the room.

Losing her virginity to Matt did not occur to her at anytime throughout high school, nor did giving it to someone her own age. Ideally, she was going to give it up in California to some upperclassmen who charmed her at some party. The beauty both she and Emerson saw in Matt’s cock was enough to alter her plans: She wanted it inside of her. The hand-job she gave him left her so unsatisfied.

Wearing long shorts and a loose t-shirt, Matt looked like he just came from playing basketball. His hair was wild and his skin was burned from the sun. His body was sweaty, as he walked into the house with a sense of ownership. Vanessa offered him something to drink; Matt accepted a bottle of water.

There was no pretending, Matt was in charge, and they both knew it. After he received a blow-job from Emerson, her rival turned quasi-friend, Matt now was capable of more and Vanessa respected that. He had that snake between his legs that felt muscled, cocked, and ready to go off at his discretion.

They stood at the bottom of the stairs, knowing the climb to the second floor was real and was going to expose them completely. Two college bound students, vulnerable and naked. Matt initiated their second kiss. Her breath smelled fresh. Perfume permeated the surrounding air — Matt breathed in the air and her essence. He cupped her right breast from the bottom and played with it. This time she did not push him away.

“It feels amazing,” he said. “I thought you were going to push me away.”

Vanessa mumbled something and offered no resistance when Matt took hold of the right’s identical — except for a tiny mole — twin.

The kiss had to end and the journey to Vanessa’s lair was unavoidable, and that is what happened. A slow parting on of their lips, and Matt, with his hand pressing into her back, helped her turn for the climb to her room. Matt could not help but seem predatory — an apex opportunist — as he followed behind her, watching her butt move, watching her legs propel her forward. Matt touched her butt when she stopped on the landing; it was more of an accident, but Vanessa, in the midst of her horniness, savored the moment.

The candles, creating a stable vibe, did their job. The music, playing low, was barely noticeable. Matt, in her room and on her turf, led her to the edge of her bed and sat her down. Standing above her, Matt held her hands and brushed aside the hair from her face. His cock was already over half-hard; he knew she wanted to see it as much as he wanted her naked and receptive to him.

Simultaneously, Matt leaned down for a kiss and grabbed hold of her shirt’s bottom. As if responding to a starter’s pistol, Vanessa’s canlı bahis siteleri body went slack and accepted that her shirt was coming off. Matt did not hesitate in taking it off, showing her he could take charge in the bedroom. Her purple bra held her breasts tightly wrapped. The treasure hunt was nearly over for Matt. To show unity with her, he took off his own shirt. Vanessa placed a hand on his belly and ran her fingernails across his flat abdomen.

Matt wanted to rip off her bra, but he liked the idea of having Vanessa reveal her boobs to him, better; that way he didn’t have to work for it. She looked at him a little annoyed, knowing that he had made this her move to make. The clasp was on the front. Her tits were ready to finally bare themselves to Matt. The bikini/nipple play of the night of the hand-job had kept them covered. Now, off came the bra and escaping from their confinement were to pale forms that stood proud and exemplary, capped with pinkish promise.

“There they are,” Matt said.

Vanessa was surprisingly quiet up to that point, watching Matt’s reaction to her D cups. She liked the expression on his face: one of confidence and awe. Vanessa let the bra fall to the side of the bed, joining his shirt.

“You like them?” She finally said.

“I love them,” Matt said.

Matt sensed she was nervous — the complete opposite of what she was like at their makeshift pool party — and hesitant. He grabbed her nipples, which were not yet hard, and played with them.

“Don’t be afraid, Vanessa,” he said, surprised he had to walk her through it.

The tugging on her nipples snapped Vanessa back. She held her breasts by the side and lifted them up, offering them to Matt as a graduation prize/gift. He leaned down and kissed them, getting on his knees and parting her legs with his torso. He licked the nipples, kissed her hands, and kissed her face. She was getting into the moment now, realizing this was her idea in the first place; the idea of initiating intercourse.

His kisses were all over her ‘buoyant’ breasts. Matt nibbled on nipples, not reverentially, but voraciously; a means to an end instead of languishing in the discovery of them. His hands caressed her back, tracing the bareness and smoothness of it, finally resting on her hips and those shorts that he had to peel off.

Vanessa was now naked; she modestly closed her legs and tried covering one boob. She was caught, seemingly going forward of her own will and his will. Matt kissed her on the lips reassuringly, sending his tongue deep in her mouth, suggesting — with a gentle hand — that she lay back on the bed. Vanessa did as she was prodded to do; her legs opening slightly; her titties holding their form — nipples erect now and pointing high.

Before joining her on the bed, Matt took off his shirt, kicked off his shoes and started to pull down his shorts. Vanessa bent her head to get the best look possible. He was only half-erect. She was a little disappointed, thinking a nude Vanessa was more than enough to cause the totality of his potential. She watched with expectant eyes, as he jerked himself to full length.

Matt inched closer to her nude body and to her legs that closed again. He placed a hand on one of her knees and wanted to tell her that she was the only virgin in the room; Emerson had beaten her to him and to the loss of his and her virginity. He decided not to say anything, knowing Vanessa was not one to take that type of news well, especially since it meant losing out to Emerson.

Wasting no time, letting his hardened cock lead the way, Matt plied her legs open and slid into position. He aimed his tool and entered into her tight chambers. Vanessa, watching alertly, felt him take up room inside of her. She was accommodating him just fine, but it was not without a struggle.

Matt started slow, pressing in moderately hard. Her tits only shook a little. He wanted to make her proud tits bounce just like he had made Emerson’s bounce all over the place. Reaching down with his hands, he took hold of her legs and lifted them onto his shoulders. Her face looked surprised; she was not expecting such an advanced move from Matt. Now, he bullied into her a little more. The bouncing picked up in intensity, keeping time with his thrusts. Her boobs were now unleashed and doing what came natural to them.

She felt exposed, opened up like never before. She reached out with a hand to feel his stomach, to feel the realness of the moment, wanting to soften the bluntness of his silent effort. The connection did not last long. She could tell by the selfish look on his face that his purpose was not to share in their new found experience, it was to fuck her on his terms. Vanessa felt used in the middle of the act, while she still craved him inside of her. With her boobs bouncing in her face, she realized sex between two people could actually be a solo endeavor full of loneliness. She decided to feel all she could, moaning in agreement, purring from the good feelings.

“Tell me that Emerson does not compare to me,” Vanessa said, needing to hear him say it.

“She could never compare to you. She could never matter as much as you,” Matt said, realizing the long ago dream of fucking Vanessa was almost complete.

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