Fifty Shades of Brown Pt. 12

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With a pretended stern look, Mieke tells me one day that I am preparing for one day doing nothing. I am not allowed to make appointments and have to take into account that I cannot do anything else the next day but wait.

I ask what her intention is but she says nothing.

“Just you wait. I’m looking forward to taking care of you. The weather will be bad tomorrow anyway, so we can’t do much else.”

The evening passes slowly. Way too slow. And also at night I have trouble sleeping because of the tension.

Finally, when it starts to get light, the uncertainty comes to an end. She tells me that I can go to the toilet first but that I have to lie down again afterwards.

I go to pee and walk back to the bedroom. There I see that she has prepared the necessary bondage attributes. Ropes, collar, anklets and wristbands.

She has also spread a large bath towel on the bed and tells me to lie down.

Once lying down she puts the collar and anklets on me. She hooks the anklets together so that my legs are straight together. She attaches both anklets to the bed with ropes. She also puts on the wristbands and hooks them together and I have to put my arms up along my head. She also attaches the wristbands to the bed with ropes. The collar is also securely attached to the bed with two ropes.

Then she also puts on my favorite mask. It is a latex SM mask with only an opening for the mouth. So I can’t see anything and can only breathe. My whole head is covered.

I have nowhere to go and lie stretched out on the bed with my head slightly up on a thick pillow and the large towel under me.

“Comfortable?” she asks. “You will have to lie here all day and I will cihangir escort only release you occasionally so that you can get some exercise and you can go to the toilet in between.”

Then she takes a very large funnel and puts the spout in my mouth.

“I just put my morning pee in a measuring cup. You can guess what I’m going to do with it now.”

I don’t see anything but I suspect her pee will have a deep yellow color and taste very strong. My stomach turns with desire and my dick is erect.

Then it comes. The first wave of piss flows through the funnel into my mouth. I swallow like mad and Mieke empties the entire contents of the measuring cup into the large funnel in one go. As a result, I will have to keep swallowing. Every now and then I hold back the piss a bit with my tongue on the opening of the funnel so that I can breathe through my nose for a bit between big gulps.

After a few minutes of swallowing, I suck the last drops from the funnel. That was fantastic.

“Well, now you can lie down here until the next thing comes. And that goes on all day long.”

Mieke leaves the bedroom and leaves me alone.

I let my thoughts run free. I’m assuming I’ll have to eat her poo now too.

That thought soon came true. I hear the door open again and hear her fiddling with something that sounds like crockery.

“Open your mouth!” she orders.

I obey in confidence because of course I can’t see what is to come.

Then she puts a heaping spoonful of poo in my mouth.

“You swallow! And chew well if necessary!” she says.

The taste is what her fresh soft poo usually smells like. Pretty strong but very exciting.

It esenyurt escort doesn’t take much for me to swallow this small amount of shit. I lick my lips and while I do that, another spoonful of shit follows.

“It’s a lot of nice and soft shit today and you’re going to eat it all.”

Spoonful after spoonful of her delicious caviar, she puts it in my mouth and I do my utmost to swallow everything as quickly as possible. I try to enjoy some bites of poo even more by pushing the poo against my palate with my tongue and thereby taste more and realize how enormously perverse this is.

I really long to cum.

“The last bite. Then I will wipe the leftovers off the plate with my fingers and you will have to lick my fingers completely clean.”

It made me a bit nauseous, but I know how to resist. I am that horny.

Then Mieke puts the funnel back into my mouth and she pours in a good amount of cold water. That is nice to wash away the taste a bit. Then she also puts a nice toffee in my mouth.

“Also for the taste.” she laughs.

Then she unties me and tells me to walk around for a while. I take the opportunity to pee again and then lie down on the bed again. Mieke then attaches me tightly again.

Fortunately, I am nice and comfortable and consider myself lucky to be able to experience all this again.

After half an hour, Mieke comes back in and I wonder what will happen next.

I have to open my mouth again. Then I taste a delicious slice of her homemade apple pie. After three bites she suddenly sprayed a large blob of whipped cream into my mouth with a spray can. That tastes really delicious with it.

A few more bites etiler escort of cake and a few doses of whipped cream and Mieke leaves the room again.

Half an hour later she comes back in and puts the funnel back in my mouth. And again she pours a large amount of piss into it. Even now I do my very best to swallow it all as quickly as possible. I get more and more horny.

And she’s gone again. In the meantime I feel that I have to poop a lot myself. I try to call Mieke to ask her what to do about it. But apparently she doesn’t hear me. Maybe she’s outside for a while. But then she suddenly comes in anyway.

“Did you call out?”

“Yes, I have to poop myself now. What should I do?”

“I’ll loosen your legs for a while and then you just spread them. Then you can just poop on the towel. Then you will notice what I will do with it.”

She loosens the anklets and I spread my legs and start pushing. Meanwhile Mieke removes the mask from my head.

A big pile of shit forms beneath me and my balls hang in it.

Mieke scoops up a good hand of my shit and spreads it over my dick and my balls. She rubs the next hand of poo on my face and rubs it out vigorously. Then she puts the mask back over my head.

“We’ll wash that mask well tonight.”

There I lie with my face full of my own shit, held firmly in place by the tight mask and my dick covered in poo.

In the meantime, Mieke reattaches my legs and the wait for the next exciting part begins.

That day, three more loads of piss arrive, all of which I drink well. In between, Mieke gives me some tasty snacks to eat and even gives me a delicious beer through the funnel.

She unties me in the middle of the evening. The shit on my dick and my face are now quite dehydrated and I will have to soak that in the shower before I can clean it.

Mieke says that I can cum now but that she prefers that I do it in a very special way tomorrow. I am only too happy to obey because there is bound to be something very special about tomorrow.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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