Four out of Four

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Four out of four… of maybe make that five.

Tina was pissed off and unhappy. It should have been a wonderful night but instead, it sucked. She felt alternately angry and inadequate. It was a Friday night and for once her boyfriend had agreed to come to the party with her rather than hanging out with the boys. A regular activity she understood but which she didn’t exactly love!

But the miserable bastard had just told her he wasn’t staying with her to the end, and that he was bored and going to meet up with the boys for the second half of the evening.

“Why did he prefer their company to hers?” she asked herself, not for the first time. It sucked, and it didn’t make sense. It made her feel inadequate. She’d always dreamed that when she fell in love, her man would be proud of her and want to be seen with her, and instead he seemed indifferent in public, even though he could be so sweet, sometimes, especially when they were alone.

The other reason it hurt was that it was their anniversary and he’d completely forgotten. Not that it really was important to her, except that she had remembered and thought that he should have as well. She felt a sudden stab of pain at the thought of the gift she’d bought him. Well, it wasn’t exactly for him, but more for them. She felt a sudden warm rush as she remembered dressing for tonight, but it was replaced by a bitter thought of how pointless it had turned out to be.

She’d gone out and bought that special satin set of Victoria Secret that she’d been trying to find an excuse to buy, and had felt a real buzz of anticipation when she stood in front of the mirror earlier tonight. Even she had to admit she looked sexy, the tiny midnight blue straps across her hips, the tiny patch of fabric barely covering her clean shaved pubic patch. The strap of the thong disappearing between her butt cheeks promised something more as she stared at her reflection as she turned. She’d grinned and thought, “it’s got to be sexy if even I can admire myself”.

And as she pirouetted, she had felt a tiny flush of pride as she stared at the reflection. One of the first guys ever to see her naked breasts had described them as “to die for”, and she’d had enough admiring stares that she didn’t have too many doubts that the straining breasts fighting against the shiny blue cups would attract their fair share of attention if anyone saw them. She felt a rush of affection as she thought “there’s only one guy who is going to have that pleasure tonight”. She’d barely been able to contain her anticipation, and for a moment she had let her mind wander to her present, later that night, for her man…she’d already tried the little catch hidden between her full breasts, and she knew that when he saw her hands reach there, and unclip and slowly open the front of her bra, he’d be desperate to get closer. “Why was it”, she wondered, “that there was something so damned wanton, so inviting, about a front clip on a bra? It said “I want you to come and play.”

She’d put on her jeans and her snug fitting black top with little buttons straining down the front, with her secret surprise hidden from view, but she’d felt spoiled and had been buzzing with a sense of anticipation all evening. “Until just now”, she thought ruefully. “What a waste of money”, she thought, “what a waste of an evening, and what a waste of a great pair of breasts that ached to be teased, played with, and enjoyed”.

And now the bastard had gone, with barely a kiss goodbye on the cheek. “Maybe he felt a little guilty”, she thought, and for the hundredth time she wondered, that niggling doubt in her mind, about whether he really was going off to be with the guys, or whether he was a cheating bastard rather than an insensitive pig. “Stop it NOW”, she ordered herself angrily.

“What a jerk and a loser”, she thought, and immediately felt a flash of disloyalty to her man.

“Dammit, though, it’s not my fault. Why can’t he just love me and want me? What’s wrong with me?”

She thought she was about to cry and went and got another drink, as something to do, and also to give her a little comfort. Alcohol was sometimes a useful buddy.

She also resented the fact that because everyone knew she had a boyfriend, she was ‘off limits’, so most of her male friends wouldn’t even flirt with her. “It was like having all of the bad aspects of having a boyfriend and none of the bonuses”, she thought. Everyone else seemed to be having a great time. Sharee and Wanda, as always, gathering the boys like bees to a honeypot, and she felt a little giggle rise inside her, thinking about how the guys who knew were perversely turned on by the fact that Sharee was only into girls, forgetting as they flirted with her that it meant they stood no chance. It was true what they said, when god made men, he gave them enough blood to supply their brains or their penises, but not both at the same time!

“None of the guys even look twice at me”, she thought, “I am taboo somehow, even for flirting”. And then she thought about the cute illegal bahis guy who’d turned up with Dave, what a cute smile and the athletic body, and even he had ignored her, even though he didn’t know she was taken. “Probably gay”, she giggled to herself.

“What’s the joke, Mushy?”, Sharee asked as she came over. Bubbly as always. “You look gorgeous, as always. Poor guys, I can almost hear their hearts breaking”.

Tina laughed. Sharee was such a sweetheart, always said the right things to make her feel special. “Actually, when you dance, it’s not the cracking of their hearts, but the popping of their fly buttons I hear, you sexy little thing”, Sharee continued. Tina laughed, but had known Sharee long enough to know she wasn’t trying to do anything other than make her smile. She gave her friend a little hug and said “you’re the best, little vixen. Why is it neither of us can find the one we want?”

Sharee nodded solemnly, and they shared a private moment, thinking about their respective plights. “What the hell” Sharee piped up, “it’s party time and you need another drink”. Tina felt the warm glow of the alcohol in her system, and decided that if men were the problem, alcohol was the solution. “Fetch me a drink, wench”, she ordered, and Sharee giggled, heading off to get their drinks.

She was soon back, and they stood there, sipping.

“Not that I am into guys”, Sharee started, “but did you see that gorgeous hunk that Dave brought with him? It’s almost enough to turn me straight, I swear”, she said. “what’s your professional opinion?”, she asked. Mushy giggled, the alcohol was making her forget her misery. “well, Sharee, you’d have to fight me for him”, she replied.

“I am sure if we made him an offer, he’d be happy to share”, Sharee teased. Tina pretended to look shocked, but spoilt it by bursting into laughter. “Knowing you, my little flirt, you’d make sure you were in the middle”, she teased back.

“You’d be so lucky”, Sharee replied and they both laughed as they shared their private little joke.

Tina put her glass down and a little unsteadily headed off to find the bathroom. She walked down the hallway and was almost past the half open door to the kitchen when the voices made her stop.

“I don’t care what you say”, he seems like a total asshole, said an unfamiliar voice, and then she heard Dave’s reply of “well picked up, bro, sometimes even we wonder why she puts up with him”.

She suddenly froze, realising that they were talking about her. She felt sober and serious, and furious. “It makes no sense to me. Why would the bastard leave?”

What right did they have to dissect her, to judge her? She was about to storm into the kitchen when she heard him continue.

“She’s gorgeous, I mean, where would you start?”

She stopped, felt guilty about eavesdropping, and thought “it can’t be me they are talking about”, but she was curious now.

The voice continued. “I mean, look at her. Those eyes. Even from a distance they make you want to go and talk, simply so you could stare into them”. Dave laughed.

“You are a romantic, and you sound like you’re besotted, but I wouldn’t waste my energy, Tina’s taken, and she seems not to mind being used and abused”.

She felt a wave of indignation at their simple assumption that it didn’t hurt her.

“I don’t understand, she could have any guy she wanted. One smile, and she’d have me crawling”.

How could this guy who she had never even talked to, how could he make her shift from mad to curious to indignant to flattered from moment to moment?

“I mean, look at that mouth. Have you ever stopped and looked at that mouth? Those lips were MADE to be kissed softly and gently”.

She felt herself melting. “This is ridiculous”, she thought, “I am going in there and breaking this up. They can find someone else to talk about”.

Her hand went up to the doorknob and then froze.

“And when it had finished kissing your mouth, god, can you just imagine those soft lips wrapped around your shaft, those big doleful eyes looking up into yours and she blew you from here to eternity”.

Tina felt like she’d had a bucket of cold water thrown on her. “How dare he, the sexist pig?”

“I am sure she’d make it a totally mind blowing experience”, Dave agreed, and Tina had a momentary flash of gratitude that he hadn’t actually said “yes it is a mind blowing experience”. She blushed a little, remembering a night in the back of his car, and the feeling of power as she’d taken him, and made him totally lose control. Afterwards, when they’d been sitting there cuddling, she had known with a wonderful certainty that when he’d said “that was amazing, there is simply nobody like you”, he hadn’t just been expressing gratitude. She really was the best, she knew that from passing comments from her friends, and from their attitude to going down, compared with her complete enjoyment of making a guy lose himself to her.

Her mind jolted back to the present, and she felt a guilty flush at illegal bahis siteleri the warmth she felt between her legs. “Dammit, they are discussing me like I was a sex toy and I am enjoying it, what’s wrong with me?”

Just as she heard “and have you ever seem a more amazing pair of tits in your life, they are…”, she heard someone walking down the hall. Not wanting to be caught eavesdropping, she did the first thing that came into her head and stormed into the kitchen.

Two totally shocked faces and stunned silence greeted her, and a few steps behind her, Dave’s girlfriend followed her into the kitchen.

Before she could say anything, Becky said “come with me Dave, I want to dance, I have been looking for you everywhere”, grabbed him by the hand and dragged him out of the kitchen, shutting the door behind her.

“Hi, I’m Alex”, he stammered, hoping to bluff it out.

She felt a strange feeling she couldn’t describe. Something between raw hatred, hysterical laughter and a burning need. She didn’t even try to analyse it. Strangely, words came out of her mouth but they didn’t seem to come from her brain.

“Hi, I’m Tina, but I feel I already know you, since you’ve obviously already had a blow job from me and were about to start on my tits”.

She was thrilled at the effect of her words. It was a sweet comeback to see his face turn a bright red and his jaw drop open.

He managed to stammer a shocked “I don’t know what to say, I am so sorry”, but suddenly the absurdity of it struck her. After all she had been eavesdropping and they say you never hear good of yourself when you listen in secret.

“Besides”, she thought, “what did he really say other than all the things that I wish my loser boyfriend would think, instead of ditching me here alone”.

She felt a wickedness inside her, a laughter and a swirl of delightful red mist inside her brain.

“Sorry? Sorry? Why? Don’t you think I have kissable lips?

She felt the red rush though her, into her blood, into her mind, she felt her body go warm, as if someone was touching her. Something came over her, and she continued. “Surely this isn’t me talking”, she thought, shocked and yet feeling totally free.

“Give me a drink and stop being a wimp. I give the best blowjobs you’ve never had, and I’ll be offended if you don’t stare at my breasts.”

He really didn’t know what to make of her, and turned to get two glasses, and she noticed his hand was shaking as he poured two shots of tequila. He handed one to her.

“To doing crazy things” she said, lifting the glass, clinking it to his, and pouring the burning liquid down her throat. She coughed as she swallowed and felt the hotness as it hit her stomach.

He laughed, and said “what the fuck, if you are about to kill me, at least I’ll die smiling”, and sculled his drink.

He took her glass and put it on the counter with his.

‘So what happens now?” he asked. “Do I get lacerated for being insensitive and honest, or rewarded for my admiration?”

Obviously the alcohol was giving him back his courage as fast as it was hitting her.

“Well, I spent a lot of money on something and it was meant for tonight, so perhaps you will never forget this”, Tina said.

She felt something fly out of her body. Inhibition, guilt, who knows. “Who cares?”, she thought. She felt a sudden powerful self-awareness, she could feel every nerve in her body, and she was very conscious of her jeans tight against between her legs.

She had this vague recollection that somewhere inside her brain, something asked “why are you so aroused, when nothing has happened”, but she wasn’t really listening. She was sensing, feeling.

She leaned back against the door, so nobody could open it and smiled at him. He stood there, obviously not sure whether he should come closer or stay there.

She wanted him to kiss her, but she knew that would come later, for now she wanted to shock him, to make him never ever forget this moment, because she knew she never would either.

Leaning back against the door, her hips slightly forward, she fixed him in the eyes, remembering his ‘to die for’ comment, and thinking, “you have died and gone to another world, my friend”.

Slowly and deliberately she undid the buttons on her black top, one by one, letting it fall open. He stared, mesmerised, his eyes torn between staring into hers, smouldering, and at her fingers and what they were revealing. She let the top fall apart, and was thrilled by his reaction. He feasted on the shiny blue material straining to contain her breasts, and his gaze trailed upwards, until he stared into her eyes.

“I have never seen anything so completely perfect in my life”, he said, eyes locked with hers, and she drank his words, which were sweet and strangely arousing.

Tina stared into his eyes and said “just wait”, and she reached her fingers up to the catch between her breasts. His eyes followed her fingers and for a moment, this tiny voice said “right scenario, canlı bahis siteleri wrong guy”, and then the thought filled her mind “no, this is completely the right scenario and completely the right guy”. The moment was hers, completely, it was now and it was secret. It felt so completely and utterly right.

Her fingers flicked the clip and she held the two sides of the bra together, knowing that if she moved her hands…

“What now?” she asked teasingly. She didn’t understand the courage and confidence that coursed through her veins, but the complete awareness of a gentle pulsing in her crotch was enough to make her sure.

She slowly parted the two halves of the bra, and felt her full ripe breasts leap free of the cups, drop and bounce once before resting in their free state.

“Sweet Jesus”, he whispered, and she couldn’t help but notice the immediate effect she had had on him. There was an unmistakeable bulge where he had gone hard in an instant and she felt a delightful sense of her own beauty, her own power.

She reached her hands out in front of her and he needed no further invitation. He moved closer and put a hand on each shoulder, just above the neckline of her blouse.

He moved closer and he looked into her eyes.

“I am not sure if I am imagining this, but if I am, I never want to wake up”, he whispered, his mouth inches from hers, staring into her eyes.

“Eyes to die for” he whispered.

“Shut up and kiss me”, Tina demanded and their mouths met.

It was like a storm, something was released, a tension, an unasked question was answered and there was nothing hesitant about the kiss.

Deep and full, his mouth was surprisingly soft. The kiss deepened and their mouths opened together. She felt a jolt as his tongue touched her lips and hers joined his. Kissing deeply she was no longer sure whether their tongues were playing in her mouth or his. She felt her body squirm and respond, demanding more.

His hands slid down her shoulders, sliding the blouse with it, till her arms were pinned by the material half behind her and his hands were on her arms.

Kissing her deeper he still held her at a slight distance and she felt his wrists grazing against her breasts as she moved. She wanted more, more.

She pushed him away for a moment and said “come outside, anyone could come in here any minute”. She took his hand, she couldn’t believe how forward she was and led him out the back door into the moonlit garden.

Thank god for balmy California nights, she thought, smiling, a little lost in this strange place she’d never been.

They moved away from the back door and stopped. She pushed him against the side of the house and he looked surprised. She didn’t admit that she was as amazed by her own actions as he appeared to be.

She slipped off her top and bra, and lifting her arms above her head she stared piercingly at him.

“So, I believe you were discussing whether you had ever seen a more amazing pair of breasts in your life”, Tina smiled, and she felt a rush.

“I’ll tell you later how amazing I think you are as a human being, Tina, but the simple answer is that my mouth can’t make words, it wants to make your nipples hard”, he replied taking a cue from her.

He pinned her to the wall, with her hands above her head and reached his head down, and took her breast slowly and deeply into his mouth. Or at least, as much as he could. Her large soft breast filled his mouth and he gloried in its softness.

Tina felt a nerve from her nipple send a message deep inside her body, and she felt a jolt between her legs as his tongue slithered over her nipple. It leapt to hardness almost immediately and his tongue made circles on it as it stiffened, sending delicious jolts through her. He sucked harder on her full breast, dragging the nipple deeper, until it was throbbing deep in his mouth and his tongue flickered achingly over it. She felt every flick send a pulse through her body, and the feeling was intensified because her hands were pinned above her head.

He cupped her other breast in his free hand and squashed its soft fullness, spilling out between his fingers. It was such a contrast from the mouth tugging on her nipple and she felt herself slipping, her knees weakening and the heat rising.

He took his mouth off her breast, let go of her hands, and she almost fell. The air felt chill on her wet hard nipple, and her breath came as unevenly as his. He reached down and pulled off his tee. In the moonlight she saw the smooth skin and gently rippling muscles. This guy was cut – a six-pack and smooth skin. Not bulging muscles but yum. She looked down and smiled. OK, maybe no bulging muscles but certainly bulging. She giggled and felt happy that she had such an effect on him.

He took Tina’s hands and lifted them above her head again, and pinned her to the wall. For a moment the wall felt cold and rough on her back, and then his chest pressed against hers. She felt here soft breasts squashed against his taut torso, and his mouth came back down onto hers. The kiss was wonderful, she felt their mouths fuse and the wetness and softness of his tongue entering her made her mind, for a moment, flash to the thought of his hard shaft slipping into her.

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