Frank and Cheryl Ch. 01: Just Dinner?

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If there was one thing Frank hated doing it was grocery shopping. As a divorced man in his mid-30s, he always battled with himself as he went through the store and he also always felt like people were watching him. He knew that was silly but it was still there. On the one hand he wanted to buy all the quick-to-prepare and easy to clean up foods, but on the other hand he tried to pay attention to how he fueled his body because he didn’t want to waste his time investment at the gym. Inevitably he ended up with a happy mix of healthy and easy-fix food. As he reached the dairy aisle he saw a petite blond picking through the eggs and her shape caught his eye. Her jeans fit her very well and despite her small stature she was still very curvy. There was a distinct delicious appearing curve between her hips, her tiny waist and her shoulders. From the back he couldn’t get an idea of her bust size, but the rest of it looked very sexy.

While Frank was looking the woman turned around and before he realized she’d caught him staring, she definitely had. His eyes had been focused on her backside when she turned and he immediately scanned up to take in her chest and then he looked up further and met her eyes. For a moment he felt like he’d been caught with his hand in a cookie jar, but then he realized the woman looked familiar. This petite blond smiled a huge smile at him and her eyes twinkled… and then he realized why she looked familiar. Her name was Cheryl and she’d once dated a friend of a friend of his. That had been at least ten years earlier and he hadn’t seen her in that time at all. He had only met her a few times and even then only when she was ever in her then-boyfriend’s company.

Having met her smiling eyes with his own, Frank walked over, doing his best to look casual, to say hi. When he got a few feet away he said, “Cheryl, right?” and put out his hand to be polite.

“Right,” she said, still grinning. “And you’re Frank? Both in name and attitude?” She took his hand and hers felt very warm to him.

Frank chuckled in response and nodded letting the chuckle flow out. “Wow… and you have a good memory too.” Way back in the day, that ten years before, when he’d been introduced to her as Frank, he’d added, “both in name and attitude.” She had remembered.

He realized as he held her hand that her eyes were traveling his body just like his had hers, and the smile wasn’t leaving her face. He knew she was no longer with the guy she’d been dating all those years ago, but back then he had been married. He also saw her checking his left hand, which was still holding his shopping cart handle. “So… no wedding ring.” She looked up at him and asked the obvious question. “Pretending you’re not married? Or really not married anymore?”

“Not married anymore,” he replied, his smile sagging only slightly. “Got divorced about five years ago.”

“Should I say I’m sorry to hear that?” she asked, her smile not shrinking at all.

“No,” he answered brightening his smile back up. “It was for the best and we’re both far happier.”

“So…” she said with a long pause, “no girlfriend?”

“Again…” Frank replied, mimicking her long pause, “nope. I date on occasion but I’ve been focusing on work, starting up a new business and just disconnecting when I can.”

“Sounds smart,” she said, finally releasing his hand.

“How about you?” he asked, almost feeling like he’d asked too quickly. “Boyfriend? Fiancé? Husband?” He paused and smiled big before adding, “Wife?”

Cheryl laughed in reply but was shaking her head. “No… none of the above. Like you, I date on occasion but nothing steady and no commitments.”

Frank thought for a moment and decided to take that step. “It sounds to me like we ought to have dinner together then, don’t you think?”

“You think?” she asked, half sounding put off. Frank was unsure if she was being serious or if she was pulling his leg. He seemed to remember that she particularly enjoyed being a smart ass.

“Yeah, I do think,” he said with a smile. “The company would be good and I can promise you a good meal.”

“Oh, really,” she said and was quiet for just a moment. “Sounds like a good idea.”

“Tonight?” Frank asked. “Pick you up at about seven if that works?”

“Sounds perfect,” she said and then reached into her purse to pull out her cell phone. “What’s your number?” she asked. Frank answered as she typed and then felt his phone vibrate as her message came in. He had assumed she was texting him her address and he’d have her number. He pulled out his phone to check and saw his assumptions were correct. Quickly he texted back, “THANKS!” and then pocketed his phone.

“See you at seven then,” he said, still smiling and extending his hand again.

“I look forward to it,” she said, also still smiling, and ignoring his hand. She stepped in closer, put her hand on his hip and reached up to kiss him on the cheek. He bent down just enough to make it easy for her and felt his body warm as a flush ran through him at the touch of her lips. Cheryl turned around and began walking away, an güvenilir bahis obvious swish in her hips entertaining his view. She looked back and caught him watching her and smiled even bigger before turning to keep walking… adding even more sway to her hips.

– – – – – – – –

Frank looked in the mirror, being a little self-critical as he examined his reflection. He’d shaved and showered having made sure that his private areas were properly trimmed or shaved as appropriate. He’d spritzed on just enough of his favorite cologne (Obsession) before pulling on a light blue oxford shirt over his favorite pair of freshly pressed khaki pants. His buff-shined black loafers matched his black alligator skin belt and he’d even gone so far as to make sure the shined brass belt buckle matched the metal highlights in his watchband. For 35 years old he was pretty fit. He ate relatively clean and his exercise regimen had him working out five days a week. Even on his two rest days he stretched and stayed active. His narrow waist accentuated his broad shoulders and he had shed enough body fat that his abs were visible… although not as sharply defined as some movie stars or athletes.

Grabbing his wallet, pocket knife, keys and cell phone, he left his house, double checking that the garage door closed as he backed out of the driveway. The drive to Cheryl’s was about 25 minutes and thanks to the wonders of modern technology, he pulled up right in front of her apartment building with a few minutes to spare. There was a convenient parking space close to the front and as he walked up the front walk he saw her coming down the stairs toward him. They met about halfway between the parking lot and the building and Frank was quite delighted when she stepped close to him to give him a hug hello.

Before she’d gotten that close he’d visually enjoyed the comfortably fitting blue dress she had on. It was scoop necked, showing plenty of skin and stopped about mid-thigh. He realized that, even as small as she was, her legs were muscular and well-shaped. The short heels she had on helped with making hugs easier. As she hugged him he heard her breathing and felt her torso expand as he returned the hug, but when she stepped back he was surprised to hear her say, “Wow.”

He looked down at her with a questioning look she understood and immediately answered. “You’re wearing Obsession…” she said. It was both a statement and a question. Frank simply nodded his confirmation. “My favorite cologne,” she said before a smile spread across her face and a twinkle sparkled in her eyes. “It makes me think all kinds of things that are inappropriate for a first date.”

Franks gut lurched a bit at that. He didn’t know how this first date was going to go, but he got that “let’s have some fun” vibe off Cheryl. He didn’t want to hold back and he didn’t want to push too hard. How to respond to her statement? “Well,” he replied, “if you start behaving inappropriately, unless you get us arrested, I promise not to complain.”

They had turned as they spoke and headed toward Frank’s car. Not a new vehicle, it was a Dodge Charger that was a few years old but he felt it suited him. He opened Cheryl’s door for her and enjoyed the view as she turned to sit in and then turned her legs, held primly together, in as well. He closed the door and went around to his side, sliding in easily, starting up backing out of the parking spot. “Any place particular you want to go for dinner?”

Cheryl didn’t hesitate at all in her reply. “I leave that up to you. I always assumed that any man asking me out on a date would plan the date, where we ate and all that.” Frank absorbed that and nodded.

“At the risk of sounding like an uptight parent or something, do you have any food allergies I ought to take into consideration?”

“That is considerate of you,” Cheryl said with a smile, reaching over to touch him on his thigh as she said so. “But no… I’m not allergic to anything at all.” After having answered and patted his thigh as she did, she left her hand on his leg and he was very aware of it. Frank hoped she didn’t notice the lurch it caused in his crotch.

They were quiet for a few minutes as Frank considered reasonably local options for dinner and then realized that where he’d really like to take her was about a 45 minute drive away. “Are you hungry?” he asked, continuing before she could answer. “Where I’d like to take you is about 45 minutes away and that means we won’t be eating for at least an hour… or I can find someplace closer if you’d prefer.”

“Whatever you want,” Cheryl replied, squeezing his leg as she said ‘you’ as if to emphasize it was all up to him. “I’m hungry but not yet starving.” She chuckled and then added, “But you probably don’t want to see me hangry.”

Frank said, “I’ll keep that in mind when you mention wanting to eat,” as he turned to head toward the water. Where Cheryl lived was about a half hour drive from the coast and Frank had decided on a nice upper end seafood place. The drive was mostly state highway but there were some smaller back community roads as they türkçe bahis got closer. The drive was passed with small talk type chit chat about her work (she was a program manager for a government contractor) and his work (organizational training for various leadership groups) as well as his new start up that focused on motivational speaking.

When he pulled into the restaurant parking lot, Cheryl smiled big and said, “Oh, perfect. I’ve never been here before but I’ve heard so many good things about this place.”

“They’re all true,” Frank assured her. “I don’t get to eat here often,” he added, “but I’ve never been disappointed.” He was pleased to see that she waited, after he’d parked, for him to come around and open her door. Many women seemed put off by what he’d been raised to view as gentlemanly behavior, but Cheryl seemed to either appreciate it or take it in stride. He did his best not to ogle the exposed skin as she got out, but he couldn’t help appreciating her legs and the very brief view down the front of her dress. As near as he could tell, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and as she stepped in front of him toward the restaurant he realized he didn’t see any panty lines either. Those thoughts caused another lurch in his groin but he locked that away as best he could and focused on being a friendly gentleman.

The place wasn’t busy and they were seated quickly. Cheryl ordered a margarita while Frank stuck with a beer and promised himself it would be his only adult beverage for the evening. They shared a shrimp appetizer before ordering their entrees. She ordered a medium rare small steak while Frank decided on a grilled chicken Caesar salad. After the server had walked away Cheryl smiled and seemed to tease Frank. “Do you always eat so healthy? Or are you sticking to lighter fare thinking you may not want a lot in your stomach later?”

Frank pondered that for a just a moment, half wanting to answer honestly (he had been trying to focus on eating healthy) and half wanting to comment on how he definitely didn’t want to upset his stomach later if he was involved in any strenuous activity. Instead of either he shot back, “Do you always eat meat? Or are your carnal appetites just taking over for the evening?”

“Touché!” Cheryl giggled and then replied, “I always eat meat when it’s available.” She momentarily took in the shock on Frank’s face before she saw his smile spread and then she said, “Okay… now you answer my question.”

Frank paused only a moment before replaying, “I have been making a focus on healthier eating lately, but this evening it was an easy choice to make sure I don’t have anything heavy on my stomach.”

Cheryl’s eyes twinkled full of deviousness as she asked, “Yeah? Why is that?”

Frank appraised her carefully. Her smile. Her eyes. Her body language. He wasn’t sure she was offering herself to him, but she certainly was up on the innuendo filled conversation and wasn’t offended in the least by any suggestive comments he might make. He chose his words carefully but let go of any concern over offending her. “Any man lucky enough to go on a date with you would be a fool if he wasn’t hoping to enjoy you in every way as desert.”

Cheryl was quiet for a moment, looking in his eyes and considering his words before she took a sip of her margarita and then spoke. “So you’re hoping you get to have me for desert later?”

Frank didn’t pause at all before answering and made sure he looked her directly in the eye as he did so. “Honestly, yes.”

Cheryl seemed to look at him in a new way, appraising all of him that she could see and meeting his steady gaze before making any reply. After another sip of her drink she finally said, “We’ll see,” and then changed the topic to something trivial in the current events venue. Frank took that in stride and let her guide him away from the sex-focused conversation. The idea of enjoying her never strayed far from his mind, but he moved it into the background so he could focus on the conversation she’d chosen.

Their meals came out and they enjoyed them leisurely, the conversation revolving around the challenges they faced at their respective jobs, some travel locations they’d both enjoyed – and hoped to again – and different aspects of their physical fitness regimens. Frank had politely commented on her obvious fitness level and asked about her program focus. That had opened an entire conversation about nutrition, calorie maintenance, muscle growth for someone as petite as she and more.

Frank was just thinking about how much he’d enjoyed both the meal and conversation when the server came to clear their table. “Did we save any room for desert?” the server asked, just like they all do.

Cheryl looked Frank right in the eye and said, “Oh, I definitely have room for desert but I think I want to get it somewhere else.”

Frank looked up at the server and said, “Thank you but no desert for us here. I just need the check please.”

While the server was gone Cheryl again held Frank’s steady gaze and asked, “So, do you walk the walk or are you just talk?”

Surprised güvenilir bahis siteleri by how bold she was, Frank asked, “Was that a challenge?” Cheryl just smiled and shrugged in return. Holding her eyes Frank said, “I’m not just talk. The only question is where you want to enjoy desert.”

“My place,” replied Cheryl just as the server put the check down on the table. Frank didn’t even look at it as he put his credit card into the check folder and handed it back to the server. Neither of them spoke another word as they waited for the server to bring it back for Frank’s signature. He added a respectable tip, signed and put away his copy of the receipt and his credit card. Standing, he offered Cheryl his hand and she took it as she stood and they headed out of the restaurant.

At his car he once again opened her door for her and held it as she got in. He was very aware of the bulge in his pants as he walked around to the driver’s side and got in as carefully as he could so as not to cause himself any discomfort. Starting the car he backed out of the space and drove slowly out of the lot. Once he was on the road he looked over at her as traffic circumstances permitted and said, “I’m only going to ask this once because I don’t want to harp and I definitely don’t want to come across as a schmuck. But I am a gentleman and I feel compelled.” He saw her nod at his statement and he continued. “Are you sure this is what you want? You don’t owe me anything and I don’t expect anything. I’ve enjoyed your company.”

She was quiet for only a moment, smiling at him the entire time before she said, “I am very sure this is what I want and I deeply appreciate that you’d double check.” It was Frank’s turn to nod before gasping as he felt her hand on his growing erection through his khakis. “Now,” Cheryl said sounding devilish, “if I suck on this while you drive, can you keep from cumming before we get to my place?”

“I’m not sure,” he replied as he felt her hands begin to work at his belt and zipper.

“If not,” Cheryl seemed to purr, “how fast can you recover?”

“Fast enough,” Frank replied with a somewhat proud grin.

“Good,” was the last thing she said before she turned in her seat and dropped her head to his lap. She had carefully extracted his throbbing erection from his pants and was carefully holding / stroking it with her hand as she held the swollen knob of his cockhead between her lips and he could feel her tongue swirling around it. It was only then that he realized, in some dark recess of his mind, that she’d never even put on her seatbelt. Had this been her intention when they got in the car? He decided it didn’t matter and that he’d better focus on his driving. It was going to be difficult enough with the distraction of delight her hand and mouth were providing to his manhood, but since she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt he wanted to be extra cautious.

As it turned out, Cheryl proved to be a master of reading him and his body. Each time he got anywhere close to cumming she’d back off, popping his length out of her mouth to lightly lick the shaft, holding it firmly at the base and not stroking until he was in no danger of cumming. He wondered if she realized that the end result would be a much larger load of ejaculate when he finally did cum later, but he truthfully didn’t care. When he got to the street her apartment complex was on, he said, “We’re almost there.” Cheryl popped off his cock, wiped a small line of spit from her chin as she did so, and left him to put everything back together after he’d parked. Frank thought she’d wait for him to come open her door based on her earlier behavior, but this seemed to be a different Cheryl now. As he was putting his cock back into his pants and trying to get the zipper up, she was already opening her door. He got his belt together and hopped out, locking the door as he went and trying to catch up to her as she went up the walkway.

She already had her key in hand as she reached her apartment door and he was right behind her, his hands on her hips and his cock still throbbing with every beat of his heart. He wanted to be buried inside her so bad it almost hurt.

With the door open, she stepped in far enough for him to get in behind her, and then the door fell shut. Cheryl turned and pushed him against it, crushing her mouth against his in a kiss that was as aggressive as it was passionate. He was vaguely aware of her locking the deadbolt on the door with one hand as her other hand snaked behind his neck and held him for this kiss. For his part, his left hand wrapped around her waist to pull her close, sure she could feel the bulge of his erection pressing against her belly, while his right hand reached down to cup and caress what proved to be a nicely curved, very firm ass… especially for a woman so petite.

At the feeling of Frank’s hand squeezing a handful of her ass, Cheryl moaned into his mouth and arched her back. The result was that her belly pressed harder against his erection while her ass pushed back into his hand. Both actions and the sensations that accompanied them fed their passion and the kiss grew even more passionate. Frank realized he had been right earlier about not seeing any panty lines and reached up under Cheryl’s dress, pulling the hemline up to her waist, and feeling her naked flesh in his hand.

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