Fran’s Liberation Ch. 05

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Over the course of the next few weeks Fran and my relationship had solidified both emotionally and sexually. We spent every moment we could blending our kids into a family and, when we finally could get them asleep, fucking each other raw.

Finally, the decision was made to move in together. We spent a long weekend moving two households into one (it was 85% her stuff; how do women pack so much??). It took a few days to put things where they should and where everyone could find them but it all went smooth. It also made availability of each other’s bodies much easier. Slight grab of tit here, slight rub of cock there; you get the picture.

One of the best benefits was the ability to watch her shower. Our master bathroom had no tub unfortunately but had a great glass enclosed shower. I would let her start her bathing then just walk in and lean against the makeup bench and watch.

The water cascading down her hair, plastering it against her shoulders and breasts. The water tracing rivulets around her very hard nipples. Her nipples always hardened when she showered, knowing that she was being watched. Watching her drag a bar of soap slowly over them, tweaking them in passing, her breasts rebounding to their pertness. It seemed that her tits would grow from their natural B cup to C as she washed and gave me a show. Her hands would drag the soap down over her stomach down to her groin. The soap would wash down to her pussy to disappear to the gap between her thighs. I was fascinated watching her labia engorge and the bubbles divert around her lips. Usually at this time she would put down her soap to use both hands to rinse her pussy, the lips separating, displaying her clit, which she would rub a few times. She would also take a hand to wash between her ass checks, making sure it was clean, but also to tease her sphincter while rubbing her clit. She knew that her ass drove me nuts and made the best show out of it. My god I just wanted to lean down and bite it as it looked so good! The perfect ass; not fat, not boney. Great curve and apple shaped. Made for loving.

By this time my cock would be on full display. I had to shower anyway so why not strip and enjoy myself. I would start to tug on it as the erection grew to its normal size. I would grab it in one hand and slowly start stroking it up and down. Occasionally I would reach down and squeeze my balls to encourage my growth. Fran quickly learned the timing of this and would by this point be staring through the glass to watch me jack off to her on display. Her hands would match the timing of my jerking off and she’d start pushing a finger in her pussy every time I stroked back. It was a mutually voyeuristic game we would play until one of us got too excited. Usually it was her but not all the time. That woman found ways to drive me nuts, usually by her smoky looks and slutty mouth. She had no problem describing how much she wanted a cock in her pussy, driving into her g-spot, trampling her clit. When she got excited her talk became very hot and very vulgar. I would usually just fling open the door to the shower, shove her up against the wall of tile, lift her and drive my cock in fully on one stroke.

“FUCKKKKKKKKKK…YESSSSSSSSSSS!” she would scream. Her hands clawing into my back as I rammed my hips into hers. Her pussy grabbing and not letting go as I moved in and out of her. My cock now would be like metal grinding against her clit as I worked my dick in and out nailing her to the wall.

As I am much taller than her, the water would be splashing from my shoulder, creating a waterfall over her as we fucked. The water running down between us, adding lubrication and heat to our lust.

“I’m going to cum!” erupted from my throat as I felt my balls tighten, the heat from her pussy working its magic on my cock.

“In me…In me now…Shoot it in me…Let me feel your stream!!” she would taunt me. I couldn’t hold it any longer as my cock started to erupt. I could feel it ricochet inside of her I was cumming so hard. Her eyes would close as she threw her head back and started talking in a language of lust. Her legs would wrap around my ass and pull me in tighter, so I was buried deeper, sending my spunk to every part of her pussy. My focus shrunk down to just the feeling of my dick being squeezed for all it’s juices in her fiery folds.

We would then come down from our orgasms and spend the next few minutes kissing and touching each other under the warm showers until we were temporarily sated in our lusts.

Fran and I would spend the day at our respective jobs, texting teasing messages back and forth to each other. She’d tell me of how she would sneak her hand down to her pussy under her desk to tease and flick her clit while pretending to work on the books of her employer. I’d text her back telling her how I was playing with my cock at the thought of her mouth wrapped around it, thrusting into her throat while I fucked her face. Needless to say, by the time we canlı bahis both got home we would be rather worked up and ready for more.

Usually she would beat me home and prep dinner for the family. It quickly became a habit to prep but then teach one of the kids how to cook. It was a joint decision that readying them for adulthood included chores around the house including how to make a complete dinner. Sometimes it turned out great, sometimes not, but always was fun to share knowledge and push our kids to expand their imagination on what it would be like to take care of themselves. I will not tell you of the first time one of them decided to make homemade pasta, but I will tell you we did discover how to turn noodles into caulking for plumbing. Anyway, after the prepping was done and the kids started to cook or do chores or hit the books, Fran and I would retreat to the bedroom for some intimate time.

I recall vividly the first time that a vibrator came into the bedroom for the both of us. It was a warm, sunny evening in the Bay Area as Fran and I started slowly caressing and striping the clothes off each other. She found it highly erotic to kiss and lightly chew on my nipples as she removed my shirt. She’d just walk closer and start sucking on one as they were mouth high to her. Her tongue would swirl around it and then she’d lightly bite and pull on them. It was something that I’d never had done to me before and I found it very exciting. A moan would escape my lips as she looked straight up into my eyes and increase the pressure of her bite. She’d then unbuckle the belt of my pants and move her hand down to my cock, pulling on it while she’d hum into my nipples. Her other hand moved down and undid my pants, yanking them and my boxer briefs down to my knees. Slowly releasing the nipple in her mouth, she dropped to her knees while tugging on my cock. She moved it to her mouth to kiss the head. Her hands would continue to work on my dick and balls as she stared up at me and licked the underside of my cock, driving my mad with desire.

Slowly she started to engulf my cock into her mouth with one hand lightly wrapped around it’s 6″ length. I watched as the veins started to expand blue towards the redness of her mouth. Her other hand reached between my thighs and start to play with my ass. One finger working its way to my hole, pushing against the muscles. Each time she’d teasingly move her mouth down my cock, her finger would press the penetrate my sphincter, working its way up and getting my use to the feeling of something in my ass. It was driving my absolutely wild. I would reach down to grab her head attempting to create more friction to my cock, but she’d pull away her head and press a second finger into my ass. It wasn’t something I was used to and it stopped me.

After the third time I tried to start fucking her face, Fran pulled off my dick and said, “I want to try something but don’t know how much you’d like it.”

At this point, she’d teased me to the point that I needed release, so I said “I’ve never said no to you before so what do you want to do? Fuck my ass?” I was being sarcastic in my desire to cum.

“Yes.” She said, looking up at me with her lips kissing the head of my erection. “I’ve always wanted to see what it looks like from your point of view. What it looks like for a dick to fuck someone. I want to grease up my vibrator and watch it go in and out of your ass til you cum!” I could see the animal side growing in her smoldering, brown eyes.

“You like it when I stick my fingers in your ass. You don’t know it, but you keep pushing back on them, asking for my hand to ram into you. You want to be fucked, you just don’t realize it!” The last part came out of her mouth more as a growl than as words.

She was right. I did enjoy her playing with my ass. I knew I was pushing back on her hands. The feeling of them inside of me, pushing slowly to my prostrate drove me nuts. She did not know that when I was still a teenager that I had been curious about having sex with another guy. She did not know that one night I had slept over at a friend’s house and that we had ended up jerking each other off. That I had put a cock in my mouth for the first time but didn’t know how to give a blow job. That my friend had gotten me off with his mouth on my cock and had forced me to kiss him and shared my seed while we frenched. It would have gone further but his parents were in the next room and we couldn’t find anything like a lube. He did manage to work three fingers in my ass with spit on his hands and fucked me that way until I came. It was wonderful but horrified me at the same time. I wanted to feel his cock in my ass but I didn’t want to be a homosexual. I was young and very naive. I really didn’t have much experience with sex and didn’t understand the difference. We ended up playing with each other a couple more times. He would cum on my face while I jacked him off and he would bury his fingers into my ass until I would bahis siteleri shoot a load into my hand. We’d both lick it up and share when we frenched. He moved away at the end of that school year and I was never close enough to another guy to try it again.

“Fran, stop a second, I’ve got to tell you something.” I told her. She stopped moving her hands but did not remove them as I told her of my past. I watched the lust smolder more and more on her face, her cheeks and neck growing red. Half way through she started jacking me off again, a third finger trying to work its way into me. By the time I was finished, I could smell her excitement. I looked between her legs to see her juices running down her thighs to the floor. She was soaked and her hips were rocking back and forth raising her level of arousal.

She took her hands from my dick and my ass, stood up, and pulled me down into a kiss. It was more of her trying to get her tongue into my stomach or her tongue as hard as a cock trying to go deep in me.

She was pulling me towards the bed, causing me to fall on top of her on the mattress. Her nails bit into my neck as she pulled my ears to my mouth to say “Get on the bed. I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to put my dick in your ass until you cum. I’m going to fuck your virgin ass.” It was the most dominate I had ever seen her. Fran is normally very submissive, very worried about pleasing me, but her lust had broken some barrier and she was someone else now.

She rolled out from under me and opened her nightstand. I knew she had a vibrator. I enjoyed watching her work herself off with it. On a few occasions she would suck my cock while fucking herself with it’s 9″ length and dolphin. I would tell her that she was practicing for the first time I’d have her dp’d and it usually made her so horny it would only take a minute for her orgasm.

“Get on you back and lift your legs. Fucking now!” came out of her. I was startled on how domineering she was becoming but at the same time very aroused. I could see her toy in hand as she moved down between my knees. While she worked the top of the lube off and drenched her hands in it she shoved the vibrator towards my mouth.

“Suck it! Suck on my cock. Make it wet because I’m going to put it in your ass in a second and make you my bitch. Suck on it!”

My mouth opened on its own. I was starting to feel and share Fran’s lust. She moved it into my mouth a couple of inches and held it. My tongue on its own started to lick the bottom of it. I felt its rigidness against my tongue and rocked my head forward to engulf it in my mouth. My lips closed around it and I started to bob my head back and forth on it. I slowly worked more and more of it into my mouth but ended up hitting my throat and started the gag reflex. My eyes watered up as I pulled my mouth off of it to catch my breath but the second I did I sucked it back in. I was getting fucking excited giving a blow job to my girlfriend’s vibrator and didn’t want to stop.

While I was discovering how much I loved to suck (something I really didn’t realize until that point) Fran was rubbing lubrication all over my ass and hole. While I was sucking on her toy she watched me with flaming lust. She started with two and ended up with four fingers in my ass, pushing down the barrier and massaging it at the same time. Her other hands was in her pussy. I could hear her juices on her fingers as she fucked herself. By the sounds of it, she was already on the verge.

“Oh, fuck you love cock in your mouth. You are a natural. That’s it, suck it. Make me cum!” she said hoarsely to me as her orgasm overcame her. I swear I could hear her squirt her juices on the floor as she came. Her hand in my ass was buried to her knuckles and trying to move all the way in. She growled out more sounds over the course of her two-minute orgasm. Her chest was heaving, and I saw her nipples poke out almost an inch they were so hard.

Eventually she stopped riding her hand and collapsed between my legs, puling her vibrator away. I had continued to suck on it through her orgasm and she was solely focused on watching me practice with a cock in my mouth. As she pulled it away I realized that I wanted to do it again and not for her. I wanted to suck a cock; a real cock. I wanted to feel it’s hardness in my mouth and to feel the cum filling my mouth with salty cum.

While I was thinking about this, Fran came back to herself. I could see the heat of her arousal flowing off her. She was pure lust at this point.

I felt her move the tip of the vibrator to my hole as her left hand moved under my thigh and grab my hip. Slowly she worked it forward.

“You’re going to feel pain. Once it’s in you’ll feel pleasure. I’ll take care of you baby, just relax.” She stated. She was talking to me like a guy would talk to a virgin, coaxing her open. My god, I was getting more excited. It was weird because I knew Fran was an anal virgin too. She was scared of it, but bahis şirketleri she was acting like a Romeo on my ass.

First an inch, then another. I could feel the toy stretching out my sphincter. It burned but I wanted to feel what it was like. Slowly with more pressure and twisting slowly the head of it popped past and I was being fucked.

Fran moved herself up to sitting in an Indian position while she worked her toy on my ass. She was mesmerized, her mouth slightly open and she was panting. Her nipples were like darts on her tits. Her hand moved out from under my thigh and was now pressing my leg out, stretching my sphincter more as she worked for a better vantage.

“This is so fucking hot!” she whispered as she continued working on my ass. She was working it slowly in. At this point she had around 5″ of it in me and I was feeling full. It was a feeling I had always wanted to feel. My ass was full and she was forcing more of it slowly into me. I started to rock my hips trying to get more of it.

“That’s it, fuck me back you slut.” Fran was well enveloped in her lust. She kept pushing it further, adding lube around my well stretched ass. I was rocking my hips, trying to get more. My god I didn’t know it felt like this.

“That’s it. Your officially not a virgin. Your ass is getting fucked well. It’s all the way in.” she stated. “Now I’m going to start fucking you!” She looked up to my eyes with an evil glint. All the sudden she hit the switch to vibrate. Fuck, my muscles seized the vibrator, pulling more. I was going nuts. I could feel the cum start to grow as the vibrations hit my prostrate. My dick was hard as it every had been and now was harder. I moved one hand to pull on my nipples and the other to grab a hold of my cock.

“No. I’m the one fucking you. You don’t get to use your hand. Put your fingers in your mouth and suck on them. You seem to enjoy sucking!” Fran commanded. She started to pull the vibe out of my ass just to push it back in. I could see her fingers in her pussy moving in unison with the vibe. I wanted to cum so bad right then.

She started to fuck me faster. Her arm became a piston as she would pull it almost out just to ram it back in. She was almost out of control with lust as I heard her orgasm again. She never stopped with the cock in my ass, just slowed a bit while she squirted again. She was sweating now, her hair plastered against her skin. Her body was on fire to match the fire in her pussy as she came and came, never stopping the cock in my ass.

“That’s it my pussy whore. I want you to cum now.” Fran demanded. She rolled forward slightly to lick me from ass all the way to the end of my dick. “I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste your fucking cum. I want to see you cum without anything touching your cock!”

She moved her head over my cock and opened her mouth. Her hand started to ram the cock into my ass completely. I could feel it hitting my prostrate. I was so fucking full now. Every time she shoved it in my cock would twitch. I could feel my cum pool up and start to engorge my cock.

“Agggghhhhhhhhh” erupted from my mouth as I started to cum. Hot, heavy strings of my cum spewed out into Frans mouth as she started to swallow stream after stream. I could her her gulping it down as I continued blasting out. My ass grabbed ahold of the vibe in my ass and wouldn’t let go. Fran tried pulling it out but couldn’t move it. My body went completely rigid and seized up as I kept cumming. I felt nothing but the plastic dick in my ass as I kept spewing into her mouth and onto her face.

Slowly, spent, my body started to relax. Fran gently started to pull the vibe out of my ass as my body let go. All the sudden it was out. I felt hollow but wonderfully spent.

As I opened my eyes, I looked at Fran, covered in my cum. She dropped the toy on the bed and using her fingers moved the strings of cum over her face to her mouth, to be swallowed. The look in her eyes was a warm, sated lust and love as she cleaned herself up and then fetched a towel to clean me.

“That was so fucking over the top hot!” she whispered while toweling my thighs and ass. Her fingers gently rubbed my gaping ass as it started to close.

“Tell me I didn’t hurt you. Tell me you enjoyed it as much as I did?” she asked, massaging my groin and rubbing my chest.

I looked into her coffee eyes and said “Yes. It hurt but it was wonderful. I’ve wanted to feel that for so long I forgot how much I wanted to feel it.” It was true; I had never felt like that and already knew I wanted to feel it again.

“It was wonderful. Thank you. I’ve never seen you this worked up and its sort of scary but Thank you.” I told her. “Is this going to become part of our routines?” I asked.

“Oh fuck yes. It was so hot. Now I know why guys are like that. I loved being in that much control. I loved how much you trusted me. We are definitely doing this again in the future” she stated. “Tell me, what was the best part for you?”

“Feeling someone use my ass for pleasure, to get off,” I said, realizing what I was saying only after saying it. “I wanted to be fucked, dominated. I got off being someone else’s fuck hole.”

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