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“You want me to provide what!” I was sitting in a tastefully appointed office in the back of a trendy salon in Upper Arlington called “Hair Today.” The owner, a smartly dressed woman in her late fifties, Mrs. Remington, had just offered me fifty dollars to come to her shop once a week and provide her with a semen sample.

“I know you understood me Lawrence,” she said calmly, “but let me be perfectly clear, I will pay you fifty dollars cash once a week for you to provide me with a semen sample.”

“You want me to come here and jack-off and you will pay me fifty dollars?” I was incredulous. The year was 1965. I was a freshman in college. The wage for almost every job around campus was $1.25/hour…minimum wage back then. Some students who weren’t on scholarship were working full time for $50.00 per week!

“There’s no need to be vulgar, Lawrence.” She said as she smiled sweetly. “I don’t want you to masturbate. I want to collect a sample. There’s a difference. I assure you the process will be enjoyable. One of the side benefits is you will be getting a free haircut and shave every week as well as a free manicure and pedicure. You must decide before you leave my office. If you agree to accept my offer you must also agree to a strict code of silence. Under no circumstances can you mention our business arrangement to any one now or after you leave my employ. One more thing, Lawrence, I need you to start immediately.”

“W..w..Why do you want my semen, Mrs. Remington?” I stammered.

“A fair question, Lawrence. This is not a sperm bank. We cater to financially secure women. Some are professionals; doctors, lawyers, business professionals. Some are wives of wealthy men. They’ve come to expect a level of service that can’t be found in any other salon in this area, in any area for all I know. You see, Lawrence, some of my more elite customers are under the impression that the formula I use to give them a facial will give them a more youthful appearance. The formula that I use is based on the semen of young men such as yourself! They pay a pretty penny for my treatment. Part of the mystique is that they are guaranteed the authenticity of my concoction because the semen is collected in their presence.”

“They want to watch me masturbate?”

“No, Lawrence, they will watch us collect your semen. Either one of my assistants, Lynn or May or I will collect your semen as they watch. Unless they want to do it. You should hope they do, the tips are better!”

I was stunned to say the least. “I might get a tip for letting a stranger play with me?”

Mrs. Remington placed an envelope on the desk in front of me. “That is your first weeks payment, Lawrence. Whether or not you get a tip depends on just how generous your customer feels. Shall we get started?”

A young woman appeared through a side door. “This is Lynn, Lawrence. She and May will help you get ready. Your customer will be here in just over an hour.” She stood up and with a wave of her hand motioned that I should go with her assistant.

Lynn appeared to be about thirty years old. She was a red head about 5′ 2″ and very nicely filled out. Today canlı bahis şirketleri she might be considered a little over weight but I thought she was very attractive She held out her hand. “Come with me, Lawrence.”

I picked up the envelope and checked its contents; there were five crisp new ten-dollar bills. I stood up and followed her.

“The first thing you need to do, Lawrence, is take a shower. Mrs. Remington expects you to be squeaky clean for every treatment. You can get out of your clothes over there.” She pointed to a small chair next to the wall.

I walked over to the chair and waited for her to leave the room. Instead the other assistant, May, entered. May was older than Lynn, maybe mid forties. She was a brunette and heavy set, at least two hundred pounds but pretty for an older woman. “We haven’t got all night, Lynn, what are we waiting for?”

She looked at me and smiled. Another cutie boy! “Sally really can pick them, can’t she?”

“Uh huh.” Lynn agreed.

Looking back at me she said sternly, “Young man, we don’t have all night. The customer will be here at eight o’clock. Lynn and I have to get you ready. That means a shower and a shave including a trim of that nice young bush of yours and your butt! I have to do your nails. This is your first night on the job so we can’t waste time! You don’t have anything I haven’t seen in the last fifteen years and Lynn’s been helping me for over ten so she’s seen her share too, now off with your clothes and be quick about it.”

The women stared as I disrobed. By the time I was naked I had an uncontrollable hard-on. May pinched the tip of my penis and ended that! “Keep that thing under control until the paying customer is here!” She laughed.

Lynn had the shower running and I stepped in. They started with my hair and worked their way down. I was covered with lather from my head to my toes. Lynn shaved from my belly button to the top of my pubic mound eliminating any stray hairs. She made me bend over and spread my cheeks to shave my butt. “Nice and clean and smooth!” She exclaimed as she ran her finger over my anus. My cock was starting to rise again. That earned a slap and another pinch. “Down boy, we don’t what to waste anything before your customer arrives!”

After they dried me off they marched me to Mrs. Remington’s booth at the back of the shop. A partition and some plants obstructed the view but otherwise open, anyone who wanted to could just walk from the front of the shop into her booth. There were two women still there even though the shop closed at seven pm. Lynn had me take a seat, lean back and spread my legs so she could inspect the area from my balls to my anus. “This is the hardest area to keep smooth,” she explained, “and Mrs. Remington expects perfection!” She applied more lather and holding my balls out of the way made the finishing touches to my crotch.

May rolled a footbath in front of Mrs. Remington’s styling chair. “Put your feet in here, Lawrence.” She laid a towel in my lap as she worked on my fingernails and my feet soaked. “Are you getting comfortable, Lawrence? I hope you are. You’re quite handsome canlı kaçak iddaa you know. Mrs. Remington is going to be the one who does the honors. She always collects the first sample. That’s what she calls it. Collecting a sample. We know better though, don’t we Lawrence? She is going to get you off!” My cock was rising again, making a tent of the towel. She laughed, “You like that idea don’t you, Lawrence? But you have to wait.” She pinched my penis again and it deflated again. She rubbed my balls. “These boys are too tight, relax Lawrence. She is very good, Lawrence. Lynn and I are always amazed at how much cum she can milk out of a young man’s cock! We just love to watch her at work. I hope you aren’t shy. You won’t be too embarrassed will you, Lawrence? Lynn and I just love to watch a young man cum.”

My cock was starting to rise again. She pinched it again. “This is all part of the process, Lawrence. We like to give your balls a workout! Mrs. Remington thinks a young man’s ball produce the maximum amount of semen if they are made to tighten up at least five times before cuming. You’ll get used to it. You’ll look forward to it. You know what I’m looking forward to, Lawrence? When it’s my turn!” She held my semi-erect cock in her strong hand and squeezed. “Do you want me to make it fast or slow, Lawrence?” She pinched me again. “You’re ready, Lawrence. Now don’t touch yourself!”

May left the booth and I closed my eyes. My hands gripped the arms of the styling chair. I wondered if this was a dream and if I’d wake up with a puddle of cum in my shorts. I pinched a tit. No, I was awake! Mrs. Remington walked in. “How are you doing, Lawrence? Are you ready to give me your semen?”

“Yes, ma’am, very ready.”

She smiled, “That’s good, Lawrence, very good. I want you to meet Mrs. Symon, she is your benefactor! Without her you wouldn’t have a job! Say hello to Mrs. Symon, Lawrence.”

“Ah, hello, Mrs. Symon.” It seemed so strange to be naked seated in a chair greeting a complete stranger.

“Good evening, Lawrence!” Mrs. Symon gushed. She was well into her sixties. It was like she was meeting a young man in a social setting this was different. Her eyes were on my cock and balls and she wasn’t shy. She reached out and cupped my balls and squeezed them. “I hope you’ve got plenty of cum stored up, Lawrence, heaven knows at my age I need all the help I can get!”

“I think you’re very beautiful, Mrs. Symon, I can’t believe you think you need any help at all!”

“Isn’t he sweet, Rosemary?” She said to Mrs. Remington. “Did you teach him to say that?”

“No, Mrs. Symon, this is his first night, I haven’t had time to teach him to flatter the customers.” She frowned at me.

“Well, dear, it is sweet of you to say that but I’ve been getting these treatments weekly for over fifteen years so maybe that has something to do with my youthful appearance.”

“Shall we get started, Mrs. Symon?” Mrs. Remington asked rhetorically.

“Yes, dear, let’s start.”

“Perhaps you’d like to introduce your friend.”

“Why, yes, of course. How rude of me. Lawrence, this is Mrs. Porter. She’s my friend canlı kaçak bahis and she may become a customer here. I hope you don’t mind if she observes.”

How could I refuse; in for a penny, in for a pound! “Of course not, Mrs. Symon.” I said as I turned and saw my fifth grade teacher!

I turned beet red as she took my hand and patted it. “So nice to meet you, Lawrence.” She gave no indication but the twinkle in her eye told me she recognized me. “Mrs. Symon has told me so much about the treatment here I just can’t wait to see for myself how it works!” She smiled and squeezed my hand. Before I was rationalizing this as a business proposition, now I was embarrassed.

“Then let us begin.” Mrs. Remington smiled. “First, it is important that the young man’s balls be loose for as long as possible. “Mrs. Symon, please massage his balls.”

“If it’s all right with you, Rosemary I’d like my friend to do that. I think a hands on experience will give her a better idea of what to expect for her own treatments.”

“As you wish, Mrs. Symon.”

Mrs. Symon pulled her friend Mrs. Porter, my teacher, over to the chair opposite Mrs. Remington. “Don’t be shy, Ruth! Those balls have a mind of their own. If you want to get the maximum out of them you need to get them real loose!

“Spread your legs a little more, Lawrence. Give Mrs. Porter enough room to do her part correctly!” Mrs. Remington instructed.

“Ok, Ruth, push on his balls with the heal of your hand and then wrap your fingers around them and pull.”

“Like this?”

“That’s it, now do it again, and again. Get a rhythm going, that’s right! Watch his hips, see how he tries to meet you each time you push on his balls. Now with your other hand pinch one of his tits… not too hard… just enough to get his attention!

Mrs. Porter looked down at me and asked, “Are you ok, Lawrence? Am I hurting you?

I gasped, Oh… no… it feels so good… your hands are so soft… so strong, oh, Mrs. Porter, that feels so good!” I looked into her eyes. What must she think of her student now?”

“If you’ve been paying attention you’ll notice that his penis has grown into a very hard cock.” Mrs. Remington continued. “At this point we can give him the release he desperately needs or we can prolong his pleasure by gently petting the underside of that nice hard cock. We don’t want to touch the tip until we want him to cum. We can collect any pre-cum that might flow from his cock but continue to delay his actual orgasm as long as we like.

My hips were thrusting against my teacher’s hand, I was gasping for breath. Never in my life had I experienced stimulation like this. I wanted to cum, I needed to cum! “Please, Mrs. Remington, don’t make me wait any longer. Let me give you my cum!”

“That, ladies is what I like to wait for.” Mrs. Remington explained. “I like to hear them beg for release.”

“Good job, Lawrence!” Mrs. Porter patted my hand. It was like I was back in the third grade and she was returning a test paper. She smiled again. “Good job, Lawrence, A+!”

Isn’t that what we all look for, the approval of women.


Authors note: This is just a story, masturbation fantasy if you will. None of the characters are in any way real. I wish they were! I wrote it for my own amusement. If it amused you leave a comment and vote if you’ve come this far! Many “happy endings.”

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