…I’ll Call YOU

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Welcome to Smokey Saga #90! This is a sequel. Fifty Sagas ago in Dec. ’14, I put out 0, “Don’t Call ME…” ‘Tis now time for its follow-up, “…I’ll Call YOU.” In ’15, one of the protagonists, Patty Esther Dimberg, was referenced in “The Voxe” and later appeared in “Seize The Moments Of Your Life.” This story takes place between the time frames of those others. My last one before this was “Ménage à trois,” so enjoy the back-to-back taco fiestas. Although technically, big or small, I suppose every story I write could be considered a taco fiesta. Also!: the original “Don’t Call ME…”‘s been freshly edited and polished up, so check it out! Jolly reading!!


Skype Hype

Friday, March 27th, 2015, 8:32 p.m.

“So you’ll come??”

“To your birthday, yes. As a result of watching you touch yourself through the computer…that’s for me to know and you to find out.”

“Hee hee…well, y’never know,” chuckled an excited naked Patty, sitting on a towel draped over her chair. “So…shall I start?”

Susan thoughtfully propped an elbow on her table, resting her chin on her knuckles. Her tone was authoritative.

“Very well…spread them.”

Patty fluttered her baby soft blue eyes and grinned, already shivering with arousal. She shimmied her legs to either side, tucked her toes under her feet, and used her rich imagination to fantasize that Susan’d bound them there. God, that was hot. Her girl-spots twitched and tingled, nipples stiffening, pussy dampening. Like the roughly one time each in the last three months, here she sat, about to frig off to what was no longer a mere fantasy. No longer the irresistible Susan Emilia Day who only dwelled in her fantasies. This Susan was the real deal, every bit as irresistible, interacting and speaking to her. Portraying her divine sensual Mistress, seducing her through her laptop monitor. Oh, what a wonderful thing was technology. Patty didn’t touch herself till she had Susan’s permission, enjoying it so very much more this way. Nothing would compare to making genuine love to her, but Susan would not agree to this prospect yet. Patty would just have to wait, till she’d earned enough of Susan’s trust.

“All spread!… Can I touch myself?”

Susan’s eyes narrowed just a tiny bit. She cocked one stern eyebrow.

“Not yet. Hands in the air. Show me your palms.”

This only made Little Patty wetter and more desperate, yearning and burning for contact. But Big Patty obeyed.

“There’s a girl,” Susan continued, lips curling into a subtle smirk. She narrowed her lime green eyes a touch more. Her contrasting dark blue eyeshadow gave them a smoky quality that drove Patty crazy. Her less than liberal dusting of makeup and crimson-stuck subtly smirking lips achieved a similar effect. Patty too eagerly waited to see those beautiful ruby lips open to the mine of pearly whites as Susan wickedly smiled at her. The smile that torched her libido. It was fortunate for their extracurricular friendship that both were on the same page. Each time as they engaged in these cyber-romps, Susan instructed Patty what to do, and Patty did it. And both preferred it this way. Susan thought it helpful to train Patty’s sexual compulsive behavior (and secretly a bit of cruel fun to tease and deny her). But it half-backfired, as Patty found such pussy control and libido training wildly arousing. Susan could do little about Patty’s alcohol abuse, but this was why A.A. existed. At any rate, this Patty Dimberg was sober, sweet and charming, while still jackrabbit-randy. Which Susan vastly preferred to the sauced, creepy, obscene-phone-calling Patty.

“Now keep your hands in the air where I can see them…” Susan purred. “You’re about to be delicately, divinely seduced. And don’t you try and find a way to touch that pussy without Miss Susie’s permission.”

Susan opened her lips just a bit, flashing Patty a sultry, somewhat scornful little leer. A leer that reminded her that Susan retained control of her actions. A hot shiver rushed Patty’s body. Susan’s playful spitefulness, her malicious smiles and the way she referenced Patty touching her cunt melted her. She knew she couldn’t disobey, or Susan’d hang up on her. And they both knew Patty simply couldn’t enjoy her auto-romps as much without Susan’s gorgeous, stunning face watching. Susan held all the cards. She owned her. Patty’s hands may as well have been suspended in place. She desperately whimpered and squirmed in her chair. Susan loved it.

“That’s it, my dear,” Susan chuckled with self-satisfaction. “Let Miss Susie see you ache for it. Show her how bad you want it.”

It was already far too much. Still visible before her screen, Patty’s hands clenched into quivering fists.

“Oh please!” Patty burst. “Susan, please let me touch myself!”

Thoroughly enjoying this, and keeping bahis firmaları the sadistic chain reaction going, Susan laughed at her.

“Awww!” Susan chortled. “Poor thing. Is it driving you crazy?”

“Of course it is!”

Susan rested the other elbow on the table as well, clasping her paws and benevolently resting her chin on both.

“Very well…you may begin fondling yourself.”

“OH!” Patty threw her head straight back. “Thank you!!” Her clenched mitts promptly loosened and latched to her goodies, as if drawn by magnets. But Susan was not through giving instruction.

“Ah—! Hold on there, young lady.”

Patty shot her an incredulous look. “…Wh—…what?? But…”

Susan flipped her eyebrows at her, and purred her next orders.

“Keep those legs spread… and with your non-frigging hand… part those puffy pink pussy lips like the Red Sea.”

A giddy, extremely horny Patty giggled. “Oooh-kay!” she squealed, doing as told.

“Lovely,” Susan praised. “Now lick your other hand’s fingertips… grant it access to your Promised Land…”

God, I adore you, Patty thought.

“…And start rubbing.”

“OOOOooooh, yes!” Patty dynamically rejoiced as her digits made contact. “Susan, I love you so fuckin’ much!”

“That’s Mistress Susan to you, Patty.” She raised her voice to be heard over the initial fits of ecstasy.

“Now gently start fucking yourself with your middle finger…” she smiled, calling across their bridge of cyberspace. “…And you can free up the other hand, and grope and play with your titties now too.”

Patty thrust herself back against her chair, hoping it gave Susan a nice view of her boobies. Lust cropped her in the form of goosebumps and flushed flesh. Oh, how Susan Day set her ablaze. She couldn’t describe how it felt to have the woman of her dreams be her cyber-playmate. Especially given how Patty’d gone about “courting” her in December.

She got to thinking sometimes that she didn’t deserve Susan’s forgiveness. It was logical that not a lot of girls would pardon her indiscretions to then become not only her friend, but her cyber-domme. Then again, Susan undertook this role in part to help Patty control her own sex drive, and not let her cunt make her decisions. Still, Patty had to put herself in Susan’s shoes and imagine how she’d react to an obscene phone caller. Then again again, while both gay, she and Susan were very different young women. And in a few ways, so were Sober Patty and Drunk Patty. At Susan’s urging, she’d begun going to A.A., and felt it starting to make her a better person. She knew Susan was far more partial to this Patty than to the plastered pussy-hound who abused her phone numbers. She thought that she actually now felt truly happy. For possibly the first time in her adulthood, she didn’t want to take her own life.

For Susan’s part, fulfilling this role in Patty’s sexcapades was manifold. She honestly did want to assist the girl in curbing her urges. On the ulterior side, she took satisfaction and enjoyment from the prospect of essentially having her by the goodies. Like Patty-putty in the palm of her paw. Bygones and past events aside, Susan really did like Patty. The girl was sensitive, fragile and quite emotional. Susan took fond camaraderie in such things she’d in common with others. It also didn’t hurt that Patty could back up the claim of being in love with Susan since the day she saw her. Patty worshiped her, all but literally kissing the ground she walked upon. Susan saw the truth of it in her face when they began Skyping, and Patty furiously jilled to her. Susan had to admit, it made her day when Patty finally, gloriously, majestically came. It was enormously flattering, quite the ego boost. While unwelcoming of the harassing phone calls of December, Susan was also a lesbian, and enjoyed her the company of a fair dame. And she had to admit, watching the waif across the crisp, sharp resolution of her monitor, pleasuring herself to Susan’s every whim…turned Susan on as well.

She wouldn’t let Patty know that when they hung up from their cyber-sessions, Susan proceeded to strip, grope and frig herself too. This could compromise her authority. While surely aware Susan was human, Patty had her on a goddess pedestal. And Susan, quite frankly, liked it. And she had to wonder what Patty’d do with the knowledge that her goddess also got randy, frigged and scratched off too. Susan felt it would intrigue her, and yet…would it also diminish or lower her from the almighty pedestal Patty placed her on?

Oh well; conversation for another day. As Patty leaned back, cyber-Mistress Susan was indeed treated to a view of her lovely heaving 36B twin girls. She drank in the tasty tableau of Patty groaning helplessly in her chair, head back, eyes closed, starting to sweat, right-handling her titties. Susan could not see her southpawing her womanhood, kaçak iddaa but if she wished to, she’d make Patty lie on her bed, laptop strategically placed between her ankles. And Susan Day’s primal, base side enjoyed making and watching Patty Dimberg perform such acts on herself. She flipped her eyebrows, grinning at the girl’s juicy round tits and hard nipples.

“Your girls’re sure happy to see Miss Susie, now aren’t they,” she cooed.

Patty made herself smile and nod. Having wound her up, Susan let her go a bit longer, and watched for the signals. She wasn’t about to wait until climax time…as at the risk of feeling immodest, she didn’t want to ruin Patty’s life… Just torment her a bit.


Jolted from reverie, Patty rapidly blinked Susan back into focus. “…Huh??”

“Stop masturbating. Right now. Hands in the air. Where I can see ’em.”

Patty couldn’t believe it. She also couldn’t remember this ever happening before when instructed to please herself.

“…B-bu-bu—… wh-h-n-no, please!”

“Right now, Patty. Hands in the air.”

Perspiring Patty began shaking, perceiving she had to promptly pull the power to postpone, prolong, and put the pleasure and passion on pause. She forced herself to pluck her paws loose, and held them up amid a spell of mock-weeping. Susan marveled and chuckled at how Patty’s left hand and wrist were stained in lady-juices, while her right remained dry.

“That’s a girl,” Susan nodded, purposely being extra sexy and smoky, solely to make it all a little more agonizing. “Now hold it back.”


“You can do it.”

“I don’t think I can!”

“Of course you can. I’ll help you. Just imagine the bottoms of your feet’re being tickled.”

Patty didn’t think even that would dent her raging arousal, but she had to do something. She tried to think of baseball, math, playing cards with her grandparents, anything. Not much was helping a great deal. But it was about to get tougher, and worse.



“…Look at me.”

Patty could barely see gay, but made herself regard the screen.

Her beloved cyber-Mistress Susan gazed back, flashing at her the most evil, sadistic, ear-to-ear smile Patty had ever seen.

“Oh god, no-o-o-o-ooooo!” Patty begged, letting her head loll in despair. “Not the smile! I can’t resist the smile!”

“Precisely. Burn for it, honey. Show Susie you’re dying for it.”

Patty re-clenched and shook her fists. “Susan, PLEASE!! Ple-e-e-e-ease, don’t do this to me! It’s torture! I can’t stand it!”

“Is your pussy pounding?”

“YES! Of course she is!”

“Are you going to think with her anymore?”


“You know what I mean, Patty. Are you going to let ‘Little’ Patty make your decisions for you in the future?”

“Wh—…no! No, of course I’m not!”

“I’ll expect you to hold yourself to that promise, Patty. Whether alcohol is involved or not.”

Patty sighed, starting to lose her mojo. “Susan, of course I promise! …May I please ask why this is coming up right now??”

Susan dropped the wicked smile and addressed the lass as her friend.

“Yes, of course you may. Patricia, dear, you’re about to turn 23. I like to think of each birthday in a person’s life as a new chapter. A fresh leaf to turn over, if you will. Some people do this on New Year’s, I do it on my birthdays. And here’s the thing, Patty: I care about you. I really do. I like you. You’re my friend. And even after those obscene phone calls, you got lucky with me, because I’m the friendliest chick on Earth. And because you’re cute. So be thankful I like cute girls. But here’s the other thing, Patty: drunk or not, if you do that again, you probably won’t get so lucky again. And any number of awful things could happen to you. And I don’t want them to. I want you to be safe. And happy. I know I’m not your Mom, and I don’t mean to lecture you, and I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know. Just…be good, Patty. Promise me?”

“Yes, Susan. Absolutely, I promise.” Again. “All of it.”

“‘At’s my girl. Now get back to fucking yourself, and cum for me.”

Sigh. “…Susan, I dunno if I’m in the mood anymore.”

Susan flashed her the diabolical smile.

“I said now, sex slave. You’re mine; your libido and your pussy belong to me. I own your ass. Now fuck yourself.”

That brought Patty a long way back into the mood. Her hands resumed position and she did as told. The next while was a vertiginous blur, as Patty re-jilled herself into oblivion and a smiling Susan watched. Gradually, Susan’s smile brightened from devilish to benevolent. She was being truthful in saying that Patty was her friend. Seeing Patty in ecstasy made her happy, and also…happy. As her mind pondered scenarios off to which Patty might be frigging, her own cunt moistened kaçak bahis and tingled. Keeping her paws clasped and taking in this own private peep show, Susan pressed her chest to the edge of the table. Just to give her breasts some contact, and have something to rub her stiff nipples against. Oh, this was nice… Next time, she might have to instruct Patty to lay on her bed for an even better view. It could be a special occasion, her first time jilling off to Susan as a 23-year-old.

As for Patty on the other side, the world had vanished. With Susan’s goddesslike presence firmly ensconced in her mind, and full, irrevocable permission—command, no less—to orgasm, Patty couldn’t turn back if life depended on it. Her heart, body and soul were on heaven-fire. She’d grown wings and found way into a new realm. Of course, very few of her orgasms—of which she treated herself to a lot—disappointed. And yet, something about this one was noticeably…unique. Most likely because Susan’d made her rev herself up, then calm completely back down, then up again. Strange mechanics of the libido, thought Patty, and yet, who was she to argue?

She suddenly couldn’t take it; it was too intense. Patty Dimberg was, as Susan noted, three mere days from birthday 23, and already an expert masturbator. She’d learned to edge herself just enough, back and forth and again, to exactly the level of intensity she could handle…and maybe just a slight touch more. And she was about to reach a line she didn’t think she could cross, or she’d explode. Her thumb furiously circled her clit, again and again, as she plunged her pussy in and out, ad infinitum. And she had to pull the trigger. She had to make herself cum. Now, just as Susan’d said. She held her breath, clenched, grimaced…and made it happen.

The screams were tremendous. So powerfully dynamic, even across their monitors and web connections, Susan had to wince. Regardless, her day was made, by the wild release Patty granted herself, and proceeded to enjoy…for what had to be fifteen gay seconds. It was amazing. Even Susan could discern something about this orgasm was different, new and remarkable. Just in the way Patty raucously revered the heavens with her primal howls. Like a wolf-girl baying to the moon. Precisely as when Susan reveled through her own orgasms, she thought for a brief spell this one of Patty’s just wouldn’t end…as just as abruptly, it began to.

Patty inevitably came down, like the calm after the storm, a flurry of feathers descending their aimless paths. Contrary to Susan’s spec, Patty had not employed a specific mental scenario to get herself off. She’d merely focused wholly and entirely on the image of Susan’s evil grin emblazoned on her brain. And it served its purpose more aptly than Susan could’ve imagined. It in fact forced Patty to spurt loose a gusher of cum, all over not only her towel, but her thighs and the floor as well. Patty’d have to remember to… to…

She began to fall asleep.

“SO, Pat-ington Bear,” Susan loudly intoned to her. “Other than having me there, what would you like for your birthday?”

Patty’s dizzy, star-fatigued eyes fluttered open just enough to regard her.



April Booze

Friday, April 3rd, 2015, 4:54 p.m.

Patty’s official DOB was Mar. 30 ’92. But as she’d booked surrounding days with appointments and errands, and as her birthday fell on Monday this year, she felt it best to celebrate the following weekend. The rest of her “official” birthday weekend was designated for sleeping in. Her folks took her to dinner Monday evening. That Friday, Patty’d have her friends and relatives over for the party.

Patty and Susan both still worked for Seven Seas Systems, though now in different departments, which simplified their boink buddy-friendship. Seven Seas had always valued its employees with lavish salaries and sweet benefits. This enabled Susan, as she’d shared with Patty, to support herself and her kid sister Jess together. Jess also worked; her employ took place at the Juniper Mall’s Mrs. Fields Cookies. She earned less coin, and contributed financially where she could. SSS also bestowed nice independence upon Patty in the form of her own modest but comfy apt., just where Andrewsville and Statler Counties met. Up until recently, she’d lived at home with her folks in Andrewsville. Living on her own for the first time was a huge deal. The first meal and accompanying TV show in her own home were the best meal and TV show she’d ever experienced. The first night’s sleep in her apartment was the most relaxing she could remember in a long time. The first glass of brandy was the finest she’d tasted. And so forth.

Which brought her and her family and friends to the evening of her birthday party, April the 3rd. Anyone who knew Patty knew her mouth watered at the prospect of scrumptious Mexican food—and that she loved all varieties of “tacos.” It was with this in mind that half the guests would arrive bearing culinary contributions. And the other half shared the cost of a hearty delivery from Pollo Pueblo.

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