Isabel Takes Another Flight

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I sat on a folding kitchen chair staring at a blank piece of paper. It had been almost a year since Isabel and I separated. I wanted to write something sexual like the notes I used to leave under her pillow. I couldn’t produce the same sensations of touch, caress, the long strokes of deep penetration, the tingle I get right before…

I didn’t call her. She didn’t announce her arrival. She removed a pair of sandals, tossed them haphazardly to the floor, and claimed the door was unlocked. I knew she had keys to my apartment but said nothing. It didn’t matter. Isabel looked so beautiful wearing a silky soft shirt and smooth tight pants. The light through the window formed a silhouette of her curvy body. Her sparkling brown eyes examined my stunned expression. Her smile told me she had been waiting for a new opportunity to explore my body and run her slippery lips along my skin.

I stood up from my chair. Isabel knew how much I wanted to kiss her but she stood there deriding me with her eyes and frequently glanced at my crotch. This prompted me to use my hand to find out if my fly was unzipped. She mocked me delightedly, “What are you playing with?”


“Oh? That’s too bad.”

“Why are you making it so hard for me?”

“I’m not making it hard. I’m not even the one who’s playing with it.”

I approached her cautiously. She drew toward me much more assured that we were about to spend a special moment together. She threw her arms around me, kissed me on the lips, and asked me if I missed her. She knew the answer when I closed my eyes and our lips pressed together. Our mouths opened so our tongues could twirl and dance together with a sweet familiarity. The soothing feeling of each other’s touch belonged to the people we once were. I welcomed the chance to be with her again and I knew she felt the same for me—our kiss was interrupted by a tapping on my door.

“Oh.” Isabel calmly began, “I hope you don’t mind? I brought a friend.”

“No. That’s fine. Please, let her in.”

“Sure. Yeah. Okay.”

Of course, it was Peep, Isabel’s new boyfriend. He was very handsome with his chin-length brown hair and hazel eyes. He had a boyish charm, but something told me he wasn’t as innocent as he appeared. He removed his shoes and flashed a friendly smile. He inquisitively glanced back and forth before approaching to shake my hand. He spoke softly with a deep and appealing voice, “I’ve heard you like to write sexy notes. I have some ideas of my own I’d love to share with you.”

I was shocked by his audacity, but my face played along with a sarcastic smile. “Of course. I’ll find you a pen.”

As I turned to enter the güvenilir bahis other room he placed his hand on my shoulder. The feeling of his touch made my body placid. I could feel the heat of his breath on my neck. He let his cheek touch my shoulder and softly spoke with confidence, “I’ve also heard you’re a good kisser.”

Isabel giggled at us so I couldn’t resist. I turned toward him and felt his hand slide along my back. I put my arms around him, pulled his body toward me and kissed him abruptly on the cheek. With his lips almost touching my ear he whispered, “I’ve been told that you can do better than that.”

Peep pulled his head away and looked directly into my eyes. Isabel stood watching us, awaiting my response. I found his smile irresistible and was beginning to get aroused. I pulled him toward me again. We closed our eyes and our lips met with passion. His tongue softly licked at my lips. I opened my mouth to let him inside. The way his tongue pressed and twisted against mine made me horny. He knew how much I lusted for him and his breath increased with pleasure.

Her gazing eyes must have led her to his gorgeous body. Isabel silently appeared from behind him. I could feel her hands touching mine and I knew how much she wanted to share him. She reached around and rubbed his cock through his jeans. We both began kissing him on the shoulders and I helped to guide her fingers while she unzipped his pants. Together we slid them down his thighs, past his knees, and pulled them off as he settled onto the edge of the couch.

Isabel got down on her knees in front of Peep and slid his cock between her lips. His serene face illustrated the gentle pleasure of her smooth lips warming and moistening his exultant cock. I got on my knees behind her and caressed her hair. I positioned myself so I could continue to savor the texture of his tongue on mine. I placed my hands on Isabel’s shoulders and massaged them gently. Her hands began to rise along his stomach, followed eagerly by her tongue. I lifted his shirt and pulled it off. Her mouth continued upward and playfully sucked his nipples.

Isabel lifted her arms above her head and said she wanted Peep to fuck her breasts. I helped remove her shirt and she began rubbing her chest on his stomach. She pressed her breasts together and slid down his body. I slithered my tongue on his cock as it comfortably burrowed between her breasts. I reached around her waist, unzipped her denim jeans, and stroked her warm pussy through her silky panties. Her mouth brushed the soft hair on his stomach and her tempting voice whispered, “I want to feel your cock inside me.”

I removed her pants and helped position her türkçe bahis over his body. Peep held his cock as she lowered herself. The head spread her wet pussy as he penetrated her deeper with every thrust. She whispered, “Oh God,” from the sensation of his cock moving deep inside her. His hands softly caressed her back as their lips and tongues rubbed together. His mouth moved slowly down her chin and along her neck. Isabel let out a sigh when his lips finally surrounded her tingling nipples.

I removed my shirt so I could feel Isabel’s body join with mine. I pressed my chest against her and began kissing her shoulders. I felt her smooth ass slide up and down my stomach. My tongue zigzagged down her back, leaving sparkling trails of saliva on her skin. She was shaking with delight. Her back curved when Peep’s body pressed deeper and calmly relaxed as he smoothly retracted. I continued kissing and licking her body; my face graciously moved toward her ass.

I felt the heat rise to my chin when I reached the center of her waist and let my tongue glide between her cheeks. When I reached her anus I curled my tongue and felt her savory skin tighten each time Peep’s cock pushed in. I put my hands around her, grasped her breasts, and squeezed her nipples between my fingers. The saliva left by Peep’s mouth produced a delicate lubrication which enhanced the tremble in her response.

I’d occasionally allow my wandering mouth to stroke the lower part of his cock and notice a quiver through both of their bodies. Isabel took a deep breath. She rose to feel his erection throb, slide out of her, and exit with a trail of her milky fluid. She slowly exhaled and spoke to me in a soothing voice, “Fuck my pussy. I want to feel you both inside me.”

Isabel turned her body and faced me. She unbuttoned my pants and pressed with her fingers as she steadily unzipped them. Her palm rotated around my cock. She used both hands to spread my jeans and revealed the impatient bulge in my underwear. I pressed my pants down past my knees, allowed them to fall to the floor, and stepped closer to her. I raised her with my hands and our lips met with the warm comfort we shared before.

Isabel broke from my embrace and steadily moved toward Peep; his breath increased excitedly as he patiently waited to feel his cock inside her tight anus. I held her by her arms to help her find his body. His hands firmly grasped her breasts as she comfortably settled upon his lap. I grabbed his firm cock. It felt so hard—pulsing and flexible—he was eager to explode inside her. I helped to lead him into her ass. Her eyes squeezed shut as the head of his cock stretched her supple skin.

I could hear güvenilir bahis siteleri the rapture in Isabel’s breath as he slowly penetrated her anus. She relished the steady thrust and release as their bodies moved closer together. She gracefully descended as his cock expanded her further and they began to share a steady rhythmic motion. The heat of their bodies drew my tongue toward her clit. I wanted to taste his shaft slipping in and out and let the juices from her pussy flow down my chin. I tickled the smooth skin of her labia with my lips. I penetrated her pussy with my tongue and felt the surge of their bodies against my face.

I began to raise my body, kissed her stomach, and sucked her nipples. Peep’s hands softly caressed the back of her neck. Isabel adored the gentle warmth of two men as she peacefully welcomed our insatiable appetites. My lips met his over her right shoulder and her hands tenderly stroked our cheeks. We made her realize how beautiful she is and how wonderful her body felt.

As I began to enter Isabel’s body, I could feel his cock undulating inside her. I immersed myself in the warm juices of her pussy as the jolts of his passion pressed inward. I moved in and out, synchronizing with their smooth erotic rhythm. The three of us embracing one another was so pleasurable; I could barely distinguish my moans from theirs. I reached down and slipped my hand along his waist. I continued along his lower back and the smooth skin of his ass.

I moved my hand further down and let my fingertip penetrate Peep’s anus. I pressed it into his body firmly and felt his cock harden and swell inside her. Isabel breathed in deeply and her body moved faster as our excitement grew. Her stomach and legs grew tense; her pussy grabbed my cock as she approached an intense orgasm. Isabel’s voice hoarsely demanded, “Oh my GOD. Peep, that’s the spot!”

Isabel’s spine arched as she tossed back her head with a groan. Peep bit her shoulder; his face showed the almost painful pleasure of the pressure building inside him. I felt the pulsing against me through the thin layer of skin that separated Peep’s cock from mine. He discharged streams of hot cum within the velvet walls of Isabel’s ecstatic body. Her beautiful breasts flattened against my chest; her arms squeezed me more tightly as her body shook uncontrollably.

We all reacted with explosive gratification— my twitching fingertip, his pulsing anus, and her body’s orgasmic reaction to his bursting thrust. Peep’s fingers caressed my anus as he inserted a fingertip. It all seemed to happen in slow motion as the warm fluid feeling of my cum entering her body made Isabel scream with delight.

We all embraced warmly as we began to feel more relaxed. We stayed cuddled together for a long while, kissing, and caressing between all of us. The comfort and warmth of togetherness stayed with me, long after we said goodnight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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