Kate’s Sexual Awakening Ch. 02

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Anna Blossom

Sam used her employee key card to get into the side entrance of the gym, the one closest to the locker rooms. She knew from her polite conversations with the security guard that he would be at his desk reading Business Today and listening to heavy metal through his headphones, which would keep him occupied and distracted enough for the group to quickly sneak into the women’s locker room.

The group snuck quickly through the corridor from the entrance past the indoor pool and to the women’s locker room entrance. They were unlocked all the time because different athletic teams had different schedules. It was easier to just leave them open than to have the guard lock and unlock them as teams came and went for their workouts. In fact, Brandon and Caleb would have to be back to the campus gym early tomorrow morning for their 6 am workout session.

But for now lifting and swimming were the furthest things from their collective mind. The antics of the mud pit had sent a jolt of sexual energy through everyone. Of course Katelyn being naked under the small towel she had wrapped around her only made things more electric between the group.

Sam was the first to speak when they entered the locker room. “You boys have been daring us all day, it’s time you have some of your own medicine.”

Brandon almost bellowed with laughter. “Oh yea? What do you have in mind? I’m fearless!”

“You’re so cocky Brandon” Katelyn half whispered as she clutched her towel trying to cover up as much of herself as she could.

“Did you just say the word ‘cock’ Kate? Never in a million years did I think you could utter such vile words” he snickered.

Sam jumped to the defense of her roommate and shouted “Oh shut up Brandon, if you’re so confident then why don’t you kiss Caleb? He looks lonely over there!”

The room fell silent for a moment at the idea of the two teammates kissing. The only sounds were the air conditioner running and the soft drops of water coming from a leaky faucet in the nearby showers.

Caleb finally cleared his throat. “Do I get a say on all this?” he asked.

“No way!” Katelyn quickly responded. “Sam didn’t give me a choice back at the house and now I’m naked except for all of this mud and gross towel you managed to scrounge up. Sam dared Brandon to kiss you and it’s up to him to decide.”

Wanting to maintain his self-given reputation as fearless, Brandon gave him a quick peck on the lips, catching Caleb off guard.

“Dude, what the hell?” Caleb muttered. “That wasn’t even a kiss. My aunt Marigold kisses me more than that at Thanksgiving.”

The girls giggled and Brandon flushed with embarrassment and his younger teammates wittiness. Wanting to stop the laughter he said “Fine, you want a kiss? Here’s a kiss!” And with that he grabbed Caleb’s head and planted a sloppy wet kiss on his lips, leaving a little saliva dripping off both their mouths.

Everyone, including Brandon, stood there in a stunned silence. “Did that really happen?” Kate wondered aloud.

Even more than that, she silently wondered why it turned her on. Was there some inner part of her that wanted to see more of them? She felt a warmth in her stomach and a rush of chills went down her spine. Where was this all coming from? What was happening? Just earlier today she was dreading going to this stupid party and here she was practically naked in front of her roommate and best friend and two guys who had just kissed, and all she can think about is how hot it was.

“Daaaaaaaaaamn Brandon!” Sam broke the silence. “You’ve never kissed me like that. What do I have to do to be so lucky?”

Brandon was quick on his feet and responded “Easy, just kiss Kate the same way!”

Kate felt her cheeks flush bright red with embarrassment. She couldn’t deny that when Sam spanked her in the mud pit earlier she felt more way more pleasure than pain. At the time she thought maybe it was just the adrenaline, but now that Sam might possibly kiss her she was starting to think she was legitimately aroused. “Shit” her internal dialogue was back. “Could I really be turned on thinking about kissing another woman? We’ve seen each other naked dozens of times and up until today I thought nothing of it” she mused.

Sam could sense her roommate having a bit of an internal crisis and instead of kissing her right away, she gave the boys a bemusing look and said “Oh you would like that wouldn’t you? Every guy’s dream. Two roommates making out in front of them. How original!”

“Kiss her Sam,” Brandon said. “That’s the game. You dared me to kiss Caleb and I did. I dared you to kiss Kate. Unless, you are too chicken.” And with that he started parading around the rest of the group pecking his head out and doing an awful version of the chicken dance.

Kate was still flushed red and was fighting back some nervous laughter, partially at Brandon’s stupid dance, and partially at how the thought of Sam kissing her made her feel. She was thankful for her roommate and her attempt to diffuse the situation, but she recognized a lost cause when ikitelli escort she saw one. There was zero chance that Brandon would stop dancing around them like an idiot until the two roommates kissed.

“Do it.” The words surprised Kate as they came out of her mouth. “Just kiss me so that Brandon stops doing that ridiculous chicken dance.”

Sam pulled her roommate in close to have as private a conversation as the circumstances would allow. “Kate we don’t have to, its just a stupid dare” Sam said. “I’m sorry I made you feel like you couldn’t say no earlier. But this is different. I’m not going to kiss you just because some stupid boy dared me too.” She was still trying to protect Kate and her relative sexual insecurity, not knowing what was going on inside Kate’s head at the moment.

“You heard the lady Sam, she wants you to kiss her!” Brandon interrupted. “I caved to my dare, how is this any different?” he asked.

The question lingered in the air. Kate stood there in her towel, wanting more and more to feel Sam’s lips on hers but not wanting to show just how badly. These feelings were so new to her and she didn’t know how to comprehend them. Before she could complete another thought, Sam’s voice interrupted her.

“It’s not.”

And then she put one hand on Kate’s towel covered waist and the other on her exposed neck. She looked her roommate right in the eyes and then leaned in. The kiss was short, lasting barely a second. But Kate felt her body melt at the taste of her roommate lingering on her lips. She was on fire everywhere and felt a rush of fire and wetness between her legs.

“Ummmmmmmmm, wow” Caleb muttered. “That was incredible!”

“Hell yea it was!” Brandon jumped in with his typical bravado. “What else should we dare them to do?”

Sam was quick to point out that it was their turn to come up with a dare, which left Brandon and Caleb a little disappointed. She sensed that something was happening inside Kate and wanted to talk to her before things got any more heated or turned to awkward. While she had no issues with wrestling and spanking her in the mud earlier and even playfully kissing her now, it was clear that she had stirred something in Kate and felt responsible for making sure everything was okay.

“Well boys, we came here to shower and get this mud off of us. Do what you want, but let us please rinse this shit off.” Sam said. “And don’t follow us in…no one is getting any from me in the shower. It never works out for anyone.” With that she grabbed Kate’s hand and led her away to the back of the locker room where the shower stalls were located. As they walked away she glanced back at the boys and winked before playfully tugging Kate’s towel off, giving the boys one last tease.


Sam led Kate to one of the shower stalls and turned the water on, letting it warm up. As they waited, Sam grabbed Kate’s hand and looked her in the eyes.

“Tell me how you are feeling right now Kate.”

“What do you mean Sam? I’m feeling like I want to get this mud off of me. It’s drying and starting to get uncomfortable.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it. Things got really crazy back at the party. Something changed in you back there. I could see it in your eyes as you were getting spanked.”

Kate blushed. She was trying to figure out a way to explain herself in such a way that things wouldn’t be awkward. Sam wasn’t wrong. A fire had been lit inside her. She felt sexually alive like she had never before. Her mind was racing with thoughts of Sam’s mouth on hers, Brandon’s and Caleb’s and Stephen’s hands on her ass. Her naked pussy almost on display to total strangers. She knew couldn’t ignore the wetness between her legs or her erect nipples much longer.

“I…I just…I don’t know Sam. I’ve never felt like…so..aroused before. This has all been too much for me. I don’t know what to do because all I can think about is you kissing me and Caleb spanking me and his hard cock poking into his shorts and…” Her voice trailed off and she shook her head.

Sam grabbed her hand even tighter and pulled her close, placing her other hand around her back. “Shhh it’s okay Kate. I won’t let anything happen that you don’t want to happen. I know I pushed the boundaries earlier but you are my best friend. If you get uncomfortable with anything just tell me.”

“Okay. Thanks.” Kate half whispered as Sam held her close. “Maybe we should hop in the shower. I think the water is warm enough by now.”

Sam stripped off her towel and what was left of her outfit and the two roommates stepped into the water. As it fell on their bodies the loosest mud came off easily, staining the water a grayish brown and leaving clean streaks down their bodies. Not having been prepared for this, neither had any soap. The most caked on of the mud was going to take some scrubbing as it had dried onto their skin.

“Shit I don’t think this is going to come off that easily. Can you scrub my back?” Kate asked Sam.

“Of course, I mean istanbul escort I did put a lot of that there didn’t I?” Sam joked as she turned Kate around and let the water run down her roommate’s back. She began scrubbing gently, working some of the mud loose and letting the water carry it away down her back, over her ass and down her legs. As the water cascaded down her backside, Sam finally saw just how red Kate’s ass was from all the spankings. As she rubbed the mud off from her upper back she moved lower and lower.

Kate bent over more and more at the waist, sticking her ass out further and further. Her mind wandered as Sam’s hands worked the mud off her back. She was picturing Sam’s hands between her legs, lightly grazing her lips and clit. She leaned forward and placed her hands on the shower stall wall and let out a barely audible moan at the thought of being teased and then controlled. Soon she was bucking her hips at the imaginary touch and letting out louder moans of desire.

Sam was initially caught off-guard by the motion of her roommate’s hips. But she quickly sensed that Kate was in a trance-like state and knew that she needed actual physical touch. She continued rubbing Kate’s back with one hand while she slipped the other between her legs, grazing her thighs.

Kate was in such a trance that she could hardly tell her fantasy from reality, at least not at first. Sam’s fingers alternated between her thighs and her wet slit, bringing forth another wave of wetness. When Sam’s middle finger grazed her clit, Kate snapped to reality and understood that this was actually happening. Not wanting Sam to stop, she kept bucking her hips in the same rhythm as before. But she wanted to communicate to Sam that she wanted this and purposefully increased the volume of her moans to the point where she would hear her over the sounds of the shower.

As Kate let out soft, whimpering moans, Sam grinned and picked up the pace with her fingers. Kate had been crying out to be pleasured all day and she wanted to be the first one to bring her to a release. She pressed her middle and ring fingers inside her roommates soaking wet pussy, searching for her g-spot. Kate’s legs nearly buckled as Sam found it. Her hands pressed harder into the wall. This drove her hips back even harder onto Sam’s fingers and with a few more movements she lost control. Her legs quivered as her orgasm caused her pussy to grip Sam’s fingers hard. She was moaning much louder at this point. Knowing that the boys (and maybe the security guard would hear her if she got any louder, Sam placed her free hand over Kate’s mouth and let her come down from her orgasm.

“Oh my god! That was soooo amazing Sam” Kate half-whispered as she spun around to sit on the stall’s seat. “I thought I was imagining it at first.”

“That’s because you were babe! Your hips were bucking as I was rinsing your back. I just figured I would help you out a bit” Sam replied. “I hope that you don’t feel taken advantage of…”

“God no! If anything I’m a little embarrassed. I don’t know what came over me…your hands just felt so good on my back and I’ve been on fire all day.”

“Don’t be embarrassed Kate, we all have needs, and clearly yours need to be met! I’m just glad I got the first crack at it!” Sam replied.

“First?” Kate mused.

Sam paused at her roommates question, before saying “Don’t tell me you’ve never cum multiple times in a day? There’s two guys out there waiting for us, and I’m willing to bet they want a chance to hear you moan too!”

Kate, feeling even more embarrassed now, thought back to her most recent experiences with a friend with benefits. “Well, umm, no, actually. Usually I cum once, if I’m lucky, and I’m done. I’ve always been jealous of your orgasm olympics.” That brought both of them to laughter, easing the lingering tension and reminding them that they were friends and roommates still.

Sam, excited at the thought of being in control of Kate’s sex life, offered a suggestion. “Well, maybe you and your guys just need a little coaching. Why don’t you let me help you? I bet I can get you to cum at least twice.”

“I don’t know Sam, Caleb’s only a freshman. And I don’t even know if I can physically do it again. I feel weak in the legs already!”

“Yea but your nipples are harder than a diamond in an ice storm, so I know you are still turned on. They are a dead give away!” Sam giggled

“Fuck you!” Kate jabbed at her roommate. Sam was right though. As amazing as her first orgasm was a moment ago, she wanted to be filled. “Fine. Coach Sam, will you help me?” she asked in a half-playful, half-serious way.


“We were just about to come looking for you. What took so long?” Brandon asked as Sam and Kate sauntered back to the main area of the locker room, covered in their towels. “We thought maybe you split, too scared of being caught.” He and Caleb were sitting on opposite sides of a bench between a row of lockers.

Sam rolled her eyes. “Like I would ever be scared. We thought you two kadıköy escort chickened out and went back to the house.”

Brandon sprung up from his seat at this challenge to his self-imagined authority. “No way! The fun is just getting started. I was just telling Caleb about the last time we hooked up and how you couldn’t walk straight for a week. He doesn’t believe me. He thinks I’m embellishing to show off. Why don’t you set the record straight Sam.”

She rolled her eyes again. Brandon was amazing in bed (and the kitchen, on the floor, on the porch, basically everywhere), but he was so arrogant about it. She knew being challenged as the “alpha” was his weak spot, so she decided to play coy. “I don’t remember that, must have been some other girl. I usually have to break out my wand when we are done just to get off.”

“Ohhhhh FUCK YOUUUUU!” Brandon exclaimed, his cheeks flushing red. Kate and Caleb were both in stitches laughing at the typically confident Brandon’s embarrassment. Wanting to regain some semblance of control over the situation, he decided it was time for another dare. “Okay giggle pals, since you two seem to think this is all so funny, why don’t you kiss?”

Kate looked at Sam, who’s approval she decided would be required from here on out. Her roommate gave her a reassuring nod. “Sure thing, I know I can kiss him better than you can.”

She walked over to the bench where Caleb was sitting and bent at the waist, her towel raising up to expose her bare ass to both Sam and Brandon. She placed a hand on the back of Caleb’s head and pulled his mouth to hers. The first contact sent a jolt through her body, so she pressed harder into his mouth, her tongue probing for his. In response, Caleb’s hands went to Kate’s towel-clad body. They continued making out like this until Sam interrupted by clearing her throat. Kate obeyed the order and pulled back, even as Caleb protested.

“Kate, why don’t you suggest another dare?” Sam offered. “And make it dirty”

“Hmmmm, okay, let me think.” Kate tried to think of something that would make her uncomfortable, knowing full well that Sam wouldn’t be phased by it. She had heard rumors of how good Sam was at giving head, and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. “Why don’t you suck Brandon’s cock?” Kate asked.

“Thank god, I’ve been waiting all day for this!” Brandon exclaimed. He shed his clothes and walked over to Sam before she had even agreed to the dare.

“Sure thing. But I have a caveat.” Sam said before looking first to Kate, then to Caleb. “Whatever I do to Brandon, you do to Caleb.”

Kate felt the instinctual urge to protest as she had just completed her dare. But given the events of the shower, Sam was in control and she knew she didn’t really have a choice. “Okay, sure. Let’s do it then.”

Caleb got up from the bench and stood next to Brandon, who was beaming at the thought of having his dick sucked, even if it meant his younger friend was going to be standing right next to him while it happened.

Sam instructed Kate to unwrap the towel and place it on the ground in front of Caleb, and did the same with hers in front of Brandon. “Kneel here and rest on your heels. Make sure you are comfortable, babe.” Sam then gripped Brandon’s cock with her hand. “Start by stroking him like this” she instructed Kate, who mimicked her roommate by gripping Caleb’s cock.

Kate took a moment to marvel at the situation. Caleb had a beautiful cock. Average length, but quite girthy. She also took a peak at Brandon’s. He was slightly longer but noticeably thinner than Caleb. She had limited experience with guys any bigger than average, and was curious how either of the two cocks in front of her would feel inside her. Sam noticed her roommate’s lack of focus and brought her back with another set of instructions.

“Spit on his shaft, like this.” she said as she leaned over Brandon’s cock and let saliva drip out of her mouth onto the base. “Then stroke it long and slow.”

Kate again mimicked her roommates’ action. She felt a little embarrassed at needing to be coached to give a guy a blowjob. This was far from her first time kneeling in front of a guy, but Sam was in control and she was in little position to object to anything anyway.

“Now, swirl your tongue on the tip like this while still stroking. Make sure his head is nice and wet. When you are ready, take him in your mouth, like this.” With that Sam opened her mouth as wide as possible and eased Brandon’s cock slowly in. She removed her hand and placed it on his thigh for some control. Kate stared in amazement as Brandon’s cock disappeared into her roommates mouth. She knew it must have felt good because his knees buckled a bit. Seeing the effect it had on him was all the encouragement she needed to replicate the action.

She swirled Caleb’s thick cock head several times before straining her mouth as wide as it would go. She pressed her tongue against her bottom lip and began lowering her mouth. She didn’t get very far at first, having to pull back and restart several times. Brandon noticed her difficulty and tapped Sam on the head to alert her. Sam was quick to instruct her to stick her tongue out first, allowing for more room for Caleb’s cock inside her mouth. Then she grabbed Caleb’s arm and placed it on Kate’s head. “Guide her, but don’t be rough,” she instructed.

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