Long Weekend with My Aunt Shay Pt. 01

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All people in this story are over 18


Saturday morning:

I walked up to the spare room door, pausing for minute, questioning what was about to do (or rather attempt) and how wrong it could all go. Still I had pretty much made up my mind last night; I wanted this. I wanted her. Carefully I pushed the door open entering the bedroom, fully knowing not only my life but my relationship with aunt shay would change today depending on what happened. However, years of lusting after her had finally caught up with me. I needed to do this.

After entering, I slowly closed the door behind me and made my way towards the bed; my heart racing as I got on and under the covers. Aunt Shay looked at who had joined her through half-closed eyes and seeing me, she smiled, put her arm around me and closed her eyes again. I turned onto the left side of my body to face her and she trapped my right leg between her legs and tugged on it as if to say come closer. I gazed at her thinking about how pretty she was even with a slightly messy bed head of her deep black hair. This soon led to me thinking about how sexy she was as well; I had fantasized about my aunt countless times before and it was the mixture of the taboo nature of my vivid fantasies as well as the body my aunt had that made me cum so hard each time I thought of her and me.

My aunt was a slim woman, about 5 foot 6 and had long curvy legs. She had the most incredible ass tight, firm but with enough jiggle to drive a man wild and the best part was, it wasn’t too big (quite cute actually) but big enough to fill my hands completely. Though she wasn’t all that much gifted in the chest department; her breasts were small C-cups but still perfect to me. She also had irresistibly smooth skin and beautiful hazel eyes; she was a very attractive woman and still looked very young despite being 34.

For the next 10 minutes I just lay there too afraid to go ahead with what I wanted to do all of last night, what I was so ready to do before I walked in. Then, a voice called from the kitchen downstairs. It was my mum calling us to eat breakfast, I had wasted too much time and now my window was closing. Shay lifted her arms upward and began stretching then she tried moving her legs but one was trapped under my right leg; a chance çağlayan escort I thought to myself.

“Alex? Ya know it’s kinda hard to move when one of your legs is trapped,” she said.

I pretended to be asleep, still planning how I was gonna do this.

“Aleeeeex! Baby get up, please,” she called while shaking me by the shoulder.

I sprung up and quickly positioned myself just over her body, with my left hand and legs supporting me and my right hand lingering to her side. We were chest to chest and our faces were inches away from each other. After staring at each other for a moment I whispered,

“I’m off your leg now.”

“Yes but now I can’t move the rest of my body,” she hit back with a smile in the corner of her mouth. As she was saying this I moved my right hand from her side over the front of her sleeping shorts, rubbing the cotton material with my fingers.

“Alex…What are you doing?!”

“I can’t hide it anymore aunt shay, I’m just so hot for you. You are the sexiest, most beautiful woman I know and I want you so badly.”

With that I slipped my hand under her shorts and was surprised to find bare, wet skin. Not only wasn’t she wearing any panties but she was dripping…for me. She was enjoying it. I continued to explore my aunts slit rubbing her lips, my fingers lubed by her juices; placing my thumb on her clit and rotating it around every now and then. Just like Lexi Luna (porn star) taught me.

“I know you do, I’ve caught you looking at me before like when I come out of the shower or when I walk around in my top and sleeping shorts. I never did say anything because it was a turn on for me, knowing I give my own nephew hard-ons from just looking at me. And frankly I’m surprised it took you that long to try something.” she said before biting on her lower lip and moaning.

“I wanted to learn first so I could do it the right way with you, so I could please you aunt shay and make you cum for me,” I said cutting in before she could continue.

“It’s clear you have learned and very well,” she said looking down at my hand massaging her pussy.

“And as good as that feels, as much as I’d like you to have me too we can’t. I’m your aunt. It’s wrong.”

I placed çapa escort a finger on her lips before she could say anything more and brought my head to her ear and whispered,

“You know you’re enjoying this, trust me I can feel it. Just relax and let me take care of you.”

With that I journeyed my head down her body, kissing and blowing on her neck doing the same to her flat stomach and smooth thighs; her shorts coming down with me. Till there it was right in front of my face, my aunt’s wet and glistening pussy ready, waiting to be eaten. Begging to cum

I licked her pussy from bottom to top a few times, slowly teasing her with the tip of my tongue as she shivered. Then I latched my mouth onto her sucking and working my tongue all over her wet cunt, tasting her juices. I continued at this pace till I felt her gyrating her hips into my face; pushing my slick tongue deeper in to her pussy. She wanted more so I gave it to her by adding two of my fingers into her tight hole, whilst thinking about how good she’d feel around my cock; turning me on even more.

So I slowly began to increase my speed, sucking and finger fucking my aunt. Soon she was raising her hips off the bed then lowering them; grinding her dripping cunt into my face. I increased my speed again till I was going at her pussy with all I had, my jaws were beginning to tire; but I could not stop I had to make her cum before I was spent. To prove to her she could rely on me to please her and to get her to keep coming back for more. For the longest time all I’ve wanted was a naughtily incestuous, deeply wrong, hot intimate relationship with aunt Shay.

Then it hit me, I knew how to make her cum. My left hand was still quite cold, I was fucking my aunt with the right so it wasn’t doing anything. I took it and slowly grazed my cold fingers all over my aunts hard body, then I thrust it under her sleeping shirt and caressed her left tit; squeezing it and letting it warm my palm. Carefully I took her rock solid nipple between my thumb and index finger and began to play with it.

“OH FUUUUCK, you’re about to make me cum babyyyyyyyy!” she moaned through a choked voice.

This was it, I could feel her walls convulsing and tightening around my fingers, cennet mahallesi escort I was gonna make my aunt cum. I suddenly remembered what the porn videos had taught me and began pinching firmly on her nipple, before raising my lip slightly to apply pressure to her swollen clit by sucking on it and using the tip of my tongue to flick it.

She began breathing heavily and soon after her body was shuddering; while her pussy clasped around my fingers so tight, it was as if they were for her now. She began to come down from her orgasm, still moaning into her hand. I sat up, finally able to retrieve my fingers from her pussy; I pulled them out to see thick globs of her hot cum coating them. Figuring it may be the first, last and only time I would get to do it, I slipped them into my mouth for a taste; and oh my how glad I was that I did.

She tasted incredible, a glorious indescribable taste that I couldn’t get enough of. I polished every last bit off my fingers and hungrily dived into her cunt for the rest; I don’t know if it was because I was still super horny, or if I was edged on by the naughty nature of the events that just transpired, or even if the pheromones from the taste and smell of her cum had acted like an aphrodisiac on me. All I knew was I wanted more and now!

I shoved my tongue deep into her cunt, searching around wildly, dragging every bit of cum from every bit of her that I could feel out and into my mouth; as she writhed frantically in the bed. She had come so much and I was going to savour her sweet nectar as much as I could. After finishing what pretty much now counted as breakfast I began to pull my tongue out only to have her two hands grab the back of my head and push me back in. I must have just got her real close to cumming for a second time because now she did all the work, aggressively rubbing her clit whilst grinding her cunt into my face. Till I heard her squeal and felt her hips buck against my face.

As she lay there in cum drunk ecstasy, I got up and walked over to the door before turning back to look at her. She met my eyes, as she gazed at me in bewilderment for a moment before I winked at her and saying,

“That was a good breakfast, though you should probably go eat something too.” With that I turned left the room and closed the door behind me.

Dropping the confident act almost immediately, there was a rush of blood to me head, my knees were weak and my chest was pounding. I had had my fun, well…I guess we both did; but what would happen now? Only time would tell I thought to myself and I’ll have to live with whatever came my way next good or bad.

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