Louise and Joey’s Ocean Cruise Pt. 03

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All characters in this story are over 18.


After 9 o’clock, Louise woke and shook her son. He stretched, kissed her, stretched again. She urged him up.

“C’mon, sleepy-head. Let’s go get some breakfast.”

“Can’t we just stay here, send out for pizza or something?”

“Hmmm, nice idea. But no. Here’s another idea. What if we behave like those two women thought? Y’know, cougar and her cub.”

“Yeah. Nobody knows us here, let’s be…”


“Feels weird, saying this to my mum! Let’s be lovers!”

Louise laughed. “After what we’ve been doing, it’s not so weird.”

He became serious for a moment. “Mum, I love this, being intimate with you. And you said you like it too. But, well, it’s…”

“Incest. Wrong. Taboo. I know. Can you say it, admit it too?”

“I can. I’m committing incest with my mother. And it’s very, very right. Hah! Maybe being so wrong is what makes it right, you know?”

“Yes, honey, I think I do know. And I’m glad we aren’t pretending about what we’re doing. Now go take a shower.”

“Come with me.”

“Oh, I’d like that. Yes.”

They soaped each other, giggling like teenagers exploring each other’s bodies. Louise sprang the surprise she’d planned as soon as they’d finished washing. She dropped to her knees and before Joey knew what was happening she already had her mouth around his cock.

Oh jesus. She’s… I can’t believe it. Mum’s sucking my cock.

He was hard almost instantly, despite this being the approach to his third ejaculation in so few hours. But the wetness of her mouth, and the knowledge that it was his own mother sucking his cock, made sure he rose quickly to heights of pleasure that could have only one result.

Louise’s mouth bobbed up and down on his knob and one hand stroked his shaft rhythmically while the other gently cupped his balls. Joey watched, overjoyed at the feeling and urged on by the sight. His cock, in and out of her mouth.

Oh my! His cock is so lovely! Will I let him…in my mouth? I never have before, but…it’s Joey. My son.

She kept it up for three or four minutes. Try as he might to prolong this new peak of sensations, Joey couldn’t stop the surge as he came, in short sharp spurts. In mum’s mouth! I’m cumming in mum’s mouth!

His knees weakened as his bolts shot from him. Louise sucked gently, feeling the pulses, tasting the salt cream as her son’s cock gave up its charge. He came quickly, she sucked it in and swallowed it before slurping the last of it off the end of his cock.

Oh my! I just sucked my son off. I like his jizz taste, though.

She laughed. Joey looked at her with a question in his eyes.

“Oh honey. It tastes like last night’s champagne!”

He laughed too. Joey rinsed off while Louise dried herself. He hugged her from behind, kissed her neck, and whispered in her ear: “I told you, you are the sexiest woman on this ship. Maybe in the whole world. To me.”

During the day they played bingo, table-tennis, ate a light lunch, joined the gymnasium. Part-way through the workout, both sweating freely, Joey sidled up beside his mother on the treadmill. As she jogged in warmdown mode, he said to her:

“That bloke in the black shorts and blue t-shirt has been ogling you for ages.”


“I’m jealous!”

She laughed, blushed proudly, then decided to make him proud too. She switched off the machine, stood beside him and planted a big, wet, tongue-kiss on him. At first Joey tensed: What the fuck? I can’t kiss my mum like this in public! Oh, yeah. She’s not my mum to them…

“I better start calling you ‘Louise’, hadn’t I?”

“If you want. Or ‘baby’, or ‘honey’. But not ‘cupcake’ OK?”

He laughed: “I like ‘honey’.”

“OK, ‘honey’ it is. Now, I’m all sweaty, you are too. We both need a shower. Wanna get nasty first?”

Joey looked around him, afraid somebody had heard. He looked at his mother, grinning at him as she towelled off, and said: “OK honey.”

That evening, after a seafood dinner and white wine, they held hands while walking around the promenade deck. It was cold – they hadn’t sailed far enough north yet to enjoy the tropics – so almost nobody braved the cold southerly wind. But Louise had an idea.

She led him to that secluded, sheltered spot they’d shared last night. Joey smiled, remembering how his heart had hammered in his chest as he’d lifted his mother’s dress, put his hands on her bare bum, and then the first touch of her wet, spongy pussy…

Louise snuggled in close, patted his chest, and whispered in his ear: “I’m not wearing any panties.”


“I took them off when I went to the loo. Y’know, in case you wanted to feel me up, here, where it started last night.”

His hand had already begun its journey before she’d finished her invitation. She parted her feet, opening herself for him. Joey was surprised to find she was already wet, and slid two fingers inside her straight merter escort away.

“Ooh, yes baby. Keep an eye out in case somebody comes. Keep doing that.”

He teased her. While gently finger-fucking, he only allowed occasional, fleeting contact with her clit even when she pressed against him.

“Oh you little bastard. Teasing your mother like that!”

But her gasps and panting told him she was loving it. Some minutes after he’d first put his fingers into her, he cupped her mound firmly, the two middle fingers bent in her quim, while he rubbed his palm against her. She rocked her hips back, grinding her clit along his hand, and began to moan softly.

Yes, baby. Make your mummy cum again.

As it rose in her belly, her orgasm threatened to let rip in her throat too. Without realising it, she bit Joey’s shoulder through his thin jacket. He didn’t care, he was proud of how hot he’d made her and just wanted his mum to cum.

Louise’s arms went around Joey’s neck as she pulled closer to the hand that sent her wild. Her legs shivered, she stifled a squeal into her son’s shoulder, and they both felt her liquid flush as her climax overcame her.

Still Joey kept his hand there, stroking gently now, as her pussy juice dripped into a puddle in his palm then escaped to run down Louise’s thighs.

He whispered: “Mum, did you just, um, squirt?”

“Yes, baby. I do that sometimes. Oh don’t take your hand away yet.”

“But it’s leaking down your thighs.”

“I don’t care.”

They stood like that for half a minute, Joey gently cupping his mum’s pussy while she wondered; How does my son make me so horny, so easily, so often? I would never have dared anything like this, in public, with anyone. Not even his father.

A noise spooked them and they hurriedly made themselves fit to be seen and went back to being a couple promenading. Louise giggled as she put her hand in Joey’s, covered with her pussy juice as it was. They rounded the corner and there were two teenagers kissing and fumbling. They looked with horror at the couple who’d discovered them. Joey said nothing, Louise just smiled at them as they passed “Have fun, you two. It’s warmer around there.”

The two smiled awkwardly. A few paces later, Joey looked back to see them disappear around ‘their’ corner.

“They took your advice, mum.”

“Good. You hungry?”

They went to the late-night bar for a snack. Both washed their hands, then sitting in a booth Joey said: “Um, did you put your panties back on?”

She didn’t answer, she just fumbled in her purse and put a bundle in his hand. Even in the dim light, and without looking, he knew she’d just handed him her underwear. The look of wicked triumph on her face made him melt. For the first time since they began their charade, he leaned in close, lifted her chin with his hand, and kissed her passionately, soft lips and nibbles at first, then gently with tongues.

It’s so funny. My son and I have fucked, I’ve sucked him off – first man that ever came in my mouth! And he fingered me to climax – shit, in public! – just an hour ago. And yet, I feel weird kissing him!

A waitress approached, her attention on the order pad on her tray. She looked up and said “I’m Sandy. Can I get you… Oh. Sorry. I guess you’re, er, busy.”

Louise’s newly-awakened wickedness kicked in: “Not yet, but we will be later.”

The woman smiled, bent lower, and said “Lucky you!”

Joey blushed, Louise ordered two G&Ts. As the woman walked off, Louise caught him looking. She put her hand on his groin, under the table, and said: “She’s got a cracking ass, hasn’t she?”

“Oh. Sorry. That skirt’s too short, really, and the black stockings are pretty hot.”

“Want to fuck her?”

“What? No. I mean, I might, if we weren’t…”

“It’s OK, son. I’m teasing. Only, I’d be OK if you wanted other women. I saw how she winked at you. So I intend to make sure this…” She squeezed his cock… “Gets all the attention it needs.”

“Deal. And Louise? You might wanna let go or…”

“Haha. OK Tiger. Hey, you wanna dance?”

“I can’t.”

“Oh you can! We’ve danced heaps of times, and you’re good.”

“No, I can’t because I’ve got a boner.”

She giggled. Sandy returned with their drinks. She bent low, creamy-white cleavage-flashing-at-his-eye-level low, to place them on the table. Joey gulped, Louise smiled at him. As Sandy turned to leave, both their eyes followed her butt and thighs. Joey looked at his mother. She leaned in close and whispered: “Hold those thoughts.” She grinned at him with the straw of her drink between her teeth. She was delighting in her son’s sexual discomfort.

Sandy was the same height as Louise, a little heavier, with a nose piercing and tattoos on her upper arms and one leg. She wore goth-dark makeup, she had pale skin and dark lipstick. In short, she was nothing like Louise. But as Joey watched her work, nişantaşı escort she caught his eye occasionally.

Louise and Joey did manage to dance, have a few drinks. The crowd thinned, Sandy paid special attention to them. Louise was not jealous, rather she relished the knowledge that, no matter how another woman made him feel, her son would be fucking her tonight.

And so it was, later. They were drink-merry, like teenagers. They tickled each other and walked to their cabin, hugged and kissed in the hallway, probably woke a few people with their laughing. As soon as they were in the cabin, though, Joey’s demeanour changed.

He pulled Louise close, kissed her, then spun her around. They were still next to the doorway. He lifted her dress, knowing she had nothing underneath, and she understood his urgency. She bent, presenting her pussy to his gaze, and put her hands on the wall. Her son dropped his pants, bent his knees, and entered her, a little roughly in his haste.

Joey thrust into his mother hard and fast, her dress bunched around her waist, his hands gripping her hips as he plundered her. She grunted at the force, felt and heard his thighs slapping against her buttocks.

Looking down, Joey watched his cock glide in and out of the open, pink folds of his mother’s cunt. Watched the ripples of flesh wave across her butt. Saw the little pucker of her asshole. And went mad with built-up desire, fucking hard and fast, until an explosion was inevitable.

Louise let him have his way. After all, she’d caused his need, all night, and held her butt apart for him so his cock plunged her depths.

The hole you came from, son. The pussy you’re fucking is the one that brought you into the world. Fill it with your cum!

It was relentless, his fucking, yet she wanted it badly. Not for her own orgasm, but because, she knew, if he needed her this much he would be hers forever.

Joey groaned, loudly, when his balls tightened and his cock went to iron. Still it was seconds away, boiling in his loins, hot spunk ready for release.

“Oh fuck! Mum!”

At last, it came. He pushed balls-deep in his mother’s squishy cunt, held there, and splashed incest in the womb that made him. Spurting rapidly, almost making him faint, Joey’s cock emptied ropes of honey that felt like string being pulled through his cock, achingly hard, twitching so much harder than ever.

Four, five, six spurts. A couple of twitches for the last of his cum. Joey’s cock still twitched as if to empty more jizz in his mother, though none was left. His knob burned in her heat, so far inside her, and from the throes of his climax. Still he stayed there, Louise pushing back gently, telling him it was all OK, would always be OK, whenever he wanted to fuck her.

His panting, flushed afterglow lasted some time, and all the while Louise just let her son keep his cock buried inside her, as long as he wanted it to, unselfishly giving of herself as only a mother can.

At last, he managed to speak: “Oh mum, that was the best ever.”

Still bent, her thighs beginning to complain, her hands still against the wall, Louise squeezed her pussy muscles in reply.

“I wish I had another cock. I wanna fuck you again.”

Louise laughed. “Before you do, I need to pee.”

Joey eased his half-hard meat out of her, she put her hand under herself to hold the drips and waddled into the bathroom.

I can’t believe I’m so besotted with my own mother. If Sandy threw herself naked at me, as hot as she is, I’d climb over her to get to mum. Any day. What’s wrong with me?

When Louise came into the suite, fresh from a shower and smelling sweetly again, she was naked. No need for modesty around her son now. She towelled her hair, beaming with pleasure until she saw Joey sitting on her bed, and then saw the look on his face. With a mother’s instinct, she went straight to the point.

“Oh baby. Have you had regrets, I mean, are you sorry? Do you hate me?” She pulled the towel around herself.

“No. No. I love you as much – more, than ever. But I just don’t get it. You know what I just thought? I was thinking about the waitress, Sandy. I bet she gets hit on three times a night, but she showed an interest in me.”

“She sure did.”

“Well I was thinking, if she got naked and offered herself to me, I’d come to you instead.”

“Thankyou baby. She’s really pretty, and very sexy. So that’s a big compliment.”

“And that’s my point. I’d rather fuck my own mother than somebody else. Maybe anybody else. I’m having trouble dealing with it.”

Louise crossed the distance between them quickly, pulled his head to her chest standing before him, stroked his head.

“Nothing is wrong with you, or me. OK look. Mothers and sons don’t usually have sex with each other. It’s been taboo since science figured out what interbreeding can do. We can’t ‘breed’. I’m sterile, thanks to you.”


“Don’t ortaköy escort be sorry. Birth complications, surgery, yadda yadda. And I never regretted not having more kids. But it makes this – us – possible, without the consequences. So science can go fuck itself.”

He laughed at her profanity. It was a slim argument to justify incest, but it would do.

“Mum? Lay beside me, hug me, OK?”

“Sure baby. Sooo. Are you convinced by my weird logic?”


“So towel or no towel?” She smiled wickedly.

“No towel. So I can do omething I’ve always wanted.”

“Oh? And what’s that?”

“I want to taste you. I’ve dreamed of it, and maybe now I can… I want to lick your pussy.”

“Oh baby! You just go right ahead!”

Louise scooted around to lay across the bed, her legs over the side, while Joey knelt and got between them. He pressed, rubbed, parted the lips in front of him with his fingers. Delicate pink folds nestled behind the firm fingers of flesh that were her outer lips. Up there, another fold. Her hood. Parting the soft flesh, there it was. The little yellow-white button of her clitoris. Joey was lost in his exploration.

She’s so beautiful. I came from there. Through this tunnel. Nineteen and a half years ago, my face was right here.

He looked over her pubic hair at his mother’s quizzical face. “You happy down there, sport?”

“I wanted to look. To see. Is it OK?”

“Everything’s OK with you, my darling.”

Joey went back to his amazed examination. At the left side of one lip was a faint, straight scar an inch long. He touched it. Louise knew what he was looking at: “They had to cut me there. To get you out.”

“Oh mum! I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be.”

He kissed the scar. Smelt her heady sex. Needed to taste it. So he licked, up the firmer lips, then between them to the softer ones, to taste creamy saltiness. Louise lay back, she let it be.

Joey’s tongue poked inside her tunnel, he trapped the little pink folds between his lips, licked them, and put his mouth in a little kiss around her clit. Louise’s breathing told him he was learning fast. Pressing his mouth against her hood, he flicked his tongue against her clit, like he was licking jam off it or something. He was rewarded with a long moan, and involuntary movements of his mum’s hips against him that betrayed her deep arousal.

Her wetness increased, and Joey licked it all. Her pussy was smooth, but her pubes tickled his nose when he had his mouth over her clit. He pushed her thighs wider, Louise helped by holding them apart with her hands behind her knees.

Splayed as she was, open, wide open, Louise wondered; I have no other secrets from my son. Except one. Later. I’ll give him my ass later. He will be my first, in there.

Maybe Joey read her thoughts, or maybe he just instinctively knew. While his mother framed the thought, Joey put his index finger in her pussy for lube, then pressed it against her asshole.

“Oh yes, Joey.”

With a little pressure, it went in to the second knuckle. With a little more, it popped past the knot resisting it and Louise moaned. Oh fucking heaven. My son’s tongue on my clit and his finger up my ass. Oh my. I’m gonna cum big this time.

It was a minute or two away, while Joey licked, kissed, poked with his tongue and fucked her ass with his finger. Don’t know why I did that – but she likes it.

Having blown big less than half an hour before, Joey could spend all his attention on his mother’s pleasure. He took his cues from her body. He learned when her stiffening meant ‘not so great’ and when it meant ‘yes, like that’. He sensed where his tongue gave her the greatest pleasure, and rationed giving it to her to make her squirm for more.

At one point he had two fingers in her pussy and one from the other hand in her bum. By alternating which he pressed with, he was double-finger-fucking her. But he got the most intensive reactions from the finger in her bum and his tongue ‘licking the jam’, as he now called it.

Louise was in raptures. She didn’t want it to end, not even in the shattering orgasm she knew was just over the horizon. Her nipples ached, like they used to after she’d fed him, and just like back then she tweaked and rubbed at them. Only now, it’s not your tits he’s sucking on, it’s your cunt. And here it comes. Oh here it comes. I love him so much!

Joey became aware of a little extra juice flowing, and his mother’s thighs pressing his ears as though she could no longer hold them way apart for him. Her tummy jerked once, twice. She began to pant: “Yes, Joey. Oh fuck! Yes, baby!”

He pressed his finger, right up to the knuckle at his fist, in his mother’s butt as he ‘licked the jam’. Another finger slid up and down just inside her pussy, not penetrating, just caressing the slick lips. That combination did it. With his mouth clamped over her clit hood, with some difficulty Joey managed to keep pressure on her clit with his tongue while Louise twitched and jerked, her tits going all over the place. Wetness flushed his mouth, chin and cheeks. He felt ripples in the smooth thighs that clasped his head, sensed the jerking of her stomach. Most of all, he heard her grunting, squeaking almost, like maybe she was pushing him out of herself, as a baby, all over again.

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