Lyla Ch. 08: All Hands on Deck

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“To be honest Clarke, I thought you would be a lot more happy. Marlon has agreed to help out before the launch, you kept telling me that he is a genius and that you would kill to have his input on the team.”

Lyla sat in front of Clarke’s desk, fanning herself with a folder. The heat was getting to everyone making them tired and cranky. This was her first face to face meeting with her boss since she overheard him and his wife arguing about her. She had spent the previous night ‘entertaining’ his former college friend and was pissed at his distracted response to the positive outcome. The fact that sitting down was a painful experience for her, she was still feeling Marlon’ 7 inches hours later.

“I am Lyla, I really am. You know how much this means to me and to the app. It’s just everything is starting to build up now, and it’s getting to me a bit.”

“How the fuck do you think I feel.” She thought to herself angrily.

“But obviously nothing compared to what you are doing for this campaign.”

“OK, but are you sure we have to wait for Mr. Howe to arrive to begin this meeting, I am dying to get back to my office, I don’t know how you can stick it in here.”

One of the entire walls was made of glass and while the air conditioning was on full blast it was still hotter than in her small office. She had been summoned by email to an pre work meeting to discuss where they were all at with the app launch.

“Yes I need him to explain some things to you and I’m afraid I would just fuck it up.”

This grabbed her attention, she looked more closely at Clarke, he was fidgeting with the collar of his T-shirt. She thought it was an actual progress report meeting and that Clarke had glossed over her previous questions about the investors.

“Is it about Gunner and Alexi?” She asked, watching for his reaction.

His eyes darted away.

“What is it Clarke just fucking spit it out, everyone seems to know except me, I even had Holt mention it last night.”

“You bumped into Holt, what did he say?” He asked sitting up straighter.

“Nothing really, it was just for a minute, he said that you hadn’t told me the full story about the two goons you were getting money off, I just walked away but we both know that I also heard what Cassie said.”

“I know, when Mr. Howe gets here I will explain it all.”

“Bullshit, just spit it out Clarke, I would prefer if it was just me and you.”

He paused and took a drink of his protein shake.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Now before I start I wasn’t keeping this from you I just didn’t want to you to worry. Years ago when I was in college I got a job at a bar to help pay my way. It was owned by Gunner. After a few months I noticed that things used to happen in the back room that weren’t… well they weren’t very legal. I was paid extremely well so I turned a blind eye to it and said nothing to anyone.”

He stood up now and began to pace in front of the giant window.

“One night, Gunner found out that I was a bit of a wiz with computers and asked me to call to his house. I reluctantly went, he had me run background checks on all of his employees, put GPS tracking in their cell phones. All stuff I wasn’t at all comfortable with, but I went along with it because I was young and stupid and I guess me being a big nerd I got caught up in the excitement of it all.”

“But then as time went on he had me doing more and more illegal things. I was hacking CCTV footage from crimes him and his mob had done. I covered their tracks whenever they got large transactions from overseas. Then it all got too much for me, one of my friends on campus found out where I worked and told me that there was rumors circulating for years that Gunner was involved in murders. After I heard that, I wanted out but Gunner isn’t a man used to hearing no. He said I could leave if I helped Alexi with one more task. He said it was going to be easy and then I was free.”

Lyla looked at Clarke, he was turning white and sweating profusely. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing but she stopped herself from interrupting.

“What was the job, Clarke.” She said cautiously.

“I was to drive Alexi to a house and wait for him. That was it. When he got in the car he threw a gun at me. I stupidly grabbed it, he took it back off me and said that he was joking around. I didn’t think anything of it until we pulled up outside a huge house. Alexi told me to keep the engine running that he was just going to deliver a quick message then we would be on our way. I was so fucking naive Lyla.”

He was shaking now, his hands kept running through his damp hair.

“And..” She prompted.

“I nearly had a heart attack when I heard the gun shots, I put the car in reverse straightaway forgetting all about Alexi, but he ran up the driveway and jumped into the back seat before I could get away. He screamed at me to drive and that’s what I did, I was glad someone was taking control because I would quite illegal bahis happily curl up into a ball and lie there.”

“I couldn’t eat or sleep for days afterwards, I found out that he had shot a judge that was refusing to be bought. He hadn’t killed him or anything so I thought I was done with them. I went into my last shift at the bar and Gunner was sitting up drinking his champagne. He and his cohorts were raising a glass to the cops not having any evidence in the shooting of the judge. When I finished the shift he summoned me to his office. I half thought about not going up and just leaving but I knew that would only do more harm than good.”

Lyla could only shake her head in disbelieve.

“On Gunners table was the gun that Alexi had thrown to me outside the judges house. It was in a sealed bag. “

“You’re a smart guy Clarke, you guess what this is. He said with a defiant, smug look on his face. I knew that I would never be able to leave his crew. I would always have to answer his calls. I couldn’t believe I had been so stupid Lyla, my finger prints were all over the gun used in the shooting. I turned around and ran downstairs. Alexi shouted after me as I went past him. We’ll be in touch.”

Lyla fanned herself harder. She was fucking livid that Clarke left her alone in the room with those two men.

“They contacted me nearly a year later. I had just started this company, they must have been keeping tabs on me because I moved away the night after I left the bar for the last time. I was losing money fast, so when they offered an obscene amount of money to invest, it shows how desperate I was when I had to accept their help.They bullied me into selling 49% of the company to them.”

Lyla had heard enough, she stood up and pulled on her back pack.

“You really are something else.” She spat.

Mr. Howe was getting out of the elevator just as she pressed the down button.

“Morning Lyla, leaving already.” He said cheerily.

“Don’t fucking start with me.” She fumed as the doors pinged closed. She pressed her forehead against the cool metal exterior and exhaled. She felt a wide range of emotions all at once, scared, angry, betrayed, and shockingly she also felt a little turned on.

“Lyla, you need help girl.” She said to herself as she walked out of the building and into the blistering heat.



“Watch where you are going.” A teenage girl shouted at Lyla.

“Sorry.” She mumbled back absent-mindedly. Her thoughts were still reeling from Clarke’s revelation, she couldn’t believe that he had put her in such a position, she understood her role in getting the app back on track but she couldn’t forgive him letting her spend the night with two killer gangsters.

Her phone began to vibrate in her pocket.

“What now.” She thought to herself as she pulled it out. Sunni’s face flashed across her home screen.

“Hi Sunni. What’s up? Aren’t you supposed to be at rehearsals.”

“Yes but my father just called me Lyla, he was in the airport, he landed thirty five minutes ago. What am I going to do.”

“Just breath, he is your father at the end of the day and you are a grown woman. Meet him some place crowded and be strong.”

“I am trying he just hasn’t seen me since… a few years ago. He is a very angry man.”

“If he starts an argument just walk away, do you want me to cancel Seth so I will be home with you, I don’t like the idea of you on your own tonight.”

“No, I will be fine. One of the girls in the play said I can stay with her so I will do that if I need too, but thank you for the offer and enjoy your date.”

“Let me know how it goes and please Sunni just walk way if you have too.”

“I will.” Sunni replied before hanging up, a bit more steel in her voice.

Lyla felt for her housemate, they both were going through some things at the moment but just always seemed to miss each other in the house or weren’t available when the other needed them. Lyla had vowed that once this fucking app was launched she was going to suggest a girls weekend away from the city for them to properly reconnect.

The walk home seemed to take longer in the sweltering heat, the cool air and shade of the trees around the lake were like a siren call to here. She slowly trudged on when her phone beeped again.

It was a voice message from her brother Curtis.

“Hey Sis, just checking in to see how you are doing and to thank you for sending Halle my way, she’s a fucking natural, just perfect for the female side of the site. I will take you out to dinner soon to catch up. Talk soon.”

“Least someone is happy in their work.” She thought to herself as she finally made it to the path that led on to the lake. She enjoyed being by water, even as a child it had always soothed her. One of the main reasons she took the apartment was its close proximity to the lake and its walkways. Her phone buzzed again, this time was a text illegal bahis siteleri message from Seth.

“Can’t wait to see you later, it’s the only thing getting me through all my meetings. Text me when you are on the way to the marina.”

He signed off with a kiss emoji, she smiled despite herself, with all the craziness going on in her life at the moment, being with him was a complete breath of fresh air. Actually meeting a guy without an agenda or angle and because she wanted to was paramount to her keeping her sanity. The fact that Seth had reappeared in her life by chance was a sign too big to ignore.

She mentally ran through what she was going to wear, she couldn’t be sure what the temperature was going to be out on the water but judging by the past few weeks it was only going to be a few degrees cooler. She would pack for all eventualities. A thought suddenly entered her head, she stumbled to the nearest tree and basked in its shade.

What if her fuck lust made her look like a freak, since the threesome with the investors it seemed to have ratcheted up a level or two. Nothing seemed to satisfy her. On days where she didn’t have to commit to “over time” she found herself masturbating 3 to 4 times a day and her urges still weren’t sated.

From her memory of Seth he seemed to be pretty popular with the ladies.

“Surely a guy that looks like him has tried it all.” She mused, pushing herself away from the shade of the tree, finishing the last leg of her walk.

Lyla pushed down her concerns and told herself to relax, it was her night off and she was fucking determined to enjoy it.


She soaked in a cool bathtub for most of the evening, her pussy was still sore from the pounding she had taken from Marlon’s big black cock the night before, she was also trying her best to sort out the niggling problems in her life so that for her date she could be one hundred per cent focused on Seth. She tried to think back to a time when she felt like this for a guy. Her recent extracurricular activities were weighing on her mind but she found no desire to confess to Seth what she was getting up to, if and when the time arose that they were starting to get serious, she would either stop working overtime for Clarke or just confess. Lyla was not the type of girl to feel ashamed.

She sent Sunni a quick check in text message, she replied that her father’s decided to stay in the city and is going to meet her in the morning, she was going to stay over at her co-stars place and go from there.

Clarke once again messaged her apologizing and hoping that she was still committed to the app launch. The note of desperation in his voice startled Lyla, she felt little sympathy for the man now. Earlier on she had felt like the worst person in the world after Holt had stolen the information from her phone, it leveled the playing field a little knowing that Clarke’s hand were far from clean.

She had brought a bottle of wine with her into the bathroom room and poured herself a large glass as she begun to prepare for the evening ahead. She started off with washing her hair with the expensive shampoo and conditioner that Curtis had given her as a Christmas gift a few years ago. Lyla had been saving it for a special occasion and now felt like the right time to use it. She then scrubbed all over with a lavender scented body scrub.

Her skin felt alive and fresh as she applied the shaving foam to her legs and vagina. The soft cushiony texture felt good between her thighs, it took all of her self restraint not to start touching herself. She hoped that tonight they would sleep together for the first time since their liaison on the beach all those years ago. She slowly dragged the razor up her leg, starting at her thin ankle and moving it all the way up her chunky thighs. She always found shaving to be a sexual activity, maybe it was the feeling of the foam on her legs of the smoothness of them afterwards.

After she trimmed her bush, she let the water drain from the bath and had a quick shower to rinse out her conditioner. Her fanny still felt sore, she tried her best to ignore it. Looking in the mirror she felt a million dollars as she slipped on a lacy black thong,a pair of navy shorts, coupled with a black and white stripped halter neck crop top. Lyla decided to go bra-less, the top more than supported her big breasts.

She walked to the kitchen and popped another bottle of wine into her brown leather beach bag, she also pocketed a stone. Lyla couldn’t wait to show it to Seth, she had taken it from the beach after they had sex. She had kept it next to her bed ever since. She gathered up a few more things for her over night stay. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she texted Seth.

“Just leaving now, see you soon .”

She went into the bathroom and finished off her glass of wine in one mouthful.

It would take her 15 minutes to walk to the marina, she just hoped it was a bit cooler canlı bahis siteleri by now.


The first thing that hit her when she walked through the arch way leading to the wooden walkway of the marina (besides the beauty), was the smell. It wasn’t a bad smell, it reminded her of summer holidays that her family had taken throughout her childhood. The light breeze was warm against her skin, she took a few minutes and rested against a railing, her eyes closed, she breathed deeply. Lyla found that it calmed her nerves. The jingle from her phone snapped her from her thoughts.

“Where are you babes, I am itching to take the boat out.”

She smiled and scanned the walkway ahead of her, she was near number 12, she picked up her pace, he said that he was docked at number 30.

The sun was just beginning to set, casting a pink/orange mixture across the sky. It really was beautiful. Lyla’s heart gave a leap when she seen him standing at the stern of a massive navy and white yacht. Even from a distance he looked extremely tall. The boat easily dwarfed the neighboring boats.

“I thought you said it was a small boat.” She exclaimed as walked closer to him. Taking him in, he was wearing a black polo necked shirt with olive cargo shorts. She felt a familiar stirring in her loins. He was looking fucking fine, his curly sun bleached hair was being gently ruffled by the breeze.

“It is small by Dads standards.” He exclaimed with a smile on his face.

“Permission to come aboard, Captain.” She joked as she grabbed his muscular arm and climbed next to him.

“I hope we both come on board.” Seth replied as he dipped her low and planted a kiss on her lips


She followed his lead as he gave her a tour of the interior, her eyes firmly fixed on the way his ass filled out his shorts.

“It’s a Sabre 66 Dirigo, one of the newest on the market.” He remarked proudly. “It has an upstairs living room behind the steering area. Below deck has a full bathroom, two bedrooms and a kitchen.”

She let out a slow whistle. “It’s like an apartment on the water.”

“Basically,” He replied.

She could see that he was at ease with all this luxury and expense.

“I was thinking we could take it out for a little sail, I have some food all ready for us and then maybe we can catch up, pick up where we left off.” He laughed and grabbed her beach bag, setting it down on one of the white leather chairs.

“Oh really. You want to christen the boat on her maiden voyage as well I suppose.”

“Only if it’s what the lady wants.” He said faux kissing her hand.

“Oh Seth! It really has been years hasn’t it. You will see that I am no lady.”

She laughed at the shocked look on his face. Lyla found all of her nerves seemed to have disappeared with the breeze. He was just as playful as she remembered. She walked past him and grabbed the bottle of champagne that he had in an ice bucket near the control panel.


Lyla laid back on the leather sofa watching Seth as he masterfully guided the boat out of the dock and into the open water. In the distance she could see all the brilliant twinkling lights of the city. It was breath taking, she had not seen the city from this position before. They sailed in peace for about twenty five minutes until he killed the engines and they began to bob along.

“Here is good.” He called over his shoulder.

“Perfect.” She replied, setting down her drink. She walked towards him and wrapped her arms around his waist. His back felt warm and muscular.

“Good driving, or whatever you call it.” She muttered into the fabric of his t-shirt.

“Thanks, I feel at home on the water, I don’t get much of a chance to do it lately.”

“That’s a pity, you should make time.”

“Let’s eat. I got us a sea food platter and some salad.”

The narrow steep stairs made Lyla feel woozy. Seth turned around and grabbed her by the waist, throwing her over his shoulder and walking her to the diner style booth that took up one side of the room. The downstairs kitchen area was better than what she had in her apartment. A compact sink, oven and storage lined one of the walls. A dark brown wooden table sat in front of the booth. Upon the table top sat a medium sized chain that hung over branches of a dark brown structure that formed into the shape of an anchor, each link was entwined with a row of pearls. Lyla looked at it closer, each link was brightly polished silver.

“Didn’t know you were a fan of art?” She asked, running a finger gently along it, it felt ice cold under her touch.

“It’s my father’s he insists on it being displayed. It’s made up of the original chain used to anchor my great-great grandfathers rowing boat that he used to fish with. Not as heavy duty as the chains we use nowadays but I have grown to like it. My mother insisted that it be plated of course.

“It’s nice. I like it.”

Seth pulled open the fridge and began to remove the plastic from the platters. The room was brightly lit and had a row of narrow windows just above the storage areas. Lyla could see that night had truly fallen.

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