Missy Red Riding Hood Ch. 02

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I would like to thank all those who enjoyed the first part of the story and your comments are much appreciated. As I said in the first chapter some elements in this story might upset the more sensitive readers. If not then read on! As usual constructive criticism is welcome.

With a shrill scream Samantha woke up from the nightmare she had, her bright red pyjamas totally drenched in perspiration. She sat up shivering in bed and stared at the rain streaked window, her eyes brimming over and yet despite all the sweat and tears, where she felt wettest was between her legs.

After her encounter with the strange man that came to visit that afternoon she was too shaken to leave the house to visit Granny. Her mother had returned soon after and was furious but Samantha didn’t tell her about the visitor and claimed instead to have come down with a huge headache. Her mother wasn’t very sympathetic. She had dragged her by the hair into the bathroom, kicked up the toilet seat and after relieving herself, dunked her head several times in the bowl. Then she flushed it on her. That night she was told to go to bed without supper.

She shivered. She couldn’t sleep again, she was too scared. She had to talk to her mom even if she was an evil bitch.

She stripped off her pyjamas and looked for something else to wear. A smile played over her lips. Time to give mama what she wants, she thought darkly.

She pulled on a small red top and an even smaller pair of red briefs which barely covered her pubic bush in front and disappeared into the crack of her ass at the back. As she ambled out of her room and down the corridor her huge breasts wobbled and jiggled with every step she made. The top came down low in front and showed off most of her cleavage and her thick, stiff nipples looked ready to poke holes through the soft fabric. She looked like a real slut, she mused, as she walked up to her mother’s room and pushed open the door. Her mom would freak out. With her heart hammering violently she walked into the darkened room where a shape could be made out on the bed at the corner.

Samantha was shocked to find her mother sleeping naked. She lay spread out on the bed, her ivory-white long, silky legs thrown wide. One arm curved above her head while the other reached downwards, her hand on her crotch, one finger still inserted in her vagina that glistened wetly in the pale moonlight that flittered through the windows.

She had been masturbating. The dildo lay nearby, sticky with dried saliva and cum. Her face actually looked beautiful in her sleep, gone were the frown lines that usually creased her long face and her silky mane of jet black her lay in a messy halo around her head on the pillow. Samantha thought it would be a shame to wake her. But she couldn’t go back to sleep again. She was afraid she wouldn’t wake up.

She bent over, grabbed her mother’s smooth round shoulders and shook her awake.

“Mom. MOM!”

Her mother woke up with a start, her dark eyes going round with fear.

“What! What is it?” she rasped, sitting up straight. It didn’t seem to bother her that she was naked.

“I can’t sleep” Samantha said, pouting her full, luscious lips, “I had a bad dream. Can I stay in bed with you?”

Her mother’s eyes became even darker.

“You mean you woke me up because…” she started to hiss before she started to notice what her daughter was wearing. Her voice faltered and her eyes widened as they began to roam over Samantha’s voluptuous body. Her eyes lingered on her splendid cleavage.

“Well, tell me about the dream you had” she said as she reached out to grab Samantha’s wrist and pull her closer. She pushed her daughter on her naked lap and Samantha found her massive breasts level with her mother’s face. The bristly brush of her mother’s black pubic hair felt prickly to her baby smooth bottom.

“Well, I remember being in the middle of the forest on my way to Granny’s house. I was being followed. I couldn’t see him at first because it was so dark but he started following me and I started to run. I was so scared.”

“I see” her mother said as she put an arm round her daughter’s waist while the other arm rested on Samantha’s broad thighs, “Then what happened?”

“Then he caught up with me and he looked very frightening. He was half man and half beast. He kinda looked like a werewolf, a bit like the one in that Michael Jackson video. Also he had the biggest, longest, thickest… er… penis I have ever seen!”

“Really?” her mother said as she trailed her long, spidery fingers along Samantha’s inner thighs. She gritted her teeth as her mother’s long, cold finger nails edged gradually towards her panty covered mound which was pulsating with heat. The other hand had crawled over her wide hip and up her side. It caressed and squeezed her exposed skin as it went along. Soon it would be under her top and touching her bare breasts. Her nipples hardened in anticipation.

“Yes, and despite the fact I was so scared, I was excited too. I had never seen such a güvenilir bahis huge cock in my life; it was as thick as my wrist and almost as long as my forearm and criss-crossed with veins. It was slick with cum. I think he had been masturbating while watching me and I knew from the way he looked at me with his mad eyes that he wanted to mount me there and then. The worst thing is that I would have let him because I was so horny and I badly wanted that cock in my mouth. I wanted to taste that slimy ooze that covered his enormous, obscene penis and watch it drip from its bulbous head into my mouth. But I became scared! I couldn’t possibly survive that thing entering my tight little pussy. It would tear me in two! So I ran.”

“Well, I guess that would be the wisest thing to do” muttered her mother, breathing heavily as her hands minutely explored Samantha’s body, “Apparently you wouldn’t be able to take on a cock that big.”

Her fingers had found her mound and were kneading them. Two fingers curled and pulled the material aside and slipped into the wetness. Samantha gasped and bent forwards pushing her breasts into her mother’s face. She saw her mother’s long aquiline nose disappear into her deep cleavage. Then she felt a tongue, wriggling wetly between her breasts.

“He gave chase…” Samantha continued her story as she felt the front of her top inch downwards and felt her engorged nipple disappear into the hot wetness of her mother’s mouth, “He caught me easily too! Then he ripped my clothes off and forced me on my knees.

Then he grabbed my head and pulled me towards that monster of his. The head was so big! He pulled me still closer till it was touching my lips and I had no choice but to open my mouth and accept it.

I had to stretch my mouth really wide and it was still so hard to take it all in but he certainly wasn’t gentle about it. I thought I was going to suffocate!

He made me suck that monstrous cock of his till I was gagging for breath then he bent me over a fallen tree and took me from behind. I really screamed a lot. It was excruciatingly painful but felt delicious at the same time. I kept cumming over and over and over…”

Her mother’s fingers were moving in a blur in and out of her slit, the room was filled with the sloshy, sloppy sounds of her drenched cunt. The other hand had slipped under her top and was now massaging one large boob, kneading it like dough and pulling and pinching the long, stiff nipple. Samantha clenched her teeth at her mother’s brazen violation of her body and could only gasp and groan as she felt her delicates being ravaged.

“Then what?” her mother panted, as she started to massage the other breast. She wasn’t being gentle at all. She seemed to be trying to squeeze milk out of it.

“And… ugh! That was it…Agh! He then picked up my limp body and carried me off into the darkest part of the forest where I could hear the weird, disembodied voices of lost girls singing… and then I woke up.”

Her mother was silent for a while and Samantha thought she felt her shiver.

“It was just a dream” her mother said a last with a slight tremor, “Just a stupid dream. In fact I can’t believe you woke me up for this. Are you a baby or something? You have a wet dream and you come running to me and ruin my beauty sleep? You’re such a slut! Bend over my knees. Now!”

Here we go, thought Samantha. She got up from her mother’s lap and lay across it, belly down. Her ass pointed upwards, huge and round. She felt a long thin hand slowly caress each of the smooth, fleshy but firm cheeks. She waited for the spanking that was sure to follow but apparently her mother had other ideas. She reached up and pulled her daughter’s briefs down exposing her bare bottom to her. She felt her cheeks being pried apart and a long finger pushed at her anus.

“No!” she gasped but her mother wasn’t having it. The finger inched inside and started to twist viciously making her squeal with pain.

“Do you like that, Darling?” she asked her huskily, as the finger moved rapidly in and out, “Does it make you feel good?”

“Yes, Mommy it does” she whimpered.

“Are you a dirty fucking slut, Samantha?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Do you deserve to be punished?”

“Yes, Mommy, I do.”


“Because I am a dirty, stinking whore who deserves to be punished.”

“Yes, you are, Samantha. You had sex in your dream and that is wrong. You had impure thoughts and had sex with an animal. You are a despicable child and you deserve to be punished. You disgust me.”

“I’m sorry, Mommy.”

Despite her humiliation, Samantha wanted this moment with her mother to last all night long. Anything was better than being alone.

She felt another finger join the first and the two pushed their way deep into her poop chute. She gritted her teeth in pain and moaned in exasperation. Sweat was running down her body and her wide hips wiggled about in torment. Her mother’s other hand groped her large tits that swung around underneath.

Her türkçe bahis mother managed to fit in three of her fingers. Samantha wailed unabatedly now. The fingers pushed in and out, in and out with increasing speed. Her hips were trashing about with wild abandon and despite the pain, Samantha desperately pushed her bottom against her mother’s hand with each trust.

She felt her briefs being ripped off, then for a blessed moment, the fingers plopped out of her stretched anus. She sighed in relief only to gasp again in alarm as she felt something round and large rest against her small puckered asshole. It was the dildo she had spied earlier. Her mother grabbed her blonde locks and pulled her head back to look into her eyes. Samantha stared fearfully up at her.

“Such a pretty face” her mother whispered, “And yet such a disgusting, despicable creature. You do not deserve to be treated like a human. You should be tethered in a stable and mounted by donkeys. I wish I never had you. I should have cut you from my womb and thrown you in the trash. You are nothing to me.”

Hot tears rolled down Samantha’s cheeks.

“Yes, Mommy” she sobbed, “I am nothing but a used up piece of fuckmeat suitable only to entertain the dogs that eat scraps from under your kitchen table. Do with me what you will.”

“Good girl.” Her mother spat saliva straight into her daughter’s big round eyes, temporarily blinding her. She let go of her hair and resumed pushing the enormous dildo up her anus. Samantha’s eyes grew wide in shock and they looked ready to pop out of their sockets as she shrieked in agony.

She sodomized her for quite a while. Samantha mewled in protest but her mother only smiled in pleasure at her torment and told her to keep her voice down. Her screaming was sure to wake the neighbours.

At last her mother got tired and ordered her to lie on the bed after pulling the dildo out of her ass. She obeyed, still sobbing as she held on to her ravaged rear end. Her mother stood up in her naked glory and went over to the closet. She came back wearing a strap on dildo.

“Now, you fucking whore, time for your real punishment” she said smiling sweetly, “If you insist on dressing like a whore and talking like one then I guess I will have to treat you like one. How dare you wake me from sleep so you can share your sick, twisted fantasies with me! Bend over the side of the bed!”

Samantha obeyed. She begged feverishly for her mother to tamper justice with mercy but all that fell on deaf ears. The huge black head of the dildo pushed past her engorged thick pussy lips and inched deeper inside. It stretched her to the limit and still her mother pushed harder, driving it further inside, reaming her out completely. Samantha croaked. She couldn’t scream anymore.

Her mother pulled her hips back and forth, her hands on her daughter’s waist, their soft, firm bodies slapping against each other. Samantha desperately grabbed on to the sheets as her mother repeatedly slammed into her with unbridled ferocity driving her without mercy to the brink of insanity.

Samantha felt her eyes cloud over and then she came with a shattering climax that rocked her body from head to toe. She whimpered then passed out.

When she woke, she found herself tied to the bedposts with some duct tape; her legs spread wide apart, the dildo still shoved all the way up her pussy. It was morning. She could hear her mother singing in the kitchen as she prepared breakfast for the both of them. She began to weep.

Later her mom came upstairs and untied her after gaining some satisfaction in seeing her daughter’s face streaked with tears.

“Go throw out the garbage, Darling” she said softly, as she gently touched her wet cheek, “It’s overflowing and the kitchen is beginning to stink.”

Samantha put on a robe that was too small and transparent and went to throw out the trash out back. She knew hardly anyone was about and their nearest neighbour was about a mile away. However she felt eyes watching her and she turned startled to look at the trees nearby. She could see nothing. Shivering, she hurried back into the house.

The wolf grinned at her discomfort and immediately had an erection from seeing what she was wearing.

My goodness, isn’t she stacked, he thought. It had been all he could do not to rush in and devour them as he watched them last night. What a pair! He must have cum twenty times watching Samantha getting abused by her mother. It really wetted his appetite.

Don’t worry, Samantha, he said to himself, soon you’ll never see your mother again!

But watching his wife and daughter having rough sex had made him incredibly horny and hungry and he needed a quick fix. He thought of breaking into the house and taking the two delectable women hostage. He could tie his wife to a chair and make her watch while he fucked their daughter right in front of her. The combination of screams would be insanely delicious- his wife’s pitiful cries begging for mercy and his daughter’s cries of pleasure and pain. güvenilir bahis siteleri Then when he was through with his daughter, he would then sodomize his stupid wife just for the fun of it. Then after he was totally satisfied with the fucky-fucky it would now be time to satisfy his growling stomach. His wife owned a big freezer. It could hold plenty of nice, soft but firm meat. They would last a week.

He decided against it for now. Better save the best for last. Samantha was the perfect dish. He doubted he would find anyone sweeter than his nineteen year old daughter.

The wolf drove away in a black pick-up and hoped he would find someone to take his mind off Samantha. After a few hours of cruising around he got lucky. He noticed the black catholic schoolgirl as she gaily skipped along the lonely road. She was heading to school but she probably used this shortcut to get to the bus stop. She was wearing headphones and was listening to her Ipod so she didn’t hear the truck slowly rolling behind her.

The wolf checked her out and he was impressed. The chick was massively built. She was probably the same age as his daughter. The big round buttocks that rolled from side to side with reckless abandon were barely covered by the black, micro-short, frilly skirt. As he drove slowly past her he was amazed at the way her melon sized boobs stood out in right angles from her slightly chubby body. They stretched taut the front of her stiff white cotton blouse and he could make out the impressions of her bra and her thick, hard nipples. Her face was very pretty with big, slanted eyes, a small snub nose and thick pursed lips. She was chewing gum. She had a carefree, slutty attitude. This was a lady who knew she was extremely attractive and craved the attention. The wolf licked his lips. This black bitch would do.

She noticed him watching her and she stared boldly at him. He smiled at her and slowed down. She walked up as he rolled down the window.

“Hello, beautiful, need a lift?”

“I’m fine. I can walk.” She looked him over with mild disinterest. The wolf looked at the rear view mirror and confirmed the road was entirely empty.

“Oh, come on! I can’t let you walk. Hop in!”

The girl sighed and walked round to the front passenger side. She climbed in and the wolf admired her smooth, fleshy thighs.

“Sooo…” he said slowly, “My house is on the way to your school. Do you mind if I stop there briefly to pick something up?”

“Whatever” she said in a bored voice as she texted on her phone. She barely acknowledged him. He felt a surge of fury but he maintained his cool. It wasn’t long till he braked outside a lonely shack.

“Mind coming in?” he asked politely “It might take a little while.”

“Do you have beer?” she asked without looking at him.


“Well, okay.”

She hopped out and walked in front of him as they moved towards the shack. He stared at her ass and immediately tented his trousers. She remained disinterested as he opened the door, showed her the couch and fetched her a cold bottle of beer. She sat on the couch with her legs crossed and guzzled her beer. The wolf picked a bottle for himself and sat down beside her, their thighs touching. He thought she would object but she ignored him. Apparently she thought he was just an old, albeit horny, white guy.

“Don’t you have something to pick up?” she drawled as she amusedly watched him put an arm on the couch behind her.

“It can wait” he replied with a sheepish smile, “Let’s drink first.”

He continued trying to chat her up but she barely replied his questions. However she finished her beer and asked if he had any more. Soon enough they had downed half a dozen between them.

Eventually she began to giggle at his jokes and soon she was resting her braided head on his shoulder. The wolf lowered his arm and circled it round her thick waist and rested it on her immense hips. His hand began to gently stroke her. She didn’t seem to mind. In fact she snuggled even closer.

Their faces were almost touching. He lifted his other hand and took hold of her chin. He turned her head upwards towards him till their lips touched. He gently played with her thick lips with his. She moaned and stuck her tongue out. He met it with his. As their tongues twisted around each other he lowered his hand, stroking her neck, collarbone and chest until he cupped her large breast. She gasped into his mouth as he roughly kneaded her boob and pinched and tugged at her nipple. She twisted around and pushed her body against him. She raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck, her fingers stroking his long, thick hair. There were a lot of slurping and smacking noises as they made out on the couch.

The wolf unbuttoned and pulled off her blouse, marvelling at the sheer size and weight of her titanic tits held only in check by a lace bra. She giggled and raised her legs for the wolf to pull off the skirt and her thong. She didn’t shave. There was a nice thick, black, fuzzy bush above her fat, moist pussy lips. Immediately the wolf bent down to lap at them like a hungry dog. She writhed and groaned as his tongue gently licked her slit and flicked at her fully erect clitoris. Her hips trashed about and the couch rocked violently.

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