Mom , Me Ch. 30

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I woke up at 7 a.m. and realized I had an hour to get to class on time. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Then I went to the stool to relive myself. After I showered, I got some underwear out of my drawer and found a clean pair of kakis and a shirt and took them out into the living room to dress. I also took the tags off of the sweater Sharron gave me and put it on. I had a few minutes to toast a piece of bread and pour some dry cereal into a bowl and add milk. I put some strawberry jelly on the toast and ate the cereal before leaving the house.

By the time I got to my locker Jennifer and Jane, the only two people at school that I knew that today was my birthday, had decorated my locker. There were only a couple of kids in the hallway, so I managed to open my locker without knocking all the cards from their tape, and popping all the balloons, to retrieve my textbook. I rushed off to Miss Jordan’s first period class and as I walked through the door to her classroom the bell rang. I quickly sat down next to Jane and opened up my textbook and looked at Miss Jordan. She was looking at me and then asked, “What part of the assignment did you find most satisfying in, Billy?”

“Actually, I liked how the author used language to describe the setting of her story. I was impressed how she was able to create word pictures so the reader could get a clear picture of the characters. But she also was able to describe the mountains, the creek, and the village in a way that if you ever passed through this area you would remember the book she wrote. The author is skilled at creating word pictures.”

“Well spoken Billy. That is something most readers don’t pick up on when asked that question. I appreciate that you recognize the author’s gifts.”

After the class finished the lesson and Miss Jordan gave out the homework assignment, Jane raised her hand. Miss Jordan asked her what she wanted. Jane said, “Could we sing Happy Birthday to Billy this morning. He is celebrating his 19th birthday”

“Yes, we have a few minutes before the bell will ring. Miss Jordan said, “On the count of three let’s sing. One, Two, Three! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear Billy, Happy Birthday to You!”

Billy stood and thanked everyone. The bell rang and the students began to file out the door. Jane stood and waited for Billy to turn around and when he did she grabbed his arm and kissed him on his lips. Then they walked out of the classroom together. “Billy, can you come over to my house after school. I have a present I want to give you.”

“Yes, I will go home with you after school.

I saw Jennifer between third and fourth periods and she güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri invited me to go home with her after school. She started to get upset that I had accepted Jane’s invitation to go home with her. I said, “Stop it right now. She asked me first and I accepted. I will stop by your house before going home. I can’t be in two places at the same time Jennifer. You are both friends and you both are girlfriends of mine. I love you both. So don’t start driving a wedge between us or between Jane and I. I will try to service both of you. I love you both. If you wanted me first so badly why didn’t you say something last night when before I left your house. You could have asked me then if you wanted me to come home with you today after school?”

I’m sorry Billy. You’re right. I could have asked you when you left last night. Ok, if you get out of Jane’s house and have enough time to stop by to see me, I will be thrilled. I just want to give you a special birthday present.”
“I will be there sweetie. Give me a kiss.” Jennifer reached up and grabbed both sides of my face with her hands and kissed my lips passionately.”

Later I passed Jane in the hall. She asks me if he would come to the cafeteria and eat lunch with her.

I replied, “Yes, I would enjoy that very much. I will buy you a hot lunch. I think this is the day they serve Mexican food in the cafeteria. See you at lunch sweetie.”

“Thanks Billy.”

Jane and Billy walked in different directions to their next classroom. All of a sudden Rachel was walking up a long side of me. “She had this big grin on her face and said, “Who was that girl who kissed your mouth in the middle of the hallway Billy?”

“Her name is Jennifer!”

“Are you going steady with her?”

“No. I use too, but not now.”

“But you’re still close?”

“Very close. But I’m close to several girls.”

“Are you intimate with this Jennifer?”

“Rachel, if you are inquiring if I sleep with her, the answer is yes, but I also have a few other girlfriends I sleep with too.”

“You’re fucking with me Billy. I can’t believe you have several girls you are intimate with ,and also a grown woman in this school who works here at the high school. Tell me Billy; are you intimate with this staff member?

“Not yet, but I hope to be.”

“Billy, you are impossible to talk with. Can I see you after school today?

“Not today honey. It’s my 19th birthday and I am seeing two different girls after school today.”

“Oh, you told me yesterday that today was your birthday. I forgot. “Happy Birthday Billy. Stop for a minute. I want to give you a birthday kiss like you got from Jennifer.”

I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri stopped. She threw her arms around my neck and gave me a wet passionate kiss and then she forced her tongue through my lips and swirled it around a few times. Then she looked me straight in the eye. Did Jennifer or I give you the better kiss?”

“You did!” She smiled! Good! I thought I would. Remember, I am the girl would will give you the best of whatever you want.” She turned and said, “If you ever take me out I’ll do my best to light your fire and keep it burning brightly. “I want to tell me I am still working on uncovering the name of that grown woman who has my lavender panties.”

After class I walked to the entrance of the cafeteria and waited for Jane. She arrived right behind me. We got our trays and moved along with the other students that were in line. I paid the cashier and we looked for a table. I saw one in the back near a small window. We walked back there and put our trays on the table and sat down. Jane was beaming. She was so excited. She pulled a gift from her backpack and handed it to me.

“Jane you didn’t need to get me a gift.”

“Yes, I did. You are my boyfriend. Actually it is from both Lily and me. It isn’t new. It’s a hunting knife. An old one that has been in the family for about 150 years, but it has been well care for and the blade is very sharp so you will have to be careful handling it Billy. Don’t open it at school because if a teacher saw you with it you’ll most likely be called into the office.””

“Thank you Jane. I will take your advice on that.”

I looked up and I saw Rachel approaching the table where Jane and I were sitting.

“Hi, Billy! I just came over to wish you a Happy Birthday. She bent forward and gave me a light kiss on my cheek. “Is this your squeeze Billy?”

“One of them! Let me introduce you to Jane. Jane, this is a new acquaintance of mine. Her name is Rachel. She an ROP student here and works at Macy’s.”

Jane shook her hand and said she was pleased to meet Rachel.

Rachel replied, “I recognize your accent. Are you from Eastern Kentucky?”

Jane said, “I sure am. Did you use to live in that part of Kentucky?”

Rachel replied, “No, my older brother went to college over there and I use to go there occasionally to see him. Most of the students that attended that college speak like you do.”

Jane said, “I am proud I was raised in the hill country of Eastern Kentucky.”

Rachel said, “I’m glad I met you Jane. Maybe we can get together sometime and share stories about our mutual friend. I will leave you two lovebirds now so you can enjoy the rest of güvenilir bahis şirketleri your lunch together. I hope I will hear from you soon Billy.

Jane followed her as she scooted around tables in the crowded lunchroom. Then she turned and said, “When did you meet Rachel Billy? I don’t remember seeing you with her before.”

“I had to go to Macy’s to pick up a gift for Ginny. She works there as an ROP student and Rachel waited on me.”

“Well, I can tell you one thing Billy, be careful. I’m not sure what’s she up to, but I can tell you she’s sure hot for a piece of your ass!”

“Really? You really think so?”

“Yes, be careful. I know I am sounding like a jealous girl who thinks this hot trick might steal my man. But she definitely wants you to get into her pants. I think she came over to our table to meet me and see if I would be an easy takeout. I think Rachel is determine to get what she wants and I’m afraid I might lose you.”

“Jane, you will always be high on my list of favorites. I know she wants me to ask her out. She’s told me that. I’ll probably ask her out because she’s pretty insistent, but I will be careful.”

“I don’t see you Billy turning down a piece of ass when she flings it in front of your face. I would bet she could get you to fuck her every time she gets alone with you. I heard her pleading for you to call her. She is hungry for that big cock of yours Billy, and if you were honest with me you would tell me you are hungry for her pussy too.”

“You are right. I’m an easy lay. I like to have intercourse. I enjoy having intercourse with you and all the other girls. I am sure I will enjoy being with Rachel. But I will try to be careful. I am never going to stop fucking you and your ma. You two are in my favorite category.”

Jane smiled and said “Don’t forget Jennifer, Ginny and any of your other faithful girls who hungry for your attention Billy. I know you will fuck her soon, and I hope she gives you a good fuck. I hope you will enjoy it and be really satisfied. Maybe she will do something that makes you feel really good. If so, share it with me and maybe it will help me to please you more. I love you Billy, and so does ma, and Jennifer and her mom Charlene. Jane told me you screwed her mom and Jennifer said her mom walk around for a week with a smile on her face. I know there are other girls that would give anything to spend a night in bed with you. I’m looking forward to it tonight when you take me home. Well, we better take our trays up to the window and go to our fifth period class. I will meet you at the regular spot after school. She reached over and gave me a quick wet kiss on my lips. Then she smiled and said I hope Rachel saw me kissing you right now.”

The final bell rang and I gathered my materials and headed for my locker. I removed all the greeting cards and signs that were taped to my locker door and put my books inside. Then I closed the locker and carried the balloons with me to meet Jane.

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